Snoring Pays Off


My mom and my sister always used to bitch about the amount of noise I made when I snored. Although their bedrooms were on the other side of the hallway, and all doors were closed in between, they said it was still hard to sleep when I got going. It wasn’t so much the loudness, but I guess I have sleep apnea and simply stop breathing for fairly long periods when I sleep. I will be sawing away at those dream logs and will stop in mid-saw, with no sound at all for long enough to make them wonder if I died. They say it’s the not knowing that makes it so hard to ignore.

I’m not totally insensitive to their complaints, even though I don’t feel at all guilty because of what my body does or doesn’t do while I’m asleep. One night I decided to leave the video camera running all night as I slept, to make a record of it. I wasn’t convinced that it was as bad as they claimed, and I wanted to time the duration and frequency of the periods of apnea. Maybe it was something to see a doctor about.

It was summer time and I always slept nude, usually on top of the cover. I prefer fresh air when I sleep, even if it is a bit warmer than the air conditioning. There was no need to leave the light on as my camera is very light sensitive and there was plenty light from outside to record everything clearly. I wasn’t going for detail or art–only facts.

The following Saturday, I rewound the tape and kicked back with a stop watch to make my timing measurements. I fast forwarded the tape until I saw my diaphragm start to jiggle, then rewound it to the start of the action. Man! They were right! I was truly whistling Dixie as I slept. It was hard to know exactly how loud it was because the camera’s automatic sound adjustment had cranked the volume way up when there was no sound at all, so I had to wait a second until the camera adjusted. It was still very loud, but nothing compared to that first blast.

The noise seemed to peak right at the point where I stopped breathing. I timed it and found that I went two minutes without breathing, which is about twice as long as I can hold my breath when diving.

I noticed one other “little thing”. When I stopped breathing, my dick grew into a stick of wood. With no conscious stimulation and without touching myself in any way, my pride and joy swelled larger and larger until I wondered if it ever got that big when I was awake?

Was I dreaming some good fuck scene? Was it only oxygen starvation? I had read about some guys who strangled themselves into unconsciousness to heighten an orgasm, but had never considered trying it. Was this what it was all about? A natural asphyxiation technique? This was very interesting and intriguing stuff.

I ran the tape a while longer and timed a few more episodes without learning any more than I had seen at the first occurrence, so I hit the rewind and went to the bathroom to drain the old lizard. Even if it was my own prick I had been watching, the repeated scenes of arousal had affected me somewhat and I considered beating it off for a moment, then decided to run down to the kitchen for a bite, instead. A growing boy must eat to keep up his strength. Right?

I was halfway down the stairs when I realized that I had almost seen something at the instant I pushed the rewind button on the VCR. Thinking back, I was nearly certain I had seen my bedroom door start to open, but pushed the thought away. Who would have come into my room? I went on to the kitchen before going over to Ron’s house to shoot some baskets.

Later that night, I couldn’t get the idea out of my head that I had seen that door start to open, so why not check it out? It took a few minutes to fast forward through the stuff I had seen and the only way I knew it was showing something new was when the door was flung open and my mom rushed through the door at 6x speed, watched me for a minute, then pulled up the hem of her robe and started rubbing her pussy! What! My mom? My mom, the virgin queen who didn’t allow any discussion of sex around the house and did her best to indicate that Julie and I were the result of virgin births?

I switched to normal speed after rewinding to the point where she came in and sat back, completely stunned to watch it again. I half expected it to be different the second time, but no, there she was. The door was pushed open very slowly as if she wanted to make sure not to wake me up. She came to the bed and looked down at me with an expression I couldn’t read in the dim light.

As she watched, I went through another apnea episode, with the resulting woody as before. There was enough light to see her eyes get bigger and bigger and to see her hands steal toward her crotch. She appeared to be fighting the urge to rub that thing, but was losing the battle. A few times her hand seemed to want to reach out and touch the woody, but so far she had won that one.

Apparently, it wasn’t enough to merely rub herself through her thin robe, she needed direct contact and perhaps insertion in order to complete the task at hand. Unbelievably, she hitched her robe czech amateurs porno higher and higher until her dark patch was clearly visible. As I watched, my woody matched the on screen version in every detail except that I was hammering away at this one and the one on the screen was merely bobbing a few inches from Mom’s face as she silently fingerfucked herself.

Although she was extremely quiet, I was no longer breathing, so all the sound in the room was the sound of her heavy breathing, which the camera automatically cranked up to normal levels.

Have you ever tried beating your meat while listening to the sounds of a woman in heat, bringing herself closer and closer to an enormous climax? It was a first for me, too, but I came with her. If the camera had been on then, it would have had to crank the sound down a bunch to keep from overloading. My grunts and groans must have echoed through the entire house. Luckily, the family was accustomed to strange noises coming from my room.

I sat there in a pool of cooling cum and watched as my mom slowly wound down from her high, dropped her robe and silently left the room with her head down. It occurred to me that she must have a hell of a time with her guilt after something like that. I wished there were some way to comfort her, but I knew that I dare not mention it. She would die of embarrassment.

Over the next few days I pondered what had happened and wondered if there was anything I should do before deciding that it wasn’t my problem. I hadn’t initiated anything or participated in an way other than to record something for myself that happened to include another person. Best to simply forget it and move on.

On the other hand, I couldn’t help wondering if she ever did it again. This time I set up the camera to catch her. She had obviously not seen it the first time and probably never imagined that a video camera would work in such low light conditions. Mine advertised that it would work by starlight. Just in case she should look around, I concealed the camera in my bookcase and taped over the recording indicator light.

It was hard to wait until the following evening to replay the tape, but there wasn’t time before classes. After dinner, I rewound the tape and fast forwarded all the way through without seeing anything other than a succession of woodys.

The following night was the same, and the night after that. Five nights went by with no action and I was on the verge of concluding that it had been a one-time fluke that I had just happened to catch. This conclusion was somewhat reassuring to me, as it fit more within the character that was my perception of my mother.

I decided to give it one more shot before putting the camera away. Since I wasn’t really expecting anything, I was reading a book with one eye while the VCR sped through the tape and nearly missed it. In fact, I just happened to look up in time to see the door closing.

Paydirt! I unlimbered my prick and grabbed a handful of meat as the tape rewound to the door opening. I couldn’t wait to watch my mom get off again and try to time myself to go with her. I still had the original tape and played it often, just to listen to her breathing as she got off.

My hand was halfway down on a long stroke when the tape got back to the point of the door opening. I was prepared to see my mom come in again, but the shock of seeing my sister entering my room in her little frilly nighty almost made me rake my fingernails across my balls.

You’ve got to understand now. Seeing my mom in that situation was so unreal that it was hard to fully accept the fact that it had happened. I didn’t think of her as a sexual person, but my sister? Ah, that was an entirely different matter. I thought of my sister as a sexual person at all times.

How many times had I tried to find some way to sneak a peek at her body or any part thereof? How many times had I jerked off to the memory of some near miss down her blouse or up her skirt or some imagined crease in her bathing suit? My sister fueled most of my teenage fantasies. Now she was approaching the bed where I slept on my back, sporting an enormous erection. Her hand was in the same position where Mom’s hand had been.

Was this some sort of conspiracy? Had they colluded in some manner for some obscure reason or was it simply the fact that they were very similar in many ways and had apparently made the same decision regarding me, only days apart?

My hand fairly flew over my bursting rod as I watched to see whether she would go as far as Mom, or even further.

Julie seemed to lack the hesitancy that Mom had shown. She had her hand on her pussy when she came in the door and didn’t hesitate at all as she came up to the bed. Maybe this wasn’t her first visit. Apparently not, as she seemed to immediately settle into a familiar position beside the bed. It took a while in the poor lighting to realize that she had a dildo stuck in her pussy and was slipping it in and out while thumbing her czech bitch porno clit. She used her other hand to waft breezes across my hard-on, to give it just enough stimulation to keep it aroused.

I came hard as I reached this realization. My senses were close to overload as I kept pounding away on a rod that hadn’t thought about shrinking after only one load of cum. How I wished that there had been more light! I was going to have to find some way to provide more illumination. I had to see more detail! (Assuming that this would ever happen again.)

After Julie finished cumming, she bent over the bed toward my sleeping prick, but it was a very mixed blessing. Her body hid the exact extent of her contact with my private parts, if any, but I got a very clear beaver shot! This one was definitely going into my permanent collection of jack-off material. I immediately christened it with another blast that came all the way from my socks.

Wow! I sat there stunned as the tape played out, trying to come to terms with my new information on the actual sexual attitudes of those with whom I shared a house, as opposed to the professed attitudes they presented at all other times. Wow! What did this mean to me in the great scheme of life? Would I be able to parlay any of this knowledge into an actual piece of ass somewhere down the line? Was there any way to find out what a blow job felt like? I was nearly crazy with curiosity, with no way to fill in the blanks.

One thing occurred to me right away. As much as I had enjoyed the taped action, it couldn’t possibly match the real thing. Somehow, I had to either be able to stay awake until one of them came back or I had to find some way to wake up. If I stayed awake, how would I be able to fake the snoring sounds? Try as I might, I couldn’t find any way to make them deliberately. There was a sort of whistle that started somewhere in the back of my throat that I didn’t consciously know how to manipulate.

Then I realized that I had a very good recording of the actual sounds. All I had to do was to play back one of the tapes until somebody came in my room. I could rig up a switch on the door to cut off the VCR when it opened and they were accustomed to the sound stopping suddenly, so that should work. Now all I had to do was to be awake.

I ran the tape back to the start and checked the actual time that both visitors had come in. Oddly, they were only a minute or so apart and both were near one AM. So, my plan was to sleep naturally until about 12:30, then turn on the tape to provide sound effects as I waited. I would give them an hour, then turn off the tape and go back to sleep. If they came at some other time, I would catch it on tape, so all I had to lose was an hour’s sleep.

I turned in early that night, claiming fatigue. Mom and Julie were still watching some silly soap opera that they seemed to enjoy and paid little attention to me.

My little beep alarm roused me at 12:30 and I waited an hour without too much hope. I already knew they didn’t come in on a regular basis.

As before, it was about the fifth night before my plan paid off and all my effort and planning paid off.

I heard the soft click as the VCR turned off and I closed my eyes all the way as the light footsteps crossed the room. Who would it be? Mom or Julie? At this stage, I wasn’t sure if it mattered, but the reality that it was one of them reinforced the wooden structure in my lap. One arm was thrown across my eyes as it had been on the previous tape, so I knew they wouldn’t think anything odd about that, and it gave me a method of concealing my eyes so I could watch them clearly.

It was Julie! Wow! My prick gave another lurch as she settled next to me and began rubbing her cunt. As before, she lightly wafted a breeze across my balls.

The idea that she was right there, within breathing distance, staring at my prick as a sexual stimulant was all it took to push my button. My balls backed up into my belly before blowing a huge wad of cum right in her face. It was the first time I could ever remember cumming without touching myself, but I had come close several times and figured it was possible if I had enough inspiration and I certainly had enough that night.

Before I could cut loose with another shot, Julie’s mouth wrapped around the head of my cannon. I have no idea whether she did it to prevent a mess that would be hard to explain in the morning or whether she simply wanted to swallow my cum, but she sucked, I came, and there was no mess. From the gurgling sounds she made, she must have cum, too. I don’t know what she thought she might say if I woke up, but I avoided that moment by continuing to pretend and simply grunted and rolled over when I finished- just like men are supposed to do, right?

I tried to see any indication in Julie’s actions the next day, but she may as well have been sleepwalking, with no memory of what she had done, for all the notice she made. I was almost convinced that this was the case until that czech casting porno night.

I almost didn’t bother with the whole, elaborate, setup the next evening. She never came two nights in a row, or any more often than every five or six days, according to my previous data. Why bother waking up for an hour when she wouldn’t be coming. However, I was unwilling to take even the slightest chance that I would miss something.

I was certainly glad I hadn’t written her off. She must have liked her taste of cum enough to modify her schedule. My door opened promptly at one o’clock and she quickly took her place beside my bed. John Thomas just as quickly sprang to full attention and waited for her to begin the beguine. To my delight and utter astonishment, she immediately clamped her lips over the head of my dick and began to hum. I couldn’t see her hands because they were below the bed, but her arms were moving rapidly.

In less time than it takes to tell, my roger became very, very jolly. It might not have been a sixteen gun salute, but it certainly took all the starch out of me. As soon as my glands were drained, I rolled over and she left. I opened one eye just before the door closed and realized that it hadn’t been Julie after all. At least it was Mom’s robe I saw going through the doorway. It was either Mom or Julie had borrowed her robe and I never had known her to do that.

My mind was in a tizzy. The only way it could come to terms with what had happened was for Mom and Julie to be in on this together. That would explain a lot of things, like the fact that they both did the same thing at the same time of night. Also, the fact that Mom appeared to lose all reticence the next night after Julie must have reported to her that I could provide a mouthful of cum without waking up.

Was everybody in the house in on this sex stuff except me? Huh? How come I wasn’t allowed in on these things? I decided to find out some things.

Setting up the camera in Mom’s bedroom was a snap. The only tricky part was rigging a motion detector to turn the camera on for a few minutes every time something moved. If anything was going on in there, I would find out soon.

The first few nights, all I got were scenes of Mom undressing and getting ready for bed. She never got completely naked in the bedroom. She apparently kept her nightgown in the bathroom and changed into it when she went in to wash up. This was just as well because I wasn’t really trying to invade her privacy, I just wanted to find out what with going on with regard to me and my relationship with the women in the house. After all, both of them had swallowed a mouthful of my cum at this point and I needed to know the story.

I was getting quite good at this business of reviewing tapes. With the motion sensor, the tapes were usually very short. After Mom went to bed, the only action was an occasional turnover, followed by her throwing back the covers and stretching before disappearing back into the bathroom the next morning.

Again, it was several nights before anything happened. I had developed a bit of patience in the process of this investigation or else I would have given up long before, without learning anything.

My senses went on full alert when I saw Julie enter Mom’s bedroom in her baby doll nighty. The lights were on, so it was plain that she wasn’t wearing the bottoms, giving me my first good look at my sister’s delicious ass, as well as glimpses of her beautiful tits.

Mom was reading when Julie entered. She smiled and threw back the covers, inviting Julie to join her.

I had the presence of mind to turn down the volume before they started speaking, to prevent their voices from blaring all over the house. That wouldn’t be good at all.

“Hi Mom. Whatcha reading?”

“Oh, nothing. How are you?”

“I’m fine. I just can’t forget how much I liked the taste of Jeremy’s cum. I can’t wait to do it again. It makes my cunt all tingly just to think about it.” She threw back the covers and began rubbing the hell out of something I had been wanting to see for a long time. I stroked right along with her.

“Do you think Jeremy suspects anything?”

“How could he? That stuff you give him would knock out a horse. I’m just glad it doesn’t keep him from getting those beautiful woodys. He really surprised me that first time he came in my face. I didn’t think it would be possible while he was asleep.”

“You’ve never heard of wet dreams?”

“I guess you’re right. Still, it’s exciting to be able to make him cum in his sleep like that.”

This was getting better and better. Mom was giving me something to make me sleep and Julie was excited about making me cum? I came right then, in her honor. It didn’t hurt a bit that she and Mom started kissing at about that time. In fact, it felt like my balls sort of double-clutched and starting cumming again on top of the cum that was already flowing out of my balls.

I watched, spellbound, as Julie’s lips went from Mom’s lips to her big tits and on down to what had up till now only been a theoretical junction between Mom’s thighs. Julie was eating my mom’s pussy. Holy shit! My mind was dizzy with the effort of assimilating all this new data. My prick was hurting with the effort of staying rock hard for so long and my balls were aching for obvious reasons. Still, I persevered.

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