Sister Act


“I love Pete!”

I looked into my sister’s deep brown eyes. A hint of sadness – unshed tears. She meant it. She got up to get my pancakes.

“Good! That makes me feel better…was just wondering…”


I gazed at her tall slim body.

“Well, you guys have been married a while…everything seems to be going well…you have a wonderful home…yet no pitter-patter of little feet as the cliché goes…”

I smiled big, trying to make it into a joke.

“Is none of your business!” she said indignantly.

She turned and walked towards me with the breakfast pancakes. Graceful. Blonde hair cut short. Natural wide red lips.

“I know, Ruthie…I know…mom and dad realize that too…is just that we want to see you happy.”

“I am happy.” She said stubbornly and sat down at the table with me.

“All right…my happy sis…”

She stuck out her tongue at me.

I rolled my eyes.

She leaned forward and put her hand on mine. Soft touch. Her shirt had moved – cleavage showed.

“I know you care…”

I felt a lump in my throat.


“When do you get back today?” she asked.

“Early evening…these pancakes are delicious.”

“Mom’s recipe.”

“I know.”

I was in Boston attending a sales conference. Ruth and Pete lived in the town of Arlington, not too far away. Forgoing the hotel accommodation, I was staying with them. My intent – to catch up with family.

“You do this often?” Pete asked. It was evening that same day. I was apron-ed and fixing dinner.

“Not too often,” I laughed. Pete was a handsome man. And successful. Ruth and he made a great couple. Ruth was helping me. Pete watched us.

“He likes doing all this,” she said. A fond look. She was a great cook herself.

“You do?” Pete asked. “Well, don’t know about that…we gotta eat…someone has to cook…help me move this stuff to the dinner table…”

As we ate, I commended them,

“Great place you guys have here…comfy…nice area.”

“Yeah, great school districts too,” Pete said.

“Oh yeah?”

“Is why we bought the place…thought we would have kids…”

There was silence.

“Ruth has not told you, eh?”

I shook my head.

He blew a kiss at her.

“She wouldn’t…always loyal,” he said, “The truth is, Jack, I shoot blanks!”

“You sure it’s you?” I asked.

“The doctors say so…we did all the tests.”

I looked at my sister. Her nose had turned red and she was staring into her food.

“Sorry to hear,” I said.

“We are considering adoption…but then Ruth can have a baby naturally…artificially inseminated…donor sperm.”

“Yeah, the miracles of modern science,” I said jokingly.

But both of them seemed sad. Must have been a big blow.

After dinner Pete excused himself to catch up on some paperwork. Ruth and I sat in the living room. The TV was on but neither of us was in the mood. We sat on the couch.

She was wearing low cotton hip huggers. The fabric clung to her shapely long legs. The smooth skin of her belly showed. She squeezed her legs together in a sexy gesture.

I put an arm around her. She came into my arms easily. Tears flowed. She stuck her head into my shirt. Breasts pressed on my side. I caressed her hair,

“It’s not so bad…Ruthie,” I whispered.

After a while, she stopped crying. Smiling through her tears, she said,

“You ankara escort could give me a baby!”

I raised my eyebrows questioning.

“Well, even if we did the artificial thing…there has to be a sperm donor…and I’d rather have someone I know…and…”

“Someone you know and?” I asked curious.

“Love!” she completed her sentence.

I gazed at my little sister. Couldn’t help smiling – she looked so innocent.

“Is it so difficult to say you love me,” I laughed.

She looked away.

I lifted her chin and looking into her eyes said,

“Sweetheart, if that’s what you want…I’ll go to the sperm bank…”

“Oh, Jack!”


“You are so stupid!” And she stormed out of the room.

There was a thunderstorm brewing that night. I lay in the guest bedroom and listened. Darkness around me.

Suddenly the door creaked open. I strained my eyes. A naked body slipped under the sheets with me. It was Ruth.

“Shuusshh…don’t worry…it’s ok…Pete knows…approves,” she said.


“I need your cock!”

She slipped her hand under my boxers. I could hear thunder in the distance. My cock responded to her touch.

My sister was an animal. She pulled my boxers off. Pinching my bare nipples, she straddled me.


“Just me let do this, Jack…you have no idea how long I’ve waited to do this.”

“You have?”

“You are blind, Jack…you never saw how I felt about you…huge crush…and now…” she laid a finger on my lips.

Her hands searched and found my hard cock again. She slipped my cock into her wet pussy hole.

“Unn…uhhh,” she moaned.

It felt good. My sister’s wet pussy around my cock. Man. Did it ever felt good. I remembered seeing her bare belly earlier. Smooth skin. I realized I wanted to fuck her as much as she did me. Only I had never acknowledged my desire to myself.

I reached up to touch her tits as she bounced on my cock. Rounded balls of warm flesh. Her nipples swelled to my touch.

I tore her shirt front. Squeezing, kneading. Oh, man. I had wanted to do that to her tits for so long. Repressed desire.

She was cumming all over my cock. I pushed her off me. Urgently. She was on all fours. Wondering what I would do next.

I got behind her. I plunged my cock into her pussy hole. She opened her legs, lowered herself to fit me in.

No control – my hips moved. The juices were flowing inside me. Never thought I’d get to fuck my little sister. But when I did, it was a slice of heaven. A gush of hidden desire.

I held her slim waist. Slapping into her spread ass cheeks. I spewed semen into her pussy. Why did it feel so good? Every drop as it oozed out of me. Every little spurt of my cock. Total pleasure.

“Ruthie, I love you, baby.”

She fell back on the pillows. On her back. Laughing. My cum inside her. Her hands flipped the bedside lamp on.

“I have to see your face.”


“Oh you are always so serious, so dutiful…need to see you in this state…you never see how sexy I am.”

“Au contraire…I…I’ve always found you incredibly sexy…except that…”

“Except that you are too good to fuck?”

“No, not that…I am as slimy as they come…but…”

“Oh, stop it!” she exclaimed, “Don’t talk!” She touched my droopy cock. I was kneeling in front of her.

“It’s your cock…” she had a dreamy look as she touched escort ankara the sleepy thing.

“I’ve always wanted to see…hold you…make you feel…and lose control.”

“You succeeded, Ruthie…that was the most awesome three minutes of no control.”

“Only three?” she was laughing, “We must have been horny.”

I was late up in the morning. No surprise. I don’t get laid every night. And I tend to oversleep after one of those special nights.

I made my way to the kitchen. Pete was all dressed up, ready to leave for work. Ruth was serving him breakfast eggs as I walked in.


“Hi!” Pete greeted me.

I looked across at my sister. She looked radiant and happy. I had never seen her that way. Dressed in a short skirt and shirt, she looked sexy.

To Pete, I said,

“You off to work, bud?”

“Yeah, man. What are your plans?” He seemed unruffled. Happy even. Maybe he wanted to have that baby.

And what better man than me? Then they wouldn’t have to explain to the neighbors why the baby didn’t look like either of them. And it would be easy to explain a baby with my looks – part of the family.

“Don’t know yet…you Ruth?”

“I’ve the day off.”

“In that case…let me call in and see if I can take the day off too,” I said.

My body tingled at the thought of spending the day alone with Ruth. After last night.

I made my call and excused myself as Pete finished breakfast.

I watched as she kissed her husband good bye. They did make a splendid couple.

Pete left. She came and sat on my lap.

“May I…if I’m not too heavy.”

“No, silly…you are light as a feather.” I cuddled her, rocked her. I kissed the side of her neck. My face still buried, I asked,

“How was last night?”

“Very cool!”

“You ready for some more?”


I got her off me. Holding her long wrist, I gestured for her to lay back on the couch. She obeyed.

I unbuttoned her shirt. White bra. I undid the bra in one smooth move. Got lucky that time.

“You are an expert…too many women,” she teased.

“Yeah, right…like one in fifteen years.”

In the bright daylight her tits looked sexier. Perky. Wide areolas. I sucked one in. Then the other. Leaving spit glistening on her.

I pulled her skirt off. No panties. Took me by surprise. Pleasant one. Hadn’t seen that one coming though. I tongued her pussy – tasted pee.

My tongue moved along her pussy crack. Then teasing her clit. Flirting. Flicking. She was reacting. Moaning,


She wrapped her long legs around my face. Arching her back, pushing her pussy into my face. Her legs tight – choking me. Pussy smothering me. She came with a loud moan calling my name,

“Jack…oh. Jack…UHH.”

She unwrapped her legs slowly. Her breasts were heaving.

“Where did you learn that?”

I laughed her off.

She kissed me fiercely.

“You are the best.”


“I saved your jizz,” she said.

“You did?” I was puzzled.

“Wait…I’ll get it.”

She came back with an old issue of Playboy. The centerfold – stained. I had masturbated way back when.

“How did you get this…how did you know?”

She giggled, “I found it under your mattress…wanted to save a piece of you…kept it with my old stuff…no one knows…figured you liked this woman…” The playmate stared blankly at ankara escort bayan us unawares.

“Well, no…”

“What do you mean?”

“I wasn’t thinking about her.”


“’twas you…you had come back from a date…looking sexy…saw you at the top of the stairs…thought you might have fucked…then started thinking of fucking you myself…”

“Oh, Jack!”

I was on top of her. Holding her down, positioning myself between her legs.. Her pussy still wet from her own cum and my spit. My cock hard. Plunging into her. Slipping out. She steadied me, guided me in.

Looking into my eyes, she said,

“Fuck me, Jack.”

Memories of masturbating into the magazine faded away. This was reality. And I was actually fucking my little sister. Pleasuring myself. Using my weapon to shear through her soft mound. Giving her a baby.

My mouth seeking hers. Her breasts pressed on my chest. I unloaded inside her. It felt good. It felt great. Man, did I ever want to do this. The secret was out now.

“I want to go out…in the sun…hold hands,” she said.

“All right, sis…you wanna play boyfriend-girlfriend?”

“Oh. It’s so much more.”

“I know.”

So we drove to a place on Mass Avenue. After lunch we walked a few blocks. Holding hands. The thunderstorm had passed and the sun was out. We kissed at a street corner like lovers. It was nice. We came back home energized.

Kissing passionately we collapsed into the couch. She leaned on the arm of the couch. Tummy down. Ass in the air. I pulled her skirt up. Panties down her thighs. I caressed her bum.

“I love your ass.”

I spat on my hand. Wetted my cock. I tried pushing into her tight bum hole. Didn’t succeed.

“What’s the matter?” she asked.

“I don’t think I am hard enough. Your hole’s tight…unopened…I need to be harder to get in.”

“Wait,” she said and turned to face me.

She wrapped her lips around my cock.

Oh little sis. If only she knew what that sight was doing to me. And the pleasure waves she was sending through my entire body.

My sister half squatted in front of me. Tits out. Pussy peeking from under her skirt. Her sexy wide mouth full of my cock. Her long legs all mixed up with mine.

I brushed my hand through her hair as she sucked my cock. Sucking and wetting. Loving. Caring. Getting my cock ready for her ass hole.

This time it worked. I was in. My hand on her narrow waist holding her in place. My cock half way in her tight ass hole. Her ass cheeks spread. I stroked her asshole.

“Unn…huh…huH…ow…OW,” she moaned.

“You like it?”

“No…yes!” she gasped.

Pain and pleasure for her. For me – it was all pleasure.

I was going to come. I pulled out. Her hole was wide open – outlining my cock. I jerked off urgently – my cock over her ass. Finishing myself off.

Drops of thick white semen fell on her hole. She slid her slender fingers and rubbed my sperm into her asshole. The last drop fell on her ring finger.

I stayed with my sister and her husband for a few more days as I wrapped up work. The days were busy working. She would slip into my room and spend the night with me.

Fucking. On top. And under. Licking and sucking. Getting licked and fingered. Pleasuring and giving pleasure. Making a baby.

It was time to leave. I was packing. She stood in the doorway watching. I zipped my bag.

“Why me?” I asked.

“I want my baby to have your eyes.”

Pete and Ruth stood hand-in-hand and waved me goodbye. A happy couple – in love with each other. I hoped, in a small way, I had contributed to their happiness and future together.

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