Something New Ch. 08


That night when I got home I walked in the door to the sounds of females laughing. I walked into the kitchen to find my wife and my sister in law laughing over glasses of wine.

“Hey baby, welcome home, how was work?”

“It was work. Same ole, same ole. Where’s uh, Where’s the boyfriend?”

“Oh, he left this morning before you did and hasn’t been back all day.” My sister in law said with a sly wink to me.

That bitch, she made me think that he was going to be here all day alone with my wife and sister in law. All to trick me into drinking a whole cup of his thick rich semen. I’m furious.

“That’s actually something we wanted to talk to you about, dear” My wife said.

“What do you mean?”

“Well my sister and I were talking and she was wondering if it would be okay if her boyfriend moved in with us. He’d stay in her room and he doesn’t have much stuff so there wouldn’t be a mess. What do you think?”

What do I think? I mean, yeah, he’s here 95% of the time anyways but that wasn’t a guarantee this would be a guarantee he and my sister in law would be here all day alone with my wife. Does he even have a job?

“I don’t know about this….”

“He wouldn’t just be sitting around. My sister said that he’s really neat and great with yard work and he’s more than willing to take over some chores around the house. Of course, until he gets a fulltime job.”

I mean it would be nice to have someone doing those things for free but given recent events I don’t trust him or my sister in law. That’s when she chimed in.

“Come on bro, it’ll be fun, I can hang out with my sister and you get to hang out more with him. have some quality bro on bro time.”

Bro on bro. She really just said that. I know she’s trying help that man fuck me and this is all part of her plan.

“We don’t have to decide now. We can talk about it tonight but think about it, okay?” My wife said before I could put my foot down.

The doorbell rang and my wife got up to answer it, leaving me alone with my sister in law. I stepped up closer to her and in a loud whisper.

“What the hell are you playing at?”

“What do you mean?”

“Bro on bro? What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Just like it sounds. You and him can have some quality bro time. What did you think it meant?” she asked winking

“If you want him to stay here then you need to stop this ridiculous prank stuff you’ve been doing the last couple days.”

“I don’t know what youre talking about. I haven’t been doing anything that I haven’t been doing for a couple weeks now.”

That hit me like a hammer. Weeks!? She’s been dosing me with semen infused in my food for weeks? How have I just noticed this?

“Oops, have you just figured it out? I thought you knew sweetie.” she says in a deviously sweet tone.

“Either way it needs to stop or he’s not staying here.”

“Why do you think him being here just a little bit more is going to be that bad? Think something might happen to that perfect little wife of yours.”

“That’s your sister you’re talking about. and if you wont stop then I don’t want him here at all.”

“Okay, firstly she’s not technically my sister. She’s my step sister and secondly if he goes I go and who do you think my sister will blame for driving a wedge between us. We haven’t been this close since we were 10. What do you think she’ll do if you ruin that? Besides, it’s just a little harmless prank like you said. What’s the big deal?”

“You guys grew up together. That makes you sisters and it’s not a prank if it’s disgusting and I don’t find it funny. I’ll just tell her the truth.”

“And what is the truth? That you don’t want us around because you can’t stop swallowing is sweet sticky thick man juice? Do you really think she will understand that?”

Before I could respond my wife returned with a white box and the boyfriend who had one arm around my wifes back.

“Look who I found. and he brought donuts!”

“I got an assortment since I didn’t know what you like, boss”

“I love a long john.” My wife announced opening the box and grabbing a vanilla long john.

there was indeed an assortment. Long johns vanilla and chocolate, glazed, sprinkled and jelly etc.

To my relief I didn’t see anything that looked suspicious. now looking for cum in or on anything around these two.

“I just wanted to do something to thank you for letting me stay here.”

“That hasn’t been decided yet,” I interjected, realizing afterwards how much of an asshole I sounded. Which my wife gave me that look instantly.

“Well either way.” The boyfriend smiled at me

“Who is up for a game?” my wife says changing the subject.

“What do you got?” my sister in law asks.

my wife goes to get out our few games and puts them on the table. My sister in law instantly Mersin Escort grabs TWISTER.

“We are playing this.”

“I dont know…” I reluctantly groaned

“I mean we could watch another movie.” My sister in law says subtly reminding me of last night. so I grab the game from her and take it into the living room

“Twister it is.” I hear my wife say a little taken aback by my abrupt behavior.

I got the mat all set out and since there are just the four of us one of us has to be the spinner. My wife suggests we take turns and I volunteer for the first spinner. I started calling out positions and I realized my mistake. Now my wife is going to get all twister-ed up between my pervert sister in law and her muscular black boyfriend. Far too quickly my wife is already in a compromising position of having to crawl underneath the boyfriend putting her face much too close to his crotch. I should mention that he is wearing jersey shorts. Luckily not much longer and my wife falls causing everyone to fall and the boyfriend falls right between her legs.

Not leaving anything to chance I hand my wife the spinner and take my place before the mat. I see my sister in law and her boyfriend share a look and a smirk. My wife calls out positions and it’s fine for a bit. Then things take a turn. I am spread out, having been trying to avoid getting too tightly twisted with the others.

My hands and legs spread and the next position has the boyfriend behind me bent over my back. His crotch is pressed hard against my butt and I feel it. I feel him. He’s got an erection and it feels massive. Bigger than the biggest strapon my wife has fucked me with. My sister in law is wrapped around the side of me and I hear her whisper.

“Enjoying yourself? You know one of those donuts is for you. Especially for you. Can you guess which one?”

I ignore her and try to move to the next position which only succeeds in pressing my butt harder into the boyfriends hard-on or semi-hard-on. Could it even get fully standing with how big it must be? Fuck stop thinking about another mans dick.

I feel it pulse against my behind and look back at him but he’s facing the other way. The next position had him collapsing on top of me causing me to fall on my stomach and his hard dick jabbed my butt so hard I felt my butthole pucker. Before he got off of me he squeezed my hip and, what seemed unnecessary, he seemed to drag his hard member across my butt.

The rest of the game went on without incident and we took a break and went to the kitchen. The box of donuts open. I remember what my sister in law said about a special donut but they all looked normal but then it occurred to me.

A chocolate long john, cream filled, a cum filled chocolate long john. They wanted me to suck his cum out of a penis shaped black donut. I grabbed it before my wife could, knowing how much she loved long johns. I look at my sister in law and she blows me a kiss. I look at the boyfriend and he’s talking with my wife. I take a bite and nothing, just dough.

Relieved, I took another bite and then I tasted it. It’s still warm and runny. It’s slowly oozing out of the hole in the donut. Thick white ooze. Not to look suspicious, I don’t want my wife cleaning up a mess or having it drip on my shirt. I latch my lips around it and feel the cum cream dripping into my mouth. I lock eyes with my sister in law and she is smiling ear to ear and she rubs her tongue on the inside of her mouth. I suck it in and it’s so sweet and thick. Finishing off the rest of the donut we go back into the game room, the mat still on the floor.

“Who’s up for one more game?” my sister in law asks.

“Not me but I’ll spin for you” my wife says unintentionally leaving it to the three of us again.

“How about we up the ante. To make it easier everyone removes clothes to their underwear.” my sister in law suggests.

Horrified I look to my wife and stutter before she agrees laughing

“That sounds hilarious you guys go, I can’t hold myself up as well as you all.”

I look around petrified and blanking on any excuse to get out of this uncomfortable situation. I just take my place staring at my sister in law and her boyfriend as they eye me like hungry animals.

We all take off our clothes to our underwear. Any doubts about the boyfriends hard on and massive size is put to rest as it’s quite visibly swinging in his shorts. Being caught staring, I look over to my wife who is also staring at his crotch dumbfounded.

“baby, spin.” I command probably a bit too harshly.

“Oh right, right, sorry.” My wife fumbled with the spinner.

Then the boyfriend chuckles and apologizes “sorry getting in these positions with this sexy girl. I can’t help myself hope it’s not going to be weird.” he says looking at me.

Not Mersin Escort Bayan wanting to be the wet blanket to everyone else’s fun, including my wifes fun. I just shrugged it off.

“No no of course not, not weird, it’s just a game right?” my heart racing in fear remembering that he wants to fuck me and I just shallowed another load of his cum from a phallic donut.

My wife spins and starts calling out positions. It doesn’t take long and somehow we get back into the position of the boyfriend being pressed against my ass and his hard on pressing into me hard. To change positions he keeps grabbing my hips like he would if he was fucking me doggystyle.

my sister in law whispers to me, “Did you like your donut cumslut? Did you like sucking that juicy sweet cum out like a greedy sissy cumslut.”

This time the boyfriend is leaning closer to my face and now he leans in and adds hearing his girlfriend taunt me, “Such a nice little bubble butt you got, Im going to enjoy fucking your tight virgin ass sissy.”

At that he subtly grinds into my butt. just as he does that there is a flash and we all fall and look over to my wife with her phone out.

“Oh sorry sorry I forgot the flash was on. You guys just looked so funny I couldn’t help myself.”

“Oh no, I’m sure it was quite a scene.” My sister in law chuckles looking back at me still pinned under her big black half naked boyfriend. His hard massive member poked my ass with every pulse.

“Are you sure you don’t want to get in on this fun?” The boyfriend asks my wife.

I look at my wife silently pleading with her to refuse but I can see she’s considering it.

“Who’s going to spin the needle?”

I wanted to volunteer but that would leave my wife in the same position I am or was.

“Whoever is closer can just spin it. Come on, the water is fine. Unless of course you prefer to watch.” The boyfriend says, raising himself up on his hands straddling my butt and he very firmly and dramatically grinds his hard cock on my butt.

The only thing separating his cock from entering my ass is his boxers and my underwear.

Everyone laughs and my sister in law points out my bright red face.

“You know what? I’m in.” My wife nearly jumps up and starts stripping.

I’m staring at my wife, stunned by the fact that she is also wearing the sexiest black lace sheer bra and panties, leaving little to the imagination. I quickly remember that I am still pinned under this black Adonis the moment I feel his member pulse even harder. I struggled to get out from under him and sat next to my wife.

“Are you sure you want to do this…?”

“Yeah you guys looked like you were having so much fun. You look like you’re having fun too.” she winks down and brushes her hand against my obvious erection. I look down and am quickly embarrassed.

Positions start getting called out and now I am straddling over my sister in law and my wife is inverted face level with the boyfriends swinging hard on. My wife locks eyes with me and mouths “oh my god” but my attention is pulled from my sister in law and grinds up to me rubbing her crotch on my erection.

“You know the intention of this game was for swinger’s parties. Want to switch partners? Or would you rather something more meaty?”

“Shut up”

“I mean I’m just saying. She looks like she’s having fun and I didn’t see your boner until after you felt my man’s hard black cock on your boi pussy.”

“I was watching my wife.”

“You sure it wasn’t that donut juice. Seemed like you got quite a mouthful.”

“I’m not having this conversation.”

“Fine, fine, I think it’s your turn to spin. You’re closer. I just have to lean a little closer. Don’t worry if you fall in.”

Rolling my eyes I lean over to spin the needle and in doing so my erection pokes my sister in law’s warm pussy and she kind of moans from the poke.

The next position nearly flips us all and now I am straddling the boyfriend and his hard member is resting in my butt crack and my wife and sister in law look to be in a scissoring position.

“Don’t fall now, you might impale yourself. You know if you’re afraid what might happen here when I stay, you don’t have to worry. Your wife is hot but I have specific tastes. I like to hunt.”

While he’s talking he’s rubbing his hard cock on my back side and I go to wave it off and accidently touch it. I like actually touching it. Somehow, some time his cock poked through his boxers and it rubbed on my underwear. In surprise I pull away and get unbalanced and fall.

Everyone laughs and I quickly get off the boyfriend and as far away from him as I could without drawing attention to myself. I see him tuck himself back in before getting up.

My wife and her sister were laughing so hard at something between Escort Mersin them.

“Well I think we should call it a night.” I say quickly before anyone can say anything.

“I agree, I don’t think I can play another game.” My wife thankfully agreed.

“Yeah I think we better call it a night too, it’s getting kind of hot and sweaty in here.” My sister in law added all the innuendo intended.

Quickly retreating I nearly run upstairs to the bedroom bathroom and splash my face. All of this is too much, this can’t be happening. I can’t believe I actually touched it. It was so big and hard and fleshy. I can’t let him stay here; they both need to go. this is getting out of hand.

I hear my wife entering the bedroom and calling for me. I tell her I’ll be out in a minute. composing myself I come out and find my wife on the bed fucking herself with her black realistic dildo.

“Oh my god did you see his dick? I’ve never seen anything that big before. Fuck!”

“Yeah I saw it….and more,” I mumbled the last part.

“God babe I saw it that first game when I was underneath him. I looked up and saw his soft dick and it was still huge. That’s why I fell, it took me by surprise. Please don’t be mad at me. I’ve just never seen anything so big have you?”

“No babe only in porn.”

“I know, right?! Oh my god baby and when he had you bent over in front of him, fuck, that was so hot it really did look like he was fucking you. Like you were taking his big black hard cock up your tight white ass.”

My wife was fucking herself hard apparently to the idea of me getting fucked by some guy with an objectively a huge dick. My own erection stood up watching my wife pleasure herself. I walked towards her and leaned over and kissed her. She put her hand on my chest and stopped me.

“Baby would it be weird if I fucked you tonight….you know with my….dick?”

I hesitated but not one to turn down my wife. I reluctantly nodded. After tonight I don’t know if I was really in the mood for being pegged.

“Oh thank you baby, you wont regret it, I even got a new dildo just for you. I know you like it big.”

“Laying on the bed I watched my wife nearly run to the closet and get her strapon harness on and fiddle with the new dildo she got for it when she turned around and revealed a massive black veiny dildo that looked super realistic. It was so big it didn’t really stay pointing up and it was so thick my wifes tiny hands didn’t even close around it.

“What do you think babe? Scared?”

I gulped audibly and my wife chuckled.

I was bent over breathing heavily with my wifes huge cock bottomed out in my ass. she leaned in close and whispered in my ear.

“I’m all the way in baby. You are such a good anal whore.”

She nibbled my neck with her teeth. as she rose up she wrapped a rope around my neck and before I could grab it she yanked it tight. The rope tightened around my neck and choked me. She continued to pull it, forcing me to arch my back and head up.

“I want you to beg for his cock.” My wife grawled.

I tried to choke out my confusion but she just pulled it harder.

“You heard me bitch. I want you to call out his name, and beg for his cock in your ass. Be a good little butt slut and beg for a real man to make you his bitch.”

She loosened the rope and I caught my breath. Realizing the game I played my part.

“I want your black cock. Fuck me with your big black cock. Make me your anal bitch.”

“say his name”

My wife was pounding away at my ass making it hard to think let alone speak

“Please. Fuck. My. Tight. White. Ass.” I begged in beat to her pounding.

“Say his name bitch! Beg for him to fuck you.”

“….Jared” I said reluctantly and quietly, not wanting the noise to travel downstairs.

“Louder bitch!” my wife spanked my ass hard.

“Fuck my ass Jared! pplease make me your anal whore!” I screamed.

“That’s a good whore begging for it. Beg for his hard cock to fuck you.”

“Fuck me Jared! Fuck me harder! I’m going to cum. Fuck me! Im your sissy faggot jared!”

I really was going to cum. I cant believe my wife was making me beg to be fucked by an actual person who was just downstairs who I was hoping couldn’t hear me beg for him.

“Oh fuck baby! That’s it, beg for it. I’m going to cum! Oh fuck! Oh! Yes! Keep going baby.”

“Fuck me with your big black cock Jared! Fuck me harder! Don’t stop! Make me cum like a sissy white bitch. You fuck me better than my wife.”

That seemed to do it for the both of us but because I felt my wife shuttering, sending shivers into her cock making me cum at the same time spraying my load all over the mattress.

Once we caught our breath in the silence we heard something. Moaning. Loud moaning. My sister in law is moaning. We looked at each other and my wife was holding back a smile.

“I think it’s safe to say they didn’t hear us.”

then we heard my sister in law scream, “Fuck my ass, Jared.”

“Mmmm,” my wife curled into me and panted my sore butt, “Looks like Jared like fucking white assholes.”

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