Spanking School #5: Jennifer and Jessica -2

Spanking School #5: Jennifer and Jessica -2Spanking School is the name my students use informally for my exclusive Erotic Education Enterprise. Our institution is inviting interns interested in inspection for fresh well-bred virgins of some social standing.Petra is the name of the first graduate and granddaughter of Professor Peter, founding his Enterprise for her. Together they inspect in Summer their first ever applicants from all over the globe for a full year of training.To form from them a small class of a dozen classy cute beauties, who almost all have just turned eighteen.Enormous erotic experience of Jennifer and Jessica will help me to teach the other sweet student tasty tight teens.To learn to enjoy the pleasure of pain applied to their tight teen pretty pussies, how to serve their Professor of love.Tamara Toy’s training will benifit a lot from watching while I treat juicy Jenny to let herself go with an experienced manShe surely longs for an abandon bornova escort in lust like her, loving to be sold sometime as a slave later to her imagined Master!Exclusive videos of all lessons will be available as we will record all the humiliations of the pupils public exposure.I am sure Jennifer will love her role like in a very similar video ful of lessons in lesbian love and first spankings.I am sure Jennifer will: add half a dozen more: Jennifer offers more qualities to our education is she not only a very experienced spankee and really loves it.Jennifer can stand much more severe spankings and also an expert of all effects of it and also as spanster.Jessica does look lovely and extremely eroticising as pale redhot real redhead dressed only in a burning bush.Jessica is by far favourite escort bornova model in my humble opinion who seems still to look eighteen for at last all dozen years.Jessica always accepts her spankings without fear and a smile of pleasure till the very en of her tasty treatementJessica has a very pretty face. You study her facial expressions during a bare bottom brutal belting session.Jessica redhot real redhead yummy young, an awesome bottom: is by far favourite model for me: experiences a similar humiliation as maid exposed with her tight tiny teenie tasy tits at best beautyJessica is such a sweet spankee in her strapping: will introduce the dozen students in a few features and special charactisation of their features and fetishes.I see Maria en Lisa from a German Baltic bornova escort bayan coast island who love every kind of tough treats and humiliation.I see Linda from Sweden who loves from very young age the humilition of public nudity, properly punished.I see Lola from Denmark who did indeed starther career at very young age and has been submissive since.I see a Princess from Thailand who loves to learn all possibilities to please Profesor Peter as a submissive.I see a Rose and a blackbird Merel both from Holland also mainly applying to become obth my best lovers.I see Scarlett from the States who is only interested in the lesbian love lessons our Erotic Education offers. I see blonde beauty Renee from Holland whose fetish is to let men shoot their sperm over her silk stockings.I see cute Kathrin a tiny teen lovely looking little lassie sassy sweet virgin who is extemely shy of her needs.I see Albaa from France:”I like older men and strong character.But the one who will spank me is not yet born”I see Nadia from the States similar in likes to the twins with wishes with the islanders outlandish outdoors.I see Irene and her twin from the States both like to do naughty secretely and hope to get a chance at us.

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