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SnowbunniesI was finding it hard to concentrate on my picture… the creaking sounds from the box spring grew louder with each passing moment, making it harder and harder to keep my crayons inside the lines. I didn’t have long to finish my coloring, maybe another minute or two but it was already the prettiest unicorn I’d colored yet, and surely they’d be happy. I struggled not to wrinkle my pretty pink dress laying on the floor, while also doing my best to keep the knees of my white stockings from getting dirty again. I absentmindedly kicked my white platform pumps back and forth as I hurried to finish the last section of color before my time was up. Just then, loud moaning broke my concentration as equally loud grunts cut through the air signaling not just that my time was up, but also that Kirt had just cum inside my girlfriend for the third time today.”Look at that good little sissy bitch! She colored another picture for us while you rode my nigga dick again, Candi… I told you that sissy bitch wouldn’t just watch us the whole time.””Oh my god, you worthless little sissy! I was only joking when I said you had to color something before Daddy came in me again! At least you’re a better artist than you ever were a boyfriend. Daddy did you know that we dated for 3 months and this sissy little faggot never once got a hard on until the night she broke down and begged me to fuck Black men? Princess, I knew you liked dressing up, but imagine my shock when you had him show up to meet me and you immediately dropped to your knees to suck him off!” Candi’s words were half resentful and half thankful, but they were also 100% out of breath.Yes, Kirt had been my Black Daddy when I began dating my girlfriend Candi 6 months ago. I had told her right away about my other life of dressing up, clubbing, and yes sometimes being a bit slutty. To her credit, she was fine with it and fully bisexual. It had taken me 3 months after that to get up the courage to tell her I was really into Big Black Cock, and that I’d love it if she was too. We had serious feelings for each other (then) so she was up to try it, for me, not realizing the path that it would take us both down.To begin with, Daddy had requested we dress alike. His favorite to see me in was a slutty schoolgirl outfit – blonde hair with pigtails, tight black top to show off my cleavage, a tiny pleated plaid mini skirt in a naughty shade of soft pink, white thigh highs and white platform heels with a crazy 6″ high heel. Dying to impress, I had bought the same outfit for Candi. Her cute punky red bob in tiny pigtails, her pale white skin exposed between the stocking tops and hem of her tiny skirt, and thick curvy 5’2″ frame expertly perched in her high heels. One of many things my girl had going for her was she loved slut heels and moved as effortlessly as any stripper, and twice as confidant.That first time I could tell that Candi was nervous. We both fussed over our makeup while she periodically checked with me to make sure I really wanted to do this. She looked so amazing and downright fuckable that there was no way I could call it off even if I wanted to. Kirt was already on his way, and had already seen the pictures we’d sent. She’d been with black men before – as a barely 5-foot tall, 38D with 42 inch hips she was always turning the heads of black men — but sharing one with her sexy crossdressing boyfriend was obviously new territory. She repeated her now-common mantra about how she was doing this for us and it wouldn’t mean anything, right up to the moment the phone rang signaling Kirt ‘s arrival. Up till now I had done a fair job of covering my own nervous mindset. I just had to remember not to mention anything that would give away the fact that as my Black Daddy, Kirt had used my mouth and ass at least a dozen times in the last 3 months while Candi was out of town for work. I just couldn’t help it, Daddy owned his sissy bitch and I was not able to say no.We answered the door together as directed, and Kirt eyed both of us up and down like the luckiest man on Earth. “God damn don’t I have two fine little white bitches today!” he began, his large dark hand gliding across Candi’s soft white skin above her stocking tops, just glancing a finger across her smooth shaved pussy. “Candi, you are a fine little white bitch, just like my sissy Princess told me. I bet you definitely know your way around a big thick Nigga dick, don’t you slut?” His tone was playful, and Candi obliged.”I may have sucked a few more BBCs than I mentioned to her,” She quipped back, motioning to my captivated stare. “I may have been slightly more willing to go along with this than I let on.”Now she really had Kirt’s attention. “Really now? That’s good news, because I bet I know something will come as a surprise to you too. OK bitch,” he began, as my heart stopped and he stared right at me while simultaneously lowering the zipper on his pants. “Show this sexy bitch who really owns you NOW.”For a anadolu yakası escort moment we were all frozen as nine hard thick black inches fell out of Kirt’s pants and bobbed in the air. Honestly, I don’t even remember dropping to my knees and starting to slowly service Daddy’s amazing BBC. I have no clue how long I’d been kissing his helmet and licking those magnificent black balls when I heard Daddy begin to boast to my shocked girlfriend, “You might call him a ‘boyfriend’ but I turned him into my personal white sissy bitch over a year ago. Even made the slut promise to find me white pussy to serve me too. Look at how crazy this bitch is for Nigga dick. “Before I knew what was going on, Candi was on her knees at my side. Quicker than I could react, her tongue joined mine on Kirt’s cock. After several moments, our eyes locked, and for the first time I realized that the love of my life was watching while I worshipped a Big Black Cock… and I couldn’t stop. I was seriously addicted to this amazing cock and only a hard shove from my Black Daddy snapped me from the trance. I fell softly back onto the floor as I noticed immediately why I had been parted from my black god. Daddy had my girlfriend by the pigtails, roughly fucking her throat. Tears streamed from her eyes along with a good portion of her thick black eye liner. She was scolded to not use her hands, which instinctively now held onto her 6″ heels as a way to brace herself for the face fucking she was enduring. I was told to watch, as my suddenly more sadistic Daddy now slid his rock hard amazing member across the face of the love of my life. He had first shown her how I was his Black Owned sissy, and now he was slowly making her his black cock whore right in front of me.”You my bitch Candi? Am I your new Daddy? You love this cock?” He asked rhetorically. “You be getting so much black cock, you’ll never want a white boy again, ain’t that right slut?”She immediately stared into my eyes, “I’m your black cock slut now, Daddy! Please Daddy, please let me lick your big black balls and give me your black cum!” she was screaming now, barely making sense, much as I was when she watched me worship Kirt’s cock earlier. And just as I was, she was hypnotized and couldn’t stop, even as she slid her hot wet tongue across her new Daddy’s balls as he yanked her almost to her feet with his huge hands. He sat back on our couch and guided Candi onto his lap. His cock still slick with both her and my saliva, Kirk lined up the massive head of his cock with Candi’s tight pussy, and before she knew it the first 4 inches violated her as she reflexively bucked and tried to hop off, but Daddy was having none of it. He grabbed his new bitch by the throat and pulled her face close to his. She slowly slid her tongue into his dark mouth as his thick wet tongue filled her mouth to stifle her screams while she was forced down onto the final 5 thick inches of Kirk’s cock. The feeling of his big swollen balls against her plump ass made her nearly pass out. Kirk slammed her limp body up and down, while pulling her closer and whispering what looked like an order into her ear.”Tell my sissy bitch the new rules, slut,” Daddy said forcefully, to which Candi obliged. “No more white cock for me Daddy! And my sissy boyfriend only sucks you and your black friends from now on. Ohhh Princess I’m so sorry but I can’t help it! You can’t fuck me like this! Kirt is going to own us both and get us so much BBC! Lick Daddy’s balls with me to show him that we agree!” And with one huge black hand on each of our heads, he shot stream after stream of his hot thick black cum all over our faces. She grabbed for the back of my head and seductively whispered to me, “Clean my face, sissy.”We shared Daddy’s hot load as he stood over us pleased. “Now I have two Black Owned white sluts, don’t I?” The breathless, content looks on our faces only confirmed his statement. “That’s good, because I have plans for your thick hot ass Candi. I’ve fucked your little bitch so many times in your own bedroom that I know you both have some seriously slutty gear in there.” Again, the revelation caused a dissatisfied smirk to flash across Candi’s face. “I think I need to take my new bitch around to show her off, so Baby Girl, go put on something that lets anyone who looks at you know that you’re my bitch, and you love my nigga dick. And please take your time, cuz while you’re doing that my sissy girl will be cleaning off my cock with her mouth.” With that, she very deliberately left the room, with a quiet submissive “Yes Daddy.””God damn, Sissy… I hope you really wanted this, because I think your girl is in love with my cock,” he laughed as I licked stray cum from his shaft. “The boys down on the block are really going to love her big fat ass wiggling around in those slut heels she wears. I’ll try to have her back by morning, unless she wants to stay the whole ataşehir escort weekend… in fact, probably plan on that.” On cue Candi walked back into the room, skin tight shiny pink mini dress clinging to every curve, set off with 6″ hot pink platform pumps with ankle straps. And as the crowning touch, she found a gift Daddy had gotten me a while back, a hot pink collar with the words “Black Owned” prominently displayed across it. Kissing her deeply, he grabbed her ass with huge black hands, and walked her out the door. Stopping short, he turned and whispered into Candi’s ear something that made her giggle.”Oh Princess,” she taunted, “Daddy says you have a chastity cage in your panty drawer, he’s already unlocked the padlock and taken the key, and you better be wearing it whenever we get back. We expect a picture of you wearing it within the next hour or we might just misplace that key.” And with that, they were out the door as I heard my girlfriend’s playful giggle fade down the hall.I texted the picture as required to both of their phones, the only response coming from Kirt, for me not to have any cock over whatsoever, and under no circumstances was I to make myself cum. The latter demand seemed silly, given that my tiny limp cock was all locked up unable to even get erect to its full 5″. But then I understood the reason for that request about 30 minutes after they’d left… a video call from Candi’s phone. But not with Candi doing any talking. There on my phone live for me to see was my girlfriend sucking Kirt’s BBC as he drove thru the hood waving at friends, telling them to head to his place for a “snowbunny party”. As Candi’s slutty pink heels waved in the air from the passenger seat, my mind bounced between shock at what Candi was doing while I helplessly watched on live video, and jealousy wishing it could be me! As the call ended I got a text shortly after…. “STAY TUNED, SISSY”I was both so turned on and so frustrated, that I nearly missed the video call an hour later. The scene on my phone was like I was watching pornhub! A circle of at least eight black men, each with their huge cocks out, rock hard, and Candi bent over a pool table while the guys rotated thru fucking her from behind and feeding her cock from the front. Each bull slowly, methodically waved his cock in front of my girl’s wet mouth, pausing for a few moments while Candi appeared to be kissing or licking each hard shaft before taking it into her eager mouth inch by inch, forcing their way down her throat till she gagged and gasped for breath. But I couldn’t quite make out exactly what was happening in front of her, as each black bull applied something to his BBC before shoving it into my bad girl’s face… I struggled to see, until whoever had the phone looked into it to speak, “Another snowbunny turned out… and turned into this… Candi, what are you now baby??” He yelled at her. It took her a moment to realize what they were asking, but then she turned to the camera and her answer was apparent.”Princess I hope your happy, cuz they made your girlfriend a coke whore for nigga dick!” As the camera zoomed in, I could see her sniffing and licking the cocaine off of their long black cocks, and begging for more. The call went on for over an hour, while not only could I see and hear these black bulls running a train on my girl, but also seeing the apparent supplier of the piles of coke ask out loud to no one in particular, “Who’s paying for this bitch’s habit?” And when no one spoke up, I could only see him whispering to Kirt as the call ended while they shook hands.It was nearly a full 24 hours before I heard from them again. This time though it was in the form of a loud BANG on the apartment door… I’d barely turned the knob when four huge dark skinned bangers threw the door open and rushed in. I was quickly held down and forced to my knees; wearing the ultra-short purple mini dress Candi loved along with 6″ white platform heels that kept my resistance at a minimum. My arms were held behind me as two huge black hands forced my face down to my coffee table and into a huge pile of coke.”Sniff!” a deep voice commanded. One hand kept my head down, ensuring that I inhaled an enormous mountain of the powder. I looked up, my head spinning, to see one of the black thugs holding an iPad. He commanded that I sniff two more lines and tap play. I followed his orders, not knowing what else I could do.My hands trembled as I tapped play. The d**g dealer’s face filled up the screen, as he briefly explained that his name was Rico, and over the whole weekend Candi had done over $800 worth of his coke. The camera tilted down to expose that she was even sucking his huge 12″ cock as he was talking, even gasping between his thrusts to beg for more coke!It was then that the thugs holding me still forced me over the table and held my face just above their stash of cocaine, while the biggest of the ümraniye escort four yanked my panties off in one pull and forced his huge black cock into my tight hole as his homies held my face down forcing more and more coke up my nose! I tried releasing a scream but only wound up with more coke up my nose. They began taunting me, telling me that I was just like my girlfriend, another snowbunny cokewhore. I began to realize that the higher I got the less I could feel pain from my ****, begged for them to give me more. They burst into laughter as they pointed to the iPad screen…”Wanna see something funny?” He asked into the camera. Looking at Candi worshipping his giant cock he asked her, “Bitch, wanna go home?” to which her only reply was, “Rico baby, please let me stay, I wanna do more cccccoke! Please Nigger Daddy! Let me lick your father’s balls again! I’ll let your friends cum in my ass again!”I couldn’t believe how they’d turned Candi into such a black cock slut, but at the same time I looked up at my captors, each with at least 10” of black cock, their leader pounding away at my tight ass, flipping me onto my back as he yelled out, “Yo, I got a Nigga bitch here boys! Hey Princess beg me to be your black Daddy and I’ll get you high”The last shreds of my masculinity fell away as I saw my 6” heels bouncing off of his shoulders while I moaned out, “More nigga dick please Sir! Get me high and I’ll suck every last cock in the hood, just please, give me coke! As I bent to do the lines off of the iPad screen, I saw how amazing Candi looked sucking Rico’s huge cock, wearing a tight white leather mini dress and matching white leather boots. What had to be 6″ metal spiked heels waved in the air as she choked on her dealer’s huge black rod and licked his huge swollen balls.Then the video just cut to numerous scenes of Candi fucking random black men, Rico had obviously bought her new clothes as she was shown standing on a street corner in a tight red dress that displayed her ample tits and curvy thick ass to perfection, while she balanced in shiny red 6” heels. She was shown getting fucked in alleys and sucking cock behind dumpsters, at one point even getting fucked hard by a cop for “payment” to let Rico sell d**gs in the neighborhood … then back to her dealer/pimp.”Your snowbunny girlfriend been working her debt off all weekend but she keeps begging for more! That’s why I had to send my brothers to your house right now, to make sure you gonna be mah bitch too Princess, so you can help work off your bitch’s debt! But it looks like mah boy Jamel and his homies are helping you rack up a little debt of your own. Now since yo girl is being so good to this nigga dick I’mma let you slide for tonight. Them boys paid a nice price to own your sissy ass tonight, so it looks like you already mah ho! You don’t gotta pay for the pile on the table so sniff up bitch! I’ll be by your place next Friday 9pm and BOTH you bitches are walking the block to pay me back!About an hour later the party in my living room had just broken up and the last of Jamel’s friends were walking out the door… just as a completely used Candi stumbled in, pushed to the floor along with a duffle bag spilling open with high heels and clothes I’d never seen before. She was wearing yet another scandalous new outfit that her new pimp Rico bought her, a skin tight baby pink tube dress that would barely cover her ass if it wasn’t bunched around her waist; her hair was now dyed cotton candy pink to match, along with long extensions for pigtails. She very obviously was wearing no underwear, though her pretty feet were adorned with white frilly anklets with shiny white platform stiletto 6″ heels.Candi apparently was still so wasted she couldn’t walk after falling, and crawled over to the table where I’d been slumped over trying to regain my bearings from the gang fuck I’d just endured. The most she could make out in her state was “like the new dress Rico got me? He said it was free since his father…. OMG Princess you got us coke??” That was all she got out before realizing the pile Jamel’s crew left behind.As she used a long manicured pinky nail to scoop up a small bump she finally noticed how I was dressed and how my lipstick was smeared nearly everywhere but my lips.”Ohhh Princess, they own us both, it looks like! Rico was telling me how much his brother Jamel loved bitches like you, and sort of remember giving him our address. They left us so much you MUST have been a good girl. Did Jamel tell you what Rico did?”I explained all of the videos I was sent, and instead of being ashamed, Candi seemed to get more and more turned on, telling me about how much she loved it and how good it felt, and how happy she was that I talked her into going black… but then she dropped the bomb and laid out our future going forward.”Mr. Thomas our landlord saw the crew dropping me off out front, and he liked what he saw so much that he made me beg to blow him to keep our apartment in exchange for ignoring the “no d**gs” policy, and letting our pimp come and go thru the security door. Plus he took pictures of me choking and worshipping his huge 65 year old black cock, I swear it had to be a foot long! Now in exchange for rent he’ll be spending one weekend every month with us. Rico thought it was a great idea!

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