Sister Mistress Ch. 11


“Shit I forgot to fucking change. There’s no one around I’ll strip down here.”

Lukey baby dropped the bags in the closest box then pushing his sweat pants down he pulled his T-shirt over his head and kicked the pants up in the air catching them in front of him-self. Lukey baby crossed to the boxes and dropped the final remnants of his outward male identity a loud wolf whistle roused him from his thoughts looking where it came from he saw Jenny standing on the other side of the street and realized he was standing there in nothing but a G-string. He returned her wave then dashed for the stairs returning to his bedroom he changed his G-string for a white one and folded his dick then pushed his nuts away inside his body, after adjusting it so he was comfortable he pulled a black lace one up over it.

Lukey baby quickly slipped on a short black satin nightie the lace bodice just showed his nipple shiny rings whenever he bent over. Lukey baby slipped a pair of black stockings up his legs and lifting the nightie up around his waist he clipped a four inch wide black lace and Lycra suspender belt around his waist. Then sat on his bed while snapping the hanging suspenders to his stockings finally he slid into his black ankle length boots. He quickly checked his make up and reapplied the slutty red lipstick throwing the T-shirts and four pairs of jeans over his left arm went to face his Mistress. Katherine heard the light tapping and quickly saved her work then closed the program, Katherine switched on the camcorder and a web cam she’d attached to her computer the microphones were covering every inch of her bedroom. She’d been on Lukey’s dedicated website and posted that there was going to be a live cam show that afternoon Katherine had been keen to do this from the start and is why she made her submissive younger brother refer to her as Mistress Katherine.

“Enter Linda Cockslut.”

Lukey baby opened the door and saw his sister standing in the middle of her room with her hands on her hips. She was dressed in a full length black lace bodysuit the arms came down over the backs of her hands and were held there by finger loops. His sister’s ample DD bust was slightly squashed to the sides and her taut nipples poked out against the lace. Around her waist was an eight inch wide black leather waist clincher it was so tight that it looked as if it’s been spray painted on. Her feet were encased in a horribly sexy pair of black knee high six inch stiletto boots around her neck was a black choker and covering her eyes was a shiny black cat mask. She was the perfect picture of a Mistress she’d replaced her usual lipstick with a black one and hanging from one wrist was a leather handled riding crop.


“Silence Cockslut get on your knees and crawl to your Mistress.”

Lukey baby dropped the clothes in a pile sank to his knees and crawled towards his sister, Katherine lifted one of her booted feet and placed her stiletto heel on the chair beside her.

“Lick Mistress’ boot Cockslut, your Mistress wants to see the toe of her boot nice and shiny.”

“Yes Mistress Katherine.”

Lukey baby diligently lapped at his Mistress’ leather boot with him on his knees Katherine was able to stroke his butt softly with the crop.

“That’s a good little Cockslut now you know you disobeyed your Mistress and have to be punished.”

“Yes Mistress Katherine I deserve to be punished.”

“Tell them what you did wrong my little Sissy.”

Lukey baby realized that his sister wasn’t just taping his punishment session he liked the idea and he hoped that it was Jade who was watching.

“I made the mistake of thinking for myself and I dressed in male clothing without your express permission Mistress Katherine.”

Katherine tapped the riding crop against her boot she lent over and grabbed a handful of Lukey’s gaziantep zenci escort bayan shoulder length red hair she pulled his head up so that he was looking at her.

“You’re going to pay for disobeying your Mistress, stand up and get that negligee off Cockslut.”

His Mistress released his hair Lukey baby stood up and quickly pulled the flimsy nightie over his head folded it and placed it on the bed. Katherine admired his choice of matching lingerie and the black lace over the white G-string would be a little more than mildly erotic for their audience.

“Yes Mistress Katherine what ever you say.”

“Sit here Cockslut.”

Katherine pointed at the chair in front of the camcorder her little brother quickly took it and sat hands on knees in anticipation. She walked around until she was facing him and used the riding crop to lightly flick his shiny nipple rings.

“Mistress had you pierced because you did well show the camera your piercings Sissy.”

Lukey baby mockingly cupped his chest then pushed it out at the camcorder while he poked his tongue out and slowly moved his head from side to side.

“Okay Cockslut stand up and bend over.”

Her brother stood lent over and gripped his calves the G-string stretched tight and the suspenders pulled his stocking tops up while pushing into his white skin. Katherine rested a hand on his creamy white buttocks she tossed the riding crop onto the bed and reached for her wide flat hair brush.

“Don’t you dare move a muscle Cockslut or you’ll get double.”

“Yes Mistress Katherine.”

“Open your knees a little wider… Wider Cockslut I want to be able to see your cocksucking face.”

Lukey baby shifted his weight from leg to leg and managed to comply with his Mistress’s instructions. Mistress Katherine spread her feet about two feet apart then cocked her arm holding the hair brush about eighteen inches from her siblings butt.

“Since this is your first time we’ll start with ten strokes each side you’ll count each aloud.”

As she finished the last word she brought the brush down squarely on his right buttock with a resounding smack.

“One Mistress Katherine.”

Katherine quickly lifted the brush and aimed at her little brother’s upturned cheek she brought the brush down a little harder this time.

“Two Mistress Katherine”

His Mistress lifted her brush then hit his ass with four quick successive strokes.

“Three… Four… Five… Six Mistress Katherine.”

Katherine continued smacking her brother’s buns and when he finally counted out number twenty she turned tossing the brush onto her dresser accidentally her other hand slid across Lukey baby’s ass the heat coming from his now bright red buttocks gave her a thrill.

“Straighten Cockslut.”

Lukey baby stood up, in his ankle boots he stood a few inches taller than his sister so had to look down at her. Katherine had kept her hand on his bum and she caressed its hot red tenderness.

“Thank you Mistress Katherine.”

“What you fucking think it’s over Cockslut. We’ve only just started now turn around.”

Lukey baby spun around he’d seen it on the Internet and seeing his Mistress holding the crop earlier he hoped like hell his Mistress was going to do it to him now. Katherine picked up the riding crop and walked around behind her sibling flicking the whip from side to side causing a swishing noise.

“Now then Cockslut your Mistress is going to whip your worthless butt until she’s to tired to continue if there’s a single sound of resistance or disapproval you’ll never serve Mistress Katherine again. Understand me Cockslut?”

“Yes Mistress Katherine shall I count?”

“Hahaha hahaha if you can fucking keep up Cockslut.”

Katherine stopped gaziantep escort bayan beside Lukey baby measured out the length of the crop and positioned herself so she could reach his nipple rings. She plucked at his right teat then taking the ring between her finger and thumb she pulled it outwards stretching the flesh. Lukey moaned with his sister’s tugging but soon stopped when the riding crop whistled through the air then stopped with a resounding thwack. The pain shot up his spine and burst into his brain. The hair brush hadn’t been too bad because it was so wide but the slenderness of the crop concentrated the power of his Mistress’s blows.

The small leather flap on the tip bit into his flesh on one buttock while the thin whippy crop left fresh bright red welt right across the other. He bit down on his bottom lip to stop himself from screaming he wanted to rub the stinging welt but thought better of it.

“Remember you’ll have to get used to it Cockslut if you continue to disobey my wishes.”

Lukey couldn’t trust his voice he just nodded Katherine quickly pulled the riding crop back and brought it whistling down across his bum.

“I didn’t hear you Cockslut.”

“Oh I’m sorry Mistress Katherine I promise not to disobey you.”

“Good now SHUT THE FUCK UP! Take what you deserve my little Cockslut.”

Lukey nodded as Katherine drew back for the next blow Lukey baby winced each time his sister hit his ass with the riding crop he’d just managed to keep count at 53 his Mistress stopped. Lukey baby breathed a sigh of relief he thought she’d finished but Katherine walked around to the opposite side swapped the riding crop into her other hand and began all over again.

The thin crop hitting the red welts started as bolts of agony coursing along his spine but by the time she’d delivered the eightieth stroke Lukey baby didn’t feel it as pain any longer. The crop caused a familiar throbbing in his G-string his cock began getting harder finally Katherine stopped and stood back she noticed the bulge in his G-string she took the leather flap in her hand and bent the crop back several inches. She positioned the crop inches from Lukey baby’s lace covered crotch and let the flap go the crop flew across the gap and smacked up against his semi hard cock.

“Ouch Mistress M…”

“What’s this Cockslut?”

“I’m sorry Mistress Katherine I couldn’t help it.”

“Don’t fret Cockslut it just tells Mistress Katherine that your a kinky little slut that enjoys the pain I suppose I should’ve known that by the way that you buck around on Johnny big Dick’s monster cock, now how many did I get to or did you lose count Cockslut?”

“No Mistress Katherine I managed to keep up you delivered 108 individual strokes with the riding crop and twenty with the hair brush.”

“Impressive not a tear or a whimper you may rub your bum now Cockslut you can turn around to look at your welts in the mirror if you like Linda.”

“Thank you Mistress Katherine.”

Lukey baby’s hands shot to his buttocks they were on fire he rubbed them vigorously as he spun around and stuck his ass in the air directly at the web cam. Craning his neck to see his reflection Lukey baby spied the camera he slowed his rubbing winked and put one hand on his hip.

“Nice pattern Mistress Katherine.”

“Kinky little fucker.”

Katherine said as she lashed out with the riding crop hitting him across the back of his thighs above the stocking tops it brought the reaction Katherine liked.

“That was an independent thought Cockslut.”

“Oowwwweeee I’m sorry Mistress Katherine I’m sorry.”

“Have you finished all the housework your Mistress set?”

“Yes Mistress Katherine.”

“Okay take off your G-string show them your shaved dick.”

Lukey baby turned to the camcorder and hooked his thumbs under the lace underwear he turned side on to the camera bent over and slowly slid them over his butt down his thighs stopping at the knees. Lukey baby then spun back to face the camera and began sliding the white G-string over his hips he’d seen enough porno movies to know how to draw out a sexy moment.

The material rolled down slowly exposing more of Lukey’s smooth skin where you’d expect to find pubic hair. Katherine had tired of this little show she lashed out with the crop catching him across one nipple he didn’t bat an eyelid, but quickly push the G-string down to his knees with the lace one. His still semi hard cock unfurled and when the cool air hit it the blood started to flow into it quickly pumping more and more life into his fuckstick. Katherine laughed when she saw his predicament.

“Look at that pathetic little dick of yours I suppose you want to wank it?”

“Yes please Mistress Katherine.”

“Go ahead but I’ll give you two minutes to cum starting now.”

Katherine looked at the clock noted the time then watched her little brother furiously fucking his palm. Lukey baby licked his finger and smeared his pre cum over the blood engorged head of his now rock hard cock he lifted it up and sucked it into his mouth savoring the taste. His fist was a blur and the slapping sound of his nuts hitting his knuckles the thighs filled the room.

Lukey baby thrust his hips at his clenched fist he knew he was close to coming and wanted to cum well inside the time limit so he licked his finger getting it wet then he reached down and slid his index finger into his arse hole. This caused him to draw in a ragged breath between his clenched teeth pushing it further the second knuckle slid past his sphincter and his balls tightened as he neared orgasm his Mistress didn’t miss the signs or where the Cockslut’s finger was either.

“Don’t forget to catch then drink it for your Mistress. You don’t want to wreck her carpet now do you Cockslut?”

“Oh no Mistress Katherine.”

Lukey baby removed his finger and sucked it clean he didn’t want to spoil his cum he cupped his hand ready to capture his sticky jism. Gripping harder Lukey baby slowed his strokes and pumped his fuckstick he grunted as the first spurt landed in his hand quickly followed by six or eight more. Lukey baby milked the final sticky drips into his palm then looking at the camera he lifted it up and lapped at his cum like a cat lapping at a saucer of milk.

“Linda Cockslut the cumloving whore, gee your name suits you. That’s it you fucking cumloving Cockslut drink that jism, fucking Cumslut whore.”

Lukey Baby scooped the last remnants looked up into the camera licking his lips and smiling Katherine swung the crop and hit the closest of Lukey baby’s naked buttocks.

“What was that finger doing in your ass? You horny fucking Cockslut your Mistress didn’t tell her little cumloving Sissy that he could touch his ass hole.”

“Sorry Mistress Katherine I wanted to cum before the time ran out.”

“Make sure your fucking finger is clean Linda.”

He had sucked it clean before he came but didn’t dare mention this to his Mistress Lukey baby had been rimming his Mistress and Johnny Big Dick’s arse hole over the last few weeks so his finger went straight into his sucking mouth.

“That’s a good little Linda Cockslut you like the taste of ass don’t you?”

Lukey baby nodded his head in Katherine’s direction half groaning his reply.

“Uh huh yes Mistress.”

“Right Linda Cockslut next time you decide to cross your Mistress the punishment will be double today’s in the very least.”

“Yes Mistress Katherine but I hope that it’ll never happen. I intend to serve your every wish and desire.”

“Your Mistress expects no less from any of her submissives Cockslut…”

Katherine’s cell phone began to ring reaching for it she looked at Lukey baby standing before her.

“Get out of here you stink and need a shower.”

“Yes Mistress Katherine.”

Lukey baby left his sister’s bedroom he heard her answer phone as he closed the bathroom door.

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