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Sissy CumDumpI recently received a message from a man complimenting my sissy pics and asking how I would like being bound and fucked while dressed. I was curious and after exchanging a few more messages learned that he and and a friend were both retired and looking for a sissy slut to play with when their wives spent the evening at the casino. After a few days he notified me of their wives next trip to the casino and I responded that I would meet them then.When I arrived we had some small talk and after a bit I was lead to the bathroom and told to meet them in the den after I cleaned up and dressed. While in the bathroom I cleaned myself and then dressed in the provided clothing which turned out to be a schoolgirl outfit of white thigh-high stockings, plaid miniskirt, long sleeve sweater, blond wig with pony tails, and pink panties with the back open.When I arrived in the den they both looked me over and and agreed I would make a good sissy slut for them and had me join them at the couch. One my way over I saw a variety of plugs and toys on the coffee table. When I arrived at the couch the thinner of the two men remained seated and unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and balls and told me he wanted my sissy mouth servicing his cock. As I knelt sakarya escort in front of him and obediently took his flaccid cock into my mouth his more heavyset partner got up and came behind me, lifted my skirt up, and began lubing and reaming my hole with the smaller of the toys. For a long while Mr. Skinny verbally coached me in how to use my sissy mouth on his now hard cock while Mr. Beefy vigorously worked my ass with ever increasing sized toys until he was fucking my hole with a medium to large sized dildo. I was then asked if I was ready to be a good little sissy slut and be bound and pounded.I eagerly replied that I was and was then led to the workshop where in the middle of the room was what looked like a homemade saw horse with padded rails along the sides. Mr. Skinny proudly explained that he crafted the fuck bench himself and that his wife thinks it’s a fancy saw horse. I was led to the bench and after I mounted it both men used straps to secure my forearms, legs, and torso firmly to the bench so that I could only move my head, hands, and feet but the rest of me was tightly bound to the bench.Both men then took off all their clothes and I could clearly see their incredibly stiff and engorged cocks sticking straight out in front of escort sakarya them wagging and their hanging ball sacks swaying as they walked around me beholding the bound little sissy they’ve captured. Mr. Beefy then said it was his turn to use my mouth and stood in front of me and grabbed my pony tails in both hands to position my face so he could guide his hard cock into my waiting mouth. Mr. Skinny then came behind me, lifted my skirt to expose my ass, and then I felt his rock hard cock slide between my checks before finding my hole and entering into me. Both men used both hands to hold and leisurely fuck their respective holes. They were very verbal and often commented to each other how much they enjoyed themselves and engaged me with dirty talk so that I would have to respond with muffled replies with my mouth full of cock. After a long session of slow and lazy fucking I was asked if I was ready to be their cumslut and after nodding and mumbling that I was they both began fucking in earnest.Mr. Beefy gripped my head tighter as he roughly fucked my mouth as Mr. Skinny started pounding my ass harder and faster. They soon timed it so that they both thrust into me at the same time and increased their pace until Mr. Skinny groaned and stopped sakarya escort bayan to bury himself deep into me as he dumped his load inside me. Saliva was dripping from my chin and tears flowed from my eyes as I struggled to keep my mouth and throat open for the hard cock thrusting into me when Mr. Beefy started thrusting deeper until he finally held my face pressed hard against his pelvis and spurted his cum into me. Both men were breathing hard and then they both pulled out of me and I was left dripping at both ends.I was told that I was doing a great job, but that this was only the start and then a gag was fitted into my mouth. By then Mr Beefy was sporting a rock hard cock and moved behind and mounted me and began pounding my ass fast and hard until he came. As soon as he pulled his limp member from me Mr. Skinny quickly mounted me and plunged his stiff cock into my wet and waiting hole. Being gagged and bound tightly to the fuck bench the only thing I could do was moan as my body rocked from the impact of each hard trust from behind. At first they traded off furiously pounding and cumming into me fairly quickly until each turn took longer and they strained to reach climax.Each month when their wives would head out to the casino they would invite me over, dress me as their little slut, strap me to the fuck bench, and take turns pounding me until they’ve dumped the previous months load into me.This is a fictional work written by me. If you enjoyed it please consider leaving a like or comment.

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