sister Sucks Best pt.5: Pounding his daughter


sister Sucks Best pt.5: Pounding his daughterDarin shook his head. “You gotta give me a minute,, baby.You just sucked out my balls dry. I’m not a fuck-machine.”Judy staggered to her feet, a hot smile on her face. “Thereare other ways for you to take care of me until you get hard,” shepurred.Darin grinned. “I know, baby,” he said as he pulled his hot,trembling daughter into his arms and rubbed her hot, silky flesh.”I must be crazy doin’ this with you.”Judy leaned against him, purring softly as his hands kept thefire in her pussy raging. “Ummmmm, Daddy. This isn’t crazy.It’s fantastic!”Darin had to agree. He fondled her ass with one hand andpawed her plump, creamy tits with his other hand. “You’re a damnsexy little bitch, baby.””Mmmmm, I just wanna be sexy for you,” she sighed, partingher legs and wriggling her hips. “You mad at Tommy?””No way,” Darin said. “If I couldn’t fight you off, I’m sureTommy didn’t stand a chance either.”He dipped his hand between her legs and stroked his fingersup through the sizzling wet gash of her hot oozing pussy.”I’m glad,” she gasped, twisting against him. “Suck my tits,Daddy and finger my pussy.”As Judy stood in front of him, Darin brought his mouth to oneripe, pulpy tit. He sucked on the pink swollen nipple, his tonguewhipping across the hard pointed tip. His hands skimmed down herflesh and over the slight flare of her hips.”Mmmmmm, Daddy,” she moaned as she combed her fingers throughhis hair. “Bite me. I love having my titties chewed.” She rolledher hips as his fingers kneaded her flesh. “Bite and suck …unnnn yeah.”Darin feasted on his daughter’s tits. He worked his mouthfrom one plump fleshy globe to the other, soaking her with hisspit. His hands kneaded her hips and the firm cheeks of her ass.His daughter’s sweet young body was driving him crazy all overagain and he knew his prick would be hard again in minutes.”Don’t forget my pussy, Daddy,” she gasped as he devoured hersensitive tits. “Finger-fuck me until I cream.” She jerked herhips, her pussy pulsing for the hard jab of his fingers.Darin cupped her ripe pussy with one hand, pussy-cream oozingover his palm. He rubbed her cunt, his fingers slipping throughher wet sticky pussy-gash. His prick began to grow, hisdaughter’s hot, whimpering voice and soft, eager body giving hisprick new life.”Inside, Daddy. Finger my cunt-hole.” She bucked her hips,her hands moving his hungry mouth from one tit to the other.”Ooooooo, Daddy. Shove your fingers in my cunt!”Darin jabbed his fingers into his whimpering daughter’spussy. Hot pussy-juice and spongy cunt-muscles greeted him. Hetwisted his hand, the blunt tips of his fingers pressing andgouging at the cushiony walls of her hot, pulsing pussy-hole.”Baby,” he groaned, his prick beginning to throb. “Damn!” Hebrought his mouth back to the jiggling flesh of her tits andsucked.”Ooooo, I’m creamin’, Daddy.” She jerked her hips, grindingher cunt on his jabbing fingers. “Harder.” She pulled on hishair and scratched his neck as he chewed on her tits. “Ooooo,Daddy. This is wonderful!”Darin’s fingers cut through the gooey ooze of his daughter’stightly gripping pussy. His cock thickened and his mouthslobbered over her tits, nipping and sucking as she squealed withpleasure. His free hand curled around her slim waist and droppedto her ass. He mauled her creamy ass cheeks, the soft flesh ofher body driving him wild.”I’m gonna cum on your damn fingers, Daddy,” she gasped.”Ooooo, Christ.” She swiveled her hips, her legs trembling as anorgasm caromed through her cunt. “Ahhhh!”She bucked against his fingers, his head mashed against hertits. “Bite, Daddy. Finger me. I’m cuming!”Darin jabbed his fingers in deep, twisting them in herclimaxing cunt. He sucked hard on her nipples as she squirmed andtwisted in his arms. He moaned, his mouth stuffed with her tit.Judy shuddered, her legs turning to rubber as she slumpedagainst him. “Ooooo, Daddy. I need your cock now! God, give itto me.” She pushed his mouth away from her tits and squirmed outof his arms. “Oooooo, Daddy!”Darin watched her melt to the floor, his cock stone-hard andthrobbing. süpertotobet yeni giriş He leered at her hot, teenaged pussy as she spread herlegs wide and rolled her hips.Judy gawked at his prick, her mouth drooling, her blue eyesbright. “Get on the floor and let me ride it,” she gasped. “Iwanna fuck you. You can watch me when I cum.”Darin got on the floor, his prick jutting from his groin likea skysc****r. His balls were aching and he grabbed his cock.”You’re gonna love it, baby,” he groaned.”I know,” Judy drooled as she ogled his fat, throbbing cock.She reached for it, pushing his hand away. “Ooooo, it’s gonnafeel fantastic!””Climb on, baby, and enjoy yourself.” Trembling, Judystraddled her father’s body. She brought her dripping pussy tohis prick and pressed it into his groin, his thick cock-shaftmashed against her cunt. She wriggled her hips and gasped as tinyspasms caromed through her pussy.”Ooooo, Daddy!”Darin leered at his young daughter. Her innocent face andsweet lithe body had him mesmerized. “Stick it in, baby and feelhow deep my cock goes.””Soon, Daddy,” she moaned. “When I can’t stand it anymore.”She glanced down and saw the bloated head of his cock. Sheslid her pussy back, exposing his prick. Her cunt-juice coatedit.”Ooooo, I can feel your cock throbbing.”Darin kept his lust in check. “Don’t take all day,” hegroaned. The heat from her pussy was swelling his balls.She jerked her hips forward, the head of his cock brushingagainst her pulsing clit. A shudder swept through her and sheswayed as she did it again and again.”Ooooo, I’m creamin! Ohhhh, Daddy!””I know,” Darin groaned, his prick drenched in the stickyjuices of her overheated cunt. He grabbed her small, plump titsand kneaded the soft flesh, her nipples searing the palms of hishands. “You’re one hot little bitch.”A drunken smile spread across her face. “I’m your hot littlebitch,” she sighed, leaning into his pawing hands. She rolled herhips, her cunt gliding back and forth across his throbbing hard-on. “Mmmmmm, I’m ready now. Are you?””Yeah, baby,” Darin moaned.Judy lifted her quivering ass and reached between her legs.She grabbed his hulking cock and dragged the bloated head throughthe puffy folds of her sizzling cunt. She began to shake, hertits jiggling as her father grabbed her hips to keep her steady.”Easy, baby,” he groaned. “Put it in.”drunk with passion, she ignored her father, wanting totorment herself until she was out of her mind. She dragged hisprick through her cunt-gash again until the room started to spin.”Ummmmmm, Daddy!”With his cockhead now in her pussy, she lowered her body,inching his hulky cock into her pussy. Each throbbing inchstretched the spongy muscles of her steamy cunt-hole. She hummedas her pussy-muscles closed around his cock-shaft.”Baby,” Darin moaned, his fingers digging into her hips.”Unnnn, you’re tight.” He wanted to slam her down on his cock buthe didn’t. If she wanted to torment herself, he’d let her. Hewas enjoying it too.Judy teased herself mercilessly. She felt him throb insideher, her pussy craving all of his cock instead of only half.”Oooooo! Daddy!”Quivering, she couldn’t take the pressure any longer. Sheslammed down, stuffing herself with her father’s hulking cock.She swooned, her body swaying as she impaled herself.”It’s in me. So deep. Oooo, it’s stretching me so much!”she cried.With his hands on her wriggling hips, Darin feasted his eyeson her lush young body. His cock was throbbing in the tightdepths of her pussy. She was like a spongy vise of wet clingingheat.”Daddy!” she squealed as she rolled her hips, her tight pussyadjusting to the fat meat of his throbbing prick. “Oooo, it’sheaven!”Darin grabbed her tits and kneaded the soft creamy flesh. Hepulled at her nipples making her moan. “Ride it, baby. Ride it!””I’m so hot, Daddy,” she gasped as she rotated her hips. “Sohot.” Her tongue flicked out over her lips and her blue eyesdined on his lust-etched face. “Does it feel good like Mommy’spussy?””Yeah, baby,” Darin groaned as she squirmed on his dick.”Wet and tight just like your mother’s.””Ummmm, Daddy!” süpertotobet giriş She lifted up slowly, his cock easing fromher cunt. Then she slammed down, quivering and screaming as shepierced her pussy with his prick. “Ahhhhhh! Did you like it,Daddy?””Do it again, baby,” he groaned.His gut was taut as he watched her young, trembling body liftoff his prick. He spanned her tits, his fingers digging into thesupple flesh.With only the head of his cock buried in her cunt, Judycrashed down, screaming as her cunt rifled with her father’sprick. She lifted up and did it again as her blue eyes dilatedand her face turned red.”Oooooo, it’s fantastic! It makes me cream!”Darin brought his hands to her wriggling hips and lifted herup, plunging her body down on his prick. He did it again, hersqueals of joy filling the stockroom. He grunted, slamming her upand down on his prick as if she were weightless.”Unnnn, Judy! Baby!”Judy screamed with pleasure. She rocked on his cock, hertits bouncing as he plundered her pussy with his fat cock.”Ahhhhh, Daddy. I’m creamin’! Ummmmm!”The door to the stockroom opened and Dolores poked her headin. Her eyes widened in shock as she stared at her husband anddaughter on the floor.”Ooooo my, God,” she gasped, her hand tightening around thedoor knob, her knuckles turning white. “I don’t believe it!” Shestared, keeping the door open just enough so she could see.Judy bounced on her father’s cock, her head snapping back,her blonde hair swishing across her bare back. “Oooo, I’mstuffed, Daddy!” she wailed. “Your cock is driving me crazy!”She rolled her hips, squashing her body down, taking hisprick to the root. She leaned forward, her small tits at herfather’s mouth.”Suck ’em, Daddy. Suck my tits.”With his ass thumping on the floor and his cock jabbing intohis daughter’s pussy, Darin gobbled on her tits. He sucked andstabbed, Judy going insane on top of him as he mauled her hips andclutching thighs.Judy shivered in bliss, her pussy crammed with her father’scock. She moaned as hot flashes of pleasure whipped through herpussy. She used her cunt-muscles, clamping them around his cock-shaft as he lunged up into her pussy-hole.”You feel me, Daddy? Huh?””Yeah,” he groaned. “Your cunt is fabulous!” He jabbed intoher squishy pussy, his balls swelling as her muscles and cuntjuice attacked his cock.Dolores trembled as she watched. She glanced back over hershoulder, hoping Tommy wouldn’t come up behind her. With theirvoices growing louder, she slipped inside and closed the door,hiding behind a stack of crates.Darin mauled his daughter’s ass, his mouth chomping on hertits. He humped up, the head of his cock jabbing into thecushiony softness of her sizzling pussy.”Unnn, baby,” he grunted, his words lost in the soft flesh ofhis daughter’s tits. “Unnn, Judy!””Daddy!” she wailed. “I can feel it throbbing in my cunt.I’m creamin’ all over it.” She twisted her hips slowly, liftingup then slamming down at the same time. “Ummmmm, your cock is inso deep.” Her pussy gobbled on his cock, her hips rotatingslowly. “Oooooo!”Darin brought his hands back to her tits, his fingers sinkinginto the pulpy meat. He chewed on the nipples, his mouth workingfrantically from one pink tip to the other. His hips lunged, hiscock skewering her cunt-hole each time he nipped at a nipple.Dolores watched them, jealousy and lust raging through herbody. She squeezed her thighs together and whimpered as the warm,buttery juices of her cunt drenched her panties. She swooned,gaping at her daughter’s bare ass jiggling as she humped her youngbody up and down Darin’s cock.”Little nympho,” she whispered. “Damn little nympho!””I’m getting close, Daddy. Ooooo, I can feel it gettingready to happen.” She moaned. “Ooooo!” She trembled, her handscaressing his face. “Make me cum, Daddy. Make me go crazy!”His c***d’s begging voice was driving him insane. His hipslunged up, his cock slicing into her spongy pussy. “I’m readytoo, baby. God, I’m gonna fill your pussy.””Ummmm, Daddy. I can feel your cock getting bigger!” Shebounced frantically on his stabbing prick, thrashing süpertotobet güvenilirmi about like astuck pig. “Make it happen. Cum. Cream me!”The next instant her head snapped back as her father’s cockjabbed into her cunt and his groin mashed her clit. “I’m cuming,Daddy! I’m cuming!”She went berserk, thrashing and twisting on his stabbing cockas orgasms raced through her cock-stuffed pussy.”Aghhhhh, I’m cuming, Daddy!”More orgasms whipped through her pussy as she went into wildcontortions. “Oooo, you feel me cuming?” she asked as she rotatedher hips, grinding her cunt down on his cock and mangling her clitinto his humping groin. “Ooooo, feel me cum!””I do, baby,” Darin roared. He jammed his cock in and out ofher pulsing cunt. “I do!”Her swollen tits bounced, the nipples ready to split open.She twisted her hips, her pulsing clit mashing into his hardgroin. Hot flashes swept through her pussy, spreading rapidly toevery part of her quivering body.”Ooooo, fuck me! Fuck me! I’m cuming!”Darin fucked his daughter’s climaxing cunt until his ballsexploded. His hands clamped on her gyrating hips as the hot jizzgushed through his cock-shaft and spurted from his pisser.”I’m cuming!” he shouted. “I’m cuming, Judy! Aghhhhh!””Yessssss, Daddy!” she shrieked, her body bucking andchurning on her father’s squirting cock. “I love it. Your cum isfillin’ my pussy!” She twisted her hips and lunged forward,grinding her clit into his powerful body. “Ooooo! Keep cumin’!”Dolores was in awe. Seeing her young daughter creaming wasdriving her mad. She swayed, feeling dizzy, the insides of hercunt on fire.”Ooooo, God,” she whispered. “I don’t believe it!”Judy screeched as she rocked precariously on her father’sstabbing cock. She rocked on his prick, swaying, almost topplingoff as he lunged up into her pussy. Her tits bounced, her headsnapping from side to side as her blonde hair slashed across herface.”More, Daddy! More!”Darin responded to his daughter’s squeals. His balls rumbledand erupted again, the hot cum spurting from his prick like ariver. Gobs of jizz flooding her squishy pussy, her pulsing cunt-walls soaking it up like a sponge. He jabbed, squirting his cumdeep until her cunt over-flowed.”Unnnn, Daddy,” she moaned. “Harder! Harder!” She grippedhis shoulders, her nails digging into his skin as she bounced onhis cock. “Faster! Faster!”Cum filled her cunt and oozed out over her puffy folds. Itdrooled down over her father’s balls, the filmy white cum coatingthe base of his prick-shaft.With Dolores watching, her husband and daughter battled onthe floor. Darin lunged up, drilling his prick into Judy’s pussy.Judy slammed down, driving his ass back to the floor as sheskewered her cunt on his prick. Their bodies clashed, thenparted, clashed again as more orgasms ripped through them and cumsquished against them.Judy thrashed maniacally, her orgasms building untileverything seemed to turn fuzzy. She fell forward, her titssmashing into her father’s face. Her hips never stopped movingand the muscles of her cunt gulped at his spewing cock as shewrithed on top of him.Darin’s hands flowed over his daughter’s twisting body. Hegnawed at her tits, his hips lunging, his cock plowing in and outof her cunt.”Baby,” he groaned, “unnnn, baby!”Judy began to twitch, the last of her orgasms ripplingthrough her body. She collapsed, his cock still buried in herpussy, her muscles still greedily tugging on his prick-shaft. Sheshowered him with kisses, her hips rolling as his cock began toshrink inside her pussy.”Ooooo, Daddy!” she squealed.Darin groaned and lifted his daughter up as he gasped forair. “Baby, you’re one great little fuck.” He sat up as sherolled off him. “Whewwww!”Judy giggled. “When can we do it again, Daddy?”Darin shook his head. “I don’t know, baby. There’s yourmother to consider.”A smirk crossed Dolores’ face as she watched them dress.Judy smiled. If she could get Tommy to fuck their mothereverything would be all right. “Maybe tomorrow while Mommy isshoppin’?” she suggested.Darin fixed his pants and saw her ripped top. “You betterget right upstairs. You can’t work like that.”Judy giggled. “Okay, but think about tomorrow.” She heldher ripped top over her tits and hurried from the stockroom.Darin watched her go then left, wondering how he was going totake care of Judy without Dolores finding out.Alone in the stockroom, Dolores sat down. She had a lot tothink about.

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