Son’s College Friend Ch. 01

Big Cock

It was a months after Nigel had departed my home and it left me feeling empty and bereft for him, Walt was over the moon at the e mailed video I had sent him while he was working away, he couldn’t keep his hands off me now, wanting to know as much information at my fucking by Nigel.

I did as best as I could to be his loving wife, I did have orgasms when we made love but it was very one sided, he loved being held down and wanked, while I recounted the things he had done with me, making me moan and ejaculate everywhere, I made sure Walt got his; I had to satisfy myself with memories.

I don’t think many women have been completely fucked the number of times I was, making love was the most joyous thing with him, he fucked my mouth, my arse and my pussy so many times, all over the house, garage, and garden it was truly wonderful but I felt so empty now, and I feared for my marriage.

Then a light appeared at the end of my personal 3 month long dark tunnel.

I received a call from his mother Leah.

She introduced herself over the phone, we chatted about this and that and told me that Nigel had asked her to ring me, and she would like to meet and get to know the lover of her son.

I was shocked, ‘Nigel has told you about me?’ I asked worriedly.

‘Oh yes Jenny he has told me everything, and I mean everything!’ she said.

‘Oh dear,’ I replied, ‘I’m not too sure if that would be a wise thing to do, it could lead to difficulties later on.’

‘Jenny my sweet lady, you have nothing to fear and a lot to gain, meet me at the Hilton hotel in town at 10:00 tomorrow in the lounge I will be waiting for you okay?’

And then she was gone, I didn’t get chance to say no.

I pondered things and decided that I would go, but it was the thought of possibly seeing Nigel again that made my mind up for me.

The next morning I drove to the hotel, my car was parked for me, and I went in.

I stood in the lounge waiting to see Nigel’s mother, the only thing I knew about her was that she was a black Nigerian.

I heard a voice behind me saying, ‘Jenny hello, I’m so glad you came, I am Leah, Nigel’s mother, Im so pleased to meet you at last, please come we can have coffee okay?’

I was astounded by her appearance, and I don’t mean by coming up behind me, she was absolutely beautiful, easily 6ft tall, and even taller in her heels, she towered over me.

Long silky hair, which I quickly scrutinised for extensions etc, but I decided it was her own, I had always thought Africans hair was crinkly and wiry, seems I was wrong.

She saw me looking and laughed at me, ‘yes its all mine,’ she giggled.’

I was embarrassed and apologised.

‘It’s no problem, I am lucky, there must be some European in me somewhere,’ and her laugh was infectious.

She was dressed in a really expensive dress and a silk scarf around her head, it was obvious she knew how to dress, and cheap wasn’t in her window.

I smiled and said hello, that I was pleased to meet her.

She ordered coffee and we chatted about this that and the other before she broached the subject of Nigel.

I was clearly uneasy about it.

She put her hand on my arm and told me she understood my misgivings but it was okay, she had been Nigel’s lover for a longer period than I had thought.

She told me she had been married off to her present husband bursa eskort when she wasn’t quite 14, it was a done thing in those days in Nigeria, arranged marriage and all that, so she was only 33 now, I was amazed, but fortunately the marriage had worked, and they were a very successful couple.

Her husband knew of her ways with other women and happily accepted it as long as she was happy.

But he had no idea of her philandering with her son that would cause ructions, and more than shame in her family, she told me.

She said she had never been unfaithful outside her marriage with another man and never would apart from Nigel.

Nigel had told her how he had planned the seduction of me, and Leah confirmed he had done the same thing with her, and that it took her a long time to accept that Nigel could somehow do it whenever he wanted, and she now loved being his lover, and wasn’t jealous in the slightest about me.

But she told me he is adept at seducing women and girls, he just seems to turn it on and he gets them, I know he has had sex with 2 of his teachers at college, but it was just sex and the knowledge that he could do it.

‘But,’ she told me, ‘Nigel is smitten with you, he talks about you Jenny, you are the special one as far as he is concerned, which is the first time he had admitted feeling that way.’

‘And he wants to see you again, but doesn’t know how to, he just can’t turn up on your doorstep can he?’

I blushed, and said I felt the same way to be honest, but it could wreck my marriage totally as I was having a hard time getting over what had happened even though I felt like I didn’t want to get over it!

She moved to me then and put an arm around me, ‘do you feel you can trust me Jenny?’ She asked.

I nodded my head.

‘Then come with me please, Nigel has told you all about me, about my ways etc?

‘And that you would do as he had told you, yes?’

‘Yes I promised I would do as he asked he told me you were beautiful and that you liked women as well as men.’ I said.

‘That’s correct Jenny, especially beautiful blonde ones like you, now I know Nigel told you to accept me for whom and what I am is that right?’

‘He did Leah, yes.’ I said.

‘And you do want to see him again don’t you Jenny?’ she asked me.

My heart lurched.

‘Oh yes I do, is he here?’ I almost beseeched her.

‘No he isn’t but the only way to get to him is through me, do you understand what I am saying Jenny,’ she intimated.

I knew exactly what she meant, she wanted me in her bed and to have me sexually, that was her target and I was firmly in her beautiful sights.

‘Yes I do,’ I said, ‘but I don’t know anything about women Leah, I’m ignorant I’m afraid.’

But I did know that this was a strikingly beautiful black woman more or less blackmailing me into letting her have me.

So I decided that if I was to be granted my desire to see Nigel again, I would have to willingly submit to whatever she had in mind.

And as I looked into those great big dark brown eyes and full pouty lips, I didn’t think the price I was going to have pay was too high, in fact I thought it was a cheap one, I was already sort of looking forward to being with her, and finding out what girl sex was about.

And wow was I to find out!

‘I have a suite here, do you want to see it Jenny?’ görükle escort she asked.

‘I would love to Lea, shall we go now,’ I responded.

‘Good,’ she said, took me by the hand, and led me to the lifts, inside I was taken straight into her arms and being petted, she didn’t kiss me or fondle me which I had expected but she just cuddled and caressed me, I thought that was so nice, I relaxed in her arms and lay my head on her ample bosom.

She still had hold of my hand as we entered her suite, it was huge, sitting room, bathroom, kitchenette, balcony, and a massive bedroom with a huge king sized bed, and it was decorated to suit the taste of a woman.

Lea turned to me and told me that I was going to be hers, and Nigel’s too, and that my life would be changing in a way that I would love.

I didn’t understand just what she meant by ‘changing’ so I asked her.

In answer she leaned in and kissed me softly, in a way that I suppose that only another woman can, it was beautiful and so sensual, I just stood there while she got nearer and nearer to me until we were up against each other, then her arms were around me, and I was being guided to the bed, I was trembling with anticipation and wonderment at what was about to befall me, but that didn’t stop me from kissing her right back!

I was also now almost totally sexually aroused; she had got me there without really trying.

Without seeming to touch me, my clothes were drifting away from me and hers were too, how is she doing that I mistily thought to myself.

I was down to bra and panties now, and she was too, when she lay me down on the bed, her fingers were sliding about me, I came then totally by myself, I was amazed when it washed through me, I opened my eyes to see her smiling down at me as she kissed me again, ‘wonderful Jenny just wonderful,’ she breathed over me.’

Her body was so voluptuous, high full breasted, nipples like dark champagne corks, narrow waisted, very long legged that she entwined around me.

Her finger and thumbs were busy on my fully distended nipples and the feeling of a woman doing this and kissing me, leaning over me in a captive way which I was I suppose and holding me with her legs was overwhelming.

She bent forward and sucked my nipples one by one into her hot mouth.

Looking at her black hair swirling over me was so sexy, and her smooth warm skin on me was more than exhilarating.

I came again, and again, when her fingers entered my throbbing pussy and contacted my clit, I completely exploded into smithereens.

I had never had an orgasm such as that crash through me in that way, it was totally different from anything I had ever experienced.

Then something I never expected nor considered, she climbed over me, settling her heated pussy over my face, I looked up at it, obviously I know what a pussy looks like, but I had had no experience of this it was a glorious sight, glistening and hot, she leaned forward and pressed down and I was sucking and licking at my first woman, and tasting the sweet nectar emanating from her.

Her finger was busy devastating my clit, followed swiftly by her mouth and tongue forcing me into a shattering orgasm that made me jam my head up and clamp my mouth tight onto hers making her squeal with delight and her juices flowed into my mouth and over my face, this bursa escort bayan was incredible, to think I had been so unsure of this and now I was loving it and wanting more.

I was to get it big time in a way I never knew of.

After we came down from this galactic high, she turned around and I was in her arms and she mine, kissing licking and sucking at each others mouth in such a loving way, it was something I had been unaware of and unknown territory.

I could tell from the way she handled me and the way she went about me, she was experienced to say the least.

Again the contrast of my blonde hair against her satin smooth black was overpowering, as I snuggled into her, I loved the look and feel of her hot skin, she had been right, my life was changing in a way I hadn’t envisioned.

I wanted to be right here where I was with Leah, and I wanted Nigel too, but I also had Walt to consider, although he wasn’t in my thoughts right then.

Leah rose from the bed, and said to me’ ‘right Jenny it’s time you and I fucked properly baby.’

And taking up her purse, she took out a big strap on dildo, I knew what they were and what they were used for, I looked at it in some intrepidation and fascination.

‘Don’t worry darling,’ she said, ‘it’s a complete and perfectly accurate replica of Nigel’s big hard prick, we had it made so I can fuck you with it and you can pretend it’s him.’

‘Oh Leah is it really?’ I happily took it in my hands.

‘Mmmm it certainly does seem the right size and hardness, please Leah, I think I need it right now!’

I threw myself onto my back and raised my legs allowing her to climb right between them, she thrust it in just like Nigel had done, I closed my eyes and immediately he flooded my mind as she battered my wanton pussy and I came immediately.

She had me over on my knees and thrust it up my willing arse, I begged her to fuck me harder and harder.

The memory of being wonderfully taken like this by Nigel overcame me, I seemed to float off some where only to quickly return as my arse was completely routed by Leah.

I had more orgasms as Leah fucked me, and later she made me fuck her with it, being on top of her in this way with her legs tight over my back made me come again, I lost count of them, we both squealed his name as we came together.

It was the most thrilling day I had ever had in my life, and that includes Nigel, I knew that given different circumstances I could have loved and stayed with Leah for the rest of my life.

I suppose it was because it was so different.

I went back every day that week and Leah fucked me and made love to me and me her, until my brains, body and legs were scrambled, it was momentous and fantastic.

We hadn’t mentioned Nigel really; we both knew that it was to be unsaid until our last day together.

‘So when is Walt on his travels again Jenny,’ Leah asked me.

‘He is away a week from next Monday for a week, then 3 weeks after that he is away for about a month.’

‘Great,’ she said, ‘I will come and stay with you for that week then.’

Then in about 4 weeks Nigel will come to you darling I promise, he will be my gift to you, okay baby?’

I was beside myself with happiness, not only because I would be seeing Nigel and have that stupendous prick back where it belonged in my aching pussy, but I would also be in Leah’s arms again, making wonderful sweet love with her too once more.

What of my marriage, my future?

Who knows what it holds, but I do know I have embarked on a course of events I may not be able to control.

But I will keep you posted.

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