Sitting for my Mom’s Friend

Sitting for my Mom’s FriendThis is a true story, one that I will never forget.One day, mom came to our room while we were doing our homework. She said, “Donny, that was Cassie’s mom on the phone. She said her sitter bailed on them and she was wondering if you would like to make some money tonight. Cassie was having two friends sleeping over and Wanda had a last minute business meeting. If I could go over and sit, she would pay you $10 per hour.” I thought about it for about 2 seconds and said sure. Mom said to go right over. So I hopped on my bike and took off. When I got there, Cassie’s mom was ready to go. She said that she was really grateful to me for this last minute job. I said I wanted the money and that it was no problem, but what about Cassie’s sleepover with her friends. She said she cleared it with the other mom’s and they would just hang out in her room. A few more instructions, and she was off. I went to Cassie’s room, and the girls were sitting on her bed, listening to music. I told the girls that I ordered a pizza and it would be here soon. I went back to the living room and turned on the TV. About 45 minutes later, the doorbell rang and I paid for the pizza.I went down the hall to Cassie’s room to let them know dinner was here. I opened the door, and had a real sight. All 3 girls were sitting against the headboard, their nightgowns up around their waist and all 3 were playing with their very bald pussies. When I came in, they were watching a porno VHS of 2 girls, locked in 69, sucking and licking each other. The girls all started giggling when düzce escort I came in. I asked, “What are you doing?” Cassie said, “We’re just having some fun, Donny. Do you like our pussies?” Before I could say anything, Alexa got off the bed, walked over to me and pulled my shorts down to the ground. She reached out and grabbed my dick ants said, “Look girls, I have his wiener in my hand!”It didn’t take long, and my cock started getting hard as a rock. I looked over at Cassie and she said, “Donny, come play with us.” Nicky said she had never seen a b**s dick before and she wanted to touch mine. I said that we couldn’t tell anyone about this. They all smiled and said yes, and with that, we all got naked and climbed on the bed.My dick was hard and pointed at the roof. The g***s took turns touching and rubbing me, while I took turns rubbing their small nipples one bald pussies. Nicky was the first to ask if she could rub her pussy on my dick. I spread her knees and got between her legs, rubbing my dick up and down on her slit. While I was doing this, Cassie and Alexa got into a 69 and started licking each other’s pussies. For the next couple of hours, each of us kissed and licked and sucked each other, when the phone started ringing. I answered it and Cassie’s mom was on the other end. She said that her meeting was running later than expected and she wouldn’t be home until much later, after midnight. I said that was no problem and I hung up the phone. I went back into Cassie’s room, and all 3 girls were laying on their backs, legs spread and they were escort düzce fingering each other pussies, just laughing and having fun. I bent down and took turns tongue fucking each girl, making them cum over and over. Up until this point, I still had not cum yet. Nicky said she really wanted to see stuff come out of my dick. I laid down on my back and asked Cassie to sit and put her pussy on my mouth. She was so wet, I could feel her juice flow into my mouth. Alexa started pumping my dick, while Nicky licked her finger and started finger fucking my tight ass hole. This didn’t go on for long when I came hard, and I started shooting all over my chest and on Cassie as well. All three girls loved it, and Nicky and Alexa started whipping it off me and rubbing it all over their pussies. Nicky actually came hard doing this.After this, I said we needed to clean up Cassie’s room and then we needed to take showers. The girls got excited and wanted to all shower with me. She we got off the bed and walked down the hall to the bathroom. The three of them walked in front of me, holding each other tight and laughing. Their cute little butts were wiggling all around and this mad my dick so hard again. We got to the shower, turned on the water and we all got in, Cassie holding my dick tightly. We took turns washing each other, and I got on my knees, licking each of their very wet pussies. Nicky turned around, pulled her butt cheeks apart and asked me to lick her butt hole. I pushed my tongue as deep into her ass as I could, while reaching around, rubbing her bald clit. düzce escort bayan She came hard and fast, all over my hand and farted in my mouth at the same time. The other girls said that was gross. I told them they better behave or I would pee on all of them. A few quick smiles and all three got on their knees. I took turns peeing on each of their faces, making sure their mouths were open wide. They then wanted to pee on me, so I laid down in the shower. All three girls squatted over me and they let it flow. That was a first for me.After the room, and us, were cleaned up, I went into the living room and the girls all got into Cassie’s bed and went to sleep. Her mom came home shortly after 1:00 am. She said it was too late to ride my bike home and that I could crash in the den. Shortly there after, the house was quiet and everyone was asleep. I thought the night was over, when at about 4:30, the den door opened and their stood Nicky. She came into the den, closing the door and walked over to the couch. She got on her knees next to me and whispered, “I just want to taste it one more time.” She pulled my underwear off and took my dick in her mouth, sucking and licking it. I reached out and stuck my finger in her very wet pussy. It didn’t take me long and I came again, though not much this time. Nicky sucked and swallowed all of it, smiled. We French kissed a bit and she got up and went back to Cassie’s room. I got up about 8:00, as did everyone else. We all ate breakfast together, Cassie’s mom making pancakes. After breakfast, I left for home, money in my pocket and my balls completely empty.This foursome never happened again, but I did have some sessions with Cassie and Nicky again, and Cassie and Ginger became lovers as well. I think about them often, and wonder where they are today.

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