Sophie’s 18th Surprise


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It felt like she had been in the car forever. Sophie had just turned 18 and her father had told her that the whole family would do something special. This didn’t seem as special as he suggested as they had been driving since 8 am and it was now 11 o’clock. It was a tradition in her family that whenever a daughter turned 18, everyone in the family (who was over 18) would meet at Sophie’s uncle’s farm.

Sophie had only just turned 18 the day before and she had no idea what was going on. The car ride was strange as no one said anything but Sophie’s brother Josh and Sister Maddie kept giving her strange looks.

Sophie had blossomed well. She had bright green eyes, wavy brown hair and a shapely body. She had how ever never had a boyfriend even though she was a cheerleader in high school ’cause her father always scared them off. She was now studying to be a high school teacher but was on holidays because of her birthday.

Finally, they arrived at her uncle’s farm. Her father parked the car by the shed and walked up to her uncle Fred.

“Hi Fred, I trust everyone is ready?” he asked with a grin.

“Sorry Gary it’s only the four of us,” said Fred.

“Oh well more for us!” said her father looking back at Sophie. Sophie was puzzled.

“You can have the first ride,” said her uncle to her father.

Her father led her into the barn. “What’s going…” she began. SLAP! Her father slapped her across her soft tanned cheek and she fell to the ground.

* * *

She awoke a moment later and saw her clothes burning in a pile at the edge of the barn. Everyone stood around her, her parents, her brother Josh, her sister Maddie, her uncle Fred and Aunt Mary and her 2 teen porno cousins, Jack and Joseph. Everyone was naked and jerking off. Even her mom…

Sophie went to speak but her dad thrust his thick cock into her mouth. His dick was about 8 inches long but very thick. He thrust it right to the back of her throat.

“Yeah take that slut,” said one of her cousins.

She tried to resist but her dad held her nose and slapped her twice across her cheeks forcing her to open her already aching jaw. Her father had a look of control in his eyes as he thrust his hard cock in and out of his daughter’s mouth. Tears began to run down her red face and her father then thrust his cock in up to his balls causing Sophie to gag and sobber.

Her father began to quicken his pace, fucking her face violently. The rest cheered him on.

“Grab those juicy tits Gary!” ordered her mom.

Her dad grasped one of her breasts. He admired them they were at least DD cups and they were much perkier and firmer than his wife’s and other daughter’s. He pinched and fondled Sophie’s tits while force fucking her face until he could no longer take the sight of her bouncing tits and red teary face.

Sophie felt her dad’s cock jerk in her mouth and cum flooded down her throat. She desperately tried to swallow it all for fear of choking but gagged and cum poured from the edges of her puffy crimson lips and out of her nose. He finally pulled out and wiped his cum drenched cock with her brown wavy hair.

She tried to stand up but her sister punched her in the stomach and began licking the cum from Sophie’s face and neck. Meanwhile Uncle Fred snuck up and drove his dick into her virgin pussy. Her sister Maddie finished licking the cum and spat it tricky masseur porno down Sophie’s throat, holding her nose so that she had to swallow. In the background she saw her cousins, one fucking her aunt and the other doggy styling her mom.

Her brother and father came over and her father positioned his cock over her tight ass and drove in. Her eyes went wide and her cunt juices sprayed over her uncles cock causing him to explode shooting cum deep inside her until he pulled out and sprayed the rest across her thighs and belly. Her brother took her uncle’s place so that her father and he were pounding her pussy and her ass at the same time.

Maddie, who had been fingering herself had an orgasm and shot her pussy juice across Sophie’s jiggling tits. Her brother and father continued fucking both her holes pausing to slap her or fondle her tits.

Both the cousins then raced over and jerked off until they drenched her face and hair with hot sticky cum. Both her aunt and mother then followed and took turns sitting on Sophie’s face until they could cover more of her with their own pussy juice. She looked over and saw her uncle ramming Maddie’s obviously wide ass hole. Fred shouted out and filled Maddie’s ass with cum until she also came and juice ran down her legs.

Seeing this, her father and brother came at the same time filling her cunt and ass with more cum. They pulled out and then she saw her sister walk over. She lowered her cum filled ass over Sophie’s face and began to groan until her uncles cum oozed from her ass and into Sophie’s mouth.

The family continued fucking her in turn filling her pussy and ass with cum or spraying it over her body until they were exhausted and Sophie lay in a pile türkçe alt yazı porno of sperm and cunt juice (and piss since none off them had bothered leaving the barn) on the floor of the barn covered in bruises and slap marks.

Her aunt, mom and sister then knelt down and licked the cum off the floor and Sophie and spat it into a large round bowl. Her cousins then lifted her up over the bowl and told her to push the cum out of her pussy and ass. Her brother slapped her ass and she gave up resisting and let the overflowing cum in her cunt and ass drip out into the bowl until it was overflowing.

Her uncle then came over with a straw and put it in Sophie’s mouth. She whimpered but began to suck to stop her brother smacking her. It was hard and the warm and cold cum oozed up the straw and down her throat. It was difficult and after she finished half the bowl she coughed up some more and fell onto the ground. Her uncle then came over with a funnel and forced it into her mouth and held her nose so that the rest could tip the bowl down her throat.

Her lungs burned so she swallowed quickly until every drop of cum had been forced down her throat.

Her father jerked off on her one more time and the family left towards the house to clean up and shower. Sophie laid there, her hold body aching and bruised and her ass and pussy red and swollen. She coughed up cum as more oozed from her ass. She must have had at least two dozen orgasms and she even felt proud of how she had performed.

Later in the afternoon her aunt came out and led her to the shower where she tried to wash the smell of cum out of her skin and hair and repeatedly shit out cum from her stretched and bruised ass.

* * *

She awoke the next morning and everyone went about their normal chores, eating breakfast and helping out around the farm.

Just after lunch they packed up and just before they left on the long drive home her uncle called out from the barn.

“Jacko’s daughters turning 18 in a month.”

“We’ll all be there.” said her Dad smiling at her…

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