Son Secretly Rapes Mom


I’m a 19 year old slender guy who’s 6 ft and go to college close to home. Every few weekends I come to check in on my mom and help her out and make sure she is okay. She was pregnant early and had me when she was 15. She basically raised me alone after her current boyfriend at the time freaked out and left her. It’s always been the two of us.

She needs my help a lot with things. She’s a small woman, ‘petit’ as she likes to call it. She has a warm olive skin and loves running. She looks really young for her age and it’s pretty common for us to be mistaken as siblings.

I come home one weekend to help my mom move furniture. It’s a hot summer day, one of those days where you start sweating the second you walk outside your door. She’s wearing tiny shorts and a tanktop that’s clinging on to her chest from the sweat. She waves me to her when she sees me and points to the sofa.

‘Help me move this in!’

‘Of course. What would you do without a strong man like me?’

She laughs, and punches my arm. She lifts from one side and I lift from the other, carefully avoiding the walls. We reach the living room and drop the couch.

‘oh my Gosh, I’m exhausted’ She says. I sit down and invite her next to me. She’s so tired that she almost sits on my lap. She laughs and adjusts herself next to me. She leans against me, ‘Oh my gosh Tony, I am so tired. Thank you so much for coming to help me out’. She looks up at me and smiles.

I can feel her small breasts soaked in sweat pushed up against my arm. When I look down to see her I see how plump they look against my body. Her hands are on my thighs her fingers back and forth as she sighs. This has never happened to me but suddenly I start seeming my mom almost like a stranger.

Later that night, she has a date Jerry, this guy that she’s been seeing for a few months. ‘How do I look?’ She struts in front of me with a skimpy red dress that barely covers her ass. The neckline is so low and she’s wearing a necklace that makes it hard not to look down at her boobs. I gulp. ‘You look great! Jerry’s going to love it’.

‘I really hope he does!’ She comes up to me and gives me a hug. I’m so aware of her breasts against me and the sweet perfume that she’s wearing. ‘Be a good girl’ I joke as I kiss her on the head.

Her phone rings and I can hear Jerry telling her to come out and meet him in the car.

She leaves and I feel a creep of jealousy as she walks away. I don’t know fully why, maybe because every man has broken her heart and she’s never fallen for someone as much as Jerry. I swear under my breath that I’m going to hurt that man if he finds a way to hurt my mother.

I go back to my room, bored now. I do my homework and read a book for a few hours. I try to go to sleep, nothing to do mofos porno but I can’t seem to. I eventually pull out my laptop and start watching porn. I watch a blonde girl give a guy a blow job and start stroking myself. I pretend that my girlfriend is licking me like the girl is in the video. I’m about to cum when I hear the door slam. I run downstairs and see my mom drunk.

‘Are you okay? You’re so drunk!’

She looks at me and falls into my arms. Her words slur as she tells me how amazing Jerry is and how she’s so excited to get to know him. She’s tells me how this is the first guy that she’s actually started to see seriously in a long time. She slurs more and as she tries to walk up the stairs, she stumbles. I run over to her and hold her against my body as I walk her up. Her tiny body feels so fragile against mine.

‘I am so so so excited. You know, I haven’t had sex with a man in fucking forever!’ She giggles. I am shocked. My mother and I have never talked about sex. Sure, we act like friends, but she is still my mother.

‘I just can’t wait. I wanted to do it tonight, I am so fucking wet. I wanted it so badly, but I really want to make sure he’s the right one. I don’t want to fuck him and have him leave me. You know?’

‘Haha mom, I know.’

She’s laying on her bed not making any moves to change or get ready for the night. I decide to help her out.

‘Hey mom, I’m going to help you change, okay?’

She nods her head happily.

I take a deep breath. I’ve never seen my mom like this. I put my fingers at the hem of her dress and slowly start to tug it up. I can feel her soft skin against the knuckles of my hand. I slowly pull it up, above her tiny thong and then above her lacy bra. After I pull off her dress, she immediately passes out. I try to wake her up to make her change, but nothing works. I give up and just fix her head on the pillow and lay her down straight.

But as I fix her body, she looks so sexy. Her boobs are bursting out of her lacy black bra. Her small black thong barely covers her pussy. I can see little public hairs poking out. Looking at her makes me horny again. I go back to my room and continue watching the porn as I keep stroking myself. But I can’t get my mom’s body out of my mind. I go back to my mom’s room with my laptop. I keep touching myself as I watch the video and look at her.

But the more I look at her the less I care about the blonde girl giving the blow job. I start touching my mom. First it’s just her arm, moving my fingers up toward her neck. Then it’s touching her from her knee up close to the place where her thighs meet. My hearts starts pounding and I get more and more ballsy as I see her not waking up. I close my laptop. I get an idea. I go into her closet naughty america porno and pull out a shirt. I cover her eyes with a shirt. I then use her tights to tie together her hands – I don’t want her to move. Hopefully, though, she won’t wake up.

I know I’m not going to do much anyway. I just continue to softly touch her thighs and then move my hand up to her stomach and then to her breasts. Before I can think, I pull her bra up, exposing her boobs. She has the most beautiful titties I have ever seen. They’re so much nicer than my girlfriends. I keep touching and playing and massaging, but my dick is getting harder. I want to do more. I lower my mouth toward her titties and start licking. I lick and lick until it gets hard, and then start sucking it. I move on to the other tittie and start flicking it with my tongue. I use my other hand to play and twist the other tittie. I can hear her start to moan softly. i suck a little harder and she moans a little more loudly. I am so horny now just hearing her. My dick is pulsing and I push my hard dick, still in my boxers, against her. Her body is so warm. I keep sucking her titties and playing with it and now I begin to slowly rub myself up and down.

‘OH MY GOSH! WHAT THE FUCK! WHO ARE YOU!’ She’s screaming and trying to squirm away from my body. I freak out but remember that her eyes are covered. She doesn’t know who I am. I hold her body down and clamp my hand against her throat. I can’t believe I’m doing this to her but she can’t find out. Her trying to escape makes me more determined. I whisper ‘be quiet and you won’t get hurt.’ She quiets up a little but I can see that she’s trying really hard to be quiet, but I can tell that she believes me.

I lower my head and I continue licking, sucking, and playing with her titties. I can still feel her squirming and trying to get out, but I know that she’s going to stop screaming. I start kissing her down her body and releasing warm breaths. I get down to her thong and I can smell the aroma of her pussy. She might be scared but her body is turned on. She hasn’t had sex in long time and her body wants it no matter how much she acts like she doesn’t. I move the thong to the side and take a good look at her pussy. It’s so hairy and big. I move my head down and let out a warm breath. I can feel her body quiver a little and she squeaks. ‘ssshhh’.

I take my tongue out and slowly move it into her slit. Her pussy is soaking wet and her juice tastes so sweet. I move my tongue in again, tracing around her labia. It’s so soft and so juicy that my mouth begins to water. I slowly circle my tongue around her clit and softly suck it. I hear her catch her breath as she moans. I flatten my tongue against her pussy and slowly lick it from public agent porno the hole all the way up to her clit, over and over again. Her previous sounds are fear are replaced with pleasure. I feel her body relax and tense up from enjoyment. I softly suck her pussy and I can feel it continuing to get wetter and wetter. I can’t believe that my mom’s pussy tastes so amazing. I slide my finger in and I hear her gasp and moan. ‘Fuck, mmmmm, fuck’ she whispers. I start licking her quickly but fucking her slowly with my finger. Her legs are tensing up and tightening around my head. ‘Uuhhh, oh my, uhhhh, fuck’ she almost screams.

I stop. I don’t want her to cum just yet. i was going to make my mother work for it. I took off my boxers and move my hard dick toward her mouth. To my surprise, she eagerly starts sucking. She licks and kisses the tip. She moves her tongue up and down the shaft before she puts the entire thing in her mouth and starts milking it. Her mouth is so soft and warm and wet. I can feel her tiny tongue swirling itself around the head of my dick. I can’t keep in my own groan. Seeing my mom tasting my dick I turn over and start licking her as she sucks my cock. She’s wetter than she was before. The sheets underneath her are soaking. I let my warm breath against her pussy and she quivers while she sucks my dick. I keep lapping her up and making her as wet as possible.

She’s so good. She knows exactly what to do with her tongue. I can’t take it anymore. I need to put my dick inside her dripping and swollen pink pussy. I softly rub her clit with my dick and I can hear her more. She’s pushing herself against me! It’s driving me crazy but know that once I put my dick inside her pussy it will never be the same again, but I don’t care. I slowly push the top inside her swollen pussy and she makes the loudest groan ever. I slowly push my dick in and out and I hear her whimpering. It feels so good to see her like this. ‘more’ she pleads, ‘faster’. I lose my control. I start pumping her quickly. She tries to touch her clit so I pull off the tights from around her hand. She’s fiercely touching herself while I’m vigorously pumping her. She gets louder and louder. Her legs are wrapped around me and she’s pulling me closer. I can’t help it. I want her to see exactly who she’s fucking. In one quick motion I pull off the shirt from her eyes and I can see that she’s surprised to see me. But her eyes are still full of hunger and lust. She seems even more turned on. I turn her around and start fucking her from the back ‘Fuckk, i’m going to cum. My son is inside me. Come on son. Make your momma cum. I love having your dick inside my pussy.’

She’s screaming and I feel her body shudder. Her pussy is throbbing and I can’t help control it anymore. After a few more pumps I start cumming inside her. i leave my dick in there for a bit and slowly pull it out. i see the trail of cum outside her pussy and I rub it in. She looks so good. I turn her around. She looks exhausted but happy.

She smiles at me and I crawl over to her and start softly sucking on her titties again.

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