Skunk Junkies


Skunk Junkiesgenre: ass worship,ass kissing, fondling, licking, butt sniffing, facesitting and facefarting._________________________________Allen and I had several things in common which drew us into friendship early in college. We were both from small towns and we fell somewhere between the labels of “dweebish” and “geekish”. Throw in a little “nerdish” and I think you get the idea. We weren’t bad looking. Just skinny and socially awkward, especially when it came to girls. If one looked our way, we looked the other. Girls were like mysterious goddesses and we had no idea how to approach them.You might imagine the humor of one of us daring the other to talk to a pretty girl and how the other would gather himself and say he would do just that, as if some kind of magical bravado-dust had befallen him and his life was about to change forever. Of course, it never happened.The most adhesive bond of our friendship was our brotherhood in something so diabolical and covert that we would not discuss it with anyone. We trusted our secret to each other while imagining just how evil and darkly wicked and depraved we were, far beyond any of those popular students who just had no idea.Ours was a dark mission with certain dangers should we ever be found out. We called it “The Allegiance” because we were sworn to secrecy and even more because our secret was so licentious. What was our secret? We wanted to pay allegiance to girls’ butts. Yes, we were that deviant. We were ass worshipers. Can you imagine the danger? Imagine being discovered wanting to kneel behind girls and fondle their buttocks and kiss them and speak words of reverence and devotion.The popular guys might rule the daylight, but we ruled the miscreant night. Only we were brave enough to pursue that great decadence. We were the pioneers, or at least, we would be some day. Then, how the others would applaud! And, we had an icon. We had full-sized, full color posters of Jessica Biel on each of our doors. She was the supreme goddess of The Allegiance. We bowed to her. We kissed her ass until the posters dissolved and then we got others. We pledged devotion to her ample rear-end and we promised that someday, we would start the First Congregation of Biel and our people would all kneel and praise her ampleness and kiss it with reverence. It seemed so wonderful. But, there was a problem: How in the hell would it ever happen if we couldn’t even talk to girls? How would we worship any girl’s rear-end if we were scared shitless of them?In October, there were two days in which I couldn’t find Allen. Then, on the third, he showed up. He was unkempt and his eyes were filled with excitement.”I . . . I . . . did it!” he exclaimed.”Did what?” “Bryan, I did it. I actually did it!””You talked to a girl?” “No. ‘IT’. I did ‘it’. Bryan, I kissed a girl’s ass!”Suddenly, he was either my greatest hero or my greatest liar. He explained how he had gotten down behind a girl and how she had an amazing butt and how she had willingly let him fondle her ass-loveliness and kiss her buttocks. And, he had met with her twice and he thought he might be in love—with her ass, of course.I asked him how it had come about and he replied, “Bryan, you have to come with me!””With you? Where?”He described a club at 7th and Atherton but when I told him I had never seen anything but the Mustang Bar on that site, he said it was in a basement, a private club with no signs.”You have to come!” he insisted. “Bryan, heaven isn’t a million miles away. Heaven is right here, at 7th and Atherton. You have to come. Keri wants to meet you.””Keri?””Goth-girl.””You kissed a Goth-girl’s ass?””No, she’s does memberships. She’s not a Skunk.””Skunk? What the hell . . . ?””A.J. Skunks. Name of the club. We’re going. Tonight!”He drove. I listened. He spoke of “going with the flow” and being “open to new things”. “Willingness, Bryan. Willingness. The willing shall inherit the flesh, or something like that.” He parked his older Toyota. I was shaking more from apprehension than the cold night. We went to the back of the Mustang and down a narrow set of concrete steps to a dark green door. Remember, Bryan. Willing. Eager. That is, if you want to be invited back.” He pushed a button and a feminine voice responded. Allen spoke two numbers, two letters, and two more numbers and the door opened. We entered what seemed to be a foyer. Although we heard party sounds, we could not see through a door ahead of us. A narrow hallway was to our left while a rustic counter top to our right had a tall blond girl writing in a ledger. She smiled but didn’t bother to look up. She said Keri would be with us soon. She was wearing a black French maid’s outfit with course mesh stockings. She was gorgeous and her legs were amazing.Keri approached. She was about five-foot-two with orange-tinted auburn hair, a ring through her lower lip, and tattoos in various places. Allen introduced me and although she seemed friendly, she also seemed cautious.”If you’re Allen’s friend, then I’m sure we’ll be fine. If not, then you will get the fuck out of here and not come back. We have little tolerance for ‘posers’.”She led us down the long hallway. She was wearing a floral peasant top with form-fitting khaki pants. Her butt was very round and, of course, I couldn’t help but stare. Allen whispered, “Don’t get any ideas. She’s bi. Not a butt girl.” She led us to a room that was about ten feet by ten feet and dimly lit. Allen and I sat on the floor.”Allen says you are an ass worshiper, Bryan. Is that true?”I somehow said that I was and told her about kneeling daily behind Jessica Biel and how I reverently kissed Jessica Biel’s ass and spoke words of devotion to it and, well, maybe that was a fake Jessica, but if I ever met her, then I would do it for real. You could bet on that.”Are you telling me that you would rather worship a girl’s ass than fuck her?”I didn’t know what answer she wanted. I gave a shy nod. “You would rather kiss a girl’s ass than fuck her?” she asked again. I nodded. I shrugged. She hit buttons of her cell phone and an Asian girl appeared wearing a similar French maid’s outfit except that her short black dress had two white stripes down the center. Keri spoke softly to the girl who nodded and bowed and left. After an uneasy silence, there was a tap on the door followed by the most-stunning creature I had ever seen! She was brunette with dark eyes, a sculptured face, and a small mouth with full lips painted quite red. Her eyelashes were extended beneath iridescent aqua eye shadow.”This is Aria” Keri announced. “Turn and show them all sides, Aria.”As the girl slowly turned, she seemed to absorb our adoring eyes. She was about five-foot-five and wearing a maid’s dress with a single white stripe and her dress revealed her shapely thighs at the same level as my line of sight. She smiled as she slowly turned and then . . . her profile . . . her . . . her butt! She was wearing soft and thin white bikini panties that hugged her very round ass and when she was fully turned with her back to me, I could imagine every outline of her glorious glutious. I was in awe and filled with butt lust. She continued to turn and the vision of her bottom began to move out of sight. Keri asked, “Now, if izmir escort you are like Allen you would like to fondle Aria’s ass, wouldn’t you?”My head bobbed more than I intended.”Aria, why don’t you give Bryan a little show? Give us a ninety.”Aria stepped toward me until she was standing no more than three feet from me as she began to slowly turn. Although I was young and healthy, I thought my heart would stop. She continued to turn until she was standing right before me . . . right before me! Her butt . . . her butt was . . . it was three feet directly in front of my face! Never had a girl’s butt been so close! I was breathless. She was a goddess. I was nothing more than a butt-pauper.Then, she did the something that will never, ever erase from my memory.Aria put her hands on her hips, spread her feet as wide as her shoulders, and slowly, slowly began to bend at the waist. She continued to bend and her maid’s dress rose and her pantied bottom became more and more visible as did the lust within me.She bent more until I suddenly knew what Keri had meant by the word “ninety”. Aria was bent over ninety degrees and her butt was practically in my face and I was practically out of my mind. It was round. It was full. It was heavenly. I wasn’t worthy. But then, who could be?”You may fondle, Bryan. Just the left side.”I was paralyzed. Allen poked me. “Do what you’re told!”I realized then that the rules of the game trumped everything. If I didn’t do what was required, I would be kicked out. Although I had always craved feeling up a girl’s ass, I was about to do it more from obedience than sheer butt lust.My hand went to her lush left ass cheek and I timidly squeezed it with my fingers. My entire body shook. Allen whispered for me to actually feel it up and stop being so damned uptight. I wasn’t uptight. I was just in awe of the first girl-ass I had ever touched. My hand cupped her ass and electric shocks went through me and the feel registered into the banks of my infinite memories.Before I expected, Keri stopped my fondling of Aria’s ass. I was so hopeful she would let me kiss it. It was right there in front of my face, bent over and beautiful. She HAD to let me kiss it! Even just one time! Let my lips go where my hand had been.”Did you like that, Bryan?” Keri asked. My head was effusive with nods. Aria had straightened her posture, brushed her short dress into place, and stood facing us once again. “Do you want more? More might help you to pass the first test.””Test?” I managed to ask.Allen whispered, “Yeah Bryan. Remember. Be willing.””You want more of Aria’s ass, don’t you?” asked Keri. “Well, what you have so far is a tease. What comes next is a test. It may be easy for you. It may be difficult. Either way, it is essential. If you pass, you may be permitted to come here regularly and have all kinds of pretty butts. You want that don’t you? Are you ready?”Since I had no idea what the test was, I didn’t know if I was ready or not. I had become so lost in overwhelming lust for Aria’s ass that I would probably have tried anything. I nodded but she required me to speak so I forced myself to say “Yes”.”Very well then. Aria, give him another ninety.”I watched and panted and the shapely brunette turned and her butt-profile came into view and then . . . then, she was standing with her back to me once again. I could see her ass in those thin panties under that short frilly maid’s dress. Then, she began bending. So did my insides. Her dress rose, her ass became visible, her panties stretched, and soon she was standing with a full bendover, right in front of my face. I marveled. I nearly prayed. I was so in awe.Keri came close. “Just think how you could be with beautiful butts all the time. Ass goddesses. Imagine! Since you said you are ready for the test, then move your face closer. Yes, just like that. This is the test you must pass Bryan.” She paused and leaned closer. “Sniff her butt!”What? What the hell? Ass worship was fondling and kissing but it sure as hell had never including sniffing someone’s ass! “Bryan, do it!” Allen added. “Do it! Don’t fuck up!””Yes Bryan,” Keri said. “Listen to your friend. He’s already done it and his membership is already being processed. You want to be a member and have lots of ass like he will get, don’t you? Now that you know how to get it, put your nose right there . . . ” she said while pointing to the very center of Aria’s stretched panties. “Right there and then smell her!” When nothing happened for a few seconds, she commanded, “NOW Bryan! If you know what’s good for you, then sniff her butt! NOW!”Her command was forceful and as a person, I am not, so it was more the strength of her voice that caused me to push my face forward and my nose into Aria’s dark canyon and then . . . okay I admit it . . . I . . . I sniffed her butt. It was awful! My face twisted and my head yanked backward until two hands stopped me. “Keep smelling her!” Keri admonished while Allen agreed.The hands pushed my head forward and I didn’t resist and my nose went into the seat of Aria’s panties and I sniffed her again and again. The smell was revolting but I figured if I did it this time and became a member, I wouldn’t be required to do it again. I smelled her over and over and my face wrenched. I mean, I was . . . I was sniffing a girl . . . well, you know where. You know what she does there. And I had to smell it? I thought I would hurl but I kept doing as I was told. It was NOT ass worship, but it was also not negotiable so I kept sniffing until Keri told me to stop and the two hands pulled my head back. Aria straightened herself and turned to face us. She seemed to have a bit of a satisfied smile.”You did well,” Keri praised. “Do you know why it was important for you to do that? It’s because we get guys who say they are ass worshipers but all they want is to take a couple of licks then move on to trying to fuck the girl. Nooooo, that is not an ass worshiper. We learned a long time ago that the one thing that TRUE ass worshipers have in common is smell. They all love it. So, if a guy isn’t a true ass worshiper, we’ll find out soon enough. Those types all run out of here like wimpy little puppies with their tails between their legs. But the sniffers, yeah, that’s what we want.”Ass worship suddenly seemed bigger and more defined than I had ever imagined.”Although you did well, Bryan, you haven’t passed the test.”What? How could I not have passed? I had sniffed Aria’s ass just like she told me to and for as long as she told me to. “There’s a second part and it is as important. You see . . . ” she moved closer. “You see . . . ass goddesses must KNOW that you love their smell. If the smell is what separates ass worshipers from the rest then you must let her know that you love it. Ass goddesses are here to be adored. If you don’t adore their smell, then you are a poser and they have no use for you.”Allen nudged me again. “Listen. It’s important.””So Bryan,” Keri said, “you will sniff Aria’s butt. You will sniff it and smell it fully and you will tell her that you are in love with that smell. Do you understand? It doesn’t matter if you love it or not as long as you say words that convince her.”Again, Aria turned her butt to me and she bent over escort izmir just as before and I was staring at her widened hips and the shadowed crevice of her panties and I knew what I had to do. Somehow, I knew it was right. I was beginning to understand that buttsniffing was indeed part of ass worship and either I adjusted to it I wasn’t a worshiper and I had to look for some other erotic pursuit, the prospect of which made me fearful. I knew they were right. I had to put my nose in Aria’s ass and I had to not only smell it and say I loved it, but I had to somehow, someday get myself to actually love it. My head went forward almost as if on its own and I buried my face in Aria’s round ass. I felt her butt cheeks against my face cheeks. Her cheeks were soft yet taut while mine felt flushed. Then . . . I . . . I smelled it. It was as if I was smelling it for the first and I suppose that is because I was smelling girl-ass on my own for the first time. I had to force myself to keep my face snug against her buttocks because the smell was almost overpowering. I mean, it was . . . it was smelling her … back “there” . . . you know. This time, no one was pushing my head. I was willingly smelling it. I sniffed again and winced but forced myself to keep my face right there. I sniffed again and again and I can’t say that the more I sniffed the easier it was, but I forced myself to do it anyway.”Stop!” Keri commanded. “Now, look directly at her and say how much you love her smell.”I did as she commanded even though I was forced to lie. I did it by substitution. What I mean is that while I was saying how much I loved the smell of her ass I was mentally substituting that I loved fondling her butt cheeks. I told her I craved the smell of her ass while actually remembering the feel of it cupped in my hand. “Your ass smells like heaven”— (your butt cheeks are angelic and should be kissed 24/7) —- that kind of thing.Keri was pleased but not fooled. Even so, she said it was okay. “Anyone who would struggle with it that much but speak those words anyway is good enough to be considered.”Unlike Allen, I was required to stay for an hour and keep my nose in Aria’s rear-end, smelling her and telling her how much I loved it. When Allen picked me up later he seemed pleased that I had grown in the appreciation of girl-ass and I had to agree because, for whatever reasons, I hadn’t bothered to rid my face of her scent.Allen gained a conditional membership in just four days. Mine took six. We were told that conditional memberships lasted for eight weeks and at the end of that time, we needed to have achieved full membership or we would lose all membership altogether. Of course, we wanted to know how to gain full membership and that is why Allen scheduled a day for his second test and within hours, I scheduled my day.With our conditional memberships, we went to A.J.’s nd those small rooms and the Skunk girls with their black maid’s outfits with single white stripes came to us and we fondled and kissed and, of course because it was required, we butt sniffed a lot of girls and praised their smell. I was still faking part of that appreciation but I found myself perhaps accruing somewhat of an addiction.Then, Keri met with Allen to indoctrinate him into full membership. He came home dazed and mumbling and unable to explain why. My appointment was the next day with doubts about whether I could do whatever was required. I was led to a room nearer the end of the long hallway. Keri ushered a half-dozen girls into the room to stand before me while I was sitting on the floor. They were gorgeous and all dressed in skunk outfits except that they all bore two white stripes front and back. Keri told me I would choose the one girl who appealed to me most/ She had them turn around and do nineties and that is when I thought I might have fallen in love. There was a girl near the end of the line with perfectly spread hips and a perfect rear-end with canyon shadows down the center of her thin panties. Although I had struggled to love the smell of girls’ butts, I had all I could do to keep from leaping forward and burying my nose in that girl’s ass and smelling it fully. She was THAT gorgeous. In a way, I think that might have been the very first time that I ever truly worshiped a girl’s ass because that is the first time I truly wanted to smell it. Keri had them straighten and turn to face me again. Then she asked which I preferred but I was so in awe of the perfectly-reared, honey-blond girl that I couldn’t even speak. She looked to be about 20 with hazel eyes that quickly took me captive.Keri saw where I was looking and reacted, “Then Shay it will be. The rest of you are dismissed.”I suddenly realized something: Sniffing Shay’s butt, or any girl, is the most intimate and personal way of experiencing a girl. She is permitting you to breathe in her most-intimate and most-private place, giving you something that is extraordinarily personal. That alone is worthy of appreciation which includes adoration which equals ass worship. And, since I had learned that true ass worship didn’t exist without buttsniffing and speaking words of love for a girl’s most private scent, then it meant to adore Shay, I needed to sniff her butt and love it. I suppose my eyes were like that of a droopy and pleading puppy dog.I was so ready to smell her and when Keri had her turn around and ninety herself into position, my nose went eagerly to her ass and I truthfully worshiped her smell. It was honest worship; pure and unmitigated. I sniffed and praised and smelled and adored. I became lost in the depths of Shay’s dark and mysterious wonderland. Buttsniffing had made no sense in the beginning but now, with this hazel-eyed girl, it made all of the sense in the world and it was easy to tell her how much I loved her ass and her smell.Shay was told to step away and stand-to. When she did, our eyes locked and hers seemed as if she accepted me. I mean, maybe she wanted me to be her boyfriend. Maybe she loved my nose in her ass or maybe my over-wrought expressions of adoration.Keri explained that to get a permanent membership, I still had to pass “the second test”. She asked if I wanted more of Shay and I said “Yes! Yes!” and Keri emphasized, “It’s all or nothing now, Bryan. Either you pass or you fail. If you fail, you’re out of here. You want to kiss Shay’s ass don’t you?”My head cranked up and down like a bobble-head.”Then, remember, it’s now or never. Comprende’?”I had to have more of Shay. I had to kiss that girl’s ass. I wanted membership and I wanted to sample more Skunk girls. I wanted to become a true ass worshiper.Keri advised Shay to resume her ninety position and for me to once again start sniffing because “It will get you better prepared for the test”.After several minutes, she told me to stop but to keep my face in Shay’s ass. I felt Keri’s face come close to my left ear. “Now Bryan, this is very special and maybe not easy. But it’s necessary if you want Shay’s ass and all of the joys of A.J.’s.”With my face still in Shay’s butt, I nodded slightly.”Then, you keep your face right there. No matter what, you keep your face right there. Now or never, buttface. Understand?”I nodded again. I would do anyth—-What!?!?!?!?I izmir escort bayan felt it. It couldn’t be! Shay had pushed her butt back slightly and then she had . . . she had . . . Shay farted in my face! She had just farted, right in my faceI I struggled. Then, I stopped. It was my fate. I had to have her. I had to take it.”Do it again, Shay!” Keri ordered and once again, air wafted through Shay’s panties and spread over my face. This time, it lasted much longer and the heat of it warmed my skin while the thought of it wrenched my guts. “Keep your face in her ass, Bryan. Now or never! You know that!”Shay looked over her left shoulder and back at me. She had a coquettish smile and I felt her hips move and then . . . once again . . . she farted right in my face! Unlike before, I didn’t struggle. I accepted it. I surrendered to it. Why? The answer came as quickly as the question. I was looking into Shay’s eyes and she was looking into mine and that had made it very personal. Our eyes being locked and her fart coming into my face was like some kind of deep, deep communication; like some intimate connection was happening between us. With a small smile, she farted again, right in my face. I received it as a very personal and private gift and not one she would give to just anyone. She was giving me something from her very essence and by inhaling her farts, I was consuming some intimate part of her. I stopped all manner of resistance and I smelled her. I earnestly and honestly smelled Shay’s farts and took them in and knew that we were somehow bonding in strange but deep basis. Keri was pleased and said it was better than how Allen had done and I felt proud. Odd to think about that; feeling proud to be a fartface. Shay tapped the side of my face and I again looked into her eyes and she farted and I kept looking while I fully breathed her in. And so it went for quite some time.I think Keri noticed our budding relationship because she dismissed Shay and brought in another girl who bent over and farted in my face while Keri challenged me to prove that fart-smelling wasn’t just because of Shay. I did the best I could but the new girl’s farts were were deeper and darker and nastier. And, she wasn’t Shay. Even so, I did actually begin to adapt because I realized that no matter who the girl was, she was giving me something very special and personal and for that reason, I needed to love and appreciate and be grateful. And so I inhaled. I smelled the new girl’s farts completely.Later, Keri brought Shay back so I could fondle and kiss her butt cheeks and she even let Shay sit on my face and fart for ten minutes. Then, she brought in the other girl and had me do the same with her. When I got home, I was excited. I told Allen how I had fallen in love with Shay’s ass and then her farts and how I had taken it from the second girl just the same and how Keri believed I was enough of a true ass worshiper that she was forwarding my profile to the administrators for full membership.Just as we received news that we would become full members, I asked Keri why facefarting was so important to A.J. Skunk’s. She reminded me about the word “smell” and how farts were convincing evidence of true ass worship, at least at A.J. Skunk’s. “It’s not an accident that most of the girls here are dressed like skunks. You put your faces in their butts and they spray you with their scent. See? Skunk girls.” And she explained the meaning of stripes. No stripes meant a girl was not into ass worship and was probably just a greeter or a go-fer. One stripe meant the girl was into ass worship via buttsniffing. And, two stripes was for facefarting girls. She said that “A.J.” stood for the owner’s initials but members often thought of it as “Ass Junkies” which had led to the creation of the term “Skunk Junkies”.On our night of membership induction, we were finally admitted into the big room which had all of the noise and music and sounds of a party. We were put on stools in the center of what seemed to be a dance floor and the moderator, a lady who looked to be about 50, explained who we were and that we had become full fledged members and had been recommended by Keri and many of the Skunk girls and we were not only buttsniffers but were also fartfaces.Members clapped and cheered while we felt very proud. I noticed that a small blond tart and a fat older man missed the announcements because she was farting in his face and he was snorting like a pig. Okay, that was a little ugly but I felt smug because I was new to the scene yet I could already snort farts almost as good as him.We were put on our backs on a stage and ten girls in double-stripe outfits took turns farting in our faces while members howled and the pig held the tart by the hips. After that night, we were taught ass kissing “in the way that it was intended.” It wasn’t just kisisng a girl’s butt cheeks but rather . . . actually . . . putting our mouths . . . you know . .. . putting our mouths right on girls’ bronze rings and kissing. And then, not just kissing it but making out with it. Licking and deep-tonguing became our form of sexual intercourse and I must say, we not only learned a lot but we had ass, ass, ass, ass, ass! It was heaven, even though, in the beginning, it had seemed like hell. What I loved so much was that I could go to the club and either go to the main room and kiss and smell girl’s asses at random or I could take a girl to a back room and worship her ass and smell her rosebud and kiss it adoringly. Or, I could have girls sit on my face or help me to grow in loving girl-farts, or deep-tongue her or, as with Shay, all of the above. And yes, Shay and I dated. I wouldn’t say we necessarily became boyfriend/girlfriend, but we did in the sense that I fell in love with her ass and when we made out, I made out with her ring and when we had sex, it was with my tongue buried in her butt while she fingered herself to orgasm.Allen also had a butt-girlfriend. She was a little thinner than most but he loved her ass. He had become a fart freak and that is why he wanted her to be his girlfriend. I mean, Shay could fart like an angel but Elissa was the most prolific fart girl I had ever met. Sometimes we would double date and while I was fucking Shay in the ass with my tongue, Elissa was stinking the place up unbearably by farting all over Allen’s face. Shay’s farts were beautifully scented but sometimes overpowered by the residual aromas that Elissa expelled. Okay, so I know that kind of thing isn’t for everyone, but it certainly is for us. There is a deep and sensual and sometimes romantic intercourse between an ass goddess and those of us who worship them and it cannot be replicated by any other form of intimacy that I know. Worshiping a girl’s ass is to put her on the highest pedestal and what girl doesn’t love that?And so, The Allegiance continues as does our need to sneak through the dark of night to A.J. Skunk’s to engage in our strange and decadent act of worshiping ass the way it was intended. There is so much more to tell. Perhaps, another time, but soon. So far, we have not convinced Jessica Biel to sit on the throne of our faces or to let us kneel and reverently kiss her bronze ring, but we do have new posters so, as for now, those will have to do. If you happen to know her, please have her get in touch with us. Life is hell when the goddess you worship is only made of paper and is Scotch taped to the back of your door.

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