sissy owner p2

Dani Daniels

sissy owner p2The morning after daddy made me into a sissy , i realised i was her 4th sissy white boy to be trained by himCyntia was back in the morning knocking on my door waking me upI look at her holding some weird thing to me and lift her dress to let me see what is wasshe was wearing one, turning around letting me see the plugged and locked toy buzzing in her by the weird belt”daddy keeps us locked and ready for his cock , we are going to have breakfast and he wanted me to help my sister””dont worry you will get use to be like this, I love mine”pushing me on my bed, helping me out of my cum stained pantythe pink toy pushed in place and my lil cock locked up , the little bells clinging as she put it on”oh you so perfect . i really love to have a sister”she kissed me and sat me on my beda blong wig out and makeup kit. making me cute for daddy”we both gonna be so cute , daddy gonna be happy”i was help i a cute dress and she took a picture of us ”oh he is here in 5 lets wait outside”i was so shy both holding hands walking to the street corneri never been out dress like a girl and felt all the man eyes looking at me soon enought his car stop canlı bahis şirketleri near us and we got insidei was on the backseat alone cyntia slurping on daddy cock being called a good girl for helping her sister dress up”show me cindy get doggy your dress pull up ””oh wow your pretty in your sissy belt , this one brand new, it will buzz for the whole day, dont forget to charge it at night”i was starting to feel owned completely , looking in front my sister sucking, me showing off”daddy is proud of his girls””you will show your sister to be a good girl ok cyntia? remember they happy if you girl want some tips”i didnt understand until he drop us at a bed and breakfast ”daddy owns 3 place and we are here for the breakfast you will see its very easy”i got nervous when i saw a very large black guy once we got inside ”hi girls your just in time ”another one getting out of the showersmilling at us ”get us coffee please”cyntia and me got them coffee, i just went with what she was doinggetting like her a pillow and taking place between one of the guy legsgetting his pants down, the bbc sprung hitting my face and i giggle ”they are canlı kaçak iddaa so pretty, how much was the room premium?””dont worry about it, it was cheap”both sissy mouth on their bbc kissing and sucking Cyntia was so cute sucking it encourage me to be like her moremoaning like she did and say i love his bbc before sucking wet on itboth in our pretty dress worshiping the traveler , working for our breakfastcyntia made some real slutty sound and i join her , our rythm matching , having fun worshipping nice big fat black cocks togethershe looked at me her lipse so wet before kissing me , my mouth wet too , kissing like girls with cock juice sliding on our tongue and switching place our new friend very please by our girlynessjust 2 hungry white slut having fun pleasing bbc together we sucked making so much noise , i had a lot of fun , starting to fall deep into loving my role as a cute bimbo , my sister really helpfull they wanted to fuck but out strap lock made it impossible, both little locks needing a key to remove our plug toy and access our little boy cunt”your owner isnt joking around when he told me you were both locked up and i needed canlı kaçak bahis the deluxe package to have the keys””we need to go to work tho maybe tonight”we kept sucking until both feed us warm cum load, thanking them for breakfast and leaving belly full of warm cock juicedaddy was in his car picking us up minutes later”here my princesses clean up before the next place”wetones in her hand Cyntia help me clean, telling daddy how i sucked and made the guy cum mostly as fast as herhis 3 building he ran Airbnb with were all closesoon we got out and knock at the other placea joyfull blacks daddy help us in closing the door”you both are way too pretty, i wasnt hoping the pict to be right””thank you ””are you hungry little girl?”side to side helping our head wiggle up and down on him”my sister love your big cock””thats it cindy suck him , suck the cock good”i really like this , its all i could think of, sucking cock was so fun and yummyCyntia joining me, both mouth worshiping the huge black cock”mmmm you 2 are great sisters””yes my sexy girls lick up and down together yes like that face to face mouth sliding open on each side , him looking at us moaning , his bbc so hard , his nutts so big , he was too horny and cum in both our face trying to catch all of it mouth open , his hands pulling us together , kissing my sister ”you are too cute ”soon leaving the place , daddy car waiting for us

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