some things never get old…and some people too


some things never get old…and some people tooit’s been a while since i’ve written anything, and something happened this weekend that’s very much worth writing about. i’m sure we all have that ex who did something special in bed. a couple of my exes gave great head, one had a pussy that fit like a glove, but there was this one who was pretty much an all around freak. she gave great head and would ride me like a rodeo queen, then next thing i know she’d be sticking my dick in her ass and riding even harder. the type who’d show up at my door wearing nothing but a coat and some thigh high boots…a true lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets.i hadn’t seen her in a while but a couple weeks ago she called me to wish me a happy birthday. it was a pleasant surprise, but nothing compared to what she had in mind. the conversation was short but we agreed to get together, and ended up having dinner a few days later. she always worked out and loved to go running, so she still looked good, she’s 41 and has a body that most 20-somethings don’t have. even in jeans and a sweater i could tell she was still built for sin and she caught me checking her out more than once during dinner. but when i dropped her off i got that “friend zone” sisterly kiss on the cheek. on well, i still canlı bahis had plenty of memories.we talked more often over the next week or so and then she dropped by while she was in the neighborhood running errands. i should have suspected there was more to this visit than she let on initially, as she and i don’t really live close by one another. but me being as clueless as i usually am when it comes to women and their intention to fuck me, i just said, “sure, come on by i’m not doing anything” when she called and said she wasn’t far away.she arrived with some wine as i was throwing some spaghetti together in the kitchen so we chit chatted and sipped while i got things ready. while the sauce simmered, we finished the first bottle of wine and sat in my office, which is near the kitchen. it has a day bed in it but i still didn’t think much as she laid across it and made herself comfy. when she said she was warm and wanted to take off her sweater, i kinda sorta had an idea that something was going to happen, but when i offered her a t-shirt to wear and she refused, i knew things were gonna wind up sweaty and sticky before long.i excused myself to turn off the marinara, as i figured that things would always take as long as they used to, she’s the closest thing to a nymph i’ve bahis siteleri ever known and she doesn’t believe in quickies. when i came back, she already had her jeans off and gave me the most serious “fuck me now” look i’ve seen recently. i pretended to be surprised and she laughed as she grabbed me by the belt and started undoing my jeans. some things never change, thank goodness, she still gives great head. call me strange, but getting my dick deepthroated always gives me a taste for pussy, and i love that hers is always clean shaven so there’s nothing between me and her sweetness, so in no time at all we were playing the 69 game, which i usually win (first one who cums loses), but she sucked me like i owed her money and it had been a while so she got a mouth full of cum and swallowed every drop. she didn’t slow down one bit even after i came, and almost came a second time before i finally felt her body start to quiver and her breathing change while she orgasmed. making a woman cum turns me on so my dick stiffened and i sucked her clit even harder while she kept sucking and came again. when i stuck my thumb in her ass she squealed a little bit and started to wiggle her pussy all over my face and we came together, my face glazed over and her mouth full of another load.then güvenilir bahis she did what she knows i love, she plopped her tight ass down on my dick and started to ride. like i said, she stays in good shape so her naked body was firm but her ass and tits bounced and jiggled just enough to keep my eyes full while she worked me over with her asshole. some women don’t like anal or are afraid of it, she makes it an art form, that’s why i’ve always liked her. she took me balls deep with every stroke and when i felt her start to cum again, i couldn’t resist letting another load go in her ass. i don’t know about other men, but there’s not much that feels better than cumming inside a woman, whether it be her mouth, pussy or ass but cumming in her ass is like a treat since so many women don’t want a cock in their ass in the first place.we were both sweating and thirsty so i cracked open the second bottle of wine and we laid around naked and drinking wine while we both caught our breath. her body is still great and before long i was hard and ready to go again, this time in her pussy…which is almost as tight as her asshole. two more bottles of wine and a lot of bodily fluid later we fell sound asleep, with the marinara still on the stove. good thing too, because when we woke up we were starving and she eats like a horse, it’s a wonder her body is in such great shape.i haven’t seen her since then but i’m thinking she might be in the mood for dinner and wine soon, at least i hope so.

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