Some Guys Need Help


I wrestled when I was in college. I wasn’t very good but it was a small school, I had a little training, and I could beat my schoolmates in my weight class. So I was varsity. I was in very good shape. All wrestlers are. We did a lot of work. I was an even six feet tall, about 175 pounds. I always had to lose a couple pounds to make weight before each match. My dirty blond hair was in a crew cut. Today, I’d probably have a shaved head but back then a short crew cut was the thing. So I looked good, physically.

Of the different possible personalities, I was passive as opposed to aggressive. Still am. Never, ever in a real fist fight in my life, could always talk my way out of situations rather than battle. Seems odd for a wrestler but to me wrestling was all strength and technique. Being too aggressive could be a drawback.

Add to that, I had an almost pathological fear of females. Oh, I could talk with anyone, get along with anyone. But at dances I was one of the ones on the side talking to other guys rather than out there dancing with girls. Maybe it’s because I had four older sisters and was raised by a single mother after my Dad died when I was five. I don’t know. But I could not make a romantic or sexual move on a girl. I was fine in groups but get alone with one and I would freeze up. Withdraw rather than attack.

Needless to say, I was a virgin.

There was a very cute girl in the class behind mine. I was a junior, she a sophomore. Very small. Maybe five foot two and slight as opposed to sturdy. Pretty face. Lovely coloring. Dark red hair, green eyes, a few freckles, great smile. Girls then seemed to wear sweaters and skirts a lot. I noticed the way her sweaters dropped in soft folds from the swell of her breasts. Not huge breasts. Some girls would wear tight clothes that showed off their breasts, but not her. Very attractive, very feminine, demure, proper.

I was no good with girls but I wasn’t dead, I noticed the ones that seemed attractive to me. And she sure did. Her name was LaVerne.

Because of some group in the school, I can’t remember which one, about forty of us were out caroling around campus and into the near neighborhoods at Christmas time. It was cold. The little snow that was around was melting during the day and freezing again at night. It was just past dusk, starting to get honestly dark. Probably seven or eight o’clock. I ended up standing behind LaVerne as we formed rows and sang. I don’t know what I was doing there. I’m no singer, never was. But there I was. I always have nerve in public, in groups. For some reason, I guess just because she’s so attractive, I put my arms around her and held her fairly close , her back to me, as we sang. Maybe because it was cold. She seemed to relax and lean against me. So, as we moved to the next site, I kept an arm around her. And then at the next place, and the next, etc., I held her as she leaned back against me.

I had never asked her for a date. We had talked occasionally, always in small groups, in the cafeteria or other places. So we knew each other to some extent. But this was not at all like me to be holding a pretty girl. But she seemed to accept it, maybe even like it.

Maybe I should add that this was primarily a teacher’s college. A pretty square place. I’m sure that people are human so most likely there were some students fucking like minks but not to my knowledge. LaVerne’s older brother was a year ahead of me. To my knowledge she and her family were every bit as square as me and many others there. Prospective teachers are not a wild lot in general.

So, because of that evening caroling, I asked her on a date. She agreed. Readily agreed. Christmas holiday had hit so I got the car from my mother and drove to LaVerne’s home. It wasn’t a huge distance, something like fifteen miles. We went to a movie and I took her home. We’re sitting on a couch in what I guess is a den in her home. Her parents were in the house somewhere but weren’t going to bother us — they may have even gone to bed. I have no idea what to do. I blabber some but make no move to put my arm around her or anything. She puts up with it güvenilir bahis for maybe five minutes.

Then, “Jack,” she says, “Shut up and kiss me.”

So I kiss her. I put one arm around her shoulders, the other around her waist, turn to her and kiss her. I hold the kiss. I like it. I must have kissed somebody at some time but this was likely my first romantic kiss. I moved my lips a little and she did, too. I moved my hands on her back and held her and kept kissing her. I stopped for just a second and then sort of did little kisses several times and she did too and then I kissed her again. I caressed her and felt her. I’d never felt like this before. Maybe she hadn’t either. But I know I hadn’t. When I finally pulled back for a moment, I said something like “Wow.”

She said, “Me too.” So I kissed her again and then again. She was definitely kissing back. At some point, as I kept moving my hands around on her back, she moved or something because my hand that was lowest ended up under her sweater on her bare skin. We kept on kissing and I moved my hand around on her bare back, under her sweater. My hand ran into the back of her brassiere. I must have moved my fingers back and forth feeling it. Somewhere between kisses she said, “Go ahead.”

Maybe it’s because I had four older sisters, I don’t know. But I did know that brassieres were fastened by hooks and eyes. So even though I had never done this before, I held one part of the strap with my hand that was outside her sweater while my hand on her bare back pushed the other part forward until the hooks left the eyes and it was loose. Well, I had seen those breasts in the sweater often and found them lovely. Even I wasn’t so dumb as to not realize that the whole idea of loosening the bra was to get to the bare breasts. So I did.

I had to pull back a little to move my hand, under her sweater, from the back to the front but I was soon holding a soft mound of flesh. I remember thinking, “It’s more than a handful” as the old cliché might have it. She was small so her breasts were small to match her. But they were definitely there. Not huge DDs but likely a nice B. Being greedy, I guess, I moved my other hand around to hold her other breast. I was holding them softly, just feeling them. I moved my hands some, sort of caressing them, trying to get a good feel for them. I felt a nipple and then the other one. I sort of put a finger on either side of a nipple and squeezed a little. Then the other one. Then some more feeling.

She sort of sighed and took the bottom of her sweater and lifted it. It was dark in the room but not pitch black, I could see. And I was looking at two breasts looking back at me. I glanced up at her. She sort of nodded her head and glanced down. Those breasts weren’t out there by accident. I was supposed to do something. Still holding both of them I leaned down and kissed one. Licked it. Got my lips to a nipple and sucked on it a little. I could hear her breathing. It was more than breath. It was almost like a cat purring. A very soft growl from down in her throat somewhere. I moved my mouth to the other breast and kissed it and sucked the nipple, still holding the first breast. Her sweater was sort of stretched across her upper body, just above the breasts. She had her arms around me. She moved one hand onto the back of my head. The other hand moved down my side and into my crotch and started feeling my very erect cock through my pants. I could hear her. She never said it out loud but just sort of mouthed it, breathed it. Just a single “Oh fuck”.

Out loud she said, “Kiss me.” I straightened up and kissed her, my hands still on her breasts. Her hand started unzipping my fly and slid inside and grasped my cock. Her fingers wrapped around me and moved up and down. I’m kissing her and her mouth opens some and I can feel her breath. Her tongue moves into my mouth. I respond and push my tongue into hers. I had never done this before. We’re sort of sucking on each other.

In one move that I still can’t describe, our kiss ends and she moves out around me a little and bends down some and is looking at my bare cock that she’s türkçe bahis pulled out into the open. Her face is just a couple inches from it. Then her mouth is around it and she’s sucking on me. Holy shit, I’m getting a blow job! Thinking back now I realize she didn’t really work my cock all that much. She just licked and sucked on it and got most of it into her mouth. Whatever, it probably took less than a minute and I knew I was going to cum. This had never happened to me. What do you do? I had never felt like this before. So I just said, “I’m going to cum.” If anything, her mouth got more active and I did cum. I probably shot off the most I ever had in my life. I wasn’t down there looking at her but based on the way my pants looked later, she never lost a drop.

Then she sat up and looked at me with a big grin on her face. There she is right in front of me, I’m still holding her breasts, she just sucked my cock and I’m feeling sexier than ever in history so I kiss her. As we kiss, she leans back toward the arm of the couch, I keep kissing her and lean over her. Her hands are not on my back or my head anymore. Then I can feel her lifting her hips, pressing her hips up against me. And there’s something more going on. I break the kiss to look and try to see what she’s doing. She’s sliding her panties off. She has them on her thighs, bends her knees and lifts her legs and gets them on down and off her feet.

“Do that to me, ” she says.

I’m so dumb. I have no idea what she means. “Do what to you?” I ask. Her knees are still bent up, I’m to her side, almost ready to fall off the couch but still holding on to her breasts.

“Do for me what I just did for you,” she says.

I just look at her. I can’t suck her cock, she doesn’t have one. Then I slowly begin to remember what I’ve heard about oral sex, about eating a girls pussy. I really don’t know what it is or how to do it but that’s what she wants, I guess. “I will,” I say, “but I’ve never done it, don’t know what to do.”

“Well I’ve never done a guy before either. Just use your mouth and tongue and do whatever you can.” She lifts her skirt up, clear up to her waist, and she drops her knees off to each side. “Move between my legs,” she says.

I kneel between her legs and bend down. Her knees are bent, her legs on either side of me. I get my face into some hair. I bring my hands up and start feeling around. “Lower” she says. Out of the side I can see her knees move up towards her and her bottom, that my fingers are on, sort of rotates up. “Here,” she says. Her hands come down, below my face, and pull on herself. It’s fairly dark but I can see light glistening on something moist and her fingers holding herself open. I get my lips to her and stick my tongue into her. I can hear her taking in a breath as my tongue touches her. I lick and suck. It’s interesting. Sort of a meaty taste. I’ve never licked a raw steak but maybe it tastes like this. “Up just a little,” she says. She moves one of her hands and I can see her finger just up an inch or so, so I lick up there with my tongue. “Yes,” she says. “Yes. Can you feel it?” I can. It’s just a bump but I lick my tongue on it. An “aaah” from her, almost a growl.

I have no idea what to do. I lick, move my tongue down and then up again. I realize my next voyage around that the opening to her vagina is below me and I get my tongue into it. As I lick back up I move my hand under my chin and slide a finger into her vagina. I can’t even describe what her mouth and vocal chords are doing. It’s not moans, it’s not screams, it’s much more than just breathing heavy or panting, and it’s obvious that she trying to muffle herself and not get loud. As I get my tongue busy on what I now realize is her clit, and get my finger well into her vagina, her hands move up. Peripherally I realize that she’s pulling on her nipples while I work on her down below. Everything I’m touching and licking changes form. Her insides seem to get softer, mushier. Her clit actually grows. She gets more and more moist. She lasts longer than I did but finally a flush of wetness comes out. Juice. I can feel it on me. On my mouth güvenilir bahis siteleri and cheeks and chin. My chin’s actually wet. Sticky.

Her hands come down onto my head and push me into her. Her legs close on me. Her whole body seems to jump or jerk. Then she opens up again. My head and face are free. I sit up a little. She’s exhaling, then trying to get her breath.

“Wow that was good!” she finally almost murmurs. It’s weird. Her sweater is pushed up onto her shoulders, her breasts bare. Her skirt is bunched up around her waist, her bottom bare. She’s laying about half way back onto the couch, her head and shoulders up on the arm. She reaches for me, sitting up slightly, and pulls me onto her and tries to kiss me. So I cooperate and we kiss. A really good kiss. “You’re all wet,” she says and sounds as if she might laugh.

“I hope I will be again,” I say and kiss her again.

“Ooh, Jack, you definitely will be. This has all been so great. Unbelievable.”

She moves around some more and ends up sitting on my lap, her knees on either side of me, facing me, and we hold each other and kiss. Her panties are off, her breasts are still almost bare, my cock is still outside my fly. As we kiss, she wiggles her bottom some. I reach down and pull her skirt loose from between us so her sex is almost sitting on my cock. I can feel flesh touching flesh. I’m also completely up and hard again. She moves her bottom some more, obviously feeling me against her.

“I think that’ll have to wait until next time. I’ve had about all I can handle for now,” she says, kissing me. I’ve got my hands around holding onto her butt.

I don’t know to this day, forty years later, whether this was all the first time for her or not. I know it was for me. And I really have no reason to doubt that it was for her, too. I do know that on the next date mine was the first penis to penetrate her vagina because it had to break its way in and, since she was on the top, was fairly messy for me.

For another year and a half we repeated everything we did there and more. It’s surprising that, on a busy and fairly crowded campus, so many places could be found to have sex. In an empty classroom she would perch on a desk and I’d sit on a chair between her legs and give her orgasms. She could kneel and suck me all kinds of places that were at least temporarily safe. We also learned it’s fairly easy to just fuck up against a wall. Doesn’t take long at all. On a few occasions when either of our room mates were gone we could even sneak into each other’s dorms for some serious sex. Completely naked sex. And it never would have happened if she had waited for me. Throughout our time together she remained the leader, the instigator. I commented once about the cost of rubbers, we used a lot of them, so she bought a bunch.

Then I graduated and got a job and moved. Teachers didn’t make much and I couldn’t afford to get back although I did write and call. Several months later I saved enough to come back and visit but she told me she was dating someone else. I even knew him. A nice guy. Big guy. Football player. Probably two inches taller and fifty pounds heavier than me. It made me realize that we never told each other we loved each other. We each said we loved the sex but nothing more. I wasn’t in love, I was in lust. And so was she. Obviously, she missed and wanted the sex and when I wasn’t there she found someone who was. I’ve never blamed her. I learned a couple years later that she and the football player got married. I suspect that she planned it all. And if she planned getting married I bet she planned on having kids and they had some fairly quickly.

I have a lot to thank her for. I don’t know what made that proper little girl decide it was time for sex or why I was the one she chose to have it with. But I’m glad she did. I learned a lot about female anatomy and female sexuality that’s been of value ever since. It’s helped me through a few relationships. One started with my kissing the girl’s pussy lips before I ever did her face lips but that’s a whole other story. I’m sure it’s helped me through what’s now a very long marriage. The sex is so good for both of us that it makes it possible to solve little problems that might come up about money or children or the color of carpet (whatever she says). So, I have a lot to thank LaVerne for.

# # #

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