Sister in Law’s Surprise Pt. 02


In the first story my sister in law surprised me with a quick fuck while my wife was downstairs. Unfortunately, Alice left her panties in the bedroom and my wife made me wear them. What she didn’t know was how much I loved wearing panties. I couldn’t wait to return Alice’s panties to her, but I never dreamed it would be like this. Part 2 coming up.


After making me wear Alice’s panties for the day, she teased me a lot about wearing them. I just smiled and caressed my crotch, all of which kept me semi hard the rest of the day. As we got ready for bed that night, I stripped down to just the panties and she stopped me “Hold it right there buster” she said. I paused turning towards her. She took my picture wearing Alice’s panties.

“What are you doing” I cried out.

Laughing I saw her texting someone. “You are not sending that to someone” I said.

Smiling she showed me her sister’s name then typed, “I made your boyfriend wear your panties all day. Cute isn’t he”?

Reading it I grew hard thinking Alice was going to see me in her panties.

The sound of an incoming text sounded, and my wife laughed out loud. Read this she said.

Bending down I first saw Alice wearing only a matching set of pink panties and bra and she said, “Think he would look good in these”?

I about filled her panties I had on when I read that. I saw my wife looking at me, “You wouldn’t, would you? Make me wear them”? Inside I really hoped she would.

“Wear them tomorrow when you come over for lunch, let’s see what he looks like”.

Precum was soaking through the panties as we talked. She drew a finger over the head of my cock pressing the precum around. I grew instantly hard.

She texted Alice another picture of my erection and told her, “You amatör porno will need to wash this pair I think he is going to fill them up”. Laughing she sent the text on the way. “Tomorrow buster, you will wear her bra and panties and wait on us for lunch wearing just that”. With that she stroked my cock a couple of times and I did indeed fill Alice’s panties.

The next day I wore only some shorts and t shirt as I knew what was coming. I could not believe my wife was doing this, but I was going to go with it for sure.

I walked into the bedroom and found my wife in just her own red panties and matching bra. I loved seeing her breasts bursting up and out of her D cup bras. My wife has some nice full breasts, I just don’t see them enough. I stared unashamedly as she got dressed. My shorts tented in the front from my growing cock. When the doorbell rang, she told me to go let her sister in but no funny business. Laughing I left the room.

At the door I let Alice in, and she gave me a big hug. Her hands slid down over my ass and she squeezed each cheek. I felt her own ass in her silk shorts, I could not believe this was happening. Laughing I led her into the kitchen. “So, you ready to wear this”? Raising her T shirt, she showed me her push up pink bra. It barely held her breasts in and I reached out.

“No, you don’t buster”! my wife said. I had been busted.

While they made lunch, they made me watch them, Alice wore some short pink shorts that barely covered her ass. And when she reached high, they didn’t, I could see the globes of her ass hanging out of the shorts. I got harder in my own shorts.

Meanwhile my wife had put on a short skirt and a tight top showing off her own tits.

They finally had everything ready and my wife turned to me and said time to get dressed. “Alice give him your underwear”?

Incredulously anal porno I watched her remove her top and slip her shorts off, piling them on the island. Then she peeled the pink panties off and tossed them to me. No way were they going to cover my erection that was at full mast. Reaching behind her back she unhooked her bra and slid it off her beautiful breasts. Naked she tossed me the bra. “Get dressed” she ordered.

I pulled the bra on and reaching behind my back I hooked the hooks. My wife laughed and said, “I think maybe you have done that before”. I turned red but said nothing. I slipped the pink panties up over my cock leaving the head sticking up the top. I turned for inspection. They joked about how I looked but didn’t care, here I was in bra and panties staring at my sister in laws naked body. I loved it.

My wife then said, “You will serve us lunch, set the table and bring on the food.

They both got a glass of wine as I moved about the kitchen in bra and panties. I heard them giggling like two schoolgirls watching me prepare things. I then watched as Alice helped my wife undress. So, they were both naked sitting at the table drinking wine. I didn’t think I could get harder, but I think I did.

They poured more wine as I set the table and served them the food.

While they ate, I made sure to keep the wine going. They were both being silly, and the more wine they had the sexier it got.

My wife reached over, and caressed Alice’s breast and I almost came right there. Alice moaned as she tweaked her nipple, it was long and hard begging to be sucked.

Alice looked down and pulling her nipple to her lips she did indeed suck her nipple. Then in amazement I watched my wife do the same.

I pulled my cock out of Alice’s panties and began to stroke it. My wife looked at Alice and anal breakers porno smiled, then said “Bring us dessert sweetheart”. I walked over to the table and they both went to their knees sucking and kissing my cock and balls. I moaned and they knew I would not last long. Alice said, “You first big sister”. My wife took my cock deep into her mouth and began to slide up and down my cock. Almost instantly I felt my cum racing up my shaft and propel down her throat. I don’t think she had ever swallowed that much cum before but she ate it all up now. She leaned back and Alice came in to lick me clean.

As Alice sucked and licked me clean, I was amazed to feel myself growing hard again. Alice then stood up and laid on the island and reaching down between her legs, she pulled her pussy lips apart and said, “Eat me”!

I quickly got between her legs and ate her smoothly shaved pussy. My tongue danced over her clit and down inside her lips. I looked up to see my wife sucking on Alice’s nipples as I ate her cunt. I felt my cock lengthen a little more, as I continued to eat Alice’s hot and wet pussy.

I jumped when I felt my wife’s mouth slip over my cock and begin to suck me off. I grew harder and she said, “I think he is ready baby sis”.

Alice slid down off the island and climbed on top of me guiding my hard shaft into her pussy. Slowly she began to lift herself up and down my cock. “Don’t cum in me” she said. “I want to eat your cum”.

That was all it took, I pulled my cock out and shot it all over her face. She sucked me deep and began to bob. With a sharp groan I pressed deeper as I felt my second orgasm flow from my dick. Alice too swallowed every drop. I pulled my shrinking cock from her mouth and sat down.

My wife and Alice chuckled, and Alice said, “Next time is at my house, and he can wear your panties”. As they laughed at my expense all I heard was, Next time! I could hardly wait.

I saw Alice slip her foot up my wife’s leg and press her legs apart. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Did I tell you I was as hard as I had ever been in my life?

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