So Hot in Pink

Ball Licking

Kim has a fantasy, and it all pertains to pink items, but not just any pink items. She and Darnell awaken as they lay there in each other’s arms he kisses her softly as she returns the kiss to him.

“What do you want to do today baby girl?” he asks softly.

“Oh I think I want to go shopping we need some new sheets for this bed.” Kim replies.

“Ok well why don’t we get ready and we can go.”

“Are you sure want to come with me Baby?”

“Of course, why wouldn’t I?”

They get up get themselves together and head out the door. They work their way down to the bedding store. Darnell and Kim look over many different sets of sheets, however they just weren’t what Kim had in mind (this is only stage one to her fantasy).

“Baby I don’t like any of these, this really isn’t what I am looking for.” Kim says in her sexy little whiny tone.

“Well what do you want, to me a sheet is a sheet so tell me what your looking for and maybe we can find it.”

“Honey you might not like what I am wanting but I just have to have them, I want pink silk sheets.”

“PINK SHEETS?? What prey tell do you want pink silk sheets for? What is going through your little mind little missy?” he whispers, not wanting to draw attention throughout the store, leaning in toward him she runs her hand around the back of his head, pulling him down to her.

“Baby I have a fantasy that I haven’t yet told you about and I need the pink sheets, please baby I really need to have them.”

“Why do I have the feeling I am going to be in a whole lot of trouble here? Ok baby girl if that’s what you really want lets see if we can find them.”

Darnell and Kim walk off to find a sales person and ask her if they have just what Kim’s looking for. She brings them over to where all their silk sheets are stored. They had a few different shades of pink, (rose pink, light pink, a mauve sort of pink). Kim looks and she looks until she finally found the exact color that she wanted (they weren’t a dark pink yet they weren’t a really light pink either they were just perfectly in the middle) the perfect color pink to set off her fantasy.”

Darnell and Kim purchased the sheets and headed out. Getting into the car she just kept looking at these sheets and looking over at Darnell with a really devilish look and grin on her face.

“Damn you little girl I don’t know what’s going through your head, but some how I still think I am in a whole lot of trouble.”

Trying to change the subject, they were coming up to the dance store, she needed to get some new tights for their youngest whom was taking ballet, and she knew this would be the perfect time to get the second part of her fantasy.

“Honey pull in there please.” Kim says to Darnell as she points to the store.

“What do you need in here? Baby this is a dance store, girl what in the heck’s going on?” Darnell asks now in a slight concern.

“Honey I need to get some new tights for our Daughter and because we are right here I figured I would get them.”

“Ok Ok you can do this one by yourself I am NOT going in there.” Darnell replies as they pulled into the parking lot. Darnell parks in front of the store and suddenly he puts his face into his hand.

“Babe what’s the matter?” Kim asks quietly.

“Kim, look in that window and tell me what you see.” She looks and she instantly knows what’s wrong.

“Oh honey please don’t worry about that, that was so long ago and you were so young then it’s really no big deal.” She replies.

“I know but all I can think about every time I see one of those little tutu’s is that very embarrassing picture that my mother took of me when I was younger wearing a little pink tutu, oh my god that was so embarrassing.”

Kim was determined to get Darnell over the fact that he was so embarrassed. She wanted him güvenilir bahis to see that it was really no big deal. All mothers do some crazy things sometimes and they want some kind of memories of their children. Kim kisses Darnell quickly as she stepped out of the car. She headed into the store and picked up the tights she needed for their daughter. While she was in there she knew what she had to do; she purchased a pink tutu that she knew he would be able to wear, (she knew one of two things would happen, either he would laugh and get over his embarrassment or he would get very angry at her for doing this to him (oh how she prayed it wouldn’t be the latter of the two). She had no intention of ever wanting to make him angry with her. All she ever wants to do is help him in any way she can. Walking back to the car, she puts the bag in the back seat, as he just stared at her.

“What in god’s name did you do buy out the store?” he asks with a chuckle.

“No my silly man I just got what I needed.” She leans in toward him kissing him softly. He didn’t say anymore, he just shook his head as he drove toward home.

Before getting home she had him make one more stop to their favorite novelty shop, (Kim and Darnell had purchased all their play toys here). He pulls in to the parking lot again he just looks at her.

“Please come in with me this time baby.”

“Oh you bet your sweet ass I am going in with you, I know exactly what happens when you go into this store alone or with your girlfriends, and I will be damned if that’s going to happen again. The last time ya’ll went in here I was in some tremendously pleasurable trouble when you got a hold of me that night. I know we have been talking about upgrading our assortment of pleasure toys but I will be damned; you ARE NOT doing it without me, the last time I let you in here alone you started a whole new ball game with me.”

“I sure did didn’t I, Your sweet ass thanks me for it every time we play at night now doesn’t it.” She replies whispering in her sexy little devious tone. She runs her fingers up his inner thighs, down over his monster, over his balls rubbing her finger over his rose bud all through his jeans. His body tensed, the expression on his face changed as his ass left the seat.

“Ok baby you win let’s go.”

Taking her hand into his they walk hand in hand into the store. She knew what she wanted as they walked over to the vibrators. Although they each had their own, Kim decided she wanted a new one (yet little did he know it wasn’t for her). She picked up this really nice little slim pink jelly stick.

“Honey man, what do you think of this one?” she asks.

“Oh that is so cool looking, I bet we can have some fun with that now can’t we?”

“You bet my baby we sure can.” She replies as she smiles her again devious little smile patting him on the back of the shoulder.

They make their purchase and finally head home. Darnell comes around opening her door for her. She reaches in the back seat and takes out the packages.

“Baby girl let me take those for you.”

“No honey it’s perfectly alright I got them don’t you worry.”

Walking up to the front door, he again offers to take the bags. She again declines as they walk into the house. Taking the sheets she gets them ready to go on the bed, putting the other package in the closet until the time was right. As she’s putting the sheets on the bed, Darnell walks in behind her, wrapping his arms around her pulling her back to him, her back resting against his chest. Gently he kissed, sucked, licked and nibbled at the side of her neck, she moans softly as she settles into him.

“Are you going to be a good girl now and tell me why prey tell you are buying everything in pink, baby girl?”

“Baby I am always a good girl, you know I am your good girl, but türkçe bahis I will tell you about my fantasy when it’s time, my fantasy has two purposes baby and everything has to be right, just be patient my baby I promise you will find out all about it tonight.”

“Yes you are my good girl, however sometimes it really scares me when you get things running through your head and I never know just what you’re going to do” he replies with a naughty giggle.

For the rest of the afternoon he tried and he tried to get her to tell him what she was planning. However it didn’t work oh he was getting very frustrated no matter what he tried, she just wouldn’t break even though through all his actions he was arousing her something fierce. She refused to give in this time, she wanted this to be perfect so she had to be strong only for a little while longer.

“That’s it baby girl I give up!!” he growls in a very sexy sort of growl, I figure when your ready to tell me then you will in the mean time I am going outside.” He had to leave the room because she wasn’t the only one who was now aroused, looking down at him as he turns to walk away she could see the massive bulge in his jeans.

Putting step two into place she puts on one of his favorite outfits she has this very skimpy, low cut, strapless pink silk teddy with matching thong that she knew he couldn’t resist on her. (So what do you think she did?) You guessed it she put it on wet down her hair (he loves her hair when its long and wet) and put on his favorite perfume that she wears and went about her business.

Darnell walks in the front door moments later, to the aroma of her perfume, he wasn’t quite sure just where she was but he knew she was damn well up to something. Walking into the kitchen there she stood, with her back to him she intentionally places her hands on the sink bending her body into his favorite L shape position, exposing her sexy ass to him. She could hear him gasp suddenly yet he didn’t say a word.


“What? What about me?” Kim replies.

“You are SOOOOOO FUCKING SEXY, oh my god what are you trying to do to me, I am only 26 don’t be giving me a heart attack.”

Wrapping his arms around her he pulls her back toward him, his still hardened bulging mass now resting against her ass, little by little she began to rub her ass against him.”

“Jesus Christ baby girl, you are going to have me splitting these jeans yet, if you haven’t noticed I have been in this very hard predicament since I walked out of the house.”

“Honey, would you do something for me? And before you answer me choose your words wisely”

“Anything baby, you know that, what do you want me to do” Darnell asks.

“I want daddy to play for me tonight, but only in a whole different way.”

“What are you getting at baby girl?

“I want my baby to dress up for me, that’s all a part of my fantasy baby, will you do it for me?”

Taking her hand they walk hand in hand to their bedroom. Darnell looks and what does he see? (Her pink silk sheets, the pink candles on the headboard, and their new pink toy lying on her pillow).

“Wow!!! it is so pretty in here.” Darnell whispers in her ear.

“You’re right it sure is, but I am wanting to see a sight that’s going to be HOTTTT to me if you get my meaning.”

“What I want for you to wear for me you will find in the bathroom, please baby, I want my baby to put it on for me, then I want to watch him play for me, you have no idea how much watching you play like that truly turns me on.” Just the thought of him wearing his little pink tutu and playing with his new toy in his ass while she watches him was causing her juices to begin to flow.

“Oh fuck, you have got to be fucking kidding me, you’re not seriously going to make me put this on are you?”

“Please baby, for me?” she güvenilir bahis siteleri whines softly with a little pouty lip and the look of begging in her sexy big brown bedroom eyes.

“Oh man how do I get shnuckered into this, ok my baby if this is what you fantasize about then I will do it.” Darnell replies as he closes the door.

A few moments later as she as sits herself in the chair on the side of the bed the bathroom door opens and before her stands the sexiest man, (5’9 with Dark brown hair, the sexiest hazel eyes, the softest sexiest most wonderful smile, and the goatee that sets it all off) and the sound of his voice drew her into an instant orgasm. Oh god he was perfect, dressed in only that little pink tutu.

“My sweet baby girl you are so lucky, if it was anyone else that would have ever asked me to do this the answer would have been OH HELL NO!!! But I love you more than life itself and I would do anything for you.”

“Come here baby.” She whispers, patting her hand on the bed. Walking over to her he bends down kissing her softly. “You want to watch me play for you baby well let’s play.” He replies as he gets up onto the bed on his hands and knees, with his ass facing toward her.

Slowly she moves in behind him, placing her hands on his ass cheeks, spreading them gently, leaning into him she takes her tongue teasing at his rose bud, little by little beginning to slide it inside him, until he was relaxed enough, he moans and growl and grunts softly his ass pushing back toward her, he wanted to feel her tongue as far inside him as he possibly could. Reaching over to her pillow she takes his new toy into her hand.

“It’s time baby, are you ready?” She asks in a whisper as she hands his toy to him, sitting herself back down.

“Yeah baby I am ready.” He replies.

Turning his head to look back at her, their eyes locking onto one another he slowly slides his toy up inside his ass, his back arching, his moans now getting louder, he stops for a moment allowing his canal the time to conform to it, the look in his eyes was breath taking.

“Baby girl, help me out here, just turn it on for me and I can do the rest.”

Reaching over she turns his vibrator on for him, his body begins to rock back and forth as he penetrates deeper inside himself, she couldn’t help but stimulate her clit as she ran her finger over it gently, watching him. Listening to his cries, moans growls, was doing things to her that she just couldn’t explain. Sliding two fingers deep inside her pussy every now and then she takes those two fingers bringing them up to her mouth slowly sucking them in, licking and sucking and tasting all her juices, she knew what it was doing to him, she knew he wanted to be the one tasting her, and she wanted to taste him, getting up she slides underneath him, putting them into the 69 position, not only could she taste him from this position but she could continue to watch him as well.

Sucking his monster into her mouth as he latched his mouth over her pussy, licking sucking and nibbling at her clit as he worked his vibrator in and out of his ass now a little faster and harder, she sucked his shaft deeper into her throat as he buried his tongue deep inside her hot box, the harder she sucked him the deeper and harder he buried his tongue, fucking her little pussy just as he would if he was fucking her with his throbbing rigid cock.

“Oh fuck baby I’m going to cum!!!!!!!!!!!!” Darnell screams as he pushes his toy as far inside himself as he now possibly could just holding it there rocking back and forth on it, releasing all his hot cum, shot after shot into the depths of her throat, she returns all her love juices to him at the very same time.

As the pull themselves back together, she takes his toy into her hand slowly removing it from him, he gets off her, they lay on their sides facing one another she rests her head on his chest, looking up into his gorgeous eyes.

“Thank you baby thank you so much for making my fantasy come true.”

“Any time my sexy girl, any time.”

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