Small Town Girl Wanted Anal – True Story


Small Town Girl Wanted Anal – True StoryFor those of you just looking for a quick wank, you should know that all of my stories have a slow build up… but hopefully to a happy ending.It was turning into a pretty rough year for me. Beth and I were fighting every day, and just couldn’t live with each other any more. As a quick fix I moved out of our swank Toronto flat back to my home town and took an apartment at the rental property that my family owned. Then I started drinking my way into a bad head-space, with it eventually affecting my work. But before I got fired, I just up and quit. So there I was — a single, unemployed drunk, stuck in a small town, relying on my dwindling savings and the charity of my family to get by. The highlight of my life became heading down town to a quaint little pub, where no one seemed to ask any probing questions about what you were up to. It was a perfect place to drink my troubles away. I was treated well by the owners and staff, as I became a regular… and I tipped well. As this was a small town pub, they often closed up before 11:00 if there wasn’t any crowd to justify staying open. But one bartender would just flip the sign to ‘closed’, lock the door, dim the lights and let me continue drinking as long as I liked, never kicking me out before I had had my fill. In fact, she would usually pour herself a drink and pull up a stool beside me and chat with me until I left. Her name was Ann.Now I’ve always had a rule to never to pick up bartenders. It was kind of a ‘don’t shit where you eat’ type of philosophy. And though Ann was one of the best looking girls I had met since coming back to town, I had also met her boyfriend, and was content to just have her as a drinking buddy. I didn’t want to stir the pot in a town so small. Besides, Beth had started coming into town, fucking me silly, in the hopes we would get back together. So I wasn’t exactly on the prowl.One Tuesday night there was a decent crowd at the pub. But when 11:00 rolled around, Ann began shutting down anyway, politely kicking everyone out, except me. She locked the door, dimmed the lights and then proceeded to pour us a picture of beer. She drank double time, trying to catch up with me. Then she poured another pitcher. As we chatted she revealed that the owners had gone out of town for the night, and she just wanted to have some fun. She kept chugging beer until she started to get sloppy with her speech. When that pitcher was empty she just filled it back up again.The owners lived above the pub. And as they were out for the night, Ann invited me up the back stairs, with full pitcher in hand, to show me what a great job they had betsobet yeni giriş done renovating the place. She showed it off like it was her own, pointing out the level of detail that had gone into every room, as we plowed through the pitcher. The tour came to an end at the guest bedroom. Without warning, she pulled me into a full embrace and parted my lips with her tongue. At that moment my rule suddenly seemed rather unclear, as I was the one getting picked up by the bartender. That scenario had never really crossed my mind.With a perfectly good bed only a few feet away it seemed a bit odd that we collapsed to the shag carpet to make out and start some heavy petting. But she was a bit tipsy and just didn’t seem to care. So I followed her lead. As I slowly started to peel her clothes off, I found that Ann had a perfectly proportioned body. At about 5’6″, there wasn’t a part of her that was either too big or too small, from tits to ass, to waist, to feet. Even her wavey dirty-blonde hair only went down a couple of inches past her shoulders. A near perfect female specimen.Just feeling her soft skin with my hands got me hard pretty quickly. She noticed and drove her hand down my pants, jerking my cock with long hard strokes. (I guess we had both forgotten all about her boyfriend.) I got ahead of her and had her panties down to her knees before she started to push my jeans over my ass. She worked over-time to make up for it and had us both naked in no time flat, our clothes tossed all around us in no discernible order. Then she rolled over onto her side with her back to me, pulling my hands up to her tits to help her massage them, while I kissed her neck or tongued her ear. My dick slowly grew rock solid and began poking her in the ass. She responded with quiet moans of satisfaction and began rubbing her ass up and down my dick.After a couple of minutes of this she broke away from me to reach over to her hand bag, a few feet away. She crawled to it with her ass proudly up in the air, giving me a full view. She dug around for a few seconds and pulled out a tube of what looked like skin cream. She looked back at me, and with the curl of her finger she encouraged me to follow her. She lay down on her stomach and passed the tube to me with the cap flipped open and said, “Rub this into my ass.”Up to that point in my life I had only ever fucked Beth’s ass. And only on special occasions. She had controlled the time and place like it was a reward for being a good boyfriend. But, for whatever reason, Beth and I never used lube. The concept was actually kind of foreign to me. So when Ann asked me to rub this betsobet güvenilirmi cream into her ass, I actually thought she meant ‘onto her ass’, never letting it cross my mind that the first sex I had with a girl might be anal. So, I sat on her thighs and squeezed a couple of big squirts onto her ass cheeks and started to massage it in. As I had squeezed out way too much, I started to spread it around her back and up to her shoulders, giving her a full body massage. She moaned with pleasure, so I figured I was doing something right. But finally she grabbed her tube of cream and squirt some onto to two of her fingers. I was entranced as I watched her reach back, spred her ass, and plunge her two cream-covered fingers into her own asshole.My dick stood up like a flag-pole. That’s what she meant. How naive was I? Of course, not wanting to admit anything, I took her skin cream, applied a line down the length of my cock, and smoothed it around my entire shaft, while she put on a show, sinking her fingers into her ass. I finally pulled her hand away from her ass, replaced it with the tip of my dick and leaned down on top of her. I whispering into her ear, “So this is what you want, right?” She replied, “What do you think, silly?”No blow-job, no eating her out, no tit-job. In fact, I hadn’t ever touched her pussy with my fingers, let alone my dick. But there I was, lining my cock up to plunge it into Ann’s now greased-up little asshole. This would be the first time I had ever gone ‘straight to the ass’. And instead of the usual protests I got from Beth, warning me to ‘go slow’, Ann looked back at me and asked, “What are you waiting for?” I didn’t need to be asked twice.The skin cream did its job admirably. After popping the head of my cock in, it didn’t take much of a push before I was two thirds up to my balls. I started to rock back and forth, pushing my cock a little deeper into her shit-hole each time, as I heard her wimpers muffled through the shag carpet. She seemed to love it. That’s when I understood why she hadn’t led me to the bed. Anal sex can make quite a mess. And she obviously had been planning on having me fuck her ass all along, probably plotting it out before she had even closed the bar. I ground my cock into her with precision strokes as she squeezed her sphincter, and released it in perfect time. Eventually I tried to pull her up into a doggy-position, but she just arched her ass up into the air, keeper her face buried in the carpet. At times I could see her biting the carpet to hold back her screams as I started to fuck her ass harder and faster. I sqeezed her soft ass cheeks with every betsobet giriş plunge, and pulled her back onto me. Then I would push her away, only to pull her back a bit harder, a bit deeper. The motion became hypnotic.It usually took me a long to time to cum when I had been drinking. But not this time. I had only been fucking her ass for maybe 15 minutes and I could feel my balls tighten up. But I actually wanted it to last longer, as her ass felt so tight around my cock. Every plunge pulled my foreskin all the way back, letting every part of my helmet feel the full intesity of her dick-squeezing sphincter. I slowed down, and began pulling my cock out almost all the way, before I eased it back in, my balls tickling her pussy. It was a beautiful sight, and a beautiful feeling. The slower I went, the deeper I got, and the louder Ann moaned. If I had had any doubts before, I now knew for sure that Ann was an anal-loving whore.Finally there was no going back. I started to quiver and knew I was close. So I built the grind back up a little faster, a little harder, until the slapping noise of her ass hitting my crotch drowned out my grunts and her moans and screams. Not asking, and not caring, I started to unload my cum into her ass. We both bucked uncontrollably as I emptied my balls deep into her anal cavity, aggressively slamming my cock into her with complete abandon.When we had both stopped cumming I collapsed on top of her with my dick still deep up her asshole. As the intensity slowly passed and I softened up a bit, she expertly squeezed her anus around my dick, and pushed it out — followed by almost my entire spent load. My cum quickly dripped down her inner thigh into a pool onto the shag carpet. Ann took a deep satisfied breath and moaned, “Thanks for playing,” before she passed out, right there, on the floor. In retrospect, I don’t think she would’ve even let me fuck her pussy, if I had wanted to. I mean I never even touched her pussy with my fingers and she still had an orgasm with my cock grinding her ass. And she had made no indication that she was into oral. In fact the kissing stopped as soon as I entered her ass. So I guess it was a good thing that I considered fucking her ass a treat, as that was all she seemed to really want.Anyway, just as I had gathered up my clothes and put them on, the owners of the pub came home. I was kneeling over Ann to give her a kiss good-night when they walked up to the open doorway of their guest room. It must have been quite a sight, as Ann was passed out, naked on the floor, with her ass still gaped open, and a prominent puddle of my cum was sinking into their shag carpet. I looked up, saw them shake their heads and then walk away in disgust. They went to their bedroom without saying a word, and slammed the door behind them. I got the impression that this wasn’t the first time this had happened. So I quietly let myself out… ironically, through the back door.

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