So Much Like Your Mother Pt. 02


I had given my drunken grieving father a blowjob and loved it. After I finished sucking him off last time I ran up to my room, still dressed in my Mom’s sexiest clothes and quickly finished myself. I came so hard and all over everything. I would need to wash these clothes and keep my Dad from seeing them in the laundry. He’d definitely know something was up if he saw Mom’s clothes in the wash, she had passed away about 8 months ago.

He had recognized that it was me in the end, but I don’t think he remembered. At least he didn’t act that way when he dragged himself hung over to the breakfast table the next morning. I was dressed in my boy clothes, but I couldn’t help doting on him, serving him breakfast and coffee. I felt really weirdly towards my Dad now, protective and subservient at the same time. Was I falling in love? I was so confused.

After school that day I didn’t have to work and my Dad wouldn’t be home for several hours. I took the opportunity to go through some more of the boxes of Mom’s stuff in the spare bedroom. I found a couple of outfits that I really liked and transferred them, with nearly all of her underthings, hosiery and jewelry the closet and the vanity. Her makeup was already there. This would be my transformation room.

I went through some boxes of other stuff too and that is when I hit the jackpot. I found some pictures of my Mom posing in lingerie, obviously taken by my Dad. I also found some sex toys, a small bullet vibrator and a silicon dildo about the same size and shape as my Dad’s cock. These I took to my room and hid under my bed.

I don’t know what was happening to me, but I knew I was changing in a really profound way. Now that I’d crossed a line, I wanted to be all in. I wanted more but I wasn’t sure how to get it. It was two more days before my Dad was drinking on the couch again. This time I was so excited I didn’t even wait for him to pass out before I started getting ready.

The second time I sucked my Dad’s cock, I got a little bolder. I just came down the stairs when I was ready and didn’t bother to check to see if he was out of it. He was, which both relieved and disappointed me. Part of me wanted him to see me this way and still desire me. I was wearing my Mom’s little black dress and a pearl necklace. I had to admit that I looked really hot and I wanted to be appreciated.

None the less I was there again, on my knees. This time I had learned some things. For instance I had the foresight to put a throw pillow on the floor so my knees didn’t hurt so badly afterword. I also took my time and was way more confident. I started off by lifting his shirt and kissing my way down his belly. When I got to his waist line he once again helped me work his shorts down to his ankles.

I spent a bit more time rubbing his cock with my hand, just feeling it and looking at it. It was so gorgeous. I kissed and licked the head for a while before taking him fully. Before long though I was doing what I really wanted, sucking him deep in my throat and bobbing my head up and down on it, stroking it with my hand. I both wanted his cum and wanted to prolong the experience. It wasn’t very long before he was thrusting, grunting and filling my mouth.

Again, when he finished, he looked down at me. He seemed to recognize me but couldn’t keep his eyes open. I helped him lie down this time and covered him with a blanket. His shorts were still around escort gaziantep özbek bayan his ankles and I left him that way just like last time. I don’t know if he remembered these encounters at all, but I wanted him to wake up realizing something happened.

Then I went upstairs. This time instead of furiously jacking off like I did last time, I stayed dressed and took out the dildo I had found. I worked some baby oil onto the thing and on my ass. I wanted to experiment to see what it might be like. I started to push it in. It hurt at first, but I wanted it badly and kept at it until it was all the way in. After a while I relaxed enough to start fucking myself with it. Oh My God! It felt amazing and I was cumming in no time at all.

The orgasm I had from fucking my ass with that dildo was absolutely mind blowing and left my whole body quivering with aftershocks. From that point on, I knew that is exactly what I wanted. I wanted to feel my Dad fucking me.

I was addicted at this point. Everything I did I wanted to lead to another encounter. I vowed to grow my hair out so I could stop using the wigs. The next day I went to the mall and got my ears pierced. When I came home my Dad noticed the new earrings and just grunted rather than comment.

As I continued to work on my femininity things around the house didn’t really change all that much. My hair was growing out, I was wearing Mom’s panties every day now under my clothes and I would dress whenever I got the chance. I started thinking of her things as mine, my special inheritance.

Although I watched every night, my Dad didn’t get pass out drunk again for quite some time. In the meantime I served him as a lover in other ways, making sure he had food cooked and the house was clean. OK, so I know it’s a bit misogynistic to think of a woman’s role that way, but it made me feel good so I did.

Dad seemed to be brightening a bit. He was never a drinker before and now he seemed to be snapping out of it. He was a functional drunk as well most of the time. He still made it to work and mowed the lawn and things like that. We settled into a maddening routine as I waited for just the right moment. I had such mixed feelings about his recovering. I loved my Dad and wanted him to get better, but I also totally wanted to suck his cock!

I was almost solely masturbating with the dildo now to relieve the stress. The little vibrator was still a mystery, even though I experimented with it a bit. Nothing compared to anal sex for me anymore. I craved it constantly and sometimes played until I was too sore to continue.

While my Dad’s somewhat improving sobriety was both encouraging and frustrating, I couldn’t think of a way to move things along. As luck would have it life threw me a turn that helped with the situation.

My Dad called home on a Friday evening to tell me he was going out with some friends. This was a new development as he had been almost a recluse since Mom passed. I told him to be careful and call me if he needed a ride.

Meanwhile I took the opportunity to get dressed and stay that way a bit longer and pamper myself. I took a nice long bath and freshly shaved all over. I have to admit, once the novelty passed shaving was kind of a pain in the ass. Not that I have much body hair but it still took work to look good. It felt so right though porno videolar that there was no way I was giving it up. Maybe in the future I could get laser or something to cut down on it.

After my shower I plucked my eyebrows. I have been doing this for a while though not too drastic, just getting slightly more feminine each time. It was a dangerous thing but so far no one commented but some people at work and school mentioned something different about me.

I put on a black silk slip and settled down in front of the vanity. I spent about an hour on makeup, trying out a new contouring technique I saw on YouTube to really good effect. I chose an olive green eye shadow that matched my complexion well with dark eye liner. I added some burgundy lipstick and I was really satisfied with how I looked. I took a lot of pride in how far my makeup skills have come along.

After that I put on some black thigh highs with lace tops, my favorite black lace panties and bra. Over that I wore a short skirt and a really sexy silk blouse I found in my Mom’s things. It was dark steel gray and was really a high quality garment. Another thing I was appreciating more all of the time was my Mom’s taste in clothes.

I’ve mentioned before that this has made me feel like a sick person, but when I was getting dolled up like this I felt really close to the memory of my Mom, like she was there with me and helping. I put on a pair of patent leather pumps and admired the look in the mirror.

My hair was getting long; I styled it in a feminine way based on some other YouTube videos I’d watched. I topped the look off with some simple gold hoop earrings, a few gold bracelets and a simple necklace with a heart pendant. I looked in the mirror again. Wow I was a knockout, I was my Mom incarnate.

I decided to be a bit naughty then. Since my Dad was out and wouldn’t be back until late I went into his room to take care of myself. The place was a mess. I cleaned up the dirty clothes off the floor and made the bed with fresh clean sheets and a clean comforter. I changed the pillow cases and lit a couple of candles.

When everything was just right I got my bottle of lube and my dildo on the night stand and jumped onto the bed. I started feeling myself up, imagining my Dad was watching. I was moaning and writing like a girl in a music video until my skirt was hiked up around my waist, my blouse open and my panties were on the floor.

I lubed myself up and started fucking myself with the dildo, again imagining my Dad fucking me. Since I was alone I felt safe to be loud. As I fucked my ass with the dildo I was crying out “Oh Yes Daddy!” until I came.

I licked my fingers clean of cum and wiped up what I couldn’t lick. I pulled my panties back on and relaxed. It would be hours before my Dad came home. I started feeling drowsy and I must have drifted off to sleep.

I woke up to the world being ripped out from under me. I was being pulled rapidly off the bed with such strength I thought I was going to fly across the room and hit the wall. Instead I came to an abrupt halt at the edge of the bed. I was on my stomach and my feet hit the floor. Getting pulled across the bed had hiked my skirt up into a bunch around my waist, exposing my panties and thigh high stockings.

Then I felt a weight on me and hot breath on my neck. I panicked and tried to squirm rus escort bayan gaziantep away, but to no avail. I was pinned by strong arms and a rigid cock was pressing rhythmically against my ass cheeks. Looking over into the mirror on the wall I saw that it was my Dad behind me.

Even though it seemed like I was about to get exactly what I had wanted for so long, something in me wouldn’t let go of the panic. I was scared and wanted it to stop.

“Dad!” I cried out, “It’s me! I’m not Mom!”

“I know who you are Lexi.” He responded in a growl as I felt him struggle with his belt. “I know what you want, you little slut, and you’re gonna get it.”

I heard a zip and then some struggle and then I felt it, his hot raging cock pressed against the bare flesh and lace of my ass. Finally my head cleared, I froze for a second and then pushed back against him. He groaned loudly in response.

Then he yanked my panties about halfway down my legs, ripping them in the process. I gripped the comforter to keep from sliding off the bed on to the floor. He was being really rough but he wasn’t actually hurting me. It was starting to get really hot and finally my own cock was starting to respond.

Looking in the mirror again I could see my Dad, pants around his ankles, in a flannel plaid shirt and white t-shirt humping against my ass. Holy fuck that looked hot. Soon he was fully on top of me, dry humping my ass and kissing my neck. It was driving me wild.

Then he spit on his hand and used it to cover his cock. I was so glad I had fooled around earlier with my dildo, I was already lubed up. It would have hurt like hell if he just started fucking me like that. As it was he was bigger than my dildo, so when he started to push into me it was a bit painful but oh my god it felt so damn good.

When he was all the way in, he just started fucking, hard. His full weight was on my small frame, my ass pushed up to meet his thrusts. He was out of control, grunting and ramming his cock in my tight ass.

“This is what you want isn’t it!” he demanded while pounding me.

“Yes Daddy!” I cried out.

“Oh fuck yeah!” he said, redoubling his efforts.

“It was you who sucked my cock all those nights?” he grunted.

“Yes Daddy, yes it was me.”

“You’re a little sissy slut just like your Mother!”

“Yes oh yes fuck me!”

And that is exactly what he did. He pulled out of me and threw me, up on the bed and flipped me over. He yanked my legs wide and unbuttoned the top two buttons on my blouse and squeezed my flat chest as if I had tits. He leaned in and bit my nipple through my bra which caused me to arch my back in pain and cry out.

Then he was on me again, lifting my legs over his shoulders he buried is cock even deeper inside me. He leaned down and kissed me deep, our tongues dancing together as his hips slammed into my ass.

It was the kiss that sent me over the edge. I came hard. I could barely breathe as he fucked me and cum flooded between us and all over my bunched up skirt and blouse. I was moaning and crying, it sounded like “Ah, Ah ,Ah, AHHHHHH!” So fucking intense!

My Dad was still hammering me when I was done and sensitive. He just kept going, making me his. Finally his grunting was getting really loud and his body stiffened as I felt him shoot his load deep in my ass.

When his body stopped shaking he rolled off of me. He lay next to me breathing hard.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” he asked, perhaps feeling a bit guilty that he just fucked the hell out of his only son.

I cuddled my body up next to his and lay my head on his heaving chest.

“Yes Daddy.” I replied.

“Jesus Christ.” He said, “You’re just like your fucking Mother.”

I just smiled, proud.

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