Southern Heat


It was late in the summer of ’85, Jen was twenty-one now. She was young, free, and single when they crossed each other’s paths at the family reunion. It was the first one she had been in about ten years.

Her family drove about eight hours to get to a small town at the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia, just over the state line. Coming from the coastal area of Mississippi, she was not used to the territory; it all looked about the same, boring!

Some of the other distant family members had already arrived at the hotel , and that evening they were all meeting for dinner at a local restaurant. She rolled her eyes, not wanting to join them, but knowing all the same that she had to, because it was family, and what else was she going to eat!

It turned out to be pleasant, for the most part. The food was good, and she saw a few of her cousins that she hadn’t seen in years. All of the girls huddled around a table by themselves and talked girl talk, boys and sex.

Jen did not feel the need to talk about her former boyfriend, as he had broken up with her when his family moved back to Chicago, and she didn’t feel that she knew any of these girls well enough to discuss her deepest feelings about him, unlike the way they outwardly talked about their boyfriends and their formers. When asked, she told them that she had been with out one for quite a long time, because other things had kept her time occupied.

“Oh, I can only guess!” one of them sneered. She smiled and shook her head thinking Amy was such a bitch, and was not impressed by their hen cackling.

“If this is what y’all do when you get together… I prefer to be alone. My friends back home don’t trash anyone like this.”

She got up and left the table, going outside to get some fresh air and away from the stale chatter of the others. She was propped against the outside wall, just beyond the door when a voice came to her.

“Hey, I saw you inside, and wanted to introduce myself, but didn’t get a chance.” he walked up to her, hoping she wouldn’t ignore him. She looked at him, smiled, and looked back across the field just beyond the parking lot. “Well, I’m Anthony.” He leaned against the wall and stuck his hands in his pockets.

“I’m Jeana, but everyone calls me Jen.”

“Yeah, I know, Stacy told me who you were when you got here.” he looked at her, brushing his elbow to hers. “They said you’re from Gulfport?”

“Long Beach, really, but close enough.”

“What’s it like down there?”

“Oh, I guess its ok. I get to go to the beach whenever I want to.”

“That sounds cool.” he shuffled his feet.

“Yeah, it’s fun. I’m going to miss it while were up here.”

“There’s a lake and a pool out there at the park where the reunion is, it shouldn’t be too bad.”

“I don’t know,” she shrugged her shoulders looking at him, “pools can be boring if there’s no one around to play with.” she flashed him a quick smile.

“I’ll be around, I mean, if you want to play?” he looked at her, catching her eye, seeing something there he liked.

“I think I would!” she turned to face him, propping her shoulder against the wall, entangling her fingers with his, “do you always come on to girls you don’t know this way?”

“No, just you.”

“Pretty bold for some one your age.” she ran her hand up to his shoulder and moved in closer to him, “I didn’t think they had guys like you up here.”

“You’d be surprised.”

“So,” she was inches away from his lips, hers wet with desire to kiss him, “what kind of surprises are there here, the guys at home can be pretty boring too.”

“I don’t know, I guess well have to wait and find out.” he put his arm around her waist drawing her closer and met her lips. Her breast pressed against his chest, and she could feel his tight stomach against hers as his arms locked behind her.

Their kiss was gently unsure as they felt a well of heat between them, but a first kiss always is a bit awkward. She pulled away, looking at him and smiled. “Sorry, but, I just wanted to taste a Georgia boy.”

“If this is what all the girls are like in Mississippi, well, I think I’ll move.”

“No, not all of us, just me,” she winked, grazing her lips to his again.

The kiss was more open this time, tongues entwined and embraces tightened. He pulled her against him as he rolled his back against the wall for leverage.

She felt his hardness press against her thorough his jeans, and wiggled a little just to make sure that was what she was feeling. He moaned into her mouth, and she kissed him harder, making his head swim. They were interrupted by voices calling her name.

She looked at him, slipping her hand down his body to his bulging manhood, “Too bad we don’t have more time, I’d like to see what the rest of a Georgia boy tastes like.”

He groaned in pleasure as she pressed against him, licking his lips with the tip of her tongue. When she was called again, she pulled away from him, seeing how flustered he was. “I’m sorry Anthony, I have to go. Maybe we’ll see each seks hikayeleri other tomorrow?”

“Jen, you can count on it!” he pulled her back to him and kissed her again, then let her slip away. “I knew she was hot, but damn!” he opened his hand to find the chain she had been wearing around her neck, “How the hell did she do that!” and smiled as he put it around his throat.

Both of them slept restlessly. She couldn’t believe that she came on to him like that, like a horny vixen, but then again, it had been a long time since Donny. What, eight months or more since he left her, and Anthony, he was hot.

Broad chest, eyes like ice, long hair, strong arms, and it felt good when he held her. And how clever had she been, slipping her chain in his hand, as if it were some prize, or perhaps, an invitation for another time.

She smiled to herself as she thought about his hardness, the feel of it though his tight jeans. Her hand made its way to her wetness, and she quietly worked herself into a tizzy, thinking about Anthony’s lips, body, and manhood! Thank god she was allowed to share her hotel room with only her sister, because it would be odd to be masturbating with her parents around.

“Oh.” she softly moaned, thinking of how he held her, how he smelled, how much she wanted to feel him, and fuck him. It had been too long since Donny had touched her, and the heat that was building up for Anthony only pushed her further. Damn she wished she would have asked where he lived, or maybe invited him to the hotel. Sure, how the hell would you get away with fucking him, and your sister in the room! That’s ok, there was always tomorrow.

Across town, in his own room, Anthony was thinking about her. The way she kissed him was audacious, like they had known each other for years. She was confident in her self, and she wasn’t afraid to show it. He stroked her chain he had placed around his neck, as he stroked himself.

He remembered how she smelled, and the color of her eyes, how her long hair felt against his arms when he wrapped them around her waist. He couldn’t remember what she wore, but he sure liked the way it enhanced her breast when she pushed against him as he towered over her. They were pert and soft, bigger then any of the girls he had ever dated.

What was that she said about tasting a Georgia boy? Oh, yeah, I’d like to see what the rest of a Georgia boy tastes like. He groaned out, thinking how much he liked it when she tasted him, and how much more he wished she would, shooting off a hot load in his hand and on his belly. “Damn Jen, if only I knew where you were staying tonight!”

The first day of the reunion was typical, families trickling in from all over the place. People getting lost and having to find their way to the park, and mingling with family members of the clan.

Too many people for Jen’s taste and she wandered away from the crowds, finding a quiet path that led to the lakeshore. She took off her shoes and waded at the edge of the water, wishing she were home. A voice brought her from her thoughts, and she smiled at it’s sound.

“You are a hard person to find.”

“Not as hard as you were last night, if I recall.” She looked up and smiled at him.

“Yeah, well, that wasn’t fair, you leaving me like that.” He walked closer to the edge of the water, hoping she would come out.

“Well, it’s not like I had the chance to do anything, I mean, it was a public place.” she kicked the water up at him; he jumped back so he wouldn’t get wet.

“Would you have?”

“What do you think?” she smiled, easing herself from the water to him.

“I think I jacked off three times last night because of you.”

“Only three.” she snickered, “damn, I must be loosing my touch.” She was standing in front of him now, her hands on her hips, waiting for him to make a move.

He grabbed her hand, and yanked her to him, grasping around her waist to hold her close. She gasped a small breath of excitement and shock, his lips grinding into hers.

Her hands went around his neck and she pushed her body into his, wishing that she could get closer. The kiss was heavy and sure, not like the one the night before. This was demanding and possessive, as if he were taking ownership of her.

She liked that thought, letting him think that he was overpowering her, yet, she still had control of him, making him do her bidding. It was even between them, because he was thinking the same things about her.

She pushed into him, feeling his growth grind into her belly, wishing it were pounding into the wetness of her pussy. She moaned into his mouth, their tongues dancing in frantic lust, bodies heating, melting to each other.

Something splashed behind them and they quickly drew apart, looking away. Voices came from behind the trees, and they adjusted themselves so they didn’t look obvious. She plopped down in the grass, him following her, and the sat nestled to each other, holding hands out of sight of anyone.

“Well, escort gaziantep şişman bayan I see you found Jen.” Stacy gloated as she walked past them.

“It wasn’t that hard, I figured she would be down at the water,” he looked at Jen, “figured she missed the beach, and this is the closest thing we’ve got.” He looked at her, wanting to kiss her again. Jen looked at Stacy and smiled.

“You two better watch yourselves; kissing cousins get in trouble around here.” Stacy winked as she walked away.

“Cousin huh, not just another southern boy. I should have known.” Jen got up, and brushed off her backside, turning to him, “Well, is there anywhere around here that we can to go that is secluded?”

“There’s a place on the other side of the lake, a small cabin, and no one is using it.”

“Perfect!” she held out her hand, helping him from the ground, pulling him into her, “So, what do you say we test the limits of trouble?” His lips were on hers again, whispering yes through the softness of the kiss.

They walked around the lake, talking about where they lived, the differences in their lives, likes, and dislikes, of music, cars, and his recent graduation, finding out that he was three years younger than she was. Even so, they had a lot in common, and found comfort with each other.

Before they knew it, they had arrived at the small cabin, it was a bit weathered, but still in good shape. He jarred the door, swinging it open. They sat on the porch, letting it air out before they went in.

“Not to shabby.” Jen added as she looked inside, “You sure the people won’t mind if we hang out here?”

“I doubt anyone will even know where here.” he bumped against her shoulder.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were my cousin?”

“Didn’t know you were, until earlier.” Anthony grinned.

“You lie!” Jen snapped.

“Does it matter?”

“No. I like the way you kiss.” she looked away shyly.

“I like the way you feel.” he put his arm around her, as she lay in his lap, her head resting on his chest. She ran her fingers inside of his open shirt, teasing his hard nipple, licking her lips.

“You keep that up, I’m going to shoot my load.”

“Really now,” she moved up to breathe in his ear, nibbling its lobe, hot breath working over to his lips, “Where would you like to be shooting it?”

“Anywhere you would let me!” he gasped as the heat of her lips caressed his.

“Your choice on which set of lips, Tony.” she drew back looking at him, “it’s ok if I call you Tony?”

“You can call me what ever you want! Just don’t stop doing that.” his breathing was heavier and felt him straining under his jeans.

“Then how about deep inside, where it’s warm and supple?” she ran her tongue down his neck and to his chest, flicking his nipple with the tip of it, driving him mad.

“Fuck yes!” he arched to her, tightening his embrace.

She slid away from him, easing herself to stand, taking him with her. They walked into the small cabin, closing the door behind them. She half-expected bugs and dust, but it wasn’t anything like that, it was a nice little place, clean and fresh, as if some one had recently been there. Even the full sized bed in the back of the cabin had been covered in clean sheets and blankets.

“Tony, you sure no one lives here?”

“I’m sure.” he smiled, taking off his shoes, kicking them away.

“I don’t want to get into trouble for being here.”

“We won’t, I promise.” his shirt was gone and she put her hands on his chest, feeling his body. She smiled seductively as she teased him again with her fingers.

He brought her to kiss him again, managing to pull her shirt over her head, revealing her naked breast. He smiled, she shrugged, “what, its summer, and it’s too hot to wear one.”

“Damn!” slipped from between his lips as she dampened her kiss on them again. Her hands slipped to his jeans, making quick work of them, revealing a strong, thick masterpiece of male beauty.

She moaned into his mouth as she felt of his length and hardness before pulling away. She stripped her self of her shorts, standing naked for him, looking at his form, wanting him to take her at his will.

He stared at her, amazed at her creamy skin, the hourglass shape of her plump body, her massive breasts. He felt himself stiffen a bit more, longing to taste of her, plunge deep into her lovely depths.

“Tony,” she flashed her eyes at him through veiled lashes, “show me what a Georgia boy feels like?”

The embrace was a swift one, lips to each other’s, and it was if they floated towards the bed. He eased her down, closing himself over her, easing between her legs, wasting no time in finding her wetness.

In one quick flash, he delve inside of her, causing her to gasp, moaning as he withdrew. He felt so good, so hot, so long. It had been too long since she felt a man in her depths, and now, oh, she never wanted to feel another! He was thick and strong, his escort gaziantep sınırsız bayan body scent heightened her senses, she met him at every stroke.

They found the lost kiss, and he possessed her lips like before, taunting her mouth with his tongue. Breathing lost between them becoming one motion. She whimpered as the pace quickened between them, feeling him tighten inside of her.

She tightened around him, forcing her hips up to meet him, wrapping her legs with in his. He was possessing her body and soul, he was melting into her as she tightened her slick walls around his throbbing heat, she was taking him places that he hadn’t been with a woman, experiencing passion that he had only dreamt of.

She sighed into his mouth, her body building up the fury with his touch that was pushing her over the edge. She clawed into his back, breaking the kiss to breathe and cry out in satisfaction as she reached her first heated pleasure, shooting warm liquid over his body.

“Oh yes, yes, Oh god Yes!” she panted, looking at him in the eyes, hoping that he could take her over the edge again before he exploded into her.

He slowed his pace, easing back for his own pleasure as he took in the heat that extruded over him. She traced his chest, brining a wet finger to his hardened nipples again, watching the look on his face, pleased with her action. She pulled herself up, causing him to slip from her body and moved away from him.

“What are you doing?” he said in anger and frustration.

“This.” she eased him on his back and slipped over him, sliding her wetness over his glistening length, a sigh of pleasure escaping her lips. She bent to him, working her hips in a small circular motion, kissing his lips and working down his neck and shoulder, kissing where she had clawed into him.

She made her way to his nipples again, flicking them with the tip of her tongue, taking them between her teeth and nipping them, pursing her lips and suckling them gently.

He bucked at her, she was sending him over the edge, and she liked it. She met his strokes, forcing herself harder on him, grinding her hips into him, making her juices running from her body, over his, down between his legs, encapsulating his swollen sack, causing him to groan in intense pleasure.

He reached up to crush one bouncing tit in one hand, holding her hip with the other as she gyrated over him, moaning at her own actions that brought herself the pleasure she was seeking. She let loose her own spurt of hot fluid, oozing over his body, jarring him in pleasure.

There was no holding back for him, he grabbed her hips, ground her tightly onto his body and released his own flood inside of her. She threw her head back, forcing her nipples forward as they hardened, growling in ecstasy at the fire he sent through her body.

She ground into him, milking every drop she could before he slipped from her body. When she collapsed into his chest, he embraced her, drew her to his side, kissing her lightly, sealing their newfound passion.

Talk was the last thing on their mind, as they lay silently snuggled to each other. He gently kissed her, pushing her hair from her face and caressed her cheek. She ran her hand up his chest and rested it over his shoulder, drawing herself closer into him.

The damp sweat that glistened on their body chilled them, and he covered them up against the coolness of the fan that turned overhead.

Exhaustion turned to sleep, as the two lovers found comfort in the forbiddances of their love. They woke at dusk, making love again, but not as heated. It was a bonding of their souls, their hearts. Moments that would keep their love safe and alive for times ahead.


“No, Tony, don’t say anything. I only want to feel what we have between us.”

“But you know…”

“Yes, I do.”

The kiss was gentle, kind, passionate, and the seal to their love.

*** Their first night of lovemaking had turned into several more, until they were caught out at the lake in a compromising position. It just so happened that Jen and Anthony had taken a blanket to a secluded place down at the edge of the water to watch the fireworks on the last night of the reunion.

She was leaving the next day and they wanted to share their last night together, not knowing if, or when, they would see each other again. They had exchanged addresses and phone numbers, but after what had been happening the last five days, they worried that it wouldn’t be enough.

Anthony lay her on the blanket, pushing his body atop hers, their kiss, passion filled, intent on binding them together, holding them until they met again.

She lay naked beneath him, his lips caressing her hardened nipples, his fingers frolicking in her wetness between her silky thighs, he worked his way down her belly, stopping to tease her at the edge of her finely trimmed hair line, looking up to her before he dove into her satiny folds. He licked her gently, top to bottom, kissing and nibbling her vulva, hardened nub and the depth of her pleasure.

She quietly moaned, coaxing him with her hips and hands, as he traced her with the tip of his tongue, bringing her to buck at his face. He took all of her then, sucking and lapping at her, bringing her to the point of no return. She arched her hips, forcing up to him, pinching her hard nipples, and breathlessly whimpered as he made her come.

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