Sleepwalking Mom Ch. 01


My name is Dex. It’s short for Dexter and I never tell anyone that and no one in my family uses the full name unless it’s Mom and she’s pissed at me. The name was passed down to me after my grandfather, Dexter, died a month before I was born. I am nineteen, almost twenty and will be starting my sophomore year in college, next fall. It’s summer break and I’m home with my parents and twin sisters. My dad, Jarod, is forty-five and is a successful business man. He is a good father and has always spent a great deal of his time with us three kids. He had been in middle management until recently. He just got a promotion which he almost declined to accept because it would mean he would be traveling more frequently. He and mom decided together that he should take it because us kids were grown and getting ready to leave the roost anyway. Mom didn’t seem to consider the time he would be away from her. I guess the bump in salary was more important. None of us kids were consulted.

My mom, Madelyn, or Maddy for short, is forty-two. She started working in the same company as Dad when she graduated from high school, and that’s where they met. Dad was twenty-five and Mom was twenty-two when they married and I was born a year later. Mom took her three-month maternity leave and never returned to the work-force. My twin sisters, June and Julie, were born a year later during the final minutes of June and the initial minutes of July. We had always celebrated their birthdays on the dates on their birth certificate instead of the same day like most twins. June and Julie theorized that they got more presents that way.

Mom is stunningly attractive for her age. She is tall with all the curves in the right places. Her tummy is taut and flat on a slender waist. She’s proud of her ability to eliminate the baby pooch, especially after the birth of the twins. Her hips flare smoothly from a narrow waist to firm thighs. She has broad shoulders and her breasts are large for her overall slender body and her ever visible cleavage is ample and sits particularly high on her chest. She has auburn hair with natural vertical curls that she wears below her shoulders. She is always trying to eliminate the curls, but I think they’re sexy. Her big eyes are emerald green. She has high cheek bones and puffy lips. She turns every man’s head when she walks by and she knows it. Ever since the hormones began churning through my body, I’ve noticed too. I’ve routinely jerked off imagining what Mom looked like naked. I never got a chance to find out until recently.

June and Julie are identical twins but I can tell them apart even from a distance. They both have long blonde hair, like Dad had when he was young. They have the vertical curls like Mom and they do everything they can to enhance them. Their facial features are more Mom’s than Dad’s, which Dad is always thanking God for. I look more like Dad than Mom.

The twins are nearly as tall as Mom. They have gorgeous, long legged bodies which gives me even more jerk-off material. Their breasts sit high on their chests like Moms but they are smaller. They look incredible on their more slender, athletic bodies. They often catch me staring at them and then tease me about it. I am always embarrassed and turn red-faced to their delight and they tease me even more.

I had a growth spurt in recent years and am now well over six feet tall. I’m kind of uncoordinated, probably caused by the growth spurt; so, I started working out in the weight room at school. I catch the twins looking at my ripped body now and giggling between themselves and I’m embarrassed all over again imagining what they are laughing at.

We live in a nice house in a ritzy neighborhood. It’s not a mansion or anything close. The master bedroom with ensuite bathroom is on the first-floor. Three fairly large bedrooms are on the second-floor. None of them have its own bathroom. The lone, large bathroom on the second-floor is half-way down the hall, on the front of the house, abutting my bedroom at the end of the hall and Dad’s office at the top of the stairs. Mom and Dad’s bedroom is across the hall from the bathroom with large windows looking into the backyard. The twins have the ensuite master bedroom on the first-floor.

I’ve only been home a couple days and I have not slept well. I guess it’s the ‘new’ bed and pillow and I had tossed and turned for almost two hours trying to get comfortable. It was dark and perfectly quiet as I laid on my side facing the open bedroom door punching my pillow into a new form when the hall light came on. From my position, I could see all the way down the hall to the stairway leading to the first floor. I squinted my eyes to adjust to the sudden brightness of the light. Nothing more happened for a few moments and I lifted my head to see better. Then it happened.

I heard my parent’s bedroom door knob turn and Mom stepped slowly into the hallway. She was completely naked; my dreams had come true. I figured that she was heading across the hall to the bathroom but she just stood there with a confused and dazed look on her face. She turned her türbanlı porno head to look down the hall to my room and I dropped my head back to my pillow so she wouldn’t see me looking at her. Her eyes were open but they seemed vacant like she was in a trance or something.

I dropped my eyes from her face to examine her amazing body. I figured that I would never get another chance and I wanted to remember every square inch of her. It was more spectacular than I had imagined. Her full breasts sat high on her chest and had only a slight sag. Her nipples were erect and I realized that I was licking my lips. My dick was as hard as a steel rod and my hand was already stroking it from tip to balls under the covers.

Mom just stood there like a statue. I hated to pull my eyes from her breasts but I didn’t expect that she would be standing there like that for long, so I pulled my eyes down over her flat stomach, past her navel to her crotch. Her pubic hair was dark and neatly trimmed. I was familiar with the female anatomy from previous girlfriends and I could clearly see her puckered outer labia. I increased the pace with my hand and risked being seen as I reached for a wad of tissues from the box on my night table. I was getting close.

Just as I pulled the tissues under the covers, Mom turned and took several unsteady steps toward my room and stopped in my doorway. Her eyes were still open but seemed unseeing. Her form was backlit by the hallway light behind her silhouetting the curves of her torso to her waist to her hips and legs. Her right hand moved to her crotch. I couldn’t actually see it in the dark, but the movement of her arm in the backlight indicated that she was masturbating. I stopped moving and pretended that I was asleep, just in case. My rigid cock pulsed harder in my grip as I watched her arm moving through half-closed eyes. My heart was pounding in my chest. I was sure that she could hear it. That’s all I could hear.

Mom moaned and rocked her hips forward as the movement of her hand in her sex increased. After a couple minutes, she gasped hard and her head snapped back on her neck as her knees buckled slightly. She muttered softly, “Oh my God. Yes.” After she settled down, she pulled her hand up to her face. Again, the backlighting of the hall light prevented me from seeing but I could clearly hear her sucking on her fingers. I gripped my raging cock harder trying to stave off my ejaculation. Then I lost the battle and softly emitted a strangled groan as I jammed the tissues onto the end of my cock and cum exploded from my erection. I silently prayed that Mom had not heard my groan.

She gave no indication that she had as she slowly turned around and moved back down the hallway with her hand still at her face. Once beyond the hall light I could see her ass swaying provocatively, with each tenuous step. She stopped at the bathroom door but she didn’t turn or even look that way. After a moment, she continued down the hall.

Suddenly, Dad appeared in the hallway heading quietly but hurriedly toward Mom. He was naked too. He caught up with her before she reached the stairway and gently placed a hand on her shoulder. She stopped immediately and turned her head to look at Dad’s hand. Then she slowly turned around and pressed her tits to Dad’s chest and kissed his shoulder. Then she pushed Dad around and up against the wall as she kissed her way down his chest. Dad offered no resistance to her maneuvering.

In this new position, I could see that Dad had an erection and Mom reached down and wrapped her hand around it as she continued kissing her way down. She squatted and kissed the tip of Dad’s cock. He let her go and when Mom dropped to her knees and inhaled his cock all the way to his balls, he groaned hard and his head dropped back against the wall.

My cock was instantly hard again as I watched. I was breathing so hard and my heart was pounding like a jack-hammer in my chest. Mom pulled her lips back to his glans and pushed back down again. Dad pulled his head off the wall so he could watch. Mom moved her hand off Dad’s cock to her left breast and began tweaking her erect nipple. My hand was flying up and down my cock. I was so aroused that my body was trembling.

Mom pulled back to his glans again and then pulled off and licked the underside of his cock down to his balls and then sucked each of them into her mouth for a moment before popping her lips off. Her face was looking up at him the whole time but it still appeared that she wasn’t seeing anything. Dad reached forward and put his hands on either side of Mom’s head and held it in place as he began fucking his cock all the way into Mom’s mouth until her nose pushed into his pubic hair. Mom took it all without a single gag.

In the total silence that was broken only by the slurping sounds of Mom’s mouth on Dad’s cock, I heard Dad softly mutter the words, “Jesus Maddy. Why can’t you do this when you’re awake? You won’t even remember this in the morning.” Until that moment I was confused by the trance that Mom had seemed to be in. I hadn’t türk porno put two and two together until Dad muttered those words. Mom was sleepwalking.

After a couple minutes, Dad’s head pushed back against the wall again and he groaned hard and drove his hips forward and held them there as he was obviously blowing his load into Mom’s throat. She gagged once but didn’t fight against his grip. I should have pulled out a fresh wad of tissues but I didn’t and I followed Dad’s ejaculation with my own into the original tissues and I had a hell of a mess all over the sheets and my hand, arm and stomach.

Mom gripped Dad’s cock and licked it clean and then Dad helped Mom to her feet and she pushed her body against his and stretched up and kissed him on the lips. Dad kissed her back and then guided her back to their bedroom and the hall light flicked off. I heard their door latch shut.

I swiveled my feet around to the floor and grabbed a bunch of tissues and tried to clean myself up in the dark. I couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed. Mom, sleepwalking and sucking Dad’s cock without even realizing she was doing it. My cock was hard again just visualizing it. I jerked off again into a fresh wad of tissues and got back beneath the cold, cum stained sheets. I couldn’t get back to sleep. I was wondering why Mom had stood in my doorway masturbating until she had an orgasm. Was she dreaming? Were sleepwalkers locked in a dream? I’d have to Google it tomorrow. I finally drifted off wishing that I had had the presence of mind to video it with my cell phone. Next time I would; if there was a next time.

Because college was out for the summer, weeks before the high school, the twins were up and ready to leave for school when I came downstairs the next morning. I was taking a few weeks off before I started my summer job as an intern with Dad’s company. He had already left for work when I sat down at the dining room table as Mom handed me a cup of coffee. She bent down and kissed me on the cheek and said, “I’m so happy to have my baby boy home for the summer.”

June and Julie were both mimicking Mom’s words and gyrating their body around as their head cocked from side to side. I looked past Mom to watch them and Mom turned to see what I was looking at. They stopped their antics before Mom caught them. June came around the table and hugged me and said, “Yes, big brother. It’s nice to have you home.” Her voice dripped of sarcasm. Julie followed suit and sat down in my lap and put her arms around my neck and kissed me on the cheek. The little minx squirmed her ass around in my lap and my cock involuntarily hardened in response. She giggled and squirmed a little more and then stood up and headed for the door with June close behind. They were giggling again and I was embarrassed again.

Mom brought a plate of scrambled eggs and sausages from the kitchen and set it down in front of me and then she sat down at the table with a cup of coffee and just watched me eat. She had an odd look on her face as she watched. It was a bit of a sultry look when I thought about it later.

The weather was unseasonably warm for late May and I spent the day in my bathing suit alternating between the hot tub, the pool and a lounge chair. Mom brought out a beer and a glass of wine and sat with me for a while. I was underage but that wasn’t mentioned. Mom unbuttoned a few of the buttons on her blouse to get some sun on her chest. She didn’t show anything more than her cleavage, but I was watching, just in case and my dick grew hard in anticipation. Mom caught me looking and chuckled as my face went beet red with embarrassment. I immediately looked away.

As though in retaliation, she looked down at my lap. I didn’t dare look down. I knew what she was seeing. I glanced at her face and she was still looking. I took a sip off the beer can and Mom took a big gulp of her wine. Her face was flushed. I assumed that it was from the wine.

Without a word, Mom got up and went back in the house and I looked down to see my erection tenting my bathing suit straight up in the air. I groaned and even though it was too late, I adjusted the position off to the side so it wouldn’t be so obvious. Mom returned with another beer but she didn’t stay. I finished the second beer and with the erection gone, I climbed onto a float in the pool and promptly fell asleep. I hadn’t gotten much sleep last night and I hoped that I wouldn’t get any more tonight for the same reason.

I don’t know how long I had slept but I was shocked awake by water splashing on my back. Mom said, “Dex. You’re going to get a bad sunburn if you’re not careful. The sun is hotter than you think.” I rolled off the float into the water. Jesus, it was cold. I got out of the pool and pulled a lounge chair into the shade and settle into it and drifted off to sleep again.

When I woke again, I was dreaming of last night’s events and my dick was a stone pillar in my suit. My hand was inside stroking it up and down. I yanked my hand from suit when I came to enough to realize what I was doing. I quickly türkçe alt yazı porno glanced around to see if Mom had caught me jerking off. I had always feared that Mom, or even worse, the twins would catch me jerking off. I didn’t see her anywhere in the yard. Thank God.

When my erection receded, I got up and gathered the empty beer cans and went inside. Mom wasn’t anywhere on the main floor. I went up the stairs and down the hallway to my room to change. The door to my parent’s bedroom was open and Mom was sprawled, fully clothed, across their bed, sound asleep. I lingered in the hall a moment to see if there was anything to see and then continued to my room.

The vision of Mom sucking Dad’s cock popped into my mind and my dick responded accordingly. I pulled on a pair of athletic shorts and went down the hall to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and jerked myself off to visions looping in my head. It didn’t take long.

I dropped my clothes and turned on the shower to clean off the chlorine smell from the pool and hot tub. The shower has a frosted glass door so someone else can use the sink or toilet if the shower is in use and I had just stepped under the hot water and closed the door when a quick rap on the bathroom door was followed by Mom. She said, “It’s just me. Take your time.” A minute later she left.

I dressed and went back to my room and turned on my laptop computer to research sleepwalking. I discovered that sleepwalking was more common for children and was equally common for boys or girls. If a child was a sleepwalker, it was much more common for that child to be a sleepwalker as an adult. I didn’t know if Mom had been a sleepwalker as a child. It was normal for a sleepwalker to have their eyes open and adults could engage in normal daily activities including sexual activities without even realizing they were doing it and may never remember doing it when they wake up. It’s not unusual for a sleepwalker to fix themselves something to eat or even go for a walk outside or even drive in the car. That sounded dangerous. It’s not dangerous to wake a sleepwalker unless the walker doesn’t recognize where they are or who woke them and they may attack the person or persons. For that reason, it was recommended that they be ushered gently back to bed without waking them. Last night, I had witnessed much of what I discovered on the web.

So, even though Mom was looking right at me as she stood in my doorway last night, she wasn’t seeing me. I also discovered that sleepwalking can be inherited. I couldn’t help but wonder if I walked in my sleep too. How would I know unless someone told me? What if I walked in my sleep and just went back to bed after and no one saw me?

For several nights, either Mom didn’t sleepwalk or I didn’t wake up to see her. My research had not mentioned how often a sleepwalker would do their thing. I wondered what Mom would do if Dad didn’t guide her back to bed.

Several nights later, I woke for no apparent reason and decided to go to the bathroom since I was awake anyway. I got back in bed and hadn’t even got the covers back over me when I heard my parent’s bedroom door open. The hallway light didn’t come on but I could see my Mom walk out into the hall in the gloom of streetlights filtering through the bathroom window. Again, I expected that she was just going to the bathroom because she probably woke up when I went. Again, she just stood there in the hall looking left and right like she was deciding which way to go. I could tell that she was naked but I couldn’t make out any details of her naked body.

I was disappointed when she didn’t come down the hall to stand in my doorway like before. She turned and slowly headed for the stairs. She stopped at the top of the stairs and didn’t move for more than a minute. I was expecting Dad to make his appearance and hoping that the same thing happened when he did. Mom slowly made her way down the stairs. Then the lights at the bottom of the stairs came on. She was out of sight by then.

I got out of my bed and pulled on a pair of boxer shorts and headed toward the door to my room. I was concerned for Mom’s welfare as Dad apparently wasn’t going to wake up to guide her back to bed. As I stepped through my door, Dad burst out of his room into the hall muttering, “No, no, no, Maddy. Not the girls.” I stopped dead in my tracks as he hurried down the hall to the stairs. I couldn’t imagine why Dad had said those words, but they would stick with me.

Dad hurried down the stairs and the light from the downstairs hallway revealed that he was naked like before. I cautiously and quietly moved down the hall and stopped and sat down on the second step and looked past the landing to the hallway below.

Dad had caught up with Mom just before the twin’s closed bedroom door. I maneuvered over to the edge of the stair so I could see. Mom had already turned and pressed herself to Dad’s chest and he was gently holding her. She was jerking on Dad’s erect cock with a hand-shake grip. I cursed myself for leaving my cell phone in my room and I wasn’t about to go back and get it. I reached through the hole of my boxer shorts and pulled my erection out and then cursed myself again for not grabbing some tissues to collect my cum. I found myself wishing that I could deposit my cum where Dad was going to deposit his.

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