Stepping in from work she kicks off her shoes, a sigh of relief escaping her lips as she closes the door. Dropping her bags to her feet she steps into her room… a smile crossing her lips as blue eyes gleam, spying what she had laid out on the bed that morning.

She moves to the bed, soft fingers touching the silken bedcover as she glides her hand along it, the tip of her tongue slowly licking her lips as she draws up to the pillows. Lifting her hands she undoes the buttons on her jacket and allows it to fall upon the floor, her satin camisole brushing against her hardened nipples as she reaches behind and unzips her skirt, dropping it about her ankles she steps out of it, a palm running over her thigh as she thinks of the fun she is about to have.

Leaning down, she snakes her body onto the smoothness of the cover, fingers running lightly over satin covered breasts, her nipples reacting instantly to the touch, hard, pert, poking through the thin fabric as she rolls onto her back. A hand guiding its way down her body as she draws her knees apart, tracing the outline of her cuntlips slowly she moans, already wet and gleaming from her thoughts, a finger moves between her lips, toying with her already eager clit. Running it in tiny circles poker oyna she feels the heat building, her other hand slipping lower, the tip of her finger pressing into her cunt, her juice thick and warm as she slowly slides it inside of her, her back arching as thighs spread wider, forcing them as far as she can, another finger violates her hot, wet hole. Faster she rubs against her clit, cunt juice running down between the cheeks of her ass as she fucks her tight hole with her fingers, her mouth opening in soft moans as her thoughts drift, her craving to be taken like a dirty little slut, forced to fuck and suck, tied helpless as her body is used. Her legs shake as she forces in another finger, her tight cunt stretching, squeezing around them, pushing in and out , harder and harder.

Almost at the edge, she slows, slipping her fingers from the wetness she lifts them to her lips, her tongue lapping against them as they slide into her mouth. Suckling as if they were a tiny cock, she moans at her taste, sweet, warm cuntjuice. Reaching out with one hand as she rolls over, she grabs her vibe. Long, thick, hard she rolls her tongue around the tip, her saliva gleaming as it clings to her toy. Raising up on her knees, head and shoulders pressed down upon canlı poker oyna the bed, her ass pushing high into the air. Soft thighs spreading, she runs her fingers over her cunt, up and down between her ass cheeks, feeling her slutty wetness. Her hand lifts and moves up behind her, laying the vibe between her rounded ass, sliding it up and down her slit. the soft vibrations hitting her clit as she brings it back down, then making her asshole tighten as she draws it back up. Deep moans heavy in her throat as she presses it against her cunt, not wanting to wait, she drives it in hard and deep. Her body shuddering as she feels it hit the deepest core, fingers pinching and pulling at her nipples, the sweet pain soaring through her body, engulfing her like a heat wave. Harder and faster she pounds her cunt, in her mind being fucked, taken like a whore. She screams out as the first wave of pleasure hits, not slowing she drives it in deeper, riding her pleasure to the fullest as her cunt drips. She drives the vibe in once more, holding it deep inside as the ride eases, heavy breaths, as she trembles.

Drawing the vibe out she shudders, her body craving the violation, the pleasure that a slut recieves, pushing the tip against her ass she pinches internet casino a nipple hard, the pain seering through her as she works the tip into her tight asshole. Whimpering as she feels her ass stretch, filling with every push forward. She wants more, needs more as she forces it deep inside, holding it still while her body calms, her fingers teasing her now bruised nipple. Slowly she starts to work, in and out, feeling every inch inside of her ass, the pace speeding as her hand moves down to her clit. Rubbing, pinching, she pushes her ass higher, her mouth biting into the covers as she works that vibe. Faster, harder, her ass burning, her clit so hard and sensitive, she cries out as she pounds the vibe into her, sweat forming against the silken flesh of her back. She feels the wave start and without mercy , fucks her tight ass. Pounding in and out as she rubs hard against her clit. Screams of pure ecstasy fill the room as she shakes violently, her juice dripping from her cunt as she cums. The vibe forcing deeper, pressing as far in as she can she holds it in, her finger still working her clit as yet another wave consumes her.

Breathing hard she pulls the vibe from her burning ass and gently rolls onto her back. raising the vibe to her lips she licks, the tang of her taste bringing a smile to her lips as they close around it. Drawing it deep against her throat as she sucks. Cleaning, enjoying being the slut she is… even if it is in the solitude of her room…

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