sister and I are Close Then Mom (5)

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sister and I are Close Then Mom (5)I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock going off and Clare half on me and half on the bed beside me with my bedside lamp on and the door opening to my room as I slid out from under Clare, who started turning over in her sleep, and mom sticking her head in the door, “I was wondering when you wanted up but I see, you have your alarm set, so I will start your breakfast.””Okay mom, thanks. I’ll be just a couple of minutes or so.” as I stood and reached over to shut off the alarm with my morning wood sticking straight out in front of me.As soon as mom saw me uncover and crawl out from under Clare, I heared her take a big breath, even thou it was real light and ever so lightly heared. Just before I got the alarm sut off, mom started backing out the door and pulling it to while still watching me till she had the door almost closed as I was taking my hand away from the alarm clock.I went to the bathroom with out putting my pants on and saw mom going toward the kitchen just before she got to the end of the hall to make her turn into the kitchen.After washing up and shaving and releaving myself, I walked back to my bedroom and got dressed for the day and as I was finishing dressing, Clare rolled over and said, “Have a good first day love.””I will. You be careful today and I’ll see you this evening.” then I leaned over and gave her a French kiss.After we brock the kiss, “I do hope you sleep good so that you can do a good job for your first day.””Yes sexy, I sleep real good, and I hope you did too.””Oh yes I did, thank you.””Thank you and I love you.””I love you too, now I’ll sleep a bit longer before I have to get up.””Okay.” then I turned and finished dressing.In the kitchen I walked up behind mom and put my arms around her like I’ve been doing every morning since being home, only this time, I put one hand down low on her lower belly where I could feel her pubic hair through her house coat and night gown as I pulled her lower part of her body, back into me so she could feel my dick through my pants and her two thin peaces of clothing she had on.”Oh, Jim, you’re not making this easy for me to fix your breakfast.”She bent her head over making it easier for me to kiss on her neck and ear lobe as I gave a tit a squeeze and gave her mound a little bit of a light squeeze with a finger or two rubbing across her clit all at the same time.I heared mom’s breathing get heavier before she said, “Ahh Jim, please, not now. you do not want to be late on your first day at work.””I had to let you know that I love you.””I… love you… too… Now stop.”The hand I had on her one tit, I moved over to the other tit and gave it a few squeezes, while sliding my other hand around to her butt and gave it a few squeezes as well, then moved over to the coffee pot.I just barely heard mom say under her breath, “He is good and feels good, damn.””What was that mom.” acting like I didn’t hear her.”Oh nothing really, I was just thinking is all.””May I ask what you were thinking?”With a little bit of hesitation before she spoke, “Oh, nothing really.””Now mom, remember, we are adults here.” as I stepped over to the table with my cup of coffee in hand.”At how you make me feel every morning.””Do I make something get wet.””I think you know you do.””You know I can finish it if you’ll let me.””I’m still thinking about it.”Mom turned toward the table with a plate of food and sat it down in front of me, “I guess I’ll have my first cup of coffee with you if it is okay with you.””Please do, I love it when we are here at the table together of a morning before getting our day started.”We just made small talk while I ate my breakfast and mom drank her coffee. After I finished eatting, I got another cup of coffee to drink while we contenued to talk till I had to leave for work.”I better get going so that I’m not in a rush to get there.””What about your dinner?””They take an hour dinner break to give us time to go to a restraurant and relax a bit before we have to return back to work.””Have a good day and be careful son.””I will, you be careful, and I love you mom.””Love you too son.”*****Every morning I did the same thing to mom when I would first walk into the kitchen and then we would sit and talk and drink coffee after I finished eatting my breakfast. Every evening after supper, I would go out for a short run, every other night, and a long run the other evenings. After my runs, I would take my shower, put on clean pare of pants then join mom and Clare in the living room to watch something on tv while we all drank a beer. While we sat there, Clare, and I, were usually holding hands or I would have my arm around her while she would lay her head over on my shoulder. Usually every night while we sat there and when the movie would be over with, I would get a little bit of a glimpse up mom’s dress to see her pantys that she would have on that day. Every night when we would turn in for the night, Clare and I would go to my bedroom and have some wild sex then fall asleep afterwards in each others arms and some nights with my dick still in her pussy with her back toward me and my arms wrapped around her holding her close to me.Friday night when I finished with my shower and while putting on my clean pants, Clare came into the bedroom, “Love, I have something for you to put on tonight, that might be a little more comfertable for you to wear, that I picked up on the way home from work today.” as she stepped over to the closet and pulled out a shopping bag.Clare had on a dress that barely covered her butt when she stood, but when she bent over in the closet to get the bag, the dress rode up till just over three quarters of her butt was on show for all to see, which gave me a hard on right then and there, seeing her pussy lips and that little sexy ass of her’s.When Clare turned around and saw me, “Oh wow, I see some one liked what they saw.” then stepping over toward me with her nipples trying to poke through the bra cup of the dress she had on.Clare handed me the shopping bag with one hand and took a hold of my hard dick with her other hand, “I hope you like it and, it might help to get mom to go with the idea of you and her having sex. Mmmm, I sure love this thing in my pussy every night, that is for sure.”As I took the bag with one hand, I reached down with the other hand and reached under the hem of the dress with my fingers and stuck a finger into Clare’s pussy to feel how wet she was, and she was so wet, that her pussy juices just flowed into my hand then, as she had a miny orgasm just as my finger slipped into her pussy lips.Clare just kind of leaned over into me with a “Mmmmm… oh.”Clare’s hand even quit stroking my dick as I put my arm around her, that I had the bag in and pulled my finger out of her pussy, and I had to lick my finger clean to get her juices off of my finger and palm of my hand, “Man you sure do taste good sexy.””Jim, how do you do it?””Do what?””Make me cum just by sticking your finger into my pussy like that, no one has ever made me cum like that before.””I would say it is because we love each other I guess. You are the first woman to cum like that with me just sticking a finger into a pussy like that.””I’m glad.” then Clare stood up, “Here, try that on and let me know how it feels and if it is the right size or not.”I opened the bag and pulled out a pair of boxers with red lips all over it, “Red lips hu?””That is how much I love what you have here.” putting a hand on my butt and taking a hold of my hard dick again, “Now try it on, please.” as she stepped back a couple of steps.”They should fit.” looking at the size on the tag.I then bent over as I lifted a leg and stepped into the boxers then putting the next leg in then pulled them up, looked at Clare, then I turned around for her to see the back side, then stopped to face her, “They fit. They seam to feel okay. I’ve never had a pair of boxers before, so I’m not real sure how they are suposed to feel, other than they let, you know what, move around more if he wasn’t hard as a rock, like it is now.””That is the idea. The movie is about to start, we should be getting out there if we want to see it.” as Clare held my hand and lead the way to the door.At the end of the hall as Clare turned my hand lose, “I’ll get us all a beer.””Okay dear, thanks. I was begining to wonder if you two were going to make it out here in time for the movie or not.” as mom looked toward us, with her eyes following Clare as she went toward the kitchen, then mom’s eyes looked at me and followed me with her eyes, as I went around the end of the couch.I saw mom felahiye escort taking glances at my hard dick that was tenting out my new boxers that Clare had just gave me.”When did you get those Jim?””Clare just got them today for me as a gift I guess.””I was going to say, you two seam to be getting mighty comfy in your dress around here.””This is the first pair of boxers I’ve ever had or owned.””From the looks of it, you should have maybe took care of something first, before coming out here.””Then we would miss the movie if we had of.” Clare said as she handed a beer to mom.”I guess you are right about that. Then I wouldn’t get to hear the movie either.””You should try it some time mom, Jim is so good that you will feel so good afterwards. But then we would have to figure out which one of us gets to sleep with him next, because you will want more of the same from him for sure.””Oh. And how would you feel if him and I did do it?””More horny than I am now for him.””You wouldn’t be jealous of us, or of either one of us?””Why should I be? We both love you and you love the two of us, and we are all family, so what is there to be jealous of? The only thing I see is, the one that has to sleep alone is the one that has to wait her turn, or untill sometime the next day, how ever we decide to arange our time with him or, we all can sleep in the same bed every night and that way the one that happens to wake up horny first get’s to get satisfyed first and then the next, if Jim is up to it right then.””You make it sound so easy, and that we all will be so satisfyed and happer around here.””It can be easy and we will be happer and satisfyed cause, I’m happer and satisfyed every night and even feel better through the day after having great sex and love making with Jim the night before, and, it is so much fun too. How has it been for you Jim?””I must say it has been fun and more satisfying than it ever was before you and I started having sex together.””See mom, and we both know that Jim wants to make love to you so bad he can taste it.””I guess you told her what we talked about last week I take it.””Yes mom I did, just as I told you everything last week too.””You make a metter husband than your dad ever did or even any man that I know of that is a husband.”The movie started then, so none of us said another word while the movie was on. Half way through the movie, mom got up giving me a real fast glimpse of her pantyed crotch as she stood up to go to the bathroom. “From what I just saw of mom’s pantys, she has a wet spot in the crotch.” whispered Clare.”Her leg was in the way of seeing all the way down her crotch, so I couldn’t see all of it myself.””I just happen to lean forward to get up to go to the bathroom when she stood up just a bit faster than me, is why I saw it.” Clare then leaned back and we kissed then she stood up, giving me a full view of her bare ass.When mom came out of the bathroom, Clare rushed in behind her, “Do you want another beer while I’m still up?””Yes I do.” Clare called out just before the door fully closed behind her.”Yes, I’ll take another one, thanks.”Just before Clare came out of the bathroom, mom came back from the kitchen with three open beers. After setting one down on the coffee table in front of me, she handed me a beer then sat down in her chair again with her beer.Just as Clare came out of the bathroom and around the end of the couch, the movie started again so with out a word from any one of us we sat and watched the movie.When the movie was over, “I’m going to get my shower over with.” mom said as she stood up giving me the same view I had at half time.”I think there is a good movie on after the news and weather tonight, so I thought I might check it out.” Clare said.”Oh yes, there is a good one coming on. I thought I would sit and watch it too.”Mom stepped into her bedroom, “What are you going to do love?””As soon as I finish using the bathroom, I’ll come watch the news and weather and check out the movie with you two women.” then standing up.Clare stood up with me and followed me to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom and I was peeing into the toilet after Clare had peed, she said, “Maybe you should work some of your magic on her like you’ve been doing of a mornings.””And how are you to know whether it worked or not, besides me not coming to bed tonight.””That is how I’ll know, unless I’m able to sneek a peek at the two of you while you’re working your magic on her.”We stepped out of the bathroom just as mom was about to step into the hall way with her night clothes in her arms.”I think I’m going to make a little bit of coffee to have while watching the news and weather, anyone else care for any?””I will.” Clare said as she turned toward the kitchen.”No, none for me, thank you any way.” then closing the bathroom door behind herself.I followed Clare into the kitchen to see her get the coffee pot as she stepped over to the sink with it, “I’ll fix us a small pot love.””Okay, thanks sexy.” seeing a little bit of her ass cheeks come into view as she bent to reach the faucet handle on the sink.I stepped up behind Clare and reached down under her hem and put my hand on her bare ass and gave it a few squeezes before she shut the water off, “Mmm, it does feel good having your hand on my bare ass.””It feels good to put my hand on your bare ass too.”Clare sat the pot down on the counter, then reached down and lifted the dress tail up over her ass and gave it a little bit of a roll to tuck it up under the roll, then went about putting the makings for coffee together, with her bald pussy and bare ass in full view.With the coffee starting to brew, Clare turned toward me and stepped in closer to me and started rubbing my hard dick through my boxers and kissing me, with me kissing her back and cupping her bare ass with one hand and my other hand at her pussy, fingering her.Again, Clare had a orgasm just as my finger intered her pussy like she did in the bedroom when she gave me the boxers I have on.”You keep up what you’re doing and I’ll have to go find something else to wear around here tonight.””Mmmm, I could think of something I would love to see you wear around here every night.” with that my hard dick slipped out through the fly of my boxers and Clare then rubbed my bare hard dick in the open.”I wish I could wear what you have in mind around here for sure. Maybe when mom decides to go with it, we all can go around here dressed the same way then.””That would be fun for sure, then we wouldn’t have any thing in the way of getting what we want then.””But then I would have to have one of you sitting on my dick all the time, since I would be hard all the time, seeing the two of you with nothing on around here.”Then we kissed again while rubbing around on each other and me putting a hand up under Clare’s dress and squeezing her bare tits, and she slid a hand down inside the waist band on my boxers and cupped my ass while she rubbed over the rest of my body and on my hard dick some more.While Clare and I were hugging, kissing, and rubbing each other, I heard mom shut the water off in the shower then a few minutes later I heard the door open to the bathroom, then as Clare and I took a step back, mom stepped in the kitchen then stopped for a few secends, then said, “Sorry to interupt you two.” then she turned around and went to her bedroom with the clothes she had took off before getting in the shower.”I think seeing you tenting out your boxers and just now seeing your hard cock, is making mom want you even more.””I did see her looking at it there.””I know. That is what is making her want you even more.” as Clare turned and got two cups and filled them with coffee.Clare handed me a cup of coffee then we went out to the living room as mom was coming out from her room.As the three of us got setted, the weather came on, which is what we all were more interested in any way, rather than the news.When the weather was over the sports news started, Clare rubbed my hard dick with her hand that was next to me, “I hope we didn’t afend you mom, when you stepped into the kitchen a moment ago.””No, but it did catch me a little bit off gaurd is all.””Was there anything that you wanted from the kitchen?” Clare asked still rubbing my hard dick.”No, not really I guess. I didn’t see either of you out here, so I was just going to see if the kitchen was where the two of you were, or if, just one of you were in there. I don’t think you are helping Jim much there.””Yea, I know, but it feels so good in my hand, and, even better in something else later, when we are able to. You should come over here and feel it mom.””He is my son Clare.””Yea, he is my brother too, but who cares, it’s just us and no one else will know but us. Maybe Jim should step over toward you so that you can feel it and maybe even get a close up look at it. Come on Jim, get and let her feel it.””No Jim! Stay right where your at. I’m not ready for that yet.””Mom, you know you want to. Jim and I both can see it in your eyes. You want him as bad as I do and he does, so go for it mom.””No not now, later.””Okay, later after the movie is over with?””I declare Clare, from the looks of it, you have him for the night all ready.””He has made me cum several times all ready this evening mom, so you and Jim can go to your room or his, and sleep together all night and have the best orgasm, of your life tonight.””Clare, what are you trying to do?””I’m just trying to get you to open up and be free as we want to be and to give you the best man in the world, that you and I can share together, for the rest of our lives, and to let you be as close to Jim and I, as Jim and I are to each other. You know mom, that Jim and I have all ways been real close to each other growing up, and you have just been some one to provide for us and give a helping hand to us when we asked for it, which wasn’t very often, because we had each other all this time. We just want to bring you in and give you a chance to be close to us, for one, a mom who helped bring us into this mixed up world, for another, you are letting us be some what free by letting us be together as a couple, another is, you have worked all of your life to make sure we had a roof over our heads and food in our bellys and you really haven’t got a lot of thanks from us, and this would be one way for us to thank you, by giving you, something you have missed out on for so long too, like an orgasm.””Wow! Would you just let it ride right there for now and let me think about this, while we watch the movie. I do have to say you made some good points there, man. I do have one question thou before we close this till the end of the movie.””Okay, spit it out mom.””What do you mean about being free that you mentioned at the first of your long speech.””Like go around here in the nude as we want when no one but the three of us are here alone. Even sit here in the nude and watch a movie together when it is just the three of us. That way if you or I want, and Jim, looks to be ready for some relief, like he does right now, either you or I, can just sit on him and get relef, as well as he’ll be able to get relief too.””I see. Jim, you have been quite just about the whole time. Clare seems to be doing all of the talking here for the two of you, or is she just talking for her own good?””No, Clare has been talking for the both of us really. I told you that I wanted this last week in your room there. Clare is just putting into words what I kind of have trouble doing when it comes to my feelings some times.””So you are all for what she has said so far tonight.””Yes mom, I am.””Okay. We’ll see at the end of the movie.”After finishing a cup of coffee the three of us were ready for another round of beer so I went in and opened three beers and brought them out from the kitchen.Stepping around to sit next to Clare I saw her bald pussy on full display, then sitting down next to her as I handed mom a beer, I got a two or three second look at mom’s hairy bush under her short night gown that’s under her house coat. Mom’s house coat had parted some just below her crotch, exposing the bottom part of her short night gown, that stops shy of half way by two or three inches when she stands, but had rode up some while she sat in her chair.All through the movie, I would get a little bit of a glimpse of mom’s hairy bush off and on, as she would cross her legs either from the right over left, or left over right.Clare had her bald pussy on display for me the whole time the movie was going, with a hand reasting on my hard dick the whole time or just holding it up, for my boxers to tent up and a few times, the tip of the head would peek out at the fly.Half way through the movie, Clare and mom made bathroom runs and Clare, got the beers for us from the kitchen that time, and as mom stood up to make her run, I got a fast crotch glimps under her short night gown, then when she returned and sat down in her chair again, I got a bit longer look at mom’s crotch and hairy mound, to see that her hairs were wet and the lips were a tiny bit parted, cause Clare had brought the beers back at the time mom was sitting down.When the movie was finally over with, I had to make my run to the bathroom then, as mom and Clare gathered up all of the empty bottles.Returning from the bathroom, Clare met me in the kitchen door way, “Good luck love.” she whispered real low with a light pat on the face as she stepped past me and turned down the hall way.”Was you needing anything from in here before I turn out the light Jim?””No, I was just seeing if you two needed any more help for one is all.””No, we got it all.” as she turned out the light, then stepped toward the door where I stood.”Jim, I, don’t know…”I pulled her to me and kissed her on the lips, placing a hand on her butt and cupped it as I pulled her into me feeling my hard dick pressed in between us.I put my tongue to her lips to force them in between her lips, which she opened her mouth and let my tongue in, to be met with her tongue for a full on French kiss, at which time, I heared her moan lightly.As we French kissed, I moved my other hand around and started squeezing her tit, feeling the nipple harden to the touch of my hand on it, then mom leaned in closer to me, to where I could feel her other tit get pressed into my lower chest.Mom wrapped her arms around me a little more and pulled me in closer to her then shifted a leg to where it was between my legs.It wasn’t long and mom was breathing heavy and moving her hips to rub her clit along my leg that she stradled.Mom broke the kissing and looked into my eyes like she was looking for something.”I love you mom, very much.””I love you too Jim. Call me by my name if you are sure you want to do this.””Beth, I have wanted to do this for a long time now and will want to keep doing this, for a long time to come. That is how much I love you Beth.””I love you too Jim, now take me before I change my mind.” then she leaned in and we kissed again.I turned Beth a little, then reached down and picked her up and carried her to the front door and locked it, turned out the light, then carried her to her room, closing the door behind us.Mom’s night light by the bed was still on from when she came in and got her night clothes so I laid her down on the bed and laid beside her as I kept kissing her and her kissing me back.I slid my hand up Beth’s leg, catching her house coat tail on the way then caught her night gown hem and kept moving my hand up to the belt, she had tied around her to keep the house coat shut. I then pulled on a end and untied the belt, then broke the kiss and started pulling the coat off from her shoulders, lifting her up to a sitting postion, then started pulling her night gown up from under her butt and up over her head and off.I looked Beth up and down a couple of times taking in her beauty, “Oh man Beth, you are just as beautiful, sexy, hot, as I have all ways thought you were and you are even more beautiful, than I thought you were.””Being an old woman, I do not see what you see in me.””You are not old and I do not want to hear you say that you are old ever again, you look ten years younger than you are and sexy and hot to boot. Age is just a number. Tonight I plan to make you feel young all over again one way or another.” I then leaned in and started kissing her while I got my boxers off.When I got my boxers off and tosed it to the floor at the foot of the bed, where I had tosed Beth’s night gown when I got it off of her, I pulled her house coat out from under her and tosed it to the floor at the foot of the bed as well, “Now those can be put away till we happen to have over night company.””Oh, they can?””I think being nude in the house is a good idea myself, like Clare said earlier.””Mmm, I’ll try it one night and if I like it, then okay we will be free to go with or without.””I say try it in the morning at least and then after supper, when the three of us sit down to watch tv, then decide and let us know how you like the idea, after we finish watching tv for the night and head off to bed.””Okay, I will do that then. Now with us doing this, will you still love me and respect me as your mom after we are done?””Mom, I will never disrespect you as my mom or as my lover, I will all ways respect you and love you as my mom, as well as my love and lover.””I’m Beth when I’m your love or lover, other wise, I’m your mom. Right?””Yes, right.”Then we French kissed as we let our hand rome all over each other, squeezing her tits and ass, her squeezing my ass and rubbing and squeezing my rock hard cock as we kissed.After a few, I kissed my way along Beth’s jaw line to her ears and on her ear lobe, down her neck, to her shoulder, then down toward her tit and around the tit, working my way toward the nipple that stood out proud and hard on her C cup size tits. Her nipples as big as a dime with the areola around them just a bit bigger than a nickle, but they stood out a good inch being hard and proud to be the point on a tit.I sucked, licked, kissed, and lightly nibbled on her nipples, first one then the other, while I squeezed her tits with my hands, before moving one hand down to finger her pussy, to feel just how wet the inside of her pussy had gotten.Finding her pussy to be so wet on the inside and feel that it was leaking juices out onto her leg, I started kissing and licking my way down toward Beth’s hony pot, while keeping one hand on her tits, squeezing one then the other, as I worked my way down.On the way down toward Beth’s hony pot, I made a stop at her belly button to give it a few licks and kisses, then went on down and kissed my way down her leg toward her foot.When I got to her foot, I kissed and licked it to her toes, then sucked on Beth’s toes and licked between her toes, starting with her big toe first and worked my way across to her little toe, then down to the heal on the soul of her foot then back to her little toe again.I sucked and licked between her toes, starting with the little toe and worked my way to her big toe, sucking and licking between each toe, like I did the first time. I kissed and licked my way back to Beth’s leg, then around to the back of her leg then up to her butt cheek, as I lifted her leg up to get to it and help me get in between her legs.After I kissed and licked the little bit of the bottom of Beth’s ass cheek, that I could get to, I started kissing up and around the pubic hair line of her hairy bush to the other side, to start down her other leg, “Jim, I, can… not take… any more… I need… you at… my… pussy now…” she said between breaths as she took her hand on each side of my head and slightly pulled on me to crawl up between her legs.I kissed and licked up her inerthigh to her pussy lips and then licked up between her lips to her clit, which she jerked when my tongue lightly licked her clit, then she held my head there where I couldn’t move it, so I sucked and flicked my tongue over her clit for just a few seconds, then she was bucking her hips up and down and I got flooded with her cum gushing out onto my face and chin and forehead, “Oooohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, I’mmmmm cummmmmmmmmminnnnnnnnngggggggggggg!”Right then I could not tell you who is louder, Beth or Clare, when the two of them cum.”With my head held by Beth’s hands and legs squeezing it between them, I kept licking and sucking on her clit, as she rode out her orgasm and trying to get as much as I could, of her sweet pussy juices that flowed from her pussy.After a little bit Beth tryed to sit up and push me away from her pussy, “Ooohhh, Jimmmm, stop it… I can’t take… it any more… get up her and give my that hard cock of your’s, nowwwwwwww.”With one final lick from the bottom of her pussy to the clit, “Oooo noooooo!” Beth cryed.”Did you like it Beth?””Yes Jim, I did, but I need you to stop cause it is to sensitive right now, I need your hard cock in my pussy now! I’ve got to have it now! Get up here and give it to me!”As I crawled up over Beth, she took a hold with one hand of my hard cock, while still keeping the other hand on the side of my head, she guided my rock hard cock to her pussy hole, “Put it in now please!”Feeling the intrance to the hole that I came out of all those years ago, I pushed my rock hard cock into the pussy hole all the way to the hilt, it was so wet inside, and I just held it there for a moment to just feel how wet it was and the heat that came from it and the tightness of it.I could not believe how tight Beth’s pussy was, after having two of us k**s come out of it. It was all most as tight as Clare’s pussy, but it sure felt wetter at this point than Clare’s pussy ever did, but then I could have been wrong about it too. It was just so hot and felt so good, to be inside of Beth’s pussy, after all this time.I could feel Beth’s pussy muscles squeezing my hard cock as I held my cock deep into her pussy, “Jim, fuck me now, fast and hard.” I lifted Beth’s legs up and rested one on each of my shoulders, then I pulled out a little bit then pushed back in with a slow speed, and when I pushed back in, “Oh Jim, you are a little bit bigger than your dad was, by a couple of inches I think. You are touching a little bit deeper in me than your dad ever did. Oh fuck, I thought you looked a bit bigger than your dad and now I know you are. You are even thicker than he was too.””I all ways said, that I may be short, but I’m all here.””Yes, you are all here, for sure.”As I pumped in and out of Beth’s pussy, I picked up speed, till I was pumping as fast and hard as I could, with her crying out, “Oh fuck me Jim. Yes baby, fuck me faster. Fuck me harder. Oh goooooddddddd I’mmmmmmm cummmmmmmmmmmminnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggg.”Each time Beth would cum, I would have to slow down the pumping in and out cause of her pussy squeezing down so much on my hard cock, but I was able to keep pumping a little bit fast than I ever could, with Clare when she would cum.I would even get socked each time Beth would cum, till there was a good size wet spot in the bed under us, and I could feel her cum dripping off of my balls and running down my legs to my knees.I lost count of how many times Beth squrted cum, before I felt my cum start to make it’s way up my cock, to the tip of the head, “I’m about to cum too Beth.””Come down here first Jim.” as Beth pushed her legs off to my sides and reached her hands and arms out toward me.As I leaned over toward her, Beth pulled me down wrapping her legs around me and wrapped her hands and arms around my shoulders, “Cum with me in my pussy baby, please. I’m about to cum again too.””Are you sure Beth, about cumming in you?””Yes Jim, so be it if I get pregnant by you.” When Beth said that, “I can not hold off any longer Beth.””Go for it baby, go for it.”I felt the first shot shoot out the head of my rock hard cock then I felt Beth’s pussy squeeze down on my cock as I pushed in as far as I could into her pussy, as my cock shot rope after rope of cum into her pussy and her cum, shot out around my cock like she had the other times she cum, while I pumped in and out of her pussy.I started to think that I wasn’t going to stop cumming, the way Beth’s pussy kept milking my cock to get every last drop of cum out of it, and the way she cum, I was starting to wonder if she was ever going to stop cumming too.When we did stop cumming and finaly came down from the clouds a little bit, I collapsed down over Beth, while keeping my waight on my elbows, and her legs and arms fell off beside her to the bed, “Damn Jim, when you and Clare said it would be the best orgasm of my life, you were not lieing to me.””I do not remember saying it would be your best orgasm like Clare said it would be.””You may not have come out and said it like Clare did, but you did in a round about way. You did say it might be the best, but that I wouldn’t know till I tryed it with you, and guess what… it was the best I have ever had in my life. Man! Was it ever.””I’m so glad that it was. Now do you think you will want to keep up this relationship and add Clare in on it too?””Yes I want to keep on with this relationship and add Clare to it too, but I do not want Clare to be added tonight, she can be added anytime after tomorrow morning maybe.””At the latest, maybe tomorrow night?””Maybe then. I will let her have you in the morning after you and I are up and around for the day, cause she will be needing this tomorrow before bed time, now that I know how you make her feel.”When Beth said ‘needing this’, her pussy squeezed my still hard dick making my cock jerk a little inside of her.I leaned down and we kissed with more passion than we had, before we got started good, with our love making.I hope every one likes the story, and I can add more to this if any one wants more, but if no one asks for more, than there will be no more to this story, so let me know and thanks for reading and for all comments.

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