Snoozing Suzy

Snoozing SuzyI became friends with Suzy many years ago, when my first custom shop was set-up in a cheap-rent strip of spaces. She owned a unique gifts type of shop right next door. We hit it off instantly despite our age differences, I was 24 and she was 52, but both of us were new business owners and both of us smoked god’s green so friends we were. She was an old hippy turned programmer turned retired and started her small business. She was blond/grey haired, good skin, about 5’5″ and was on the large side even for me. She wore about a size 22, maybe a 24 and only fancied women – or so I thought – until one day on a trip for supplies i got to know her much better. My warehouse supplier is 3 hours south of my area, and her supplier is 30 minutes farther than that so we frequently made runs together to save gas and enjoy the conversation. One nasty febuary day we were making a run when a large snow storm slowed us down quite a bit. Fighting just to see, we decided to pull over and let it pass. Pulling off the interstate and into a diner, we sat and bullshited, the local news station forecast a very big storm that wouldn’t pass till mid-afternoon the next day. We finished eating and decided it was safest to grab a hotel room and wait it out. Hotel pickings were slim to begin with and add the wave of travelers bedding down for the storm, left us no choice but share a king sized bed. I didnt mind but she had some uneasy feelings. She explained she has odd dreams where she is woke up by a man giving it to her real good – and can make her act weird in her sleep such as waking up straddling her body pillow. She went to shower before we smoked down and i sat there waiting for my turn in the kırklareli escort shower while trying not to think of her straddling a pillow. Once done she darted out of the bathroom and jumped under the covers trying to prevent me from seeing her in a t-shirt and undies – but i seen enuff. Not bad at all for a BBW lover like myself. I excused myself for a shower and away i went. My shower was fast, a hurried so we could smoke and relax – we we’re way too on edge over the hazardous driving and needed to chill. I walked across the room in only a t-shirt and boxers with no ambition of hiding from her. The TV lit up her eyes which were watching my waist as i walked past the TV and into bed. The more we smoked, the more i noticed how hard it hit her. She was acting near drunk and excused herself for taking a “calm pill” when we were eating for her anxiety. She was tired and fading fast so I kept her going by digging some information out of her to satisfy my curiousities. As i said before i thought she was a lesbian but she informed me that she was married for 23 years to a man and only went girl when he tramatized her (i’ll spare you details) but she went on to explain she would just stay up all night to eliminate any worries. Her friend told her it was repressed Straight women coming out in her dreams. Funny stuff. Being the perv I am, I pryed for more details of what the dreams entailed and she was rather graphic. “Nothing i wouldnt love to happen but who would do that to me? for ME?” and chuckled a solumn half ass laugh. I tried assuring her that nothing was wrong with her when she fell asleep during my speech. Damn i thought. Oh well was the next thought as i still escort kırklareli had one left to smoke and was wide awake, so… I sat there smoking and watching TV when she rolled over onto her left side in her slumber and lost some of her covers – exposing her right side to me. Her body was very squishy looking, which i do like, she was pale white with a thick leg and plump ass cheek starring at me as i tried to relax. She made little moaning sounds while she slept, it started getting to me so i poked her to stop – fearing i would get more turned on than i was already. She didnt move but i noticed how soft she was. My finger poked her plump upper arm again and still no reaction from her. By now i was kneading her soft arm and justifying that she wanting this and would love me for it – thats why it was brought up – so i proceeded. I got close to her, kissing and nibbling the back of her arm as my hand traveled her exposed leg. She was cold due to the poor room heat so i removed any space between us and started rubbing under her shirt – up her side and across her belly – enjoying how soft and smooth she was. Still not a stir from her. I wondered if she would wake up and play asleep to prolong the fantasy, i would soon find out. Tipping her onto her back, her legs came up in a sitting postion with her feet close to her butt on the bed. Her legs tottered back and forth as i continued to play with her tummy and worked her shirt over her soft saggy tits. She had very large nipples and areola, feeling like gum balls as i sucked and licked them. The only stirring a got was the first time my hand traveled to her panties, a slight jerk and a sigh came from her as my finger kırklareli escort bayan glided down her very wet slit. I worked my finger all around her meaty clit and her legs relaxed and eased to the bed very open and inviting so i moved in between them using her thigh for a head rest while i played and inspected her hairless crotch. She was slick with juice and very snug and grippy on my finger as i entered her repeatedly – twisting my finger as i moved. Upon passing the smell test, i decided to eat her pussy – attacking it in and outside – sucking on her labia and tongue fucking her neglected body. After a few minutes i propped myself above her and slide my cock inside, feeling a tight and slippery hole more like a 25 year old rather than the 50 plus woman beneath me. I worked slowly at first, waiting to spot her faking asleep but slow felt way to good. Her tightness gripped my cock and pulled any extra skin forward as a pulled outward and felt like i was parting wet velvet when i plunged back inside. I rocked harder and harder, trying to fight cumming but it was past the point of no return. My dick tingled as i held back to the last possible second and shot numerous streams inside her. Twitching inside her and latching onto her nipple still had no effect so i slid off her and laid beside her – lifting her leg and re-entering her from the side i placed my leg on her soft tummy and pulled her close, feeling my cum squish around my dick – giving cool sensations. Starting the process again, her warm insides were supplying incredible sensations and making loud wet noises that filled the room. Feeling it close again i pushed deep in her and let out another load that wasnt very big but scrambled my brain really good. I laid there pawing her soft body till i went soft inside her and slipped out. Still no reaction. I cleaned up and fell asleep. The next day and everyday since its never came up and the oportunity has never arose again. Thank you mother nature.

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