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Subject: Rooming with My Best Friend Sophomore Chapter 72 ROOMING WITH MY BEST FRIEND-SOPHOMORE 72 ****************** Warning: The usual disclaimers apply here. If you don’t like any of the following, leave now: gay sex, vulgar or harsh language or underage wherever you are reading this. Please leave now!! This is pure fiction. No one in this story is a real person, living or deceased. Please do not copy without my consent. Action will be taken against those you do copy my story! If you wanna write me, please do so at: [email protected] ***************** Friday, my classes were done and over it. I was relieved to have a tough week behind me and was ready for the break. As I was waiting my stalker made eye contact with me and came walking up. “Asshole, you can run but you can’t hide,” he said. “Come on. Let’s get this over and done with right now,” I said and was ready for this to end in the worst way ever. He laughed, “Fucking fag, your little gay…” Colt stepped out and caught his eye. He ran like a scared little boy in the opposite direction. “Thanks Colt,” I said. “For what?” he asked in his tee and shorts. His clothes said he was ready for the break and warm weather already. “It was him, the frat boy. He told I could run but I can’t hide. I told him let’s just get over with and then you walked out…” “Fucking scared ass motherfucker!” Colt said. “Now he’s beginning to piss me off. Wait `til Kris and Corey hear about this shit.” “Just forget about it. Our Spring Break has begun.” “It has and I’m so ready,” Colt said and began walking to our room with Kris nowhere in sight. Colt stated Kris had left early to go grab a few things before the trip. We talked while walking back to see the campus was really thinning out. Entering our room, Kris and Corey were waiting on us there and were eager for us to leave. I grabbed a few things and made certain my camera was handy while Colt rushed to grab his stuff. Andrea stopped by first to say goodbye with some sweet kisses, then Megan came by to say goodbye to Kris and told him to be a good boy. We waited patiently until one by one the guys dropping off their cars were ready for us to convoy to Colt’s house. Scott and Jordy had gone ahead in Shawn’s truck to secure our site that we had reserved and make sure there were no problems. Once at Colt’s house, we got in various cars with Corey getting in with me naturally. We still had quite a few cars but less than if we would have driven separately. “Corey, I saw my stalker today…” “No surprise after we kicked the shit of Lee and his friends…” “So that’s where you went while I was gone!” “I didn’t want you to worry…” “Okay, but how in the hell is Lee involved with this guy?” I asked, wanting to know the connection since Lee was now gone and evidentially at Jess’s college. “The way Jess thinks it is that Lee pledged Eric’s frat last year and was actually around somewhere that night when you kick some ass. Then Lee’s dumb ass failed so he’s doing the same as Jess, but I doubt we’ll see him again. I think in some way Lee is putting that dude up to this shit plus he does have it out for you since you did nail him last semester. We did put some terror in that motherfucker, or at least I did. I think that’s all how it is related. Jess was talking but I was glad it was over with for Lee. I never did like that guy from the first time I saw him.” “Makes sense to me,” I said. “I just want both to be gone.” “If that guy knows what we did to Lee then he won’t touch you,” Corey said while I was driving. “He better not or he may get the same treatment.” “Let’s hope,” I said. We talked a little more about it before I said, “Corey, things are heading the right direction for us to move off campus next year.” “Awesome. I may move in during the summer to work here…” “That’s fine by me, but you were doing so well with JJ and Teague,” I said. “Speaking of, would it kill ya if I went camping with them instead of going to your house?” “Ummm… no, I guess it would be okay if that’s what you wanna do,” I said trying to keep with our group. “You know you’re welcome to come but I didn’t know if you’d wanna go. You and Linda can spend some time together without me being there,” Corey said. “That’s sounds okay with me, and we do need to tie up a few loose ends after Dad’s death. I suppose you and I could use a short break from each other. We really haven’t had one in a while,” I said. “I didn’t wanna say that but I was thinking the same thing,” Corey said. “It ain’t that I don’t love you but you know how it is.” “I do. I just hope you don’t find someone else,” I joked. “Do I look that fucking stupid?” Corey laughed. “There’s just one person in this world for me.” We arrived at a store to grab groceries for the weekend and were back on the road. We were racing the sun in the hope of getting to the site before the sun went down so we could set up our tents while it was still light. We arrived at the check-in post and paid our fees with the ranger saying some of our group had already arrived. We travelled down the curvy road until nearing the end, while I was observing how nice the wooded park was. After we parked up, we found Jordy, Scott and Shawn chilling with their tents already set up. The area looked very nice and peaceful with a nice flowing stream just a short walk away. It was wooded and a short distance to the RV campers set up on the road in. We went back and got all of our things to set up. Corey and I pulled out his new tent. Within minutes, it was set up and raring to go as it was one of the newer models with quick set up. Corey and I walked over to Kris and Colt’s area. Both were out of their shirts trying to figure out how to get the tent up. “Need some help?” Corey asked. “Yea, this thang is nothing but a piece of shit,” Colt said and spit. “Look at Corey’s new tent. I’m glad we’re over here when they break that fucker in tonight,” Kris laughed. “Matt, we do have to christen the tent,” Corey smiled and put his arm around me. “I guess we do,” I said. “Now let’s help them…” “Fucking piece of shit!” I heard a yell. Our four heads whipped around to see Ted standing there with his hands on hips. “I think Ted is a little pissed off,” Colt stated. “Goddamn motherfucker!” Ted yelled again and threw down a pole. “Anyone know how in the fuck this shit goes together?” Scott and Brennan walked briskly to Ted and Myles’ aide while Corey helped get Kris and Colt’s tent up and ready for the weekend. “I don’t guess gaziantep travesti I’ve ever seen Ted that mad before,” Corey stated while helping. “I have,” Colt said. “He gets pissed as hell if someone slacks off during their lifts. He gets their attention in a big hurry.” “Shows he’s a strong leader,” Kris stated. I walked over and found Ted. “Is there a problem?” “Well… there was a few seconds ago,” Myles replied with a laugh. “Ted showed everyone here he has a temper.” “When something doesn’t go right or fit right, it just goes all over me,” Ted stated. “I’m good now thanks to Scott and Brennan here. Say Scott, it is really nice of you to bring Jordy along.” “Ah, he wanted to come and has been looking forward to this all week,” Scott said in his shorts. “I better get back over there to him.” Scott walked away and went back. “We don’t know how lucky we are sometimes,” Ted commented. “We don’t, but Jordy will make it just fine,” I said. “How about when it gets dark?” Myles asked. “I guess Scott will use a light,” I said. “It will hamper his ability to read lips.” “Good thing he couldn’t hear me earlier,” Ted laughed. “Man, this place is pretty nice. Colt did a good job in selecting it. There should be plenty to do.” “I can’t wait to try out those canoes,” Myles said. “Ummm… what canoes?” I asked. “They rent `em here to canoe down the river,” Myles replied. “I wanna see us try that shit.” I walked back over just as a ranger was making his way towards us. “You men making it okay?” he asked and looked to be maybe fifty. “Yes sir, we are,” Kris replied. “I noticed that big guy wearing a team t shirt,” he said pointing at Myles. “I went there a while back. Boy, what a football team they have now.” “We are proud of them, sir,” Colt said. “There’s that one guy… ummm Wilcox, number 48, that is a hoss. Best I’ve seen we’ve had in years,” he said. We pointed in Ted’s direction and motioned him over. Ted and Myles came walking up. “Does this guy look familiar?” Kris asked with his hand on Ted’s shoulder. “Sorry, but I can’t place him,” the ranger replied. “He happens to Wilcox,” Colt stated. I looked to see Ted looking around and not wanting the attention. “Are you boys messing with me? Son, what’s your name?” the ranger asked, pointing at Ted. “Ummm… Ted Wilcox,” Ted replied. “Wow, you look different out of uniform, but still you’re a big sucker. My boy thinks you hung the moon,” the ranger stated and hit Ted on the shoulder. “Thanks, I appreciate that,” Ted said quietly. “Hey, I was just here checking up on y’all. If you need anything, just let us know,” the ranger said and started to walk away. “Oh keep down after ten and don’t get out of hand. I know what a bunch of college kids do here, but don’t cause trouble and we won’t cause you trouble.” “Yes sir!” Kris yelled. “See ya around,” the ranger waved and headed to his truck. “Maybe having Ted here is a good thang,” Colt said. “The ranger may be lax on us.” “Just exactly what I wanted, someone to recognize me out here,” Ted stated. We gathered around and started a fire in the pit. With the ranger out of sight, the beer began coming out with Cody and Ethan aching to dive into the ice full. We had the fire going nicely with the sun setting and us circling the pit. Scott was on his phone, hung up and said Jess had just come through the gate and would be here shortly. Jess pulled up and exited his car. Now it was starting to get dark so we broke out a few lights to go along with the fire we had going. Those who knew Jess the most greeted him and saw he was looking better now with a guy who had his hair dyed blue for some reason but had it cut very cute with it hanging towards his face. Jess introduced us to Brad. He said hi while Scott tried to introduce all of us to him. I was standing with Kris and Corey when Brad walked up after unloading his stuff. “Kris Stanton doesn’t remember me, does he?” Brad asked. “Brad… huh?” Kris said. He broke off a big smile. “No fucking way… Brad Cohen?” Brad smiled, “That’s me.” “Oh my Lord,” Kris screamed and grabbed Brad for a hug. “So how have you been? I haven’t seen you in years.” “It has been a while. You’ve sure changed,” Brad stated. Kris turned to us and said, “Brad and I were like best buds all through elementary school. We used to spend the night together and shit like that all the time.” “I remember so well. So how’s the family? How’s your brother doing?” Brad asked. Kris replied, “Nathan was killed… years ago, but my folks are doing well. How’s yours?” “Man, Kris, I just hate that for ya. I know how close you and Nathan were,” Brad replied yet evaded Kris’s question about his family. “Hey, let’s have a seat. We’ve got all week to catch up,” Kris said. “First, though, I couldn’t help notice that Scott guy signing to that other guy,” Brad stated. “Jordy is really a nice guy,” I said. Brad smiled while Jess and Colt now had Jess’s tent up. “I’m minoring in ASL…” “Bro that’s fucking awesome. Scott tries but he admits he’s not the best,” Kris said. Brad walked over and began signing to Jordy. Jordy’s face lit up brightly and he began chatting away with Brad. Scott walked back over, “Hmmm, it’s great Brad knows it way better than me. Here I was worried sick about Jordy really struggling…” “Hey, I see Brad has hit it off with… ummm… the deaf guy,” Jess said walking up to us. “His grandparents are deaf so he’s taking classes in it at school. Boy, y’all said there would be a crew here and you didn’t lie about that. I see Kris hasn’t changed a bit.” “Nope,” Corey stated. “Seriously, does Garrett ever talk? I heard about his bust from Scott. How’s that going?” Jess asked. “We think good,” Kris said. “Come on y’all we’ll all sit around and just enjoy the night.” We moved to take our seats. It wasn’t long before we broke out the food. We had roasted hot dogs over the fire with a pot of beans that were heated up on a stove Brennan had brought and chips and dip to satisfy our hunger. We sat around eating with the lights and fire lighting up our area. The talk was mainly about our school while we ate and ate. Something about eating outdoors made plain hot dogs taste that much better. Finished with our meal, Cody walked over to his tent and came back with a guitar in his hand. “Bro, get out of here,” Kris said after packing his lip. “You play?” “I think so,” Jess said. “He has a guitar so I assume he does.” “I warn ya I’m not that good,” Cody said gaziantep masaj salonları with the guitar strap around his neck. “Hey, you know `Country Boy Can Survive’?” Bishop asked. “Hell yeah,” Cody replied and took a drink. He began playing the tune. I didn’t know the song but found out most of them did. It was different for sure, with us singing while Brad signed to Jordy. After a few more requested songs, he put the guitar down. “Hey, I can’t thank you enough for letting us be here with y’all. It’s like I’m now in the popular group like I never was in high school.” “I think most of us were in that boat,” Brennan said. “Who here was popular at school? Kris and Ted, y’all don’t count.” “Hey, I was only popular because I was a jock,” Ted said. “I’ll tell ya right now it damn sure wasn’t me or Garrett,” Bryson said. “Matt, I bet Kris was.” “He was to an extent, but not like you think he would be,” I stated. “Nah, I was part of the group,” Kris said. “College has let me spread my wings.” “You got that shit right,” Shawn said. “It’s like a whole new beginning unless you got some jack like Bishop.” “Hey now, having some cash ain’t got me shit. I’m here with y’all, right?” Bishop said. “Brad, ask Jordy if he was popular,” Kris said. We watched Brad sign to Jordy. “He said he went to a small deaf school and he was,” Brad told us. “He says he’s really happy to be accepted by everyone. He appreciates everyone’s effort in trying to talk to him.” “I think it is cool as hell everyone is accepted in this group,” Myles stated. “What a group of diverse people we have and how well everyone gets along. I saw some true friendships this last month.” “Yeah, I still can’t thank you enough for all you did for me,” I said. “It made me feel so good knowing y’all were there for me and willing to help out.” “Ah, it was nothing, bro. We all love each other like brothers,” Kris asked. “Some more than brothers,” Ethan stated. “That’s what is amazing to me. The gays are just part of the group. Now I think nothing of seeing Matt and Corey over there with their arms around each other. It is true love to me,” Myles stated. “What’s the hardest part of being gay?” Cody asked. “Ummm… the hardest part is not being accepted, but that has changed now for me,” Corey said. “We are like anyone else and want to be fully accepted without having to change anything.” “I agree,” Garrett said. “People outside of this circle look at me differently, especially back home.” “Jordy agrees. He said imagine being gay and deaf,” Brad said. “You know I’m surprised Kris, Scott, Colt, Brennan and Jess don’t catch hell for admitting they’re bi,” Shawn said. “A lot think bi and assume you are gay as well.” “Colt and I have girlfriends now so no one really knows other than y’all. It’s something I’m growing accustomed to being,” Kris stated. “Does having a girl diminish your gay feelings?” Ethan asked. “It does a little, but I’ll be honest I can be at ease having sex with guys as well. Matt will tell you. I used to be a wreck afterwards but now it’s all good. The only problem is this week will be a huge fucking test…” Kris said. “I know, since we don’t have our girls to lean on…” Colt said. “We better watch our backs then,” Shawn laughed. “Ethan… Cody… how do y’all like being with a lot of gay and bi guys?” Kris asked. “It’s cool with me as long as you don’t try shit with me,” Cody said. “Dude, like those dudes would even want our fat asses in the first place,” Ethan said. “Yeah we’ve got guts unlike the rest of you fit fucks but they are well earned too.” “All that matters is if you’re happy with it,” Jess stated. “I am,” Cody stated. “It’s hard work getting this roll.” He raised his shirt and grabbed his hairy belly. It wasn’t huge by any stretch of the imagination. Cody left to head to the woods while we continued to sit around and talk. It was a minor thing having the restroom a short walk away but usually we just made the short walk other than a few who thought it was funny to just stand, walk a few steps and take a piss, such as Kris. As far as the weather, it was very comfortable. I kept my shirt on while some of the others went without a shirt, like Corey, Kris and Scott. Cody played us a few more songs and did have a decent singing voice. No one got crazy drunk or did anything stupid. To extinguish the fire, a lot thought it would be funny to do so by pissing on it. Once the fire was out, I checked to see it was just after midnight. The week seemingly had taken its toll on us for everyone stated there were lots of long hours of studying with the professors pouring it on before the break so we wouldn’t have to retain a lot during it. Corey and I headed to our tent that was between Scott’s and Brennan’s. We weren’t alone in stripping down naked before entering. It was hot to see Jordy and Scott sharing a long kiss with their hands all over each other before they entered their tent. Even Garrett and Brennan kissed before entering Brennan’s tent. I didn’t know they were an item but it may be out of convenience for the week. The new tent was great and more spacious than the old one. It had pockets sewn in to get a little stuff off the floor. There was nice ventilation at the top and good air flow with the night being close to perfect. Corey began kissing me. It led to a very long and heated session with lots of tongue. We were hard and ready for the night. I moved to get on top of Corey and turned to where we could sixty nine. The feeling was incredible of having my long hard cock sucked while sucking Corey’s thick dick. To add to my pleasure, Corey fingered my ass while he sucked on my cock. We slurped and licked before hearing Scott scream. “I hope Scott’s not the only one around here getting fucked tonight,” I said and smiled at Corey. He moved around and kissed me, “Babe, he’s getting fucked but you and I are going to make hot love. I’m gonna make love to your hot ass.” “I love you and want you to make love to me.” “I will,” Corey said and stuck his cock in my ass. It was rough and had me in a little pain. “Corey, please lube up,” I said. He pulled out and grabbed the lube. “It was a little tough, huh?” “Yes it was,” I said and threw my legs back up high. Corey lubed his cock and my ass before entering me again. This time it was easier and felt as great as ever. The different setting added excitement to our sex. I closed my eyes and revelled in the feeling of having Corey fuck me. gaziantep escort bayan His thick cock always felt so good and sent waves of sexual pleasure throughout my body. I felt his lips and tongue at my mouth. I accepted his kisses while grabbing his hot ass. He thrust in to me hard causing me to moan in his mouth. He pulled away his mouth but kept his head close. I started pushing back on his hard cock and fucking myself on it. We were breathing hard and moaning at each push and tug. “Oh Corey…” I moaned. “Please keep fucking me.” “Oh God Matt, you feel so good tonight,” he said and pushed hard into me. He leaned up and threw my legs high. He pounded my ass for a few great moments. He pushed my legs to the side and starting giving it to me from the side. Grabbing my head, he kissed me while using my ass. We continued to breathe hard as ever, racing towards our climax. Corey quickly pulled out and turned me over. Waves of hot cum hit my body with Corey shaking as he released them. Once he finished, he leaned over and licked the cum off my stomach and chest while I stroked my eight inch cock. I felt his warm mouth engulf my throbbing dick and fired my load in his mouth. I was grunting hard and delivering my jizz down his throat. He took it all and licked his lips upon finishing. He found my lips and kissed me while we both were reeling. “Fucking perfect,” Corey stated. “I agree. I love you.” “I love you too,” Corey said. He moved to our usual spooning position with his soft cock between my legs and his arm thrown over me. I felt safe, secure and loved each night like this. Waking Saturday on the first weekend of our break, I could hear the birds chirping, along with the sound of the river that was nearby. I did my best not to wake Corey and found my shorts to exit the tent after a wonderful night of sleep. The bright sun hit my face when I opened the tent and left. I looked around to see we hadn’t done much damage the night before. After grabbing a bottle of water, I sat in my chair to take in the peaceful surroundings. After sitting there a few minutes with my thoughts, I turned my head hearing someone walking. I saw Scott and Jordy walking my way while holding hands and looking incredible with their shorts low showing off their nice v shaped bodies. “Everything is set. I’ve rented the canoes for us for this afternoon just like Kris wanted,” Scott said. “That’s great,” I said with the two sitting down. “Man, this is really better than I imagined,” Scott said and signed to Jordy. “It is nice.” “I’ll say so. I slept like a baby last night,” I said. “After Corey fucked you, huh?” Scott asked. “Oh yeah,” I replied. “I don’t think I was alone though.” Scott leaned over and put his arm around Jordy, “We fucked last night.” “Bitch fucked me too,” Jordy signed. “I love getting fucked.” “Don’t most of us here,” Scott laughed with Kris exiting the tent and stretching his naked body. He had shorts in his hands and walked over to us. “Scott, when ya goin’ to make our reservations?” Kris asked. “Already done it,” Scott replied with Kris patting Jordy’s bare shoulder and taking a seat. “Awesome, bro,” Kris said. “So who’s cooking for us?” “I will once everyone gets up,” I said. “I at least know how to scramble eggs and do bacon.” “I can help,” Jordy signed. Kris gave him the thumbs up. Slowly, he asked Jordy, “Having fun?” “Yes, it is great,” Jordy replied. “Love it.” Brad and Jess were next to make an appearance. Brad’s blue hair was a mess but so was mine. They saw us and grabbed a seat. “Bro, I still can’t believe this shit…” Kris stated. “Me either,” Brad said. “It’s unreal. Come here with Jess and expect to only know him.” “I told you once everyone gets to know you you’ll have more new friends,” Jess stated. “That’s what I love about these guys.” Brad asked about a few guys but Kris said he hadn’t been in contact with them in years. Slowly everyone else began emerging from their tents. I walked over to the chest where the eggs were and pulled them out to start cooking the two dozen or so that we had. Scott was right behind me to help out where he could. “Matt, I won’t lie to you but this shit is hard,” Scott said. “No, it’ll be easy.” “I mean seeing Jess with that blue haired guy…” “Scott, don’t tell me you still have feelings for him…” “I do. I was hoping being with Jordy those feelings would fade. I love Jordy to death but there’s still a flicker for Jess. Hell, you saw him.” “And I saw Jordy. Scott, Jordy’s fucking hot.” “He is, but there’s that barrier I can’t get over. I try like hell, plus I think he wants to be just fuck buddies.” “Then that solves that,” I said, cracking eggs into a bowl. “It just wouldn’t work with Jess, I tell ya. He’s away.” “But could be coming back, and he seems happy with Brad,” I said. “I guess… fuck this is hard!” “Just go on and things will solve themselves. They always do for us,” I said and looked to see almost everyone was up. We started the stove and pulled out the skillet to start cooking. The eggs scrambled with ease and were cooking fast. Jordy was doing his best but the bacon was slow going. He did finish with the others waiting. Kris just sat down in his chair despite there being concrete tables close by and started laughing, “Now there’s the breakfast of champions for ya.” Cody and Ethan held up the beer they were having with their eggs and bacon. Cody said, “Damn straight it is.” “I don’t think I could ever do that,” Bishop said. “I love beer, but for breakfast??” “Hey, we’re getting an early start,” Ethan joked. While eating, Scott gave everyone the low down on the canoeing ordeal. We would put in the river near our site and be transported back after the six mile or so down the river. TO BE CONTINUED… Thanks for reading `Sophomore Chapter 72′. Now it is back to the usual for a while with the guys on their spring break. Hope you will enjoy it. Your response to “Rooming with My Best Friend” has been so great and humbling. I got lucky and found something a lot can relate to. I want you to know your support is always greatly appreciated and welcome. If you want to write me with your comments and/or suggestions, please do so at: [email protected] I love hearing from you and will try to respond to each one. Be sure to put `Sophomore’ or `Rooming’ in the title line so your email doesn’t go to my spam. If you don’t want to miss when it is posted, I suggest you go to my website I have established and sign up to be notified for the next installments. The web address is: ies. Also you can find other chapters related to this ongoing series that was written by others that I only post there. It could fill in a few spots that may be missing in the story. Please if you could I know NIFTY would really appreciate your donations. It would help keep this wonderful site alive and going.

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