Sisters’ Awakening


Being away from my little sister was the worst. After having been gone for several years, I felt more determined than ever to protect her from the badness in this world. I was now 22 in college still, doing my own thing. My sister barely 18: she had grown up so much in the years I was absent: Her virgin brown hair thick and flowing down her thin naturally toned back, resting in the arch above her little perky bottom. I was so jealous of her body. Like a renaissance painting, her body rested in the smoothest of hourglass curves.

We loved to laugh together and poke, we wrestled often, though never sexual. She was now reaching more of an age where boys were on the brain constantly. And it was apparent that she was on theirs. Everywhere we went, I saw them staring at her. Perfectly petite and fit with a beautiful heart shaped face and large teal eyes. I knew they imagined her mouth around their members. Her hips engulfing their manhood.

I lived with our mother but came to visit she and daddy on some weekends. This was one of those weekends:

“So, Ellie” I say entering the bedroom after my Friday night shower, donned in a bathrobe with wet hair. “What movie were you wanting to watch?” I ask rubbing the lotion into my hands.

As I enter the bedroom, you pull your gaze from your cell phone and look up, turning it off and placing it face down next to your hips. “I dunno.” You shrug. “You pick.” filing your devilishly healthy young woman nails.

You still havent changed from your light wash jeans and Pat Benetar tshirt from the day. Though you did just take your hair down. I could tell from the way it flowed from one side of your head, spilling over your shoulders like an 80s rocker mane. You loved when your hair did this because you told me it made you “feel sexy.” It most definitely didnt just make you “feel” that way.

It took me a second to get my mind back on track. As it was hard to pull my gaze away from the way your clothes fit your perfect body, the way your jeans fold around your young woman mound.

“Fine.” I say as a matter of factly. I reach to the DVD shelf and snatch Pretty Woman off the shelf, popping it into the DVD player. I then walk over and plop myself onto the bed next to you.

“Why dont you get comfortable.” I say, pointing out that you were still in your day clothes.

You roll your eyes at me and smirk “Fine. Mooommm.” You say as you jerk yourself off the bed. I smirk back at your sass as you stand up and wiggle your jeans down your rump, revealing half of your ass; the other half barely covered by tight silky white panties stretched over your round bottom. I cannot pull my gaze away from that hollow gap between your legs. The way the fabric bunched over your lips.

As you reach the bed again, dad pops his head in the door:

“Goodnight girls. Lights out.” He says, stopping when he notices your tiny almost see through white panties. He takes an abnormally long time to shut the lights out.

“*ahem* gaziantep ucuz escort bayan Goodnight Dad.” I interrupt.

“Ah, right. Goodnight.” Dad smiles, shutting the bedroom door behind him.

I hop up out of bed, as you get nestled down in the covers, I take off my robe. I’m wearing just a thin oversized tshirt underneath. As I crawl in next to you, I feel your gaze on my own panty covered mound. My stomach warms on the inside at the thought of you thinking of me sexually.

Our legs entangle under the covers as we snuggle down for the night as the movie starts. My arms wrapped around you, our cheeks pressed together. We both sigh comfortably.

Watching Julia Robert’s on the screen, my hand goes up the back of your shirt, scratching your back gently all the way up and then down again. When I do this, your chest raises in a gasp of pleasure. I relish in this reaction. Caressing the back of your arms now.

“So…have you done anything with boys lately?” I ask quietly.

“Mmmm,” you moan slightly “just kissing.” You whisper.

“Oh really? Any reason why?” I ask with genuine curiosity.

“Mmmm” you moan as my hand scratches up the back of your arms again “I’m saving myself.”

“Saving yourself?” I ask “for what?” Half laughing.

“Boys my age are gross. They dont deserve my flower.” You say, breathy and nose to nose now.

“You’re right.” I whisper back “you’re too young. Your sexuality is powerful. You have to practice with someone you care about.”

“Right. That’s exactly what I want. Someone I trust.”

I lean in and kiss your thin neck lightly scratching up your back again. I feel your goosebumps under my lips as I rub you.

Your body tightens in a gasp, pressing into my kiss. You moan lightly and dig your nails in my back. Gasping and pressing your body against mine so deeply.

I kiss your neck deeper licking you and sucking your neck, breathing in your teen skin with my arms wrapped around your tiny waist.

Your body shifts and you press your mound into my bare leg as I suck and lick your neck. Your breathing getting heavier and heavier. I kiss my way up your jawbone and align my nose with yours. You kiss me deeply and everything stops. Your innocent lips entangled in mine. The sisterly bond awakened. You slide your tongue into my mouth running it over the roof, filling my mouth up with your young wet tongue. I feel my panties gush in anticipation. I suck your tongue in my mouth deep, grinding my leg into your wet mound.

We continue making out passionately, wetly, as I work my hands up your tshirt to your bare breasts. I cup your perky Bs in my hands pinching your nipples lightly as you gasp. I then work my way down from your mouth, down, down, between your breasts, then kissing into the flesh of your young woman tit. I take a nipple into my mouth and suck it in as you play with my hair, my tongue exploring the gaziantep ukraynalı escort bayan sweet taste of your breasts.

“Mmmm yesss big siss. I like that.” You say.

“Mmmm” I moan sucking your perky teen nipple into my mouth deeper. My hand working it’s way down your stomach. I reach your silky panties and press my hand onto your hot wetness.

“Gosh, baby sis. You’re so wet.” I say into your breast.

“Hehe. Mmhmm.” You giggle as you keep playing with my hair affectionately.

“I want to taste you so bad. Can I taste you, little sister?”

Your voice wavers “y-y-yes. Yes please do.”

Without missing a beat, I move my face down between your legs, grabbing your perfect little hips. I press my mouth against your soaked silky panties and breathe you in, licking the soaked fabric.

You gasp, gripping your nails into my scalp “ohhhh Addi. Sissy. Omg. Yes.” I feel you getting wetter under your panties and cant take it anymore… I forcefully pull them aside, your panties gooey with your wetness. I carefully pull your little cunny lips apart.

“Mmmmmm” I slowly lick my tongue up your virgin labia. “Sooo yummy baby sister.” You squirm and gasp under me, legs shaking, pussy pulsing.

“Ohhhh yes sissy. Lick me. I love that.” I reach down to touch my own pussy while I devour my beautiful sister’s. I am drenched. Sliding two fingers inside my own cunt, I press my gspot and immediately spray my hand with my juices while my face is buried into your now sloppy wet cunt. Your pussy juices all over my face.

I reach up with one hand slipping two fingers to your eager mouth as you lick my own juices from my fingers. My other hand at your pussy, sliding up and down your tiny cunt with two fingers. I can feel your mound pulse in anticipation. I rub on your clit, back and forth, then slide my fingers back to your entrance as my mouth invades you passionately again.

Sucking your clit hard, I slide my two fingers into your entrance slowly around your pubic bone onto your gspot

“Uggghhh Goddd sis. Yesss.” You say as you grab my hair. Your little cunny squirting tiny waterfalls onto my hand as you press your hips into my face.

“Mmmhmmm” I respond as I drink you up.

“Let sissy show you how to cum.” I say, slowly working into a faster rhythm, feeling my sisters hips writhing under me. I penetrate you deeper and deeper, devouring you with every thrust. Your pussy releasing cum with every penetration of my fingers.

I kiss my way back up your stomach, fingers still exploring your wet pussy. I reach your mouth and kiss you deeply, my fingers sloshing inside your virgin cunt.

“Mmmm you like that dont you, dirty sissy? You like your big sister finger fucking your cunny dont you?”

“Mmhmmmm yes. Yes sissy, more.” You mumble desperately into my mouth gyrating your hips to force my fingers deeper. I watch you fuck yourself on my gaziantep üniversiteli escort bayan fingers for a second. Slamming your cunny harder and harder into my fingers.

“More sissy. More.” You pant. Fucking my fingers slower but deeper into your cunt. I feel you twitch and a squirt of your juices again.

“Mmmmmuuuhhhomygoddd” you moan desperately into my mouth slowing your pace, rotating your hips.

I can tell you’re close as your little cunny tightens around my fingers like a wet rubber band.

“Oh yea little sis. Cum for me.” I take control again, moving my mouth to lick your folds again as my fingers slam into your gspot over and over.

“Ungh godddd.” You barely manage to get out. I pull back watching my fingers invade your pussy for a second. In and out. “This is where your gspot is. Do you feel that?” I ask, licking up your pussy again with a drenched tongue.

“Y-y-y-yes. Ooooohhoohh.” Your hips move up and down forcing my fingers onto your gspot.

I kiss your cunt deeply, sloshing your clit around my mouth with my tongue and violently fingering upward directly into your gspot. Your cunny squelching so loud between my mouth and my forceful fingers.

“Ahhhh sissy, I’m gonna cum. Yessss keep going. Ohmygod yesssss”

“Ahhh. Ah yes dont stop, Addi. Right there right there. Right there.” You go silent. Your hips jolt off the bed as your pussy gushes everywhere. I open my mouth and continue fingering you fast. I drink up every bit of your cum. Your body shivers in fantastic orgasm. I feel your cunt, that wet rubber band tightening around my fingers, pulsing. Keeping the same rythme, I start finger you even harder, sliding in a third finger, forcing your hole open again, listening to the beautiful sound of your juices squelching in my hand, I lick intensely up your clitty again.

“Ahhhhhh” you gasp grabbing the bed covers. This time you squirt directly into my mouth. “Yesssss sissy. Uggghhh. Eat me.” Your legs wrap around my head. I drink you up, my fingers deep and exploring my baby sisters cunny walls

“Mmmmm sooo yummy.” I say, releasing my fingers and kissing your cunt one last time.

I snuggle up next to you in bed, kissing your neck again. “Your pussy is so good baby sis.”

You giggle and we fall asleep.

The next morning we go downstairs to Dad making breakfast, unusually chipper.

“Morning girls! Theres eggs, bacon, coffee” he gestures around the kitchen “grab some breakfast!”

Ellie and I look at each other in amusement. “Wow, thanks Daddy.” I say genuinely surprised, sitting down at the table.

Without missing a beat, Ellie sits in my lap. Shuffling her butt into me. I feel some remaining wetness leaking through her yoga pants from the night before. She looks back at me smirking.

“So what were you girls gonna do today?” Dad asks, leaning on the counter.

“I dunno.” I say “Ellie, did you wanna go to the mall?”

Ellie answers almost immediately: “Actually, I was kinda hoping we could just stay in and watch movies all day.” She grins back at me “Is that okay?”

I smile, “So just a lazy Saturday, eh?”

“Yea,” she says, “just a lazy Saturday.”

I shrug nonchalantly “Fine by me.”

“Well,” Dad replies “I have to work today, so you girls are gonna be on your own today. I hope that’s okay.”

I grin at Ellie “Oh that’s fine, Dad. Maybe next time.”

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