Snowed In


While this story stands narratively alone, the characters, or most of them, were introduced in my story “A Week On the Lake,” which you can find by clicking on my name above. You can also leave feedback there or comment here if you are so inclined. I spend just a bit more time developing things in that story, while this one kind of just skips to the juicy stuff. I make no apologies. It’s cold outside and I needed to generate some heat. All characters are, of course, over eighteen. Oh and if you’re squeamish about mixing just a little guy-on-guy stuff into your group sex casserole, then maybe this one (along with most of my other stories) is not for you. -MM

* * * * *

The sound of the running shower worked its way into my morning dreams and the idea of my Eva standing naked in the falling water drew me from my sleep. I shifted under the covers and my erection tented the blankets. I pulled the covers aside and rolled out of bed, reaching for my phone on the bedside table. Almost ten o’clock.

“I love Saturdays,” I said to our empty bedroom. There was a text message waiting, from Jack. Might as well take a quick look before I go fuck my girlfriend in the shower.

Party canceled tonight, bro. Snow storm supposed to be a doozy.

A doozy, I chuckled. That was a word I would have used. Jack was picking up some of my texting lingo. And that was a bummer about the party, too. Todd and Becky were in town, and tonight was going to be the first time we were all together again since camp. My cock twitched a little at the reminder of last summer’s trip to Jack’s family cabin on the lake. I had no idea if tonight’s party was going to be anything like the partying we had done there on the lake, but I was certainly hoping. And so was Eva.

I decided to hold off on replying until after I joined Eva in the shower. I took off my boxers and walked hard-cocked out of our bedroom and into the hall, where the bathroom door was cracked open, Eva’s customary signal that she wouldn’t mind some company. We’d only been living together for two weeks so far, and the novelty of fucking at all hours of the day in any part of the apartment had still not worn off.

“Good morning, baby,” Eva cooed when she heard the door swing open. I closed the door behind me and pulled the curtain back to see my girlfriend’s naked bottom, shiny with the hot running water of the shower. She was quite a bit shorter than I, and when I slipped my arms around her midsection, my cock pressed against her lower back and my balls rested on the slopes of the top of her ass. I kissed the top of her head, her black hair was wet and fragrant with recent shampoo.

“Mmm,” Eva groaned as I slipped my hands up over her stomach and hefted the weight of her prodigious tits in my hands. She turned to her left and twisted her face around and I took her chin to bring her lips to mine, and we shared a kiss as hot water sprayed down on our faces. Eva’s tongue shot into my mouth and I pushed mine back against hers as I felt her fingers wrap around the shaft of my cock. I got my hands back on her tits and squeezed them, pushing them together and feeling the hardness of her nipples against my palms.

We broke our kiss to catch our breath and Eva smiled up at me. “I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for the party tonight,” she said, slowly stroking her hand up and down my painfully erect cock.

“Actually,” I said. “Jack said they’re canceling. Snow storm is supposed to be pretty bad.”

“What, no!” Eva scowled and she actually shoved me, and I nearly slipped, but managed to steady myself against the shower wall behind me.

“Hey!” I protested, chuckling. “I didn’t cancel the party, Jack did!”

“I know,” Eva said. “I just really wanted to see Todd and Becky.”

“Yeah, same here,” I said. She had a point. The last time we had seen them had been at their going away party, about a month after the lake. Becky had taken a job out of state, and Todd had gone with her, opting to take his chances finding a job on the fly. They were only in town this weekend because last night had been Becky’s parents’ thirtieth wedding anniversary, and she and her sisters had thrown them a surprise party. Jack and Sophie had decided to take advantage of the visit by having a party at their house tonight, inviting all sorts of people for a mid-winter blowout. With the party now canceled, who knew when we might get a chance to see them again before summer?

“Let’s have them over here,” Eva said. She looked up at me, expecting agreement.

“Move the party to our little apartment?” I protested.

“No, not the whole party,” she said. “Just Sophie, Jack, Todd and Becky. Go text Jack and tell him and Sophie to get over here before the roads get too bad. I’ll call Becky.” She turned off the water and flung open the shower curtain, reaching for a towel and leaving me standing there, stiff-cocked in the empty tub. She was out of the bathroom and back down the hall to our bedroom before I was even able to wrap a towel around my waist.

* * *

“We’ve got the air mattress, the couch, and even some extra room in our bed,” Eva said into her phone. She was talking to Becky, and pacing around our room naked. I was waiting for Jack to confer with bursa escort Sophie before sending me his answer. I pulled on a fresh pair of boxers and tucked my cock into them, still hard as I got dressed.

“Don’t worry about food, we’ve got plenty.” Another pause. “There’s plenty of parking behind the building, and Will and I can help shovel you out tomorrow before you have to get to the airport.”

My phone vibrated and Jack’s text informed me that they would see us in a couple of hours, and that they would bring some of the food they had been planning on serving at the party.

“Okay, see you then!” Eva chirped happily before ending the call. She looked over at me and I smiled, admiring her naked body and the damp hair clinging to her face and neck. Eva raised an eyebrow and grinned at me. “Why the fuck did you put pants on?”

I had jeans on now, but I hadn’t managed to button them yet. Eva crossed the bedroom and pushed my jeans down over my hips. She dropped to her knees in front of me and roughly pulled both my pants and underwear down to my knees, causing my cock to bounce up hard from its constricted position. Her mouth was on me in an instant and I closed my eyes and groaned as she went to work with her lips and tongue, sucking and licking my cock.

She stopped her sucking and looked up at me, smiling. “I can’t wait to watch you fuck Becky and Sophie tonight,” she said.

“Oh my god,” I gasped. You’d have thought such an admission from my girlfriend would not surprise me at this point. The first time Eva and I had sex was during an orgy, surrounded by friends. That first time was just fun, really. I had only just met her, for one thing, and for another, she had Jack’s cum all over her wildly bouncing tits. But no, the novelty of having a girlfriend who got off on group sex as much as I did had not worn off. And it’s not like we had been completely monogamous for these last few months. We’d had more than one raucous night with Jack and Sophie since we had started dating. As excited as I was to indulge Eva’s fantasy of watching me fuck our gorgeous friends, I was also excited to watch her sucking Jack’s or Todd’s cock the same way she was sucking mine right now.

Eva had started the dirty talk, now it was my turn to continue the volley. “I can’t wait to watch you suck Jack’s cock while Todd fucks you,” I said.

Eva groaned onto my rod, sending a spasm of pleasure shooting through my body. She pulled her face away and looked up at me again. “What else do you want me to do?”

“I want you to suck my cum out of Becky’s pussy.”

She licked me, the flat of her tongue dragging up from between my balls and up the entire length of my cock.

“Mmmm,” she moaned. “Just as long as I get to watch you suck my cum off of Jack’s cock again.”

Oh, and there was that, too. Before the lake last summer, I’d never seriously entertained the notion that my own sexual desires might run anywhere besides the strictly heterosexual, but as it turned out there had been a couple of brief moments, swept up in sexual frenzy, that I had perhaps experimented. Eva hadn’t actually witnessed those events at the lake, but she had not raised any protest when those experiments had continued on our nights together with Jack and Sophie.

“You know how fucking wet it makes me when you suck Jack’s cock,” Eva said. She didn’t wait for me to respond, she took me back into her mouth and forced my cock deep, sucking powerfully and putting spots in my vision.

“Well maybe tonight you’ll get to see me suck Todd’s cock, too,” I groaned.

Eva popped her face off of my cock again. “That’s it,” she said. “Fuck me right now.”

I finished kicking off my pants while Eva hopped up onto the edge of the bed, her legs and her pussy spread wide open in front of me. She grabbed my cock as I turned to face her and pulled me closer, nudging my purple cock head into her juicing slit. My cock was slick from Eva’s sucking, and her pussy was visibly dripping her juices and I was able to sink inside her to the root on the first thrust.

“Oh FUCK!” Eva cried. “Give me that cock!”

I slowly began to pump in and out of her cunt, and Eva propped herself up, hands behind her on the mattress and thrust her big jiggling tits up in the air. Because of our height difference, it was difficult for me to suck on her tits at the same time I was fucking her, but that never stopped me from trying. Eventually I pulled my cock out of her soaking wet cunt so that I could lower myself enough to frantically lick and suck Eva’s tits. I sucked hard on both of her nipples, and pressed her big tits together with my face between them. I moved down further still, and tasted my girlfriend’s pussy, licking it from bottom to top and flicking my tongue over her clit while she bucked her hips on the bed.

“Put your fucking cock back in,” Eva growled.

I stood back up and obeyed. I pointed the head of my cock at Eva’s pussy and she helped guide me back inside the hot squeezing embrace of her cunt. I held onto Eva’s thighs and lifted her butt up off the bed, slamming my cock deep into her pussy and filling the room with the sounds of my hips slapping into her ass.

“FUCK!” Eva screamed. “Fuck me, Will! Harder! bursa escort bayan HARDER!”

I watched her huge breasts bounce wildly as I drove my cock deep into her spasming pussy. Eva worked her clit with her fingertips, cursing and howling as I fucked her. I had been rock hard for almost an hour now, and I hurtled toward my orgasm relentlessly.

“CUMMING!” Eva screamed. “FuckfuckfuckFUCK! I’M FUCKING CUMMING!”

Her pussy clenched down hard on my cock just as my balls started to churn, an explosion of cum surged up through my cock and shot hard into Eva’s pussy. I pulled my cock out of her, and dropped her legs, and she flailed on the bed, eyes closed, fingers still frantically working her clit. I jacked my cock while Eva trembled in orgasm. Thick white strands of cock cream exploded from my cock and shot across my girlfriend’s body. When I finally finished spunking, Eva lay gasping for breath. My cum was leaking out of her pussy and splattered across her stomach and tits.

I dropped down next to Eva on the bed and lay back, staring at the ceiling and catching my breath as well. My cock and balls were soaked with Eva’s pussy juice and she was covered with my spunk.

“Maybe another quick shower before people get here,” I said and Eva giggled.

* * *

It was going to be one of those days, apparently. My cock never went soft, all through our shower. But with our bodies rubbing together and our hands all over each other, it wasn’t a huge surprise that I would still be horny. It wasn’t until I was finally bundled up for the elements that I forgot about my dick long enough to lose the bulge.

I was shoveling the front steps of our building in anticipation of Jack and Sophie’s arrival when Beth and Erica came trudging up to the building through the snow drifts, bundled up in so many layers all you could see was their eyes. I didn’t know it was our neighbors from across the hall until they cheerily greeted me.

“Hi, Will!” Beth said, hefting a back of groceries up the stairs past me.

“Hi, Will,” Erica’s eyes smiled, even though I couldn’t see her mouth under the scarf she had wrapped around her face against the cold. She was carrying a case of beer. “Supplies! Goddamn supermarket was a mad-house!”

“Seems like it always is on these days, right?” I replied. Beth and Erica were roommates, and to the best of my knowledge, drinking buddies. They were a couple of years younger than me and Eva, no more than a year or two out of college. I helped them through the front door of the building and wished them a happy snowstorm. I may have also indulged in a brief fantasy of watching them undress from all of those layers, but that’s neither here nor there.

When Jack and Sophie arrived, and I helped them carry in bags of food and board games. Sophie had a crock pot of her atomic chili and my mouth started watering as soon as the doors of Jack’s SUV opened. But it was brutally cold, and the snow was piling up fast. We rushed into the building and up the stairs, shaking snow from our shoes as we made our way down the hallway to my apartment door.

“Fucking nasty out, dude,” I said.

“No joke,” Jack said. “We almost got stuck on our street.”

“In the fucking Tahoe?”

“Wonderboy here thought he could just blast right through our six-foot snow bank,” Sophie said.

“Yeah, yeah,” Jack said, smiling. “We made it, didn’t we?”

“Hey guys!” Eva squealed as we shuffled into the apartment. She ran up and gave fierce hugs to both of them before they even had a chance to set down their bags. “I’m so glad you made it! Fucking snow. I was really looking forward to that party.”

“I’m actually relieved,” Sophie said. “No party, no clean-up.” Jack’s girlfriend was a few inches taller than Eva, blond and stunning, even in heavy winter gear. My admiration was of course aided by the fact that I was very familiar with what she looked like naked.

“Yeah, now we can fuck up your place instead,” Jack said. Eva punched his arm and beamed up at him. Jack wasn’t as tall as me, but Eva was short no matter what way you looked at it.

“Becky and Todd should be here soon,” Eva said. “As long as they made it out of her parents’ driveway.”

“Are you kidding?” Sophie chuckled. “Her dad is a maniac with a snow-blower. He absolutely loves it.” She paused. “For some fucking reason.”

I smiled and took the food from Jack and Sophie while they shed some of their outer layers.

“By the way,” Sophie said. “Nice place, guys, congrats!”

“Thanks!” Eva replied for us. “It’s not ideal living in one of these big buildings, but it’s a start.” She gave them the grand tour while I plugged the crock pot into a kitchen outlet and stole a quick spoonful of chili. Oh sweet Jesus, that’s good.

I returned from the kitchen in time to see the tall, auburn-haired Becky shuffling through the door. She was nearly as tall as Jack, and just a little taller than her boyfriend Todd, who followed her into the apartment.

The three women shrieked with excitement for their reunion. Sophie and Eva crushed Becky with hugs before she could even put her bag down or unzip her coat. Jack reached out to shake Todd’s hand, bursa merkez escort and pulled the good-looking blond man in for a hug.

“Todd,” I said, taking my turn embracing him. “Great to see you, bud.”

“Great to be back home,” he said.

Todd backed away and was immediately replaced by Becky, who having shed her coat, vaulted into my arms, and I stumbled trying to hold her up. Her big tits crushed into my chest and her lips went directly to mine. She kissed me firmly, but quickly, and she actually said “Muah!” when she broke contact. She smelled absolutely wonderful, and my cock started to grow remembering the fun we had shared at the lake. She unwrapped her legs from around my waist and jumped down, only to give Jack the same greeting. Eva hugged and kissed Todd, lingering just a bit longer on his lips than Becky had on mine, and she pulled her face away beaming.

“I really miss you guys,” Eva said.

“We miss you too, sexy,” Becky purred, and kissed my girlfriend with a heat and intensity that made the other recent kisses pale in comparison. Oh, this was going to be a great day.

* * *

Despite the early arousal at our friends’ arrivals, we were all pretty well chilled by the weather, and we remained well insulated in sweaters for most of the afternoon, while we ate lunch, caught up on Becky and Todd’s adventures away from home, and played card games and sipped beers.

Later in the afternoon, I said nothing when I noticed Eva surreptitiously turning up the heat in the apartment. She saw me watching her and smiled, biting her lip, before dashing off to the bathroom to pee. After that, the card games and beer drinking continued, and the layers started to come off. Nobody was getting naked, but touches were beginning to linger and casual glances became heated stares.

“Oh, hey!” Eva suddenly burst out. “I wanted to show you guys something!” We could tell by her tone that “you guys” actually meant just the girls, and Todd, Jack and I watched our girlfriends jump up and bounce down the hall to the bedroom.

“Did you finally spring for the deluxe sex swing?” Jack nudged with a grin.

“No way,” I said. “Maybe she has a three-headed dildo hidden in there somewhere.”

“Well maybe we should go down there, just in case,” Todd said, beginning to rise from his chair.

“Sit your ass back down, Todd,” Becky’s voice came from the darkness of the hallway, followed by Becky herself, who strode back into the living room wearing nothing but a pair of green panties. I felt my jaw drop reflexively as my eyes locked on her big, gently swaying tits. Becky was followed immediately by Eva and Sophie, both of whom had chosen to match their friend’s wardrobe, or lack thereof in this case. They came into the living room together and stopped in a line from shortest to tallest, little Eva with her huge boobs in pink panties, blond Sophie in baby blue underwear, and then Becky.

“Holy shit,” Todd said, letting himself slump back into his chair.

“I thought it was getting warm in here,” Jack said.

Eva was the first to move. She crossed the room and planted herself in Todd’s lap, and his hands were on her tits immediately. I only watched for a few seconds, because Sophie was suddenly in front of me, and I reached up to pull her down into my lap while Becky lifted her tits and pushed them into Jack’s face. My cock was already pushing out against my pants, and Sophie pressed her crotch against it, and I could feel her heat through the layers of clothing that would soon be removed. I slid my hands up Sophie’s thighs, over her hips and up her sides, stopping at her big tits. I squeezed them in my hands and pressed them together and leaned my face into the luscious globes, licking each nipple thoroughly. I sucked on Sophie’s tits while she fumbled at my belt and the button of my jeans and whispered huskily in my ear: “I can’t wait to feel your cock in my pussy again, Will.”

It hadn’t actually been all that long since the last time Sophie and I had fucked. We were averaging out to once a month or so since Becky and Todd moved away that Jack, Sophie, Eva and I would get together. Just a few days before Eva and I had moved into this apartment, we’d gone out pub-crawling with Jack and Sophie and ended up spending the night at their house, but getting exactly no sleep.

But all six of us knew what was going to happen tonight, and as the sun went down and the blizzard raged on outside, our real festivities began.

* * *

I watched my girlfriend pull Todd’s pants down and start sucking his big cock. Todd pealed off his shirt and held Eva’s head in his hands, working her mouth up and down on his quickly hardening rod. Jack had swapped places with Becky, and he knelt between her legs and pulled her panties aside so that he could get his tongue into her pussy. I watched all of this unfold with Sophie slowly dragging her tongue up and down the underside of my throbbing hard cock. When she reached the top, she swirled her tongue around my cock head, and when she got to the bottom, she took a little time to suck on one of my balls at a time. My pants were bunched up around my ankles and my unbuttoned shirt lay to either side of my bare stomach and chest. My cock pointed straight up in the air, slowly swaying while Sophie sucked my balls, then she worked her way back up my shaft and sucked me into her mouth. My hips bucked involuntarily, pushing the tip of my cock into Sophie’s throat. She groaned, and pulled back, leaving my cock glistening with her saliva.

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