Something Special



When I got home from work that Saturday night, my parents and my sister were in the kitchen. They were getting ready. Mom was on one of her cell phones.

“That’s fine. I’ll let you handle it. After I hang up, I will not be available until Monday morning. If there are any emergencies, contact Marcia. Everything else can wait. Alright? Great. Bye.”

The she picked up her red phone. She had it custom made. Only family and Marcia had the number. “Marcia? OK. I’m leaving you in charge for the rest of the weekend. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. You know all the protocols, and have access to all the files. You’re the boss, now. Be a boss. I’ll call you first thing, Monday. Bye, hon.” It was rare to see mom let go control like that, but she powered down both her phones and turned her attention to me.

“Derek, sweetheart.” She opened her arms and hugged me. “Are you going to join us tonight?”

I hesitated.

“Aren’t you coming to mom’s ‘party,’ bud? You know we want you there.” My dad smiled as he stepped up to us. He and I were the same height, and mom, who looked so tall in her heels was almost petite standing barefoot between her two hulking men. She unzipped her dress and started to climb out of it.

“I’ll think about it,” I said.

“I hope you’ll be there. It will make it even more special for me,” mom stood in her bra and panties, her dress over her arm. She controlled a multi-million dollar company, ran it with military precision, but with family, she was much more gentle. She leaned upwards and kissed me on the lips. “Now, I need to rest.” With that, she went upstairs to their bedroom, dad close behind.

“You are such a douche,” my sister Ellen, punched me in the shoulder. She was much bigger than mom, fuller breasted, rounder hipped. “Why won’t you come? She wants you there.” She flipped off the kitchen light, and in the dimness stepped directly in front of me and looked me in the eyes. She played the tip of her tongue across her upper lip. “It will be fun. You will like it.” Her hands began to rub my crotch.

“I don’t know. I still can’t get my head around what happens,” I said. I slipped my arms around my sister’s waist and pulled her into me. “You guys do some crazy, weird shit, I don’t really know what, but I don’t think I can handle watching mom…”

“She wants it. She needs it. And she needs you to be part of it. You can’t keep saying no. You shouldn’t.” My hands had already worked their way under the waistband of Ellen’s track pants and were cupping the cheeks of her ample ass. “I’ll give you a blowjob,” she said.

“You’d give me a blowjob, anyway,” I said. I pressed my mouth to her lips and drank the sweetness of my sister’s kisses. Her hands had already worked open the front of my jeans, and she started stroking my thickening cock. Ellen, started kissing down my neck. I unbuttoned my shirt, and her wicked little mouth found my right nipple and began to tease and nibble and suck. I placed my one hand on the back of her head and gently pressed her mouth harder against my chest. Her attention to my nipple became more ardent. My other hand slipped under her t-shirt. There was no bra and her big, soft breast was a feast for my touch.

The urge got to me and I started pushing her head down towards my throbbing cock. She yielded, tugged my jeans and underwear down to my ankles and kneeled before me. Her hands wrapped themselves around my cock and balls and started pumping, slowly. Her lips and cheek brushed the head. Her tongue tickled my balls.

“You want me to suck your cock, little brother. I’ll suck it, tonight, at the party.” With that, she let go of me, stood and was up the stairs in a flash. She stopped in front of the door to her room, turned to face me. She blew me a kiss, opened her mouth and rolled out her tongue, as if to receive me. Then her door slammed shut, and I was left in the dark kitchen, pants around my ankles, my cock standing in lonely attention.

When I got to my room I found the white bathrobe neatly folded on my bed. You were only supposed to wear the white bathrobe to the ‘party’ and nothing else. You were even supposed to remove your watch and other jewelry, although I knew that my father kept his wedding ring on, as did my mother.

For years, the white bathrobe was placed exactly like this on my bed, ever since I turned eighteen, and for years I refused to put it on and join in. Instead, I would go out all night returning at the crack of dawn, often drunk, to a house that was still and quiet. When I would emerge from my room the next day, hung-over and dazed, there was a calmness to my family, though I would not see mom until Monday morning. Then the normal, frenetic life of my family started up again. No one would talk about what happened at the ‘party,’ and everyone acted as if it hadn’t happened, until my mother would casually mention some months later, at the dinner table or at breakfast that she needed to have ‘something special,’ again. “All right, dear,” my father would say, “when?” And the planning female agent porno would start. They started calling them ‘parties’ because it was easier and simpler, and they could be discussed in front of friends and neighbors without actually giving away what happened.

There was a time when there was a horrible tension in our house. There were hushed, but very intense arguments behind my parents’ bedroom door, and there were Friday nights when my mother would disappear, returning Monday evening after work, with no explanation and nothing more to say about it. I know my parents went to counseling, and shortly after that ended, my mother began quietly asking my father for ‘something special.’ That’s when the ‘parties’ began.

Ellen was already eighteen at the time and my mother told my father she wanted her to be part of it. My father was shocked. “Why not?” my mother said, in the quiet, but firm tone, her trademark at work, but rarely used at home. “She is my daughter. She is one of the few people in the world I love as much as you. And I want her there. I want to experience this with her.” My father could not refuse.

Ellen would never really tell me what went on at the ‘parties,’ even after she and I started fucking when I turned eighteen several years later. “If you want to find out, come to one,” she would say. “They’re an act of love, for mom.” Those words rolled around my head again for the umpteenth time that evening.

I loved my family deeply, and I loved my mother profoundly, so, that night, after years of hesitation and doubt, I decided to take the plunge and join the ‘party.’

The Main Act

The ‘parties’ took place in our basement rec room, a wonderful space for all kinds of get-togethers. It had a wet bar, a dance floor, a pool table, couches, overstuffed armchairs and a fabulous sound system. Both Ellen and I had lots of rocking teen parties there over the years, and she and I often fucked in it, when mom and dad were out.

I walked down the stairs into the rec-room. All the lights were out, but there were candles lit everywhere, casting a warm, sensual glow. I could hear music playing in the background, La Boheme, my mother’s favorite. I stood, barefoot, in the bathrobe, my cock somewhere between soft and hard. Suddenly, my heart jumped, as I spotted the bed. It was smaller than a queen size, but larger than a single. It had no footboard or headboard, no pillows, just a white, silk sheet, and what looked like tethers attached at each corner. It seemed to be meticulously prepared and carefully placed. The whiteness of it picked up the candlelight and it looked almost sacred as it waited in the center of the room.

Mom and dad had not come down, yet. Across the room, Ellen stood with my uncle Will, a professional tennis player and Jamil, my father’s business partner and best friend. All three were in white robes, and all three had a drink in hand. When they spotted me, they smiled, raised their glasses and beckoned me over. I took a deep breath and joined them.

“It’s good to see you, buddy,” my uncle wrapped his arms around me, then kissed me. “Your mom will be very happy. Let me get you a drink. Jack on the rocks OK?”

Jamil gave me a bear hug, then slapped my back. “Yea, Derek, I’m glad you came out. I know you’ve been…hesitant, but this is a good thing.”

“I think, little brother won’t have any trouble,” Ellen said as she fished my hardening cock from out the robe. I sighed and let her have her way.

“Nice one, dude,” Jamil laughed.

“Woa, little nephew, not so little any more.” Uncle Will passed me my drink and pulled out his own cock. “I think there’s a family resemblance,” he said and held it beside mine. He was only slightly bigger.

“I promised him a blowjob,” said Ellen, “but not till after.”

“And, what about me?” Uncle Will, laughed as he slipped his niece’s hand away from my cock and wrapped it around his own.

“Oooh, we’ll see. Will you have enough energy, dear old Uncle?”

Suddenly, we were aware of their presence. We went silent. Only the soft strains of the opera could be heard. Mom and dad were at the bottom of the stairs. Dad was in his white robe. He held the end of a leash, which was clipped to a collar around my mom’s neck. Her eyes were covered in a soft, black mask. Her lips were painted perfectly red, as were her nails. Her wrists and ankles were cuffed in leather, with a silver ring to which a clip could be attached as needed. Her wrists were clipped together and the white robe tossed around her shoulders. My father led her to the bed. She was helpless.

My cock leapt, and was hard as a rock. Uncle Will, Jamil and Ellen, went over to my mom and greeted her with a gentle touches. My father walked over to me.

“I am so glad to see you here, Derek,” he hugged me. I could feel his body press against my erection. I would have pulled back, but tonight, I was letting go. He either didn’t notice it, or ignored it, or was quietly pleased that I female fake taxi porno had it. Regardless, he didn’t say anything about it. “You will make your mother very happy. Now, buddy, you can watch, or you can join in. Or you can slip in and out of the action, as you choose. Everyone in this room loves mom very much, and I love them for it. Everyone wants to make her happy. And no matter what happens, remember, mom is here of her own free will. In fact, she wants this to happen. She wants it and needs it in a way that is impossible for most people to understand.”

“What about you, dad?” I said. “Do you want this?”

“Yes, I do, buddy. I really do. Whatever makes her happy, makes me happy. This is all about love. And I love her so very much. And I know that you love her very much, too. Are you ready to go over?” He put his arm around my shoulder.

“Yea, dad. I’m ready.” We walked over to where mom was standing by the bed, Ellen, Will and Jamil swarming her like drones around a queen.

Her robe had been pushed off her shoulders. She was naked. Jamil was kissing her, thrusting his tongue in and out, as little moans escaped her mouth. His one hand was clasped over her cunt, and his finders worked their way inside. His other hand held her wrist, forcing her hand to stroke his great, black cock. My sister Ellen was pressing her big, soft breasts against my mom’s back, and her hips were grinding into mom’s ass. Her arms wrapped around cupping mom’s sweet, petite breasts and her hands tweaked her nipples. Will was beside them receiving the attention of mom’s other hand on his cock. His hands gripped Ellen’s and Jamil’s asses, uniting all four of them in one writhing, mass of lust. His head was leaned back, and his eyes were closed in ecstasy.

Dad and I stood and watched them for a moment. He let his robe fall off his body, and he started to stroke his cock. So, I did the same. I felt a tremendous sense of liberation, standing there, naked, jerking off with my father, watching my mother squirm in the middle of an orgiastic huddle.

Jamil stepped back to catch his breath, and dad pushed me towards my mother. “Babe? Derek is here,” he whispered to her. The others turned to watch.

“Derek? Oh, baby. Oh, my boy.” Mom reached out, gently grabbed my head and pulled me in for a kiss.

“Oh, mom,” I said and put my arms around her waist and pressed our naked bodies together. My erection pressed against her belly, her breasts poked my chest. I could smell her musk merging with her perfume, and I was getting intoxicated with the scent.

I had kissed my mom on the lips hundreds of times before, but never in my wildest dreams could I imagine the depth of our kiss that moment. It was soft and loving, and rough and passionate at the same time. I reveled in the sensation of her tongue dancing with mine. I wanted to suck her breath and her spit into me. I wanted to fuck her mouth with my tongue. I pressed my hips into her belly as hard as I could, wanting her to feel, as much as possible, the hardness of the erection that she provoked in me. I wanted to fuck her right there.

And then, the others were upon us. Suddenly, mom’s hands were pulled away from me and put to work stroking cocks. Two hungry heads nuzzled their way in to suckle on her breasts. A hand started stroking my cock, and a second later I found myself locked in a deep kiss with my sister. Pulling back with a self-satisfied grin, she said, “What do you think?”

“I love it.” I said, “Now what?”

“Just go with the flow.” She smiled and pointed to mom who was now on her knees, the hub of a three spoked wheel of naked men. Will, directly in front of her face was, bobbing her head towards his hips. With breathless envy, I watched as my mother’s open mouth took Will’s cock deeper and deeper with each thrust. Her arms were outstretched stroking my dad and his best friend. And then they rotated. Next, it was Jamil, sporting a huge erection, which he aggressively pushed into mom’s mouth. I saw the blackness of his cock accented by the redness of her lips stretched around it, against the whiteness of her face, and was possessed by the urge to see him push it as deep as he could into her mouth. I wasn’t disappointed. He pushed slowly, but relentlessly, and when her lips were almost at his balls, he held her there, his hands gripping her by the back of her head. Five seconds; ten seconds; fifteen seconds; and when he slowly eased the pressure and let his massive cock slip from her mouth, mom gasped for breath, and all three men groaned with pleasure. Then it was my father’s turn. Mom had already started stroking the others when she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out, ready to receive him.

“OK, sweetheart, it’s daddy’s turn. Open wide for daddy.” My father gripped his cock and started slowly delivering it to my mother’s waiting mouth. His other massive hand clasped the side of her head from the cheek to the back, taking complete control. As he pushed cock to mouth, mouth to cock, he glory hole secrets porno uttered words of encouragement, “Alright, baby, suck daddy’s cock. That’s the girl. Such a good girl. Oh, you make daddy happy. Oh…” Mom started to moan, and even though she was not taking him as deeply as she took Jamil, there was a desperate art to the way she suckled and licked and kissed my father’s cock. She licked the shaft and tickled his balls. She tried to snake her tongue behind his balls towards his ass. With each new action, she released a moan, which was echoed by one from my father. Jamil and Will started groaning, too, and would reach down and slap one of mom’s tits, or pull on or twist a nipple. Each strike or twist added a squeal from mom.

Finally, with a great roar, my father picked my mother up and tossed her on the alter of the bed. The men quickly fastened her hands and feet to the four corners, and she lay, spread-eagled, blindfolded, her chest heaving, her breasts rosy from abuse. This was my first opportunity to get a good look at her cunt. It was beautiful. Perfectly shaven, it was a delicate line that disappeared as it went down between her legs dividing gentle mounds, with tender petals of flesh emerging from the slit, like a flower about to blossom from its bud. My sister’s cunt was chubby and yummy. I loved eating it, but mom’s cunt looked like a divine pastry, and I wanted to devour it. Unfortunately, my uncle Will got to it first.

Mom moaned as she thrust her hips into Will’s face, despite the restraints, and Will pushed back into her, lapping and tongue-mining her cunt like a hungry dog. Ellen and Jamil, leaned over from either side and sucked and nibbled on her aching nipples. Mom’s head thrashed from side to side ecstatically, but dad steadied it by straddling it on his knees. He rocked his hips forward, riding mom’s face like a cowboy, forcing her to lick his balls, then his taint, then his ass, and back to his balls. Every few minutes, Ellen moved from mom’s breast to dad’s cock. She would give him a deep suck while he caressed the back of her head and then move back to feast on mom’s nipple. And as I ruthlessly hand-pumped my cock, thinking of ways to join in, I saw Ellen grab Jamil by the hair on the back of his head, guide him over to dad’s cock, force him down on it a few times and then return him to mom’s tit. I almost came just at the sight of it. There were obviously no limits tonight. So, I dove in.

I pushed myself between mom’s legs, and started kissing up her quivering thigh. Uncle Will noticed me and put his arm around me, guiding me home to mom’s cunt. It was heaven. Soft, smooth, yielding, the petals of her cunt felt like Venus’ own oyster in my mouth. And, even though Will had been licking her for some time, there was no end to the nectar flowing from mom. I lapped it up and drank it down. I became overwhelmed with a sense of devotion mixed with intense passion. I want to give as much of myself as possible to her. I wanted her to feel my complete commitment. I wanted to be her slave, her lover, her worshipper; her boy. I wanted to make her cum. That became my sole purpose and at that moment, the only reason for my existence.

Her clitoris was huge. It stuck into my mouth like the tip of a finger. I alternated between gently sucking on it and coaxing it with tongue strokes that began well beneath it and gradually approaching its base. I could feel it harden and stand up, as the tip of my tongue pressed towards it. The closer I got to the clitoris, the slower I went until, hesitating just at its base, it spasmed. I did it again and again, taking my time, focusing my entire being on the perfect center of my mother’s cunt. The spasms grew in intensity with each new approach. Her hips tilted towards me. Her body arched upwards. Suddenly, she went rigid. I stopped. Then, from somewhere deep within her being came a grunt that grew to a growl, that grew to a great, animalistic roar. At the same time her whole cunt convulsed against my mouth. There was a gush of womanly nectar flowing over my tongue. My mother cried out, yanking her limbs against the straps, gasping for breath.

I got up and brought my face to hers, my mouth to her mouth. “It’s me, mom. I love you. I love you!”

“Oh, my baby,” she cried out, “my boy, my beautiful, beautiful boy.” Then I kissed her, letting her taste her own honey, telling her how much I loved her. I didn’t notice it at first, but while we kissed and nuzzled I must have entered her, and so, I started fucking my mother. My initial concern about my weight pressing down too hard on her petite body was quickly lost in the passion that took over, and my thrusts became robust and intense. Mom was still tethered to the bed, completely helpless and I was above her able to do whatever I wanted to her. I pushed hard, trying to get as deep into her cunt as I could. I was intoxicated with both the thought and the sensation of fucking my mother. “Oh, mom. Oh, mom. I love you. I love you,” I said. I wanted to be rough and animalistic with her. I wanted to thrust and give full scope to the bestial lust that raged within me, and yet, I wanted to be sweet and gentle, loving and giving with her as well. And so my fucking alternated between the tough and the tender. I propped myself up on one arm and with my free hand caressed her sweet, girlish breasts, then tugged and pinched her pointy nipples.

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