Subject: Smokey Summer It was the summer of 1963 and I would turn14 years old in August. I was going to spend at least half if not all of it with my dad in a national park for the second summer in a row. I’d spent full days and sometimes weekends and school breaks at the park with him before they got divorced. Dad was a mid-level management park ranger with the national park service. He and my mom had gotten a divorce 3 years prior and since we lived on opposite sides of the country, I didn’t get to see him all that often so a full month or more was a treat for me in more ways than one. I think part of the reason my parents divorced was that my dad was more laid back about parenting, allowing me the opportunity to figure stuff out on my own whereas my mom was more controlling. She wanted to give me directions for everything, wanted to know what I was doing all the damned time. That isn’t to say that dad was hands off because that wasn’t true at all. I was able to use my own judgement about a lot of things, allowing me to build trust and confidence which in turn allowed me more freedom. In truth I was a good kid, made good choices, got good grades and all that. Mom didn’t seem to give me a lot of credit for that. I could go on but why waste the time. I was looking forward to the expanded freedom that dad would allow me. Another reason for the divorce and why mom decided to move us 3000 miles away was because she never did care for the ranger life as in, spending so much time in parks, living in small towns away from the amenities of city life. I inherited my dad’s love and respect of the outdoors. I’d been a cub scout from age 6-10 when I joined the boy scouts and was a member of that organization until age 18. Being with my dad for a chunk of the summer meant I’d miss the scouts summer camp, an event that I had looked forward to for the past 3 years. I don’t want to sound like a clich� but I had my sexual awakening at scout camp when I was 10 years old however it wasn’t with a scoutmaster but another boy a few years older than me.. I was bunked in a 4 man canvas tent with only one other boy, a 14 year old named Cletus Razdan who went by Raz. Of the two other boys that were supposed to be in our tent, one got sick and had to go home the first day and the other wanted to bunk with his 2 cousins in another tent. Because we used communal showers and were allowed to swim naked in the lake due to an absence of females boys got exposed to group nudity pretty quickly. Naturally the younger boys were quite enthralled at the sight of the older boys larger cocks, sagging balls and patches of pubic hair. And, quite naturally, many of the younger boys popped boners. It was made clear at the outset that getting a boner was natural and no teasing would be tolerated. So, Raz took me under his wing, watched out for me, and taught me a lot of stuff, even though I knew more about scouting than most boys, thanks to my dad’s job. We were required to shower every evening even if we’d been swimming during the day. Raz was right there by my side, encouraging me to relax and go with it. I didn’t get a boner but I sure did look. Since Raz was my mentor of sorts, I checked him out first. And he knew it. Raz had a pretty big dick and that wasn’t just my opinion, as it turned out. His balls were big, as was the patch of black hair at the base of his cock. There were at least 25 boys in the group so there was plenty to see and plenty to compare. As stated, a few of the younger boys got boners and it seemed to me, even at that age, that a few of the older boys seemed to be getting hard as well but not the full on standing straight up kind of hard. Later that night in our tent Raz asked me what I thought about being naked with a bunch of boys and was I okay with it. I was curious about boners, why did boys get them. That led to a pledge of secrecy and then a basic sex ed lecture, describing the female anatomy (an additional hole down there) and how it all worked. Of course I was interested in the sperm part, could I make it, what it looked like and stuff like that. That led to another pledge of secrecy. He then raised up his butt and stripped off his briefs and in the dim light I could see that he was getting a boner, which made me get one too. Raz began slowly stroking his dick which caused him to go full on hard. I watched, mesmerized, and groped the front of my own FTL’s. “Are you getting hard Corky,” he asked and I nodded my head. “I would love to see your hard boner, if you’d let me.” Interestingly enough I did want him to see me naked and hard so I quickly stripped naked. “You got a great cock for a young boy Corky plus your uncut.” I felt proud that Raz acknowledged me like that. A lot of boys thought my dick looked weird or deformed. “You’re so big Raz,” I said then asked how big it was to which he replied, “7� inches. You can touch me if you want to Corky cuz I’d sure like to touch you.” I was all for that. I wanted to touch him to feel him as much as I wanted him to do the same to me. I reach out and took hold of his boner and immediately reveled in the firmness of the shaft and the soft warmness of the skin. When he took hold of my cock I thought I’d faint. It was like an electric shock but in a good way. After a minute of feeling each other up Raz said he’d show me the sperm stuff, that is, if I wanted to. Heck yeah I wanted to. He lay back and took hold of his cock and started moving his hand up and down on it. “I’m sure that you’re done this with your boner, right Corky?” I had and I said so. “So when a boy puts his boner in a girl and fucks her, this is what his boner is doing and after a bit he shoots his sperm into her. It’s called jacking off or beating off and you can do this too Corky but of course you won’t shoot sperm but you can still get the good feelings that happens when a boy does shoot it. I can do it for you if you want me to.” I did want him to if only because I loved having him touch me there so I said okay. He reached over and took my boner in his thumb and fingers and began moving the skin up and down. The feelings radiating through my body were incredible. Having my foreskin slid back and forth over the head of my cock was making me crazy. Sure, I’d done it myself but having it done was totally different. “I loved feeling your boner like this Corky, I hope you like it too.” I mumbled that I did. Raz stroked us both for a good 5 minutes then let go of my cock. I’m gonna shoot soon Corky so watch closely.” I rolled onto an elbow and kept my big brown eyes riveted on his hand which had picked up speed. “I’m close Corky,” he groaned. A second later he said, “Here it is.” His hand slowed down then all of a sudden a big stream of white stuff shot up into his chest. Raz was moaning like an injured child so I wondered if it hurt to do that. Another squirt of the stuff shot out and then another and still another one, all of them landing on his chest and heaving belly. After then more stuff sort of popped out and finally it slowed to a dribble. Raz stopped moving his hand and lay there panting like he’d run a mile or something. He didn’t say anything for a solid minute then turned to look at me with a silly grin on his face. “I love cumming,” he panted, “It’s so good. He was quiet for a minute then said, “you can touch it if you want, the sperm I mean.” Well I certainly was curious so took him up on that and wiped a finger through it. “So all that came out of your balls,” I asked and he nodded his head. I was stunned. He asked if I would like him to jack me off and naturally I agreed. Raz scooped up some of his sperm and went for my boner but I stopped him and asked why. “It’s like lube Corky and will make your cock slippery and it will feel better.” He certainly wasn’t wrong about that. When it started to tickle really bad I wanted him to stop but he said I ready to cum and kept on. Well then, I was glad he did because the feelings were almost unbearable. I wanted him to stop but didn’t want him to stop. I thrashed around like a drowning boy. I saw stars even in the dim light. Over the next 2 weeks of camp we did all kinds of stuff and I loved every minute of it. I got my cock sucked, learned how to suck a big cock, swallow sperm, even hugging and kissing. Once while I was above him and sucking his cock Raz licked my butthole. I loved it all. Raz wanted to put his boner in my butt, to fuck me but I wasn’t ready for that. It didn’t stop me from fucking him though. I went home a new boy, a happy boy. Over the year I messed around with a few other boys I knew and taught them some things. The following summer I bunked with 4 boys my age and we explored each other’s bodies as much as possible. We’d all started puberty by then, cocks bigger and balls now hanging but of course no hair and no sperm. I did get sucked by an older boy but it wasn’t Raz who wasn’t there at the same time as me. I would turn 12 that summer and by the following Valentine’s day I was making my first sperm, much to my, and my friends, infinite delight. The next summer I got fucked for the first time by an older boy and loved it almost as much as I loved fucking a boy. As soon as summer camp was over I spent much of the rest of the summer with my dad. As I said, I’d spent plenty of time in the park with dad when my parents were still together so I knew my way around it very well. That summer I got to roam around on my own much of the time which was a blast. I jacked off all over the place, spraying the ground with my sperm which by then was totally white and there was much more of it. My cock had grown to 5 inches and I was getting brown hairs around it. I met other boys who were with family visiting the park and we hung out a lot. That meant jacking off together, sucking cock and even fucking. That summer I played with my first preteen boys since becoming a sperming boy. Some of the guys I hung out with had younger brothers that they were diddling so I got to partake of a few of them as well. I also had my first interaction with a man and his son but actually it mostly with his son Mikey. This was before the Life cereal commercials of “Mikey likes it” fame. His name was Michelangelo Simoni which in fact was last name of his famous namesake and whom, I would learn, was a very distant relative of the master. Interestingly, in Hebrew, the name Michael means “he who is like god” and I’m here to tell you, Mikey was a god child. Closing in on 11, years old he was height and weight appropriate, about 4� feet tall and weighing in around 65 lbs. He sported hair that was either dark blonde or a light brown, your choice and he wore it on the long side which was gaining popularity in Europe but not much in the US. It sort of flipped out at the ends and so almost created a halo effect and I would guess that worn longer it would turn into either ringlets or big curls. It grazed his eyebrows and allowed for his ear lobes to show, unless it was wet. Looking back on it, Mikey’s facial structure would be considered to be perfect. Large blue grey eyes, surrounded by thick lashes dominated the upper portion and perfect lips countered that at the bottom. Connecting the two was a slender nose with a very slight upturn at the tip. His complexion was smooth and almost perfect. A light brown freckle perched on his right side just about in line with the outside of the eye and level with the top of his ear lobe and the top part of his nostril flare. It did nothing to deter from his looks and in fact made him all the much cuter. My heart did flip flops the first time I saw him. His father Dante was a handsome man but Mikey abidinpaşa escort was simply beautiful. Plus he was as sweet as cotton candy and soft spoken, until you got him up into a fog of hotness. How I met them was simple. The park where my dad worked had a dozen or more cabin rentals. The park also had cabins for a select few rangers and since my dad was in management, he had one at his disposal that he used mostly during the summer months, even though he owned a house in the small town of Mills Creek some 20 miles away. That summer was a sort of working summer for me, at dad’s insistence. My job was to empty the trashcans that were designated to the cabin village which consisted of 16 cabins; 10 were rentals and 4 were for rangers. I emptied them every night around 7 and checked them first thing in the morning, just in case and eyeballed them around noon if I was in that area and not having fun elsewhere in the park. I got paid a buck fifty per day. I sported a brown ranger shirt and a junior ranger hat which identified as part of the park work team. I also got to drive a Cushman utility cart to do the job. And that is how I met Mikey. I was doing my 7pm pick-up when the boy came bounding out of his cabin wearing only a pair of Egyptian blue briefs with a wide white waistband and carrying a grocery bag of trash. “I’m glad I caught you,” he said in his high pitched preteen boys’ voice. “I’m Michelangelo but everybody calls me Mikey,” he said after tossing his bag into the plastic trash bag. “I’m Corky,” I said and offered my hand. He said he was almost 11 years old and asked my age. “I’m 13,” I said then amended it to, “In august I mean.” “That’s cool,” he said, then in a conspiratorial voice said, “I bet you got a big dick and make sperm huh?” I was taken aback by that but said, “I don’t know about a big dick but yeah, I make sperm.” “Oh gosh, will you show me sometime? Do you work in the park?” I explained my situation which made him a little excited. “Can we hang out and play sometime. There aren’t any other kids close by.” “Sure, I guess we can. There aren’t many kids in the park yet and most of them are over in the RV or open camp grounds area.” “Well when you’re done with the trash maybe you could come back and meet my dad and stuff since he would insist on that if we’re gonna hang around together.” I said I could do that and I’d be done in about 20 mins. I went about my business while contemplating the conversations with the boy. It sounded like an invitation to play sexy and considering how cute Mikey was, well, I ended up getting a boner before I was done. At our cabin I changed into a t-shirt and my Yankees cap, left a note for dad in case he got back before I did and walked over to Mikey’s cabin. I thought about what he’d said and wondered how that was going to play out and so was about half hard when I knocked on his cabin door. Imagine my shock when he opened it and was fully naked with a huge grin on his face. “Hey Corky, come in.” I stepped through the door as his father was coming through the bathroom door. A handsome man, he introduced himself as Dante as he shook my hand and welcomed me to their cabin. “That’s an uncommon name Corky,” he said, “I love it. Is there some meaning behind it?” I told him it was my grandfather’s nickname since he came from county Cork in Ireland. “So, my son said you guys might be able to hang out.” I said that was true, that most of my time was my own and since I knew the park so well, my dad left me to my own devices while he worked. “And you are 13?” I clarified that with “almost”. We traded more information and we talked about the park which led to asking about park guides. Then I got the bombshell. “My son said you were going to show him what sperm looked like.” My face fell and my blood pressure went up. “Wait, I never said that,” I almost yelled, “he asked if I would.” Dante laughed out loud. “My young Michelangelo tends toward extrapolation,” Dante said, beckoning the boy to sit on his knee. I didn’t know what that meant and Dante explained it to me. “That aside Corky, boys tend to learn about such things from other boys, generally older boys, which I’m sure is how you learned such things. Knowing my son, I’d bet that he brought it up and will probably bug the shit out of you about it. I have no problem with it if you two decide to go ahead with it. Just to be clear, that goes for cock sucking and everything else. I assume that like most boys you mess around with other boys and possibly even with men. That is the nature of young teenage boys.” “Not men,” I blurted out, not realizing that Dante was deviously extracting information that otherwise would have remained unspoken. “Ahh, well, perhaps you will perhaps you won’t. It isn’t uncommon at all you know. Either way you are welcome to help expand Mikey’s knowledge in that department, whether you are a sperming boy or not.” Meanwhile Mikey was still naked and didn’t seem inclined to change that situation. Naturally the boy was totally smooth although on closer inspection I would see a bunch of barely visible wisps of fine white hairs. He was circumcised, unlike me, and it seemed like his balls weren’t a crinkled bad held close to his crotch but actually hanging a little. And, like I said, he was as cute a boy as I’d ever seen. And he had the cutest goddamned butt I’d ever seen. “So, would you be willing to guide us on some hikes Corky,” Dante asked, “I’d pay you for your time.” That was a surprise. “Sure, I’ll do some guide type stuff with you but not for money,” I responded. Dante smiled and asked how I’d respond if he insisted he pay me. “Simple, I wouldn’t do it,” I said, remaining firm. Dante laughed and clapped his hands. “A boy with honor and integrity. I love it. You have a deal.” Meanwhile Corky was copping a boner which the boy dutifully announced. “Yes, I see that sweet boy. Perhaps Corky would be willing to help you out with that.” Okay, well, I was certainly interested but not in front of his dad. “Well, I should be getting back to my cabin,” I said providing a plausible excuse for leaving, “My dad will wonder where I’m at.” “We understand,” Dante said, “So, can we meet tomorrow morning then?” I said we could but would have to ask my dad and on that note I left. On the way back I thought about what had happened and what might happen. I was more than willing to play with Mikey but wasn’t sure about doing it in front of his dad. I thought about what he’d said about playing with men. I had never done it, knew a few boys that had who said it was lots of fun. I was open to the idea in general but also with Dante if the chance came up but just not right then. Dad was at the cabin when I got back and I told him about possibly guiding for Dante and Mikey and about the offer of money. He said as long as my chores were done, fine and he was proud of me for refusing to take money. Obviously I didn’t tell him about the sex part. I met Mikey and Dante the next morning about 9 and we set off. Dante had asked if there were any places where there weren’t a lot of people and of course there were. Mikey wanted to know if there were any places to swim. There were but the water would be cold. I chose to take them to an area that was currently closed to tourists. It had been a camp way back when, had fallen into severe disrepair before the big war and there had been a plan to rebuild it but nothing had been done so basically just sat there. There were a couple buildings that had fallen in on themselves except for the brick foundation. The park maps had all been changed in the late 40’s to indicate it being off limits to tourists with severe penalties for anyone wishing to violate that edict. The few trails into the place had long ago been allowed to become overgrown except for the rangers trail. So, off we set and 45 minutes later arrived at the abandon site. Mikey and Dante thought it was super cool. There wasn’t much there but it was somewhat open and had a small lake or pond area that was fed by a small river that ran from one end of the park to the other. It had been created centuries before by Indians that had roamed the land and likely used it as a hunting camp. A small tributary had been made to divert water into and out of the pool of water so it didn’t get stagnant. Because the movement of water wasn’t very fast it allowed the pool to typically be 10 or more warmer than the river which was a dick shrinker for sure. “Can we be naked up here, can we swim in the pool of water,” Mikey asked with excitement. “Sure can but the water isn’t warm.” I said. Mikey said he didn’t care and quickly shucked his hiking shorts, t-shirt shoes and socks. Dante was doing the same so I went along with it. I wasn’t concerned about being naked in front of either of them having swum naked in the scouts plenty of time and that included men as well as boys. Dante and I finished undressing about the same time and naturally while they were checking me out I was checking out them but most Dante since I’d seen Mikey’s dick already. The man had a man sized cock that seemed average to me but he was circumcised. Mikey moved up close to me. “Gosh you’re starting get hairs on your dick,” he said with excitement. It was true and the emphasis there was on starting. What I had were a handful of straight brown strands right at the base of it, my balls were smooth as silk. “That a nice cock for a boy your age Corky,” Dante said with a smile. “I bet it’s even nice when you’re hard.” “Make it hard Corky; show me your sperm.” I reflected that it wasn’t that easy but then Dante said perhaps he could help and I, obviously asked what he meant. “Maybe I could help you get hard and even jack you off.” That led to his suggesting he could suck my cock, that is if wanted him to. Just hearing that made me start to stiffen so I said yes. Dante felt me up a little bit, playing with my balls and stroking my quickly hardening cock then put his mouth over it and began to suck me. I was in heaven. He stroked me gently while he sucked, sliding my foreskin over the head then retracting it. Mikey was right there with his large blue-grey eyes glued to the action. “Would you suck me like that Corky,” the gorgeous boy asked. Hell yes I would. Mikey was as cute a boy as I’d ever seen. He couldn’t have been more than 5 feet tall if that. He wore his brown hair on the long side, something that was just starting to become popular. It flipped out on the ends so it seemed like a halo around his head and seemed to highlight his eyes. Mikey’s face was totally smooth and flawless except for a freckle on his right cheek about level with the outside of his eye and the top of his ear lobe. “I’d love to suck you Mikey,” I said then groaned as a wave of hotness shot through my body. Dante must have sensed I was getting close so stopped sucking and just stroked my cock. He knelt at my side and used his thumb and index finger to jack me off, sliding my foreskin back and forth over my sensitive swollen cock head. It didn’t take long before I popped, a stream of white goo oozing up out of my piss slit then followed by a burb of sperm then more oozing. Mikey was excited as all hell over it. when Dante took his hand away Mikey put his in there and stroked me then sampled my sperm with his fingers. We never did get into the water. I ended up sucking Mikey’s cock and making him cum and he sucked on me and I cummed in his mouth. That didn’t take long. Having that adorable boy sucking me off got me to cum really fast. I sucked Dante’s cock then he jacked off for us and made a shit adana escort load of juice. We hiked a few more times and both times went through the same thing; sucking and jacking off. We actually did some kissing too and that was really fun. After the 3rd time together Mikey asked if I would fuck him. I was shocked. Dante explained that his son had been asking about it and wanted to try it and since the boy thought I was the coolest, he wanted me to be his first. Dante asked if I’d ever fucked a boy and I admitted that I had. So it was that I spent the night in their cabin, with my dad’s permission of course. I won’t go into a huge amount of detail but will the highlights. We all got naked right off the bat. I enjoyed looking at Dante too since /his was the first hard cock I’d ever seen; 6� inches he told me. We all were in the cabin’s single queen sized bed. Mikey and I went about making out, kissing and hugging each other. Mikey really loved kissing and I found that I liked it a lot too. Holding his compact body while we tongue fucked each other’s mouth was so fun and of course rubbing and feeling on his delicious little butt was amazing. Mikey had the cutest butt I’d ever seen. Once that was done we went through a bunch of cock sucking positions including doing a 69. When Mikey wasn’t doing something with my dick, Dante was. The man played with me, stroked me, played with and licked my balls and sucked me off. He never did touch his son though, at least when I was present. A highlight was rimming the younger boy. Like everything else about Mikey, his butthole was perfect and having my face and tongue pressed against it make me want to cum right then and there. Dante rimmed me too when I was on my hands and knees sucking on Mikey’s raging boy boner. When time came to fuck him, Mikey wanted to be on his back with his legs pulled back and his asshole spread open for me. “I want to be fucked good and proper like a boys is s’pose to be fucked” Dante lubed us both up and I got into position in front of Mikey’s butt. Looking down as I angled my cock toward his shiny hole I felt my heart pulse faster. A big part of it was Mikey’s face. He was so beautiful, his eyes almost closed because of his being in a fog of hotness and I was going to fuck him. Even now, years later, I get the same feeling when I think about our time together. My dick touched his hole, I pushed, it was resistant, I pushed some more and finally I slipped inside of him causing the boy to yelp. I knew enough to stop and wait until Mikey told me to go ahead and when I did, I went slowly and once I was buried inside of the boy I put my knees behind his then leaned forward and planted my palms on the bed alongside his waist which opened him up wide. Then I fucked him. For much of the time Mikey’s hands rested on my forearms as my cock slid in and out of his tight little boy hole. His eyes were half open in lust, his pink tongue took occasional swipes across his lips, and little grunts and groans issued forth from deep in his throat. I watched his face contort in that pain/pleasure expression as intense feeling passed through his compact body in waves. I was pretty sure he wasn’t in pain. “Oh gosh Corky,” he groaned, “this feels so good.” I finally picked speed and began to fuck him a little harder. It didn’t take long before I was slamming my boner into him and my balls were whacking against his tender little ass. The sounds of our bodies slapping together accompanied the grunts and the groans. I felt my body begin to change and fucked him harder. Every once in a while I’d stop and press my body against his trying to my cock deeper into his body, then go back to slamming into him. The feelings were delicious, more so than with other boys’ I’d fucked, not that there were all that many. “Aahhhhhh,” Mikey finally cried out, almost screaming like a little girl. His asshole seemed to grip my cock and didn’t want to let go. His young body shook with a powerful orgasm and I began spewing sperm into him. I heard myself let out a long moan and I had to close my eyes because I was seeing stars. I finally stopped moving and stayed in place, both of us panting like runners after a race. “Lay on me Corky,” Mikey said in a soft voice. I let my weight rest against him and Mikey’s arms went around me in a relaxed hug. He snuggled his face into my neck and gently kissed me there. “That was amazing,” the young boy whispered in my ear, “thank you.” I finally pulled out of him and Mikey went straight for the bathroom. “That was beautiful to see Corky,” Dante said. “My boy has been wanting that for some time, so thank you.” Aloud fart echoed in the toilet followed by Mikey’s giggling and a few moments later he came out came straight to me and melted into my arms to be held. I hugged him to me, reveling in the feel of his smaller warm body against mine. We took a break and snacked on rice crispy treats, one of my favorites. Afterwards we went back at it, at Mikey’s insistence that I fuck him again. The second time around Dante got more involved spending more time sucking my cock and eating my asshole. While I fucked his son he slipped a finger up my ass and massaged that sensitive spot so when I did cum it was more powerful than the first one. Dante and his dad stayed for 2 more days and I fucked the boy a total of 5 more times. It was like he couldn’t get enough cock. Dante also sucked my cock till I cummed in his mouth and I also fucked him on the last night. Mikey and I swapped addresses so we could write to each other, which we did. They promised they were coming back the following year and they did but before they got there I’d had a different incredible experience. By the next summer, 2 months shy of 14 years old, I’d gotten more pubic hairs and my cock had grown to almost 6� inches hard. Plus, mom would most likely let me stay for the whole summer. “You’re growing fast son,” my dad said when he picked me up at the small regional airport some 18 miles from the park. We got caught up as we headed back to the park and it was then that dad told me about some special guests for a week or so. In short, they were a couple of college students from Europe doing a summer tour of national and state parks in the US. “I would like for you to guide them around. It might mean that your other duties would be put on hold at least some days. Are you up for the task?” I said I was and asked when I’d meet them which turned out to be that evening after supper and as promised we met them in the main ranger station. My little heart went pitter patter. Both men were very cute or handsome and were tall, both over 6 feet. Astin was French and wore his thick black hair a little on the long side but it was mostly poofy on top of his head, not long like Mikey’s had been. Apparently in Europe the fashion of long hair on men was in full swing. His skin color was ever so slightly darker, his face was smooth, his dark eyes large and he had the cutest smile. Kai was Danish but wore his blonde hair in a shorter style sort of brushed up and off to one side almost like it was an accident and not on purpose. His face was pale and smooth and his eyes were a sort of blue green. Both men gave firm but gentle handshakes and while their English was accented it was very good. I would learn that both men came from very wealthy families, were attending Oxford in London and had traveled all over the world. We went on the usual hikes the first few days and it was then that I saw their cocks for the first time. The first times were during piss breaks off the sides of the trail. I was shocked. Both men were huge and I don’t mean because I was young and they were adults. I’d seen naked men and those two had big dicks. They didn’t shy away from showing them either, dropping their hiking shorts and briefs far enough to let everything hang out and since we weren’t wearing any shirts due to the heat, the view was unobstructed. Astin’s seemed as long as my forearm and was nestled in a bush of black hair. Kai was almost as long but was thicker plus he shaved which made everything look bigger. I didn’t shy away either and both men checked me out but didn’t stare. They both had great bodies too, nicely muscled but not like weight lifters or anything. Things took a huge turn when my dad asked if I’d go out to the South Point lookout tower and make sure all was in order as it would begin to be occupied in a matter of days. I was all for it as were kai and Astin. Dad gave us a park jeep to get to the top of the hill where the tower was located. A forest service steel pole gate blocked the road two miles below the tower and the area around the tower is blocked by a 10 feet tall chain link fence topped with razor wire. The tower sits on a flat area about 1� acre in size and shares the spot with a communications relay tower. The lookout itself sits atop a 10 foot tall stone foundation that serves as a storage area and an open air parking bay. The viewing platform is about the size of a large studio apartment with glass all around. A 6 foot wide balcony surrounds it although it is 10 feet wide on the west side to accommodate some deck chairs to admire the gorgeous sunsets. Large wooden shutters keep the windows protected during the winter months but opened when the tower was in use and served to create a roof for the balcony. Inside has a variety of equipment for fire watching including large maps, telescopes, an Osborne fire finder, a fridge and a 4 burner stove, double sink and more. A small airtight wood stove can be used for heat and cooking if necessary. Electricity is provided by underground wires from down at the bottom of the mountain/hill but a small gas generator inside the foundation can be used for emergency’s. Water is provided by a deep well and uses and electric pump to get the water into a 100 gallon holding tank. It also has a pair of decent sized beds. There is a pee funnel connected to a pvc pipe that goes all the way to the ground and directs the piss away from the tower. Without it, and with the winds at the top, piss would be everywhere. A pit toilet sat outside the foundation and a small shower stall was inside. My guests brought up the supplies while I plugged in the fridge and fired up the shortwave radio. “This is quite spectacular,” Kai said and got full agreement from Astin. We got stuff unpacked, the beds made and were making sandwiches when the radio squawked, my dad checking in. The sky was clear and despite the elevation the temperature was pushing past 75 so we ate out on the balcony. “Weather’s warm enough for underwear,” Astin said and without thinking I blurted out `or naked. That got raised eyebrows from both men. “There is that,” Astin said, “and in Europe we certainly would be but America is different.” Well now. After being around them for 3 days, catching glimpses of their big dicks, I was wondering what it would be like to do stuff with them. Plus it had been almost 2 weeks since I’d messed around with another boy. “Not that different I said,” then stood up and dropped my Jockey’s.” Both men didn’t waste a moment, stood, shucked their underwear and stood before me. I’d seen bits and pieces of them naked but this was amazing. “I can’t believe how big your dicks are,” I said, “are all European guys like that?” They chuckled and shook their heads. “No Corky,” Kai said, “Astin and I are both well above average. You my friend are nicely hung too for a boy your age and it is nice to see you uncut. That is unusual in America.” I wondered how they knew that but didn’t ask. What I did ask was why Kai shaved his pubes which adıyaman escort boiled down to how it looked and how it felt. I had been absently playing with my cock which responded accordingly. “It seems you like being naked,” Astin said, nodding toward my inflating dick. I was a little embarrassed and it must have shown because he said it was cool and happened to most guys more often than I would think. I commented that they didn’t seem to be affected that way. “Well, as you get older it does seem to slow down but it never goes away but if we fiddle with it a little bit, it wouldn’t take much.” “Especially since you’re a very cute boy Corky,” Kai added then nodded toward his slowly moving cock. “See. I think it likes you.” Naturally my cock started hardening up kind of fast. “Do you play with other boys Corky,” Astin asked softly. My stomach started to tingle. I nodded my head and Astin asked if I’d like to play with them. By then my cock was standing tall in front of my belly. I nodded my head again, almost afraid to speak. Kai moved to stand in front of me then dropped to his knees. He took hold of my cock and stroked it a few times. “Such a beautiful boy cock,” he murmured. Kai pulled my cock down and put his mouth over it then swallowed it. I went weak in the knees but Astin had moved up behind me and put an arm gently around my chest and held me. His warm body against mine felt really good. His cock was dangling against me but I felt it getting hard and moving slowly upward against my butt cheek. “Kai sucks cock really good doesn’t he,” Astin whispered in my ear, the warmth of his breath causing me to shiver. I never knew ears were so sensitive. “I love it when he sucks my hard cock.” Below, Kai was swallowing my entire cock, his nose in my pubic hair. He took hold of my balls in the palm of his hand and again, the warmth of it holding my nuts caused me to shiver again. Up top, Astin was nuzzling my neck and kissing it very softly. I thought I was going to faint and let out a long soft moan. Kai’s free hand moved around to cut my butt and gently squeeze on it. By that time Astin’s cock was fully hard and had moved against my butt crack. I knew then that I wanted him to fuck me and actually it wasn’t just him but both of them. I wanted both of those big fat cocks up my ass. Kai stopped and stood up so I saw his fully hardened cock for the first time. “Damn you’re huge,” I said. And I wasn’t exaggerating, the thing was massive. That last time I saw something that big was in the hands of a guy standing at home plate. I would learn that he was closing in on 9� inches. “Would you like to try to get it in your sweet mouth,” Kai asked softly. I nodded my head and went to my knees. The thing seemed as thick as my wrist. The head was poking out the top of his foreskin and was an angry purple color. His cock was so big it made his balls look small and trust me, they weren’t. I pulled the thick meat down and went about getting a couple of inches of it into my mouth. A moment later Astin had moved alongside Kai, his own big cock almost against my face. Astin’s cock wasn’t as thick as Kai’s but it was just as long would still end up in my belly when he stuffed it up my ass. I managed to glance up, my lips still wrapped around Kai’s dick, to see the two men kissing passionately. I let go of Kai and took Astin into my mouth and suckled a bit before going back to Kai. “Goddamn,” I thought to myself, “almost 2 feet of cock and it’s all for me. I finally had to stop because my mouth got sore so stood up. kai went first, lowering his head to kiss on me and while he did that, Astin kneed up and got to sucking my raging hard cock, feeling my balls and clutching my butt. I could feel my body gearing up to cum and I didn’t want to. I wanted more kissing and hugging and sucking before I blasted so I backed away from both of them. “I’m close to cumming and want to wait,” I explained. Astin suggest that we go inside and use a bed so off we went. I never realized until then, just how much I loved watching a boner wag when its owner was walking. Inside we elected to move the 2 twin beds next to each other. They were simply mattresses on an extendable metal frame without head or foot boards. Since they were unmade we simply tossed a spare blanket over them. Kai guided me to them and gently got me onto the mattress on my back hen knelt next to the bed and began kissing on me. I loved that Kai and Astin were taking the lead and I was going along with the ride. I was usually on par with whoever I was with or I took the lead. For just a second I wondered if girls felt what I was feeling, about having someone taking care of you. I felt like the girl in the movie in the arms of the big strong man. Whatever the hell it was, I was feeling hot and sexy. I wrapped my arms around Kai’s neck and began kissing him with passion. I felt like I was eating his face. Then Astin started in at the other end by sucking my cock and licking and sucking on my balls a little. I moved more onto my side and Astin went with me and began kissing my butt cheek and playing with cock. Before I knew it he peeled my ass open and began eating my hole. I almost went through the roof. I moved a hand down to find Kai’s cock and began stroking it all the while moaning loudly as we tongue fucked each other’s face. “Wanna trade,” Astin asked, got an affirmative response so they both moved. I moved onto my back so Kai pushed my legs back out of the way and he began washing my butthole with his tongue while Astin got on his knees next to me and leaned over my face, offering me his raging hard cock. Naturally, I took it greedily. I was too hot for words. My body seemed to vibrate with sexual intensity. I was deep into sensory overload but wanted more. It was like I couldn’t have enough incredible feelings. When Kai finally asked me if he could fuck me I didn’t hesitate. “Oh fuck yes I want you to fuck me. I want both of you to fuck me silly. I need those monsters in my butthole.” Kai moved away and went to his backpack and came back with a bottle of baby oil. He quickly smeared his cock and then my hole and got into position. I was panting heavily in anticipation as his finger slipped up inside of me and began moving. I groaned loudly and went back to sucking Astin’s cock with even more energy. I tried feeling on his balls while I sucked but the feelings flooding my body made it difficult to multi-task. I felt the second finger go in and another rush of feelings shot through me. After about a minute of that Kai quickly pulled his fingers out and shoved the end of his cock in. I jumped and cried out, letting go of Astin’s cock. Right away Astin to my to breathe and to push down like I was trying to crap. I knew those things already but in the pain of it all I wasn’t thinking and whether Astin sensed that or not, I don’t know. It took a good minute before I was ready and in that time my boner had wilted substantially. Kai started moving into me a few inches, pulled out then went back in. He repeated that process going in a little more each time and a minute later his smooth pubic bone was against my ass and his entire cock was inside of me. Damn. All the while Astin was cooing softly to me and rubbing my chest and belly. “How are you doing Corky,” Kai finally asked. I said I was fine but I felt really filled up. Both men chuckled. “Having had Kai’s dick in my own ass I know what you mean,” Astin said. Once Kai got a steady rhythm going and started getting back up into a fog of hotness, Astin knelt on the bed and offered me his cock which I gobbled greedily. Getting plowed from both ends was pretty much incredible but having it done with two monster cocks made it even more so. Kai began to pick up speed and was using almost all of his cock as he did so. I did my best to keep Astin’s cock in my mouth but my breathing was coming faster and I was moving on the bed. Kai had pushed my legs way back which gave him a better entry angle and he was using it effectively. “Oh fuck Kai you’re gonna make me cum,” I finally said. I didn’t generally talk a lot when I was sexing but I sure felt like right then. “You’re got such a tight little ass Corky and you’re so fucking cute,” Kai said. “I could fuck you forever.” He was going pretty hard, our bodies slapping together loud in the small enclosure. “Want me to cum on your face sweet boy,” Astin asked and nodded my head and tried to grunt out a yes. Astin moved and began stroking his big long boner, the end of it touching my face but mostly my lips. I say mostly because Kai fucking me caused my body and thus my face to moved to and fro. I reached between my legs to stroke my own raging boner and finger my balls while I did it. Kai was pounding me good and hard and I was delirious with pleasure. It didn’t take long before I almost screamed out that I was cumming. Waves of intense feeling rushed through my body like a tidal wave causing every single nerve that I owned to vibrate. “Oh fuck here I go,” Kai finally said. I felt his cock thicken against the rim of my hole and I swear I could feel his sperm blasting into me. He fucked me harder, my own cock was spewing sperm like a fire hose and a moment later my face got splattered with Astin’s sperm. The first jet went from cheek to cheek across my nose. The second one got my mouth. I opened up and most of the third jet of goo went into my mouth although some missed. All the while I was moaning like a beaten child which was sort of true given what my right hand was doing. And then, like always, it was over. At least most of it was over. Kai kept on fucking me while Astin and I kept stroking, everybody slowing down considerably. Kai said he was going to come out of me and he did, slowly. When his cock head finally got air he backed off and I felt completely empty. I wanted that thing back inside me. “I miss it already,” I said. “I can help with that,” Astin said, “that is if your asshole isn’t too painful.” It was but it was still hungry. After a brief discussion I lay face down on the bed and Astin went in that way. His cock didn’t spread my hole like Kai’s did but the overall effect was perfect. Because I was loosened up Astin slid all the way into me and started fucking me right away. I shot back up into a fog of hotness and was moaning and groaning within 2 minutes. Next to me Kai offered me his sperm dripping cock head and I took it, not caring that it had been in my asshole moments before. It tasted like it too although it wasn’t horribly bad by any means. The second time took longer, almost 15 minutes. My cock being ground against the sleeping bad got me off pretty fast and it was a good thing that Kai had put a towel under me. I came the first time about minute 6 then we all came around minute 15. Once again, I would swear that I could feel Astin’s sperm shooting into me but maybe it really was just his cock pulsing against my hole muscle. The whole thing had been incredible and after Astin pulled out of me we talked about it. I told them I felt like a slut but I didn’t mind. My asshole was sore but it was happy. Having 2 hung men fuck me was the best ever. Before we finally went to sleep I fucked Kain and they both fucked me again. I think I conked out before the sun went down and I slept like a log. We headed back down the mountain after breakfast and I didn’t get fuck at all that day. However, Kai and Astin stayed for almost 3 weeks and I got fucked almost every day of it. We fucked all over the place, sometimes catching a quickie in the woods when we knew we were alone. They wanted me to come spend a few weeks with them in England and my dad almost let me go but it didn’t happen. Still, I had a hell of a lot of great memories and my friends got to hear all about my summer experience. Please take the time to Make a $$$ contribution to Nifty TODAY Thank you for doing your part to Support free speech

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