Slowly transforming


Slowly transformingHello, God I have so much to share, I dint know where to begin. Transsexuals are so hot and erotic, I’ve fantasized about them for a long tune, I would have sex with my girlfriend and to come I would think about fucking a hot TS and I would come so hard everytime. Eventually I started thinking that this was an issue, am I gay? I mean when I was like 12 I would jack off to butt fucking certain class mates, the athletic cute ones. When I was 14 and spending the night with my friend, we would always jack off together, and one night we decided to suck each other’s dick, I recall sucking it really good, I was a Natural, doing all these maneuvers with my tongue and asking him if he liked that, I knew he did, but I was trying to be hot, lol. As bisexual as I was I denied the notion for fear of judgements from well everyone. Since that time I have not been with a man, never got butt fucked, although güvenilir bahis I was rather curious. The magic happened one night when I stumbled across the sexiest specimen I had ever seen, Danny Evangelista, she was a 90s pornstar, a blonde Latina, Everything about her was overwhemingly sexy and erotic, her desire was so genuine, she was so female, I identified with her because I saw what looked like me if i was a chick and she was naughty, as am I. So last last year, 2018, following a breakup with a girl I simply adored, I gave up on my love life, I began dabbling in my suppressed transsexual notions, I just knew I could be so sexy, for I didn’t feel that way as a man. I think I just wanted to be somebody else. I went out and bought all the stuff and the pic of me in the red stockings was my first photo shoot. I put myself out there to test the waters and monitor feedback, and everybody wanted türkçe bahis me. I could have had any guy I wanted, it was…. Powerful, I was hooked. I did this all in hiding and it became an obsession, I would do solo videos, I spent thousands of dollars on clothes, stayed learning to fuck my ass with dildos, in so tight this was very difficult at first, I loved dildoing my ass and pulling it out to suck it, so for months I practiced, rejecting men left and right, was waiting for the right one, and was also obsessed with finding a couple. I’ve really let go this past couple months and talked to a lot of people and started to give In to my repressed desires, I was Programmed to deny all notions because I would go to hell for being gay, that’s how I was raised. Well so I suppressed my sexuality, caging this little horny blonde freak and her and I have stayed to become one, after putting her impulses in check, güvenilir bahis siteleri I’ve reached a subspace with her, I think. I learned to let go. To submit, now more than ever I am very horny for men, I want to be desired, wanted, I want to be treated like a hot chick, my ass ate out, then he makes it with me while fucking my tight ass as I moan with a sincere female voice, which I only recently discovered.. So somewhere in this mess of a sexuality long suppressed and sheltered, I made peace and I’m comfortable, ready for a man to charm me, sweep me off my feet. I love women, don’t get me wrong, but the last one made me eternally hopeless for a relationship, I will never find someone as good and understanding as her, she left a mark on my soul, very much adored her and now I have to know what that feels like. I desire passion, and I guess I’m in a mission to fulfill my fantasies, stay tuned as slowly start making movies, I’ve only been fucked twice, I’ll be posting a video soon, the first one, watch me get bred, I’m going to fuck his world and this will be our first fuck. Let me know how I did, if you’re a fan of my Amateur work.

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