Sissy Emma is Turned Chapter 3


Sissy Emma is Turned Chapter 3There in front of me stood my ex wife. This was the woman I had fought for years to get away from due to her vindictive and bullying ways. After years of trying I had finally left her and moved away, but things had deteriorated as we fought over my rights to see my c***dren. She had used any means possible to ensure I would not be granted access.She was a big girl and now she stood in front of me looking like a vision of a bdsm fantasy. Her hair was tied back tightly in a pony tail and she had very heavy makeup on. She had a black PVC basque on which was pushing her ample breasts up to form a giant cleavage. Her legs were encased in sheer barely black nylons which made her big shapely thighs look good and lead down into severe looking black patent heels.Even after all that had gone before, she would have looked very good but for the desperate situation I realised I was in.Master John spoke.’I see you recognise your ex-wife sissy’I started to babble something about being forced to do this and it not being something I wanted to do.’You will shut up and behave now sissy or the video you made will be presented before the courts showing them what kind of father you are’I bowed my head knowing I was beaten.’You know how I expect you to behave sissy and I expect that from now on. Do not fail me, do not try and bargain, do not stray from acting like the complete and utter simpering sissy you know I expect’I looked towards my ex-wife and could see the smirk on her face. She was going to enjoy this and I knew right then that I was not.’You will refer to your ex as Mistress from now on and act and treat her exactly as you would me’ said Master John. ‘Now tell Mistress exactly what you are and what you are doing here’My eyes fell and I knew I was beaten. This was going to be incredibly difficult and humiliating. Here I was sat on the hall floor of this man who held so much power over me dressed only in panties and stockings and with a butt plug buried deep in my ‘sissy pussy’ as he had me call it. What could I do to get away with this as light as possible.’Tell her now sissy. Your misbehaviour is starting to annoy me. From now on every time you disobey me you will receive a forfeit in your mid-week email which will instruct you to do something to enhance your femininity. These things will start off small and be less noticeable leading up to things that are more permanent and will be noticeable in your real life. You have already earned one for not having your plug in. NOW TELL HER’ he shouted that last part leaving me no option.I sat and shook my head not quite believing what was happening to me. I looked up at Mistresses smirking face and she raised her eyebrows in anticipation.’Please Mistress, I’m nothing but a cock-sucking fethiye escort sissy, who wants nothing more than to increase my femininity so that I can be a better sissy and please men and become their little living sex doll’ I said.She snorted and burst into laughter. ‘Oh my god, you are so pathetic, I can’t believe what you will do”No mistress’ I said’Right time to get sissified little Emma. Get upstairs and put on everything I have left out for you, then you will come down and serve Mistress and I’I got up and scampered upstairs at a run glad to be out of their glares.’That’s another demerit sissy, you will walk like a lady at all times’Shit I’d forgot.I went into the bedroom to find what was laid out for me. I was quite surprised to find that it wasn’t the dreaded maid outfit that I had expected. It was more like normal clothing although there were some bright colours. The heels at the foot of the bed were massive platforms with clear see through bottoms, the type you see strippers wearing. The only difference in these was that hey had little padlocks on the buckles. Once they were on they were not going to be coming off without the key. The stockings were barely black with a seem and there was a bright pink suspender belt. the bra and knickers were black and the 38d breast forms were waiting to go inside. The skirt was white, almost see through and I realised it would show through my panties and suspensder. It was barely long enough to cover the stocking tops. There was a choice of tops, a white blouse with frills and lace all over or a pink t-shirt with writing on it, which said ‘spank me’. There was no way I was wearing that so the blouse it would be. Again I realised it would show my bra through.I went over to the makeup table and there was a photograph of a heavily madeup woman and an arrow drawn on and the words ‘like this’.I decided to start with the makeup and did as good a job as I could in replicating the look on the photograph.I went back to the clothing and started to dress realising what a slut I was going to look. There was jewellery to put on. An ankle chain, several jangly bangles, big hooped earrings and a necklace with the word ‘slut’ on it. Strangely, I looked around and there was no wig. I looked in the mirror and realised how ridiculous I looked. From the ground up, I looked very feminine and like a slut, going up to my heavily made up face. But the lack of a wig combined with my short boyish hair cut left you in no doubt that I was a male. A simpering feminised sissy male. I knew I had to go downstairs and face the ridicule.I decided to play along as well as possible, to earn no further demerits and to get out of there as soon as possible and try and think of some way to get out of this mess.So walking escort fethiye with a wiggle in my hips as sexily as possible and with my wrists limp, I made my way downstairs and into the living room.Again Mistress burst into laughter. ‘Oh my god, how pathetic are you? I can’t really believe that my lovely manly ex-husband could fall so low’I turned my eyes to the floor but was immediately admonished.’Sissy, remember you are proud of what you are, giggle and smile and tell us why you love it. That’s another demerit, you’d better watch out or you’ll have implants by next week’ Master bellowed.I realised that he was serious and decided again I had no choice but to comply.I looked up and smiled and in a girlie voice I said ‘please Mistress, I was never really a man I just pretended whole we were married, while all along I wanted to be turned into a little sissy doll only ready to please men and be the girl they want’Again she burst out laughing and at this point I noticed the little red light flashing in the corner. This was being recorded again to further boost the hold they had over me.’Don’t forget that as a sissy, you are not just not a man any more, you are not a woman either, Sissies rank below women who have real pussies and so you will submit and please women too. You will act for Mistress just as you do for me’ Master said.Master asked Mistress was there anything she would like to see and she said she had some ideas she wanted to discuss with him. They sent me to the kitchen to pour them a glass of wine each.When I came back and served them, Mistress told me I should walk up and down for them. I did so acting as girlie as possible. when I came back she was holding something black and plastic. It was a cb6000. ‘come here sissy’ she said.I went over and she applied some lubrication to my little sissy clitty as they told me to call my cock. ‘I can’t believe you ever thought you could satisfy me with this little thing sissy. You are right, you should never have been a man, this route is much better suited for you’She put on a ring around my balls and slid on the cage part and pushed them together. The padlock followed and my fait was sealed, if it wasn’t already.’Now you always said when we were married that you could never be gay, but your master here tells me you beg to suck his cock! I want to see that’This was getting bad, could I really debase myself in front of her? What choice did I have when there was all this evidence on tape and also the fact that I was locked in my heels and my clitty was locked away.Master frowned and just whispered ‘properly sissy’I took a deep breath and smiled.’Pleased master this little sissy would love to suck your manly cock, to put it deep in her sissy mouth and swallow your cum. I’m nothing but fethiye escort bayan a little cock sucking sissy who loves nothing more than to please her master’I felt terrible. I knew all that would now also be on tape and that with every move I was giving them more evidence to use against me. Getting out of this was seeming less and less possible.’Crawl over to me and do your best sissy. Any failures will result in a demerit’I crawled over on hands and knees feeling her eyes burning into me. I still don’t think she believed I would do it.I reached the couch and positioned myself between his legs, I ran my hands up and down his legs a few times, before moving my hands to brush his bulge which I could already feel growing. I slowly pulled down his zip and undid his belt. I could see his outline inside his boxers. I pulled down his pants and boxers and his erection sprung free.’Oh how devine’ I heard Mistress say. I turned to see her recording me on her iphone, more evidence. ‘Wait until I show this to all your old friends’ I realised that without a wig you could clearly recognise me. At this point she started to rub herself between her legs. My debasement was turning her on.Master made a little false cough and I realised I had stopped. I turned back and kissed him on the tip, ran my tongue up and down his length before popping the whole thing into my mouth. As instructed I looked up into his eyes and made noises like I was enjoying it which of course I wasn’t (well maybe a bit) how could I blackmailed and dressed like a slut, sucking cock in front of my ex wife while she laughed and got off on my debasement.My speed increased and he grabbed the back of my head, properly face fucking me. I knew that he wouldn’t last much longer and hoped like the last time it would mean I could go home. Again he came deep into my mouth and again some ran down from the corner of my mouth and onto my chest. As I withdrew he told me not to wipe away any of his cum. He made me swallow what was in my mouth.I turned to look at mistress who was laughing whilst vigorously fingering herself. ‘oh how devine that was to see my high and mighty husband reduced to a cock sucking sissy. Now get over here and put your tongue to good use. It was always the only way you could get me off’.I licked her sat between her mighty legs to two orgasms while she made a POV video. I finally sat back tired. Both were relieved but I wasn’t and my clitty was straining against my cage. I could do nothing to gain relief.’Go get us some more wine sissy’I went to the fridge hoping they would then let me go. The fridge was empty.I went back and told Master.’Oh dear, you’d better go to the shop and get some more’ Master said’Like this?’ I said.’Of course sissy, that is your attire for the weekend’.I had thought that this nightmare was almost over. I now realised it had only just begun and over the next days I was going to suffer more humiliations.To be continuedAgain please leave me feedback and any ideas for part 4Emmax

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