Sixth Form Slimmer – Summer of Love


Although this story is a work of fiction and a fantasy, it is something that could possibly happen given the right situations, people and time. Before reading this you may like to read my previous story, Sixth Form Slimmer, if you haven’t already done so.

All characters herein are 18 or over.


A few weeks had gone by since I’d agreed to adapt my own experiences of hypnosis, to try and help my daughter Emily to slim. As a bonus I’d managed to help her study.

Unfortunately something had gone slightly amiss with my own selfish attempts to have some fun with Emily, but in the end both Emily and I had a lot of fun. There will be many people who would shake their head and point a finger at me … Incestuous father! … Should be hanged! … I reckon they’re just jealous.

Emily was more than happy. She had multiple orgasms whenever she wanted, she was able to repay me in kind, bringing us closer together and her overeating problems were solved. Add to this the power Emily now has to become self-aroused, thus bringing pleasure to a future partner, and we have a success story.

One day though, my daughter came back early from an evening out with her boyfriend.

She burst through the door, mascara a mess. It was obvious from her distraught state that there has been another argument with her boyfriend and she had been crying.

Emily came straight across, hugged me and burst into tears.

“That bastard has been fucking my best friend,” she sobbed.

I sat down in the armchair, Emily on my lap, face buried in what used to be a beige sweat. Unconsolable, she stayed like this for over half an hour. Eventually the tears subsided. I changed and threw the beige and black sweat in the laundry.

She’d heard rumours her boyfriend was playing around, but had not taken heed. Now they had split. Anna and I tried our best to reason with her but she remained totally distressed.

“Isn’t there anything you can do with your candle magic?” Anna asked, in a quiet voice. I’d confessed to her that I’d adapted the hypnosis script a little; though by no means admitting it was for my own ends.

“Emily. Is your Angel still helping you?”

She shook her head. I guess the hypnosis had worn off. It had done that with my diet – hence the booster tape.

“Do you want to try again?”

Emily started to dry her eyes. “Do you think it might work?”

“We can try.”

We went up to Emily’s room.Candle lit. “Sleep.”

I watched for a short time until Emily had cum once and left Emily and her Angel alone together. I pocketed her discarded panties as my ‘fee’ and went back downstairs. There was an unexpected bonus as the panties were soaked. The scent there was none too fresh, but sometimes pissy and sweaty was what I needed. The overpowering extra scent was making me hard.

A short while later Emily came downstairs, relaxed and smiling.

A big hug and, even as her mother was watching, a long grind with her hips as a bonus. “Thanks daddy.”


In bed later I expected a comment from Anna, but there was none. Indeed she now accepted Emma and I were much closer even than before.

That night I’d demonstrated the candle magic to Anna, I’d tried to make Anna not suspect anything. It had worked to some degree. But jealousy is hard to control and I had to do something to equal things out and show Anna that Emily still loved her as much as she did me.

I was still aroused from Emily’s panties and her groin hug. Anna never complains when I’m horny. We fucked for the best part of an hour before we went to sleep.


The following day I felt I had to address this imbalance of affection before it caused problems. Anna has said a number of times how turned on she got when Emily was breastfeeding. She had great difficulty stopping Emily as it became a comfort for her. Eventually Anna became dry when Emily was just under 4 years old. It was as arousing to me watching as it was to Anna.

Upto Emily being around 7 years old she still dry-suckled whenever she was frightened or a little ill and sometimes when she just needed comfort.

“How about we try your dieting again?” I asked Anna. “It was a few weeks ago when we tried and it worked for a while.” Anna had lost 5 pounds.

I knew Anna was wanting to shed some more pounds before our holiday. I just hoped she would agree.

“You know, that’s not a bad idea! But, be warned, my new summer outfit will come out of your wage!”

Emily was staying over at a friend’s house that evening. We had the house to ourselves.

“Just watch the candle flame flickering … such a bright flame. Watching it flicker differently each time is so relaxing, so tiring to your eyes.”

I could see Anna struggle to keep her eyes open.

“Down the staircase to your special place, a secret place. So wonderfully relaxing … 10, 9 …. 3,2,1”

“Just imagine, Anna, your tummy shrinking a little each day … You don’t need as much food. Imagine yourself slimmer, shopping for a new outfit.”

“Now relaxing deeper and deeper … “

“Whenever Emily rip her up porno says ‘boobie, mummy’ you know she wants to suckle you. You enjoy suckling, Anna, you remember it so well … “

“You find it so arousing Anna, it brings you so much pleasure … arousing … orgasmic even …”

“Deeper and deeper Anna, ten times deeper … You can feel Emily now, suckling your boobies, so relaxing, so arousing, …

“Every touch, every suckle and you’re so near to cumming; you’re so near, you can’t resist. You can comfort Emily with your fingers while she is sucking. Emily will like being comforted. The more she enjoys it, the more that you will comfort her. It will make you very aroused indeed to comfort Emily.”

I paused as Anna took this all in.

“That’s good Anna. When you awake you will obey my comands but you won’t be able to recall what I’ve said and that you’ve been hypnotised … 3 … 2 … 1.”

Later, in bed, we fucked again for an hour. I couldn’t believe the breastfeeding thoughts had made Anna so horny.


The day after, Emily was still upset about her boyfriend despite our session. She wanted a more permanent Angel for comfort. I obliged.

“And now Emily while you’re so relaxed I want you to think of when you were a little girl, when you were sucking milk from mummy’s boobies. Think of it now Emily, Suck on mummy’s titty.”

She responded, sucking at my finger. Lol I guess I offered her the wrong part of me.

I reinforced this as best I could before rewarding her with her Angel again, AKA my fingers. Emily had showered that morning. Her panties didn’t have quite the same tang as the previous day.

On a signal from me, Emily would say ‘boobie, mummy’.


Saturday evening we were all sat around watching TV. I thought this an ideal time. Anna and Emily was sat on the sofa. I gave Emily the signal.

“Boobie, mummy,”

Anna’s reaction was immediate, “Come here, Emily baby, come to mummy.” She patted her lap, lifted up her top, reached around and unhooked her bra.

Emily began to happily suckle at mummy’s nipple.

All the time Emily suckled there, cradled in Anna’s left arm, Anna stroked her hair and soothingly talked to her. Slowly Anna reached down to Emily’s dress hem, pulled it up, carefully eased Emily’s panties down and started to finger her. Emily had her eyes closed as if totally absorbed in Anna’s titty. Without a thought her legs parted to allow Anna access. I moved around to get a better view.

Although almost constantly sucking, Emily’s breathing gradually deepened and her hips began to move in rhythm with Anna’s finger. There was no hurry though. I could see Anna too, taking small deep breaths as if becoming very aroused herself.

Anna disturbed Emily to switch her to the other breast. Emily even looked a little annoyed at the disturbance but was soon happily sucking the new nipple. I looked across and could see the area all around where Emily had been sucking was very red. I hoped Anna wouldn’t be too sore.

Anna resumed comforting Emily’s pussy, with intense vigour. A few minutes went by when almost without warning Emily’s hips began to buck and it was clear she was going to cum. She let go of Anna’s breast, and with a loud moan her climax came.


Despite the obvious discomfort, Anna was all smiles. She turned and kissed Emily full on the lips and gave her a big hug. Mother and daughter were reunited in the most basic human way possible.

The suckling was repeated several times over the weekend to help the two bond. Needless to say Anna got a good fucking from me later on each evening.


A further week or two passed. I’d been reinforcing Anna’s slimming as well as my own. We lost around 10 pounds each. Anna went shopping with Emily and I got the credit card bill. I wondered if it would be posible to hypnotise Barclaycard’s CEO to drop their interest rates.

Although I’d asked Anna not to tell anyone else, somehow my sister got to know. We usually have Vicky, my niece, to stay with us for a few days in summer. We have a z-bed (put-u-up) in Emily’s room and she sleeps there.

Gobby Anna had told Cathy, my dear sister, about this revolutionary new diet method of mine. Vicky was a little overweight and as Anna was 100% confident about my methods, I was asked to help.

To be perfectly honest, I’d had enough fucking in the past weeks to wear poor Willy down. But how can you turn down a request like that? Would you guys have turned it down?

Apart from being a little overweight, Vicky was the spitting image of her mother in her teens. Cathy had been wank fodder through much of my post-puberty years. Believe me guys, she had tits to die for. Sis and I had fooled around quite a bit. Oh, and Cathy had much to do with my fondness of panty pongs. Her panties varied quite a lot from barely sniffable to fuckin’ unbelievable, though what went inside them sometimes perplexed me a little — from super pure to absolutely … well … Let’s leave it there.

Cathy must have given Vicky the gist of what I rus porno was to do. Emily told Vicky the experience was unbelievable. My cock rose to the tasks ahead even before Vicky arrived.

My sister drove Vicky over Friday evening and asked me what this magic candle was all about. Either she was just curious or she wanted to check out Vicky’s treatment. So I took her through the lounge.

I lit the candle and tried to explain. “It’s quite simple really, you just have to watch the flame. It helps to relax you. Watch the flame flickering and it makes your eyes tired and relaxed. Nothing magic, it just helps you relax and your eyes sometimes begin to get tired and droopy and you become so relaxed. In fact you can relax knowing it makes you tired and the sleepy flame just makes you sleepier and soooo relaxed.”

Cathy’s eyelids were closing. I deepened the trance. It was her idea – she was so nosey wanting me to prove it worked. Now what fun could I have? I didn’t want the others to know.

“Cathy, as soon as you walk up the stairs to bed tonight, you will become very horny. Each step you walk up, you will become 5 times more horny than you have ever been. In bed you will want to make passionate love with Malcolm.”

My brother in law was in for a lucky treat.

“Cathy, tomorrow morning when no-one is about you will phone me and tell me all about your passionate sex with Malcolm, fully and in detail. It will make you feel so good, so sexy to tell me about it. So sexy you will finger yourself while you are telling me. You will feel you need to cum, but you won’t cum unless I tell you. Do you understand?”

“Mmmm so sexy, with Malcolm, will tell you all about it.”

“Cathy, when you come to collect Vicky, you will want me to show you the candle, and you will want me to hypnotise you again because it feels so sexy.”

“Now Cathy, when I count from 5 to 1 you will wake. You will obey everything I have told you. You won’t be able to recall what I’ve said and you will forget you’ve been hypnotised. … 2, 1.”

“Well thanks for showing me the candle Gordon, but I still don’t understand how you can use it for a diet. Anyway I’d best be setting off home.”

She kissed Vicky, told her to enjoy her break with us and left for home.

One hypno session was enough for me. Vicky could wait.


The following morning the phone rang before the others got up.

“Hi Gordon. Wow, I feel great this morning. I thought I’d ring you.”

“Hi Cathy, it’s a bit early to ring me.” It had just turned 7.30am.

“Yes, I know. I really had to ring you though before you went out. Guess what! Malcolm and I were at it like rabbits last night.”

“Wow, that’s great for you two! Why don’t you tell me all about it.”


“Try me!”

“Well, I don’t know what came over me. I just kinda felt in the mood as I was going up to bed. I suddenly thought, well, I’ll put on that sexy red negligée he bought me. When Malcolm came out of the bathroom his eyes nearly popped.”

“And what then?” I prompted, just to let her know I was listening.

“Well he just gave me a big hug, I could feel his cock pressing up against me. And then he kissed me. Gordon, I’ve not know him kiss me like that for ages. Of course I let my tongue loose and we were kissing like the world was going to end.”


And I got hold of his cock and, Gordon, I just got this urge to suck him off. I don’t know what got into me. He just stood there, moaning with pleasure as I sucked him off real slow, and then he just pulled out … and he came … all over my face Gordon! I was covered! He must have cum a gallon. It was on my face, in my hair. I felt so horny I just wanted to suck him again.”

“And did you?”

“Well I went into the bathroom and cleaned myself up. And do you know what, Gordon?”

“Go on.”

“I just had to taste it. His cum. Off my face before I washed. It was a bit salty but it was good.”

“Have you sucked him off before?”

“I started to, a few times, but I just couldn’t, you know, I didn’t want him to cum in my mouth.”

“Well now you know it tastes OK. Give him a treat … tell him not to pull out.”

She giggled to herself. “Gordon! Really! Like tonight? You think I should?”

I owed Malcolm a few favours. “Go for it.”

“Just a moment, Gordon.” She paused. “Oh it’s OK. He’s still in bed, snoring.” She paused again.

“Sorry Gordon. You’re starting to make me all … all wet.”

“Excuse me … It was you who phoned me.”

She giggled again. “Ooh, so it was! You don’t mind do you Gordon?”

Mind? I had a free dirty sex chat line in progress, before 8am. I just hoped Anna was asleep too. “No, I don’t mind.”

She giggled again, whispered, “I’ve got my fingers inside my panties.”

I was anticipating some recollection of the night before, but again my newly-learned hypnosis was proving to be very powerful.

Still whispering, “Why don’t you take your cock out Gordon. It’s a shame to waste this. It’s such a nice big cock too.”

An assumption on sert porno her part that I’d be aroused too. But she knew damn well I was hard. She’d been a tease for a long time. I listened but there was no sound from upstairs.

“OK, it’s out. Tell me more about last night.”

“Well I came back from the bathroom and Malcolm was just laid there on the bed. His cock was floppy of course. It took 10 minutes of licking and sucking to get him hard. It wasn’t time wasted though.” I could almost hear her smile. “He was licking me out all the damn time.”

“So once you’d got it pumped up, …?”

“He fucked me for ages. Oh Gordon I kept telling him to ram it in me harder, I don’t know what came over me … He made me cum again and again.. He was knackered, but I was ready for another round.”

“Gordon, I really wish you were here now. I’m rubbing my pussy so hard. With your cock you could fuck me all day long.” I smiled to myself. At least I’d been practicing.

“But you’re my sister.”

“That didn’t stop you feeling up my tits at home.”

“You liked that didn’t you? I bet remembering me touching your tits makes you want to cum. Why don’t you rub your pussy even more, and cum now?”

“Can I, Gordon? Can I cum for you?”

“Of course Cathy. You can cum now. But don’t wake Malcolm.”

All I heard for the next few minutes was heavy breathing followed by a gentle moan of satisfaction.

“Listen Cathy, I’ll have to go. I can hear Anna.”

“You haven’t come yet Gordon.”

“Bye Cathy, got to go.”

Cluck cluck cluck chicken. Bye.”

What the fuck had I got myself into?


The rest of the day went just like most Saturdays. Anna shopped, Emily and Vicky went to a mate’s house, I watched sport on telly.

To be honest, Vicky was quite nicely proportioned. I’d say around 5′ 1″, brown hair, round face with kiss-me lips, beautiful brown eyes. Her titties were about the same size as Emily’s and she had a nicely rounded butt.

Come teatime Anna reminded me (as if I needed it) that I was going to help Vicky. Ever thoughtful Anna suggested she and Emily would go watch a movie down town that evening, giving us some peace and quiet.


Early in the candle routine I could see Vicky already struggle to keep her eyes open and it was clear she would quickly go into a very deep trance. Having fun with Vicky would be so easy. Rather than use the candle routine next time, I would use the Martini trigger … I could hypnotise Vicky any time, any place, anywhere.

With Vicky so easily and so deeply hypnotised, my darker side began to emerge.

“You like Uncle Gordon, don’t you?”

Vicky seemed to take a while to respond. She smiled and nodded.

“We are going to have a lot of fun. Any time I talk to you, you will feel very sexy and you will agree to anything I ask you to do.”

Very sleepily she answered, “Yes uncle, so sexy, mmmm.”

“You will not tell anyone what we do, Vicky. Nothing at all. And our secret will make you feel even more sexy.

“… when you awake you will remember nothing but you will obey every command I have given you. You will not know you have been hypnotised. Whenever I say ‘Martini’ you will go into a deep trance again.”

” … 3 … 2 … 1″

Vicky blinked a few times, stretched and yawned. “Sorry Uncle Gordon, I must have fallen asleep.”

“I haven’t seen you for ages Vicky. Are you going to show Uncle Gordon how beautiful you are?”

Vicky’s striptease wasn’t as good as Emily’s, but my cock was well hard before she’d even discarded her bra. Eventually she was stood before me, totally naked and without a care in the world.

My dear niece was a delight to the eyes. Mid-brown hair, neatly cut and curling just under her chin. Kissable lips, cute nose and brown eyes lay perfectly placed on her round face.

She had certainly inherited her mother’s breasts, firm and nicely rounded: her nipples were like coat pegs and unbelievably large for her age. Her areola were browny-pink like her nipples, not too large but plenty to arouse. Sadly her waist and tummy were in need of the diet but her ass was near perfect. Pussy hair needed some clipping too, scruffily hiding the treasure beneath. Her legs too would improve after the diet, but all in all my Vicky had a very nice body.

“Come closer, Vicky. Your uncle is delighted with you, though we really do need to tidy you up a bit.” I leant forward and pulled gently at her brown pubic curls.”

“Yes, uncle Gordon. It grows too quick and it sticks out of my panties.”

“Then we shall fix that now. Come.”

With Vicky laid on Emily’s bed, I got scissors, soap, water and razor to work. Sniffability was at a lower point on my scale as I began with the scissors. There was more of a pungent scent there and I wasn’t in the right mood.

“Is that OK, Vicky?” I asked.

“Yes, uncle.”

With the rather dense top layer now gone I could see more of what lay beneath and some of the sweaty pissy had gone. I got my razor to work.

Some pussies are more pleasing to see than others. Once the jungle was cleared it just had to score a perfect ten for me. My niece had a naturally puffy mound, very little of the inner lips were showing; her slit was deep and welcoming and bit by bit her pussy was becoming smooth and very kissable.

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