sisters turned lesbian PT1


sisters turned lesbian PT1sisters turned lesbian PT1THIS STORY IS A FANTASY AND ONLY A FANTASY. I DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN ANY SUCH ACTIVITIES.I walked into my younger si(s)ters room and saw her naked humping a pillow, her tiny ass towards the door.I stood there and watched her excitement as she fucked the pillow fiercely. She was muttering unintelligible cries of pleasure.I started rubbing my tits. I unbuttoned my shorts to make room for my hand so I could rub my pussy.Watching her wildly fucking the pillow was making me so fucking horny.I wiggled out of my shorts and pulled down my panties letting them fall to the floor.I rubbed my clit lightly and inserted a finger in my pussy.Here I am masturbating watching my little si(s)ter fuck a pillow. The thought of me watching my little si(s)ter had me on the brink of cumming then all of the sudden she yelled WHAT THE HELL! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? Nichole covered herself with the pillow she had just mercifully fucked.What’s the matter with you Debbie? Your shorts are around your ankles and you have your top pulled up. What are you a pervert? GET OUT! GET OUT!I didn’t realize I had pulled my top and bra up over my tits. Nichole calm down, I was doing the same thing you were. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s natural to masturbate. I just stood in the doorway letting Nichole see my pussy and tits hoping that may calm her down.Get out Debbie, get out.I figured it was best to leave. I pulled my shorts up from around my ankles and walked away.Nichole didn’t leave her room for the rest of the night. She wouldn’t even come out of her room to eat dinner when mom called her.I wanted to talk to Nichole the next day. I get home earlier from high school then güvenilir bahis she does grade school. I waited by the front door for Nichole to come home.Nichole came in, saw me and sprinted for her bedroom. I ran after her putting my foot in the door so she couldn’t close the door.Leave me alone Debbie. NO Nichole we’re going to talk about yesterday.Everyone masturbates Nichole. You saw me masturbating. I’m know even mom masturbates since dad left.Everyone Debbie? I’m not a freak? Mom too?No Nichole you are not a freak. Yes everyone masturbates. I do it almost daily sometimes twice a day.Mom too?Yes mom masturbates. Since dad left she doesn’t have anyone to fuck her. I’ve seen her toys in her nightstand. Oh Debbie you said fuck. You’ve heard that word. You know what it means. You may only be tw(e)lve. You know girls suck a guys dick, guys eat girls pussies out and they fuck each other.How can a girl fuck a guy? I thought guys fucked girls.Girls get on top and ride him. Kind of the way you were on top of your pillow. Nichole turned a bit red. Don’t be embarrassed. I told you it’s natural. There’s all kinds of ways to masturbate. None of them are wrong. Whatever feels good is right.Lets look at xhamster and watch a few videos of girls masturbating.Oh how cool Nichole said.Yes it’s very hot. I like to watch their faces. Nothing more beautiful then seeing a woman cumming.Here’s a few videos of girls masturbating together.Girls do that Debbie?Yes Nichole sometimes it makes me hot watching the other girls face like I said in a few of the videos we watched.The more videos Nichole and I watched the more I noticed her squirming around and squeezing her legs together. My pussy was practically on fire. I wanted türkçe bahis so badly to rub one out.Fuck it here goes.What do you say we masturbate and fuck ourselves just like in the videos?Umm OK I guess.Lets go to my room Nichole, I have some lube in there. Come on it will be fun. Maybe we can both learn something.I barley had the door to my room shut and practically tore my clothes off.There I was nude in front of my tw(e)lve year old si(s)ter. I couldn’t help but to give my tits a good squeeze and my nipples a light pinch. My shaved pussy soaked.You’re beautiful Debbie, as beautiful as those girls in the videos.Thank you Nichole. Now get undressed.I umm, I’m not as big as you are. Big?Yes your tits are bigger then mine. I’m si(xt)een I had a little more time to develop then you. Did you ever see how big moms tits are?Not like this. Just under her top.Did you see how big they are under her top?Yes, I guess your right.I watched as my tw(e)lve year old si(s)ter took her top off. I saw her budding little tits and button size nipples. Her nipples were very erect.Nichole pulled her pants and panties off. Her pussy was bald, or was it hairless? Either way it was beautiful.I got the lube out of my drawer and held it above my pussy. I let a few drops drip out of the bottle. When the drops hit my clit I almost came right there.Here Nichole use some lube and rub it in good. Make sure you rub your clit too.My clit Nichole asked.See here, I spread my legs wide so Nichole could get a good look at my pussy and see where her clit is.We were both panting and moaning. I watched Nicoles face as she came. That and seeing her tiny little tits little waist and plump ass made me cum. I cried out oh fuck I’m cumming, güvenilir bahis siteleri I’m fucking cumming.WOW Debbie you were so cool. Your face was so delightful just like you said. The way you talked was cool too. What’s all that cream? I was wet watching the videos with you and when I came my pussy gets extra wet.That’s good for when a guy fucks you. It’s extra lubrication for his dick when he’s pounding your pussy.Pounding your pussy?Yes Nicole you know what fucking is right? Yes.We’ll watch some videos another day of a guy fucking a girls brains out pounding away at her pussy and watch his dick cum.I did cum pretty hard Nicole. How about you?Not the same way you did but it felt good. I still like my pillow.There’s nothing wrong with fucking your pillow. It probably hits your clit harder. Next time rub your clit more and harder.Can I hump the pillow now Debbie?Sure Nicole if that’s what you want.Nicole immediately bunched the pillow up and rode it. She was getting into it as much as the day I watched her.I thought I’d take a chance. I came up behind Nichole pressing my tits in her back, reaching around grabbing her budding little tits.HEY WOOO what are you doing? Don’t worry Nichole a womans tits are very sensitive. Keep fucking your pillow.I rubbed my palms against Nicoles eject nipples. That’s it Nicole fuck that pillow. Fuck it good. Make yourself cum.Tell the pillow to fuck you, fuck you good.Fuck me, fuck me hard Nicole said as she humped around the pillow.I felt Nicole shudder as she was cumming so I pressed my tits in her back and pinched her little button nipples lightly.Nicole fell over after cumming.Was that good Nicole?Yes Debbie.Tell me Nicole, tell me it was so fucking good you came.It was Debbie, I fucking came good.Don’t be afraid to say what you feel. It’s not dirty to talk like that, it’s sex. It helps enhance your pleasure.OH shit look at the time, mom will be home soon. We have to get dressed and do homework.

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