sister-In-Lawsister-IN-LAWMy sister-in-law had just finished her stint in the Army. She had been stationed in France for the last four years. Now that her time was up, she couldn’t wait to come back to the States and see her family once more! Of course that meant coming to see her sister and I who lived in California.My name is George and my wife’s name is Ann. We have been married for ten years now and have become home nudists. California happens to be hot during the summer and air conditioning is a must. Still, when the wife and I come home from work, the first thing we do is strip off our clothes and go around our home naked. We sleep naked as well and only get dressed when it’s time to go out!When her sister Amy wrote us an email and asked if it would be okay for her to come visit us for two weeks, I had my reservations.“Look Ann, I like your sister and all and it would be great to see her again. However, write her back and tell her that you and I are nudists. You know how I hate wearing clothes 24-7. Tell her that if that bothers her, then of course we will stay dressed as she is our guest.”“Sounds fair enough. I will email her back and see what she says. But if she says she will be offended, then we will just have to stayed clothed except for when we go to bed. She can stay in the guest room for two weeks.”So my wife writes her back and explains the situation. I was dreading the answer. I did NOT want to stay dressed for 2 whole weeks! Maybe run around in my boxers but that was pushing it. Amy wrote back that very evening and surprised us both.“Dear Ann and George, I am so looking forward to seeing you after four long years. You guys being nudist sounds interesting! You must have decided not to wear clothes after you got married. Anyway, if you want to be nude the two weeks I am there, it is okay with me. After all, I am the guest. Who knows? I might just shock you and join you! Now I am thinking of seeing you both nude, especially George! Love, Amy” “Well that is a happy surprise. I won’t have to stay dressed after all, bless her! Having never seen her nude, what does she look like?” I asked.“Much like me. At least she did the last time I saw her. She is five feet, six inches tall, a little thinner than me. We used to look a lot alike. I take a 38C bra and she takes a 40D bra. As I remember, she doesn’t have a lot of pubic hair either. Never did. Naked you can tell we are sisters in every way. Only our pussies are different.”“Different in what way?” I asked.“Until I married you, I used to let my pubic hair grow wild. You taught me to shave it off and it feels so much better and cooler now. When you look at my pussy, everything is tucked away nice and neat. My inner lips are out of sight. My sister’s pussy looks more like an orchid with her lips open all the time and inviting men to come on in. You will probably see for yourself soon enough. Hey, you are getting a hard-on just thinking about it, aren’t you?”“Yes, the little fella seems to have a mind of his own and I haven’t seen another pussy besides yours in over ten years. Not that I saw that many to begin with.”“Oh really? How many tits and pussies have you seen BEFORE we were married?” Amy asked with a grin on her face. She was teasing, of course!“Just my mom and my two sisters. We were not raised to be nudists, but we didn’t bother to close the door to the bathroom or bedrooms either. I remember my mother was quite busty. She would take a bath, dry off and walk down the hallway nude to her bedroom. She would put on rize rus escort underpants and a muu muu. In other words a lounger. Something to run around the house in. Didn’t hide her boobs that well.”“And what about your sisters?” Ann asked.“We saw each other nude all the time. You know how k**s are. They are always curious about the opposite sex. I would sit on the edge of the tub and talk with them while they were taking a bath and they would do the same with me. If they were feeling particularly horny that day, they would ask me to wash their breasts.”“That sounds interesting. And what did they do for you?” Ann asked.“They would want to touch my dick and get me hard. Once in a great while, they would play with my dick until I would cum. They wanted to see the whole thing from start to finish. It didn’t happen very often though. At least not as often as I would have liked. That does bring up another question though.”“And what would that be?” Ann asked further.“You and I are both in retail and don’t have the same days off. You are lucky. You get the entire weekend off. I get off Sundays and Wednesdays. Are you going to be okay with me and your sister alone in the house nude?”“I don’t have a problem with that. She is my sister for heaven’s sake. Why? Were you thinking about fucking her?”“The thought did cross my mind. How would you feel about that?” I asked her.“Look, do anything you want to do, just don’t fuck her until I get home. You can’t be the only one who has any fun around here. We have a king-sized bed and the three of us will fit easily. I want to get in on the action myself!” she said with a smile.“You are a woman after my own heart! At least now I have something to look forward to. Are you sure you won’t mind me fucking her brains out while you watch?”“Who said anything about watching? I am going to be sucking on her nipples while you go in-and- out of her. You had a vasectomy years ago. Cum inside her! I don’t care. Just make sure you take care of my sexual needs as well!”“Deal!” I said as I took her to bed and screwed her brains out.The time before she arrived at LAX went by rather quickly. Ann and I were fucking like rabbits the entire time waiting for her to arrive. I made sure we both had the day off, and we went to pick her up at the airport. As soon as she made it past the Security checkpoint Amy was all smiles. She gave her sister a hug and a kiss on both cheeks like they do in France.Amy smiled at me, gave me a bear hug smashing her breasts into my chest and kissed me on the lips! That kind of shocked me but I did like it. She was a great kisser!We went and grabbed her large suitcase from the turn style and headed for our home.“It is sure good to see you guys again. It has been far too long! I have been counting down the days on my calendar to when I could come see you.” Amy said.“We have been doing the same thing!” Ann said. “We missed you!”“Have either one of you eaten lunch yet? I am famished and it will be so good to eat American food again. My treat!”“Sure thing. I know just the place. Why don’t we stop at Ameriburger and get some burgers and fries?” George asked. “I have some Porterhouse steaks for dinner.”“That sound great. Let’s go!” she said with a smile.We ate our burgers there and drove on home. On the way, Amy told us all about living in France the last four years and how great it was to be back in the States. She told us about all the things she loved about France, but also all the things she missed about living rize rus escort bayan in America. When we got home, Ann showed her sister Amy the guest bedroom so she could unpack.I went into the master bedroom and took off everything but my boxers. Ann totally stripped off and began making salads for later. We sat around on the couch and got caught up on the latest news and gossip. Amy surprised us both by taking off her blouse and slacks. Now Ann sat on the couch totally nude and Amy was down to her bra and panties. I would have stripped my boxers off but had to go outside to cook the steaks. Seeing Amy in her undergarments was giving me an erection. She was very busty and her bra was NOT padded. I thought it best if I went out to the kitchen and began peeling potatoes hoping it would go down.After I peeled the potatoes I diced them and boiled them. Then I wrapped each portion in tin foil, sprinkled on some Italian seasoning, butter, salt and pepper and put them on the tray next to the steaks. I planned on keeping them warm on the grill. As I had a gas grill, I didn’t have to wait for the charcoals to get hot. It also should be mentioned that we live in a cul-de-sac so we have a nice back yard. We have some privacy with a pool and a hot tub built for four people. Just not totally private.When I was done in the kitchen, I went back into the living room. There sat my wife and my sister-in-law on the couch and both of them were as naked as when they came into this world. Without a second thought, my dick got hard and was very noticeable through my boxers! I couldn’t hide it at all so I didn’t even try.“So, what have you two been talking about?” I asked.“Amy wants to see your dick!” my wife informed me with a smile.I went over to her on the couch and looked her straight in the eye.”“You are old enough to see for yourself!” I told her with a grin.She leaned forward on the couch, put her thumbs on either side of my boxers and pulled them straight down. My dick sprung forth in all it’s glory, happy to be free once again! He really hates underwear but I had to go back outside to cook the steaks. My dick was now bobbing up and down directly in front of Amy’s nose.“Ann told me your dick was seven inches but I told her that I wanted to see it for myself! She might have exaggerated…but I see now she didn’t!”She wrapped her hand around it and began stroking it up and down. Then she put the thing into her mouth and began sucking on it like it was a Popsicle or something!“You keep that up and you are going to make me cum!” I mocking protested.“Go ahead! I am not worried!” she said as she continued to suck me off.I looked over at Ann and she had the biggest grin on her face I had ever seen. She was smiling at me as she was playing with one of her sister’s tits and rubbing the end of her nipple. Sorry but I am not the man of steel and I only lasted about four more minutes before I was shooting my load into Amy’s mouth. She surprised me again by swallowing every drop!“There, that should make you feel better…for now. Just remember George, you and Ann have to take care of me later. Promise?”“Absolutely YES! Ann?”“Oh yeah. I am up for that! Better cook those steaks George. Then we can all play later,” Ann said.I did grill the steaks and we ate them at the kitchen table. They tasted that much better as I stared at Amy’s and Ann’s breasts the entire time. Neither of them seemed to mind one little bit! For that I was grateful!After we ate and waited awhile rus rize escort Ann suggested we go for a swim. We all agreed but with one stipulation. We all had to wear swimsuits. Why you might well ask? Because while our back yard was big enough for a pool, plus had the fence around it, the nosy neighbors can see into our yard. So, reluctantly we had to wear suits. I was surprised again when Amy said once she found out she was going to visit us in California, she bought a new white bikini. She had never worn it before and this was going to be her first time wearing it. So once we had put our suits on, we headed for the pool.We all jumped into the deep end and then sat on the shallow end to continue talking. What Amy couldn’t have possibly known, her white suit became transparent as soon as the water soaked it through. With Amy on one side of me, and Ann on the other, I was openly staring at Amy’s tits.“Did you know that once your bikini mixes with the water, it becomes totally see-through. I can see your breasts like you are not even wearing a thing!” I said.“I didn’t know that. It is a brand new bikini and this is my first time wearing it. Do you mind the view?” she said with a grin.“Mind? Why should I mind? I think you are one incredibly beautiful and sexy woman and I love your tits. I only mentioned it in case you wanted to wear it to the beach or something.”“Thank you. Duly noted. I will only wear it when you are around. How’s that? Oh, do you really think I am sexy?”“Oh yeah! I wouldn’t have said it otherwise.”“What do you think about going in, getting out of these wet suits and play?” Amy asked with a smile on her face you would have to see to believe. She was horny and knew how to get what she wanted!We all went inside and got out of our suits. Then we headed towards the master bedroom. Amy lay on her back in the middle of the bed and smiled. Ann began playing with her tits and sucking on them. She was ready for sex in an instant! I lay down between her legs and gently spread them apart. Ann was totally correct. Amy had hardly any pubic hair at all. Her pussy lips were always spread apart much like an orchid. I took one look at it and began licking on her clit. She squirmed with delight.The more I licked the better she liked it. In fact the closer she got to an orgasm, the louder she got! She finally put her hand over her mouth to quiet her down. When she achieved an orgasm with me putting two fingers inside her, her lips began contracting around my fingers over-and-over again. I counted ten times!Now Ann took her turn in the middle of the bed. I began licking her while her sister played with and sucked on her tits. I did the same thing to Ann by inserting two fingers into her now very wet pussy and gave her one of the most intense orgasms she had every had!Finally it was my turn! I lay in the middle of the bed and Ann straddled by face as I began licking her once again. Meanwhile, Amy was interest in finding out how it felt to have me inside her. She straddled my cock and lowered herself down until I was all the way in. I reached up and began rubbing her nipples and squeezing her tits. Her nipples were so sensitive every time I rubbed them she went up and down on me even faster! She was going so fast I couldn’t last. I spewed my love juice deep inside her. Then I could feel her pussy lips contracting around my dick as I gave her an orgasm. My tongue must have been doing a good job because Ann began shuddering with her own orgasm!I must be the luckiest guy on earth! I really loved fucking Amy. Not that I have had that much sexual experience, but her pussy was so smooth on the inside, I came way to quickly. However, this was just day one of her f******n day visit. Should I say that I am looking forward to the next 13 days? Oh yeah! Tomorrow night, we will get out the toys!

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