Sister-in-Law Cums to Stay Ch. 2

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There I stood in the shower, washing off the evidence from my now flaccid cock, my mind a blur to what had just happened. Was I dreaming, or did my 19-year old sister in law just give me the best blowjob… handjob, what ever it was it was the best ever! When I think back to it, it wasn’t physically great, but being that it was the first time she held any manhood. Well, that made it great. Now, she and my wife are alone in the other room, cleaning up the dishes from dinner, acting as if every thing is normal. Will she tell my wife Maria? Will this hot latina hold this against me for money or favors? Sure, I really was not to blame. But whom will they believe? An innocent young virgin or a thirty year-old horndog? No bets please.

Feeling a bit nervous, I towel off, put on my robe and say my goodnights. They were nuking up some popcorn and getting ready for their usual video-snacks-gossip session. These sisters are so predictable. Until tonight anyway. I closed the bedroom door, turned on the radio and set the sleep mode for an hour of blues and jazz. Slowly, I faded.

I awoke about 3:30 in the morning, restless. I had been having numerous erotic dreams mixed with feelings of guilt. I walked to the kitchen to get a glass of water to cool myself. As I stood next to the sink sipping my H2O, my semi-erect penis jerked and I realized I probably should have put my shorts back on. I walked over to the guest bedroom. The door stood open about 8 or 9 inches. I peeked in to make sure Sylvia was asleep. There she lay; curled up on her side with a sheet covering her waist down and still wearing that same tank top she had worn earlier. A vision of innocence. I shook my head, finished my water, and vowed to put all those crazy thoughts away. It worked, I slept peacefully.

My wife is a morning person. She loves to wake up, have an orgasm and go to work. Me, well, I like coffee, shower, more coffee, brush my teeth and then lets boink. However, I never push a wet pussy away. This was one of those mornings. Maria sucked on my nipple ’til I popped one eye open. Then she proceeded to work her way down and sucked until my cock stood straight up in the air waiting to be mounted. Which is exactly what she did. Maria knows that my head is still a ball of fuzz until I have had my cup of bean juice and I rarely have an orgasm in our 6am sessions. However, she wanted one and was going to get it.

I heard a familiar buzz as she began to slide my member into her. I smiled, opened one eye and watched my hot little wife stroke her pink vibrating wand over her clit as she rode me. Her hips pounded hard and fast upon my groin, plunging my cock in her warm pussy deeper and deeper. Within minutes she shuddered, clinched her legs tight, gasped and fell on top of my chest. “Good morning to you too,” I whispered.

“Good morning my husband. I have a feeling it is going to be a great day!”

With that, she rolled off and disappeared into the bathroom. Even though I was not working today, I decided there was no way I could return to sleep after that. So, I got up, ground some coffee, and turned on the TV to check the news of the morning. The weatherman said it was going to be one of those typical California summer days. That meant that it was going to be a beautiful 80 degrees at the beach with valley temperatures reaching triple digits. I live in the valley. Well looks like another day in the pool. Just me, a good mystery novel, a big jug of ice water, and… my sister in law!

Around 7:30, my lovely wife exited the bathroom dressed and ready for work. I had poured her a glass of juice and toasted a muffin for her. She sat down and quickly finished off her breakfast and disappeared again to brush her teeth and spray on a mist of perfume. Usually about this time I would have turned the TV and turned on some music, but my stereo controls were in the same room as our sleeping guest. Instead, I tuned into MTV and began to clean up my coffeepot. Maria silently came up behind me and gave me a quick reach-around.

“I want some more of this tonight. So play nice with my sister today.”

What did she mean by that? I struggled for words. I wanted clarification. I needed clarification! Was she telling me to…? Did she know about…? My head was buzzing, but all I could say was, “Yea, of course.” She smiled and kissed me gently on the lips. “Did you two have a good time last night?” I asked. I needed to know if she was aware that her sister had held my cock in her mouth.

“Yea, it was fun. We started to watch a movie, but ended up just talking and talking.”

“Talking? What could you two talk about for three hours?”

“Girl stuff. Just never you mind. You know Sylvia really likes you and she has never liked any of my boyfriends. She said she wishes you had a younger brother. Poor girl. I wish we could help her find a nice guy. You know she is still a virgin, but I don’t think she wants to be anymore.”

“She will find someone. Maybe she needs to less picky? What about her last boyfriend? I thought she really liked him?”

“Like is one thing. Open up your legs for the küçükçekmece escort first time, well that takes a bit more. I am glad she is picky. I wouldn’t want her to be some cheap ‘ho. She knows what she wants. I have a feeling she will get it. And soon. Shit, I have to go.”

In an instant she kissed me, grabbed her purse and hurried out the door. Within minutes the phone rang. “I love you. And remember what I said, be nice to my little sister.”

“I will, I will. I promise, we will do whatever she wants to do.”

“OK, but remember you ass is mine when I get home. I want to see you cum for me, all over my chest and face. Then I will lick you all clean. You like that don’t you?”

“Sounds good to me. I love you too. See ya’ tonight.” Was that a coincidence? Couldn’t be because I can’t recall ever doing that before with Maria. Yet, she described exactly what her sister did to me yesterday. I had a strange feeling that my wife was toying with me, but I just didn’t know. I decided to let go and just be myself and not to worry. What is done is done. Nothing I can change now. Today, Sylvia and I will go to the pool, have lunch, relax and everything will be normal. No problem. I walked down the hall to the bathroom and passed by the bedroom where Sylvia lay asleep. I peeked in. She was on her back, her tank top was twisted and one of her breasts was exposed. She had kicked her sheets off and revealed that she wore no panties to bed. Her legs were parted slightly, but I could not see her sex through her thick bushy pubic hair. It was obvious she had never trimmed her mound. Innocence. My dick began to harden. Problem.

I needed to get rid of this sexual desire. I am not the type of guy who can close his eyes and jack off. I need some extra visual stimulation. I thought about going back to her room and silently stroke myself and watch her sleep. But she is what I want to stop thinking about. I decided on a shower.

The shower could not remove her from my head. I stood under the water, still hard, still horny, and still confused. I finished washing and began to shave. I prefer to shave in the shower and do not stop with my face. Once a week I also like to shave my balls, my sphincter, and trim the pubes around my cock. I am not a fan of thick hair. I feel so much cleaner knowing that I don’t have a piece of shit hanging from a three inch ass pube, while I straddle my wife’s face in the 69 fashion. I know she appreciates it. Maria shaves too. She will shave her pussy for 2 or 3 weeks, until her monthly symptoms arrive, then goes natural until they disappear. Anyway, I finished my shower and shave and dried off. My erection was finally down. I wrapped the towel around my waist and headed for my bedroom.

I walked over to the bedside radio and turned to the local rock station. Next to the radio was Maria’s vibe coated with her dried juice. I grabbed it and returned to the bathroom to wash it off. I soaped up the pink gel toy and rinsed it without getting any water near the battery compartment. As I was finishing, the phone rang. I set down the toy and ran to get the phone before it woke up Sylvia. What is the one thing that really pisses you off? Running to get the phone and get a hang-up! “Fuck you!” I know they were already gone on the other end, but I liked to think they heard me and were so scared they will never do it again. That thought was soon cut short. Just as I began to walk back, the phone rang again. I jumped at the handset and quickly answered, “What?”

“Good morning sir. I am calling to inform you of a fantastic deal that you and only a handful of others have qualified for…”

“You know, I just got out of the shower and to be honest, I never sign up for anything over the phone. So, goodbye.” I hung up the phone and walked to the bathroom mumbling to myself. “Fuckin’ telemarketers. Disturbing my peaceful morning. Bullshit…” The bathroom door was closed. Sylvia was awake. She would surely find Maria’s vibe on the counter. What should I do? Nothing. She is an adult. An innocent, sheltered adult. I walked to my bedroom and proceeded to put on a pair of board shorts and sleeveless T-shirt. The shower came on. I checked the door to see if she had left it unlocked. Then I could reach in and grab… No, it was locked.

Sylvia came out of the bathroom about 25 minutes later and quickly stepped into her room. I had just finished making my bed and jumped around the corner and into the bathroom as quickly as she left. The toy, however, was not there. Sylvia startled me by poking her head out of from her room and asked if we were going to go to the pool today. “Yea, sure. It is supposed to be a hundred and something today.”

“OK, I will just put my suit on now then.”

A few minutes later, Sylvia comes out of her room with a simple two-piece suit. The top was a tankini style top, with the bottoms kind of like tight shorts. Innocence.

“Do you like this suit? Or does it make me look like a little kid?”

I could not lie to her. I told her it did make her küçükyalı escort look a bit younger, but she still looked very good in it. She said she wanted to get a bikini, but was a bit nervous. I asked her what she was nervous about. “You are a very attractive girl. You have nothing to be nervous or embarrassed about at all.” I could have gone on and on about how hot she was, but stopped myself. “Why don’t you try on one of Maria’s bikinis and see how you feel. You have to try before you decide it’s not for you right?”

She agreed. I showed her where Maria’s suits were and pointed out the full-length mirror on the back of the door. In the back of my mind, I hoped she was going to ask me to help her get into one. Reality, I exited and she shut the door. Forty-five minutes must have past before she finally opened the door and stuck her head out. “I don’t know about these,” she exclaimed. “I tried them all on, but things do not seem to fit right. This one is the closest, but even this one is… I don’t know.”

“Well let me see. You are probably just to hard on yourself.” She stepped around the corner in a pale yellow and light orange, sunray pattern bikini. The top was held in place with a string around the back and another up and around her neck. Sylvia’s breasts overflowed the small triangles of fabric that usually completely covers my wife’s smaller chest. The bottom of the suit clung perfectly to her young firm ass, with strings connecting the back to the front and the front… Well there is where we had a problem. Sylvia kept her hands in front of her hiding her embarrassment. “Wow you look great! What could possibly be wrong with this suit?”

“This.” Sylvia removed her hands from the front of her suit and revealed a mound of hair pushing out the front of the fabric making it look almost as if she was wearing a pad. Along the leg seams, numerous black pubes poked wildly out. “It looks gross! I can’t wear these types of suits, I told you. I am going to go change back.”

“Wait, why don’t you just cut them off?”

“No way. I don’t want any sharp objects down there. I could accidentally cut a big chunk of skin and bleed all over. I don’t think the make Band-Aids for that area.”

“It is not like that at all. You just go slow, use small scissors and snip-snip. Hell, don’t think I am weird, but I do it too. It is not even a big deal.” She reluctantly decided to try it. I put a towel on the floor, gave her a hand mirror and my small scissors. I instructed her that she could put the hand mirror on the floor if she wanted, and to use both hands to hold the hair and cut. She seemed nervous. Innocence. I closed the door behind me as I left.

Another 20 minutes had passed in silence, until she called my name. I tapped on the door and asked if I could come in. She said yes, but told me not to laugh. I opened the door and saw her standing towards me still in her bikini top, with one hand covering her naked sex and the other hand full of tissue lightly spotted with blood, held on her upper inner thigh. I started to chuckle. “It is not funny! I told you I would cut myself.”

“Let me see.” She removed her tissue hand to reveal a tiny little nick. “That is it? Come on that is nothing.” I grabbed a small cloth from the cupboard, wet on end with cool water and cleaned off the small cut. It had already stopped bleeding. “There now, the doctor has fixed it all better little girl.”

“Yea yea yea. I didn’t even get to finish.”

“Well you are all good now, so go ahead.”

“Yea right. I don’t trust myself. Do you think you could help? But you better not cut me too!”

“Alright.” I tried not to act as excited as I really was. My heart began to beat and my body grew hot as hell. I asked her to jump up on the counter. As she did as I instructed, she kept her hand over her pussy lips, blocking my view. I moved the towel over closer and wiped off the scissors. “You know, I will not be able to do this right if you keep your hand there?” With a sigh and slight hesitation, she removed her hand and rested it next to her. Damn she was hairy. I couldn’t remember the last time I had seen a woman this hairy. High school. Yea, back then not too much trimming went on in the early 80’s. “Now just relax. I promise I will not hurt you.”

I began to pull the long strands of hair out and snipped them down as close to her skin as possible. I started from the top, gradually working my way down the sides. Within a few short minutes, all that was left was long curls surrounding her lips and down into her crack. With every snip, she let out a light sigh of nervousness. As I got closer to her lips I asked her to pull her legs up and put her feet on the counter. She did so, this time without question. For the first time, I was staring right into her sex. Her lips, tightly closed, but a small drop of clear liquid peeking out at the bottom of the tiny crevice.

I continued to slowly snip the pubes away. At this point, my dick was sticking straight out leeking it’s own fluid. I looked down to see if maltepe escort she could see it, but the way I was kneeling down, she could not tell. As I gently tugged at the hair growing from her lips, her folds parted slightly making that old familiar sticky sound. All this time we had not said a word. Her eyes were glued on the task. Her nervous sighs were replaced by quick, but soft breathing. I knew she was just as excited as I was and for the same reason – her first time with a man’s hands between her legs and they are mine! I finished the top and sides, leaving only the area between her two holes. I placed one hand on her pussy and pushed lightly upward to reveal her underworld. I felt her juices gushing out of her pussy covering the back of my hand with the warm wetness. Her breathing got a bit louder and heavier. I continued as if nothing was happening. I took my hand off and replaced a few times. Each time giving a little push on her lips and uncovering her clit. Every time she gasped, but never removing her eyes from what I was doing.

I had completed cutting her lower area and returned to brush off the loose hairs. I reached up and grabbed the wet cloth I had used before and wiped downward over her mound. It was beautiful. The hair was cut real short and you could see her skin showing through. Her lips were very visible now and seemed to be a bit puffy. “All finished,” I said as I looked up at her face. Her chest moved slightly as she breathed. I did not want to stop and decided to take it one step further. “You know Maria is shaven. You have gone this far without complaint, you want it all off?”

Sylvia looked down at her naked pussy, then back up to me. “Be careful, please.” She did not have to ask twice.

“Great. Well you jump in the shower, rinse off, then fill up the tub a little. I am going to grab another towel.” As I left, I heard the shower turn on, then off as the faucet replaced it filling the tub with warm water. I wondered to myself if I should be doing this. I quickly convinced myself that I have not touched her sexually and was just helping out. Of course, the 9-inch rod in my pants told the another story.

I returned to the bathroom with towel and gave a quick push down of my dick, hoping it would stay down close to my leg. I opened the glass door to the tub and found Sylvia standing in the pool of water completely drenched and without the rest of her bikini, but her arms folded in front of covering her naked breasts. “You didn’t have to take off your top if you feel uncomfortable.”

“I didn’t want to get it wet before I put in on again. Is that OK?”

“Sure.” Yea, no problem here. Except that my penis is going to burst out of my shorts. I grabbed a new razor and my wife’s shaving cream and started to climb in the tub.

“Aren’t you going to take off your shorts?”

I stopped in my tracks. “Well, um… I think I may have a bit more to hide than you do. I am not sure if…”

“I have already seen what you have to hide. Don’t tell me you forgot already?”

“Forgot? No. I just wanted to… I mean, I wasn’t planning on… I don’t want to upset you, I guess. You are a nice young girl and I am not young, not so nice and married to your sister.”

“Please, I think you are very nice. Don’t worry about the rest. Anyway, all you are doing is teaching me how shave. Right?”

“Yes, of course.” My lips said yes that was all I was doing, but I knew we were both fooling ourselves. Regardless, I pulled down my shorts and my erection popped straight out. I heard her let out her breath and watched a smile flow across her face as she stared at my cock. I stepped into the tub and asked to sit on the side rail and keep very still. With the wet cloth and soaked her pubic area with warm water, letting the cloth rub down her lips. Applying the slick gel, I prepared this young girl to look even younger. With one hand pulling her skin tight, fingers gently tugging her lips, brushing by her clit and ever increasing the excitement; the other hand sweeping over her delicate skin remove al evidence of puberty. Sylvia’s eyes split the focus between the task and my throbbing cock dipping in and out of the water.

After shaving away the last remaining stray strand, I cupped my hands into the water and splashed the warm liquid on her hot gushing hole. A huge loud breath escaped her lips and I knew she was ready to have a killer orgasm. I quickly reached for the sesame oil and thickly covered her entire pelvis with the slick lube. I used both hands to coat all the areas the felt the razor’s sharp blade. Her breathing was rapid and vocal. Her legs flexed and her stomach muscles tightened. My fingers roll over the folds of her lips and discover her juices to be more slippery and on fire. As I parted her lips slightly, a small nub poked out looking for attention. I used my right thumb to gently circle her clit, while the fingers on my left hand applied the oil down her lips and sweep towards her ass. That was it. She exploded. Her back arched, head back, inhaling a deep breath and holding it as her entire body shook with tremors. I seemed to last for several minutes with numerous after shocks. I let go of her sex and flexed my fist around my twitching rod. Without hesitation, I stroked 5 or 6 long strokes and shot a huge load covering her tits down to her pussy. As she regained her senses, she slid off the rail and sat in the tub water. First her eyes went to my cock still in hand and dripping cum.

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