Special Delivery


The door bell rings and you walk over to answer it. You open the door and a man in his early 40’s is standing there with a package. You look him over and immediately feel at ease as his eyes catch yours and then descend to take in all of your body. You can feel his gaze as it travels down your blouse and you wonder if that pesky button has opened again showing the lacy bra beneath. You dare not look for he’ll catch you. You tense as his eyes travel downward to your flat tummy and the top of your shorts. Down further – oh my god, can he see the beginnings of the wetness you know is already appearing? What is it about him that is causing this reaction in you? You steady yourself as he continues to look, lower and lower. His eyes now search your thighs and you wonder if he can see them quivering?

You realize too late that your legs are moving apart. You know it is to make you steadier, but he knows it is your way of letting him know, you are in fact opening your body to him, if you admit it to yourself. You become unnerved by the silence and wish something could be said. The silence is broken by his voice, so comforting and reassuring. Your ears and mind do not work as his words fall meaningless on you. Then as you begin to regain your thoughts his hand is reaching straight toward you. Before you can move or resist the back of his hand brushes your breast as he raises the clipboard for you to sign for the package.

Your eyes lift and meet his as his hand moves rhythmically against your breast. Is it intentional or just trying to get your signature? You realize with a sudden shock that his hand is steady and it’s you moving against his hand. He seems not to be embarrassed, but you are a bit. Your hand then reaches out to grasp the pen and you brush against his hand, so strong and yet so soft. Finally your hand works and you sign. He withdraws and senses your disappointment as the touch is broken. You know without looking your nipple is standing firm and tall, and pushing strongly against the lacy bra beneath.

Embarrassed, your eyes drop and you find yourself staring directly at his crotch. You are aware that your mouth opens, but you are powerless to stop it as you realize his erection is strong and the bulge is not only obvious, but large. Is it seconds or minutes before you realize you are staring? You do not know, but you are aware when you raise your eyes that he has seen where you were looking, and he is very happy to see you looking there. His smile tells the tale and you feel your face become flushed…….

His voice does little to ease you now, but he speaks anyway….asking if you would like to open the box to make sure there is no damage. You nod a yes as you begin to slowly open the small package which has been dented on one side.

You notice the name is yours and the address is correct, but you do not notice the return address. Still your fingers work nervously until finally the package renders its contents to you. Blood rushes to your face as the long slender item falls to the floor with a resounding thud. You stare down at the device as it begins to vibrate from the impact. Your body will not work as it moves with a life of its own until it reaches your foot and attempts to climb to the place it will call home much too often. His voice pierces the deafening hum of the device as he states he guesses that it still works. He reaches güvenilir bahis down to grasp the device for you. He quickly finds the switch and mercifully turns it off. He does not rise but instead studies the device as if seeing it for the first time.

His eyes lift to the form standing over him. You realize that from below he can see right up your cropped blouse and see what lies beneath. You can almost hear the mental thoughts going through his head as you finally allow your eyes to move downward. Then they meet his eyes and yours. Can he see the pleading in your eyes? Pleading, but for what? For the earth to open and swallow you up so you do not have to face him – or maybe something else. Then as if a great cloud is lifted, he steadies himself, but does not rise immediately. Instead his hand lands lightly on your leg, right above the ankle. He leaves it there for a moment, waiting for a response from you. Getting nothing he slowly moves his hand up your leg. You tense as the hand moves slowly toward your shin. Still you do not move.

You feel his breath as it rises against your knee just as his hand reaches the same point. Your breath rises in your lungs and you do not wish for it to leave you. Your mind is racing. You know you should object as you know this is not right – but is it right for you to go so long without the touch of a man? Is it right for you to be denied such simple pleasures as this man’s touch is giving you? So you do nothing.

He takes this as a sign and raises his eyes to meet yours, but finds your eyes are closed. You can feel his hot breath now as it approaches your upper thighs. You know he can feel your heat, your desire as it wells up within you. You feel a chill as he blows lightly into your wetness. Can he know what lies beneath your shorts? Can he possibly know the heat which lies just beneath the surface? Does he suspect the total wetness which drips into your lacy panties? Does he know just how much you need to be fucked?

The answer is yes, he knows. You struggle to open your eyes and look upon him. The struggle is great but you are almost there, when suddenly you feel his lips as they softly touch your upper thigh. His lips begin to move over the surface of your leg and you can feel your resolve has already been replaced with wanton desire. You need a hard cock and he is willing to give it to you. You feel his hands now as they begin to move your legs further apart. They go willingly as his lips move closer and closer to your heat.

Your knees are growing weak, but you still stand as his fingertips move softly against your tummy. The fingers encircle and then gently play with your navel as his lips and tongue continue their assault on your upper thigh. Higher and higher his hand now travels as it comes to rest on the lacy bra. A touch so soft grazes over the cup and you feel your nipple grow even harder. A moan escapes your lips and your body begins to sway in a breeze that only you feel.

You notice that he is no longer touching you and your eyes open just in time for him to lift you in his arms and carry you over to the sofa. He eases you down on the surface and immediately moves to your lips. He looks into your eyes and you know this is the last time he will ask. You smile at him as your eyes close. His lips then come down on yours, so soft, so demanding, so firm, and yet so gentle. You feel his türkçe bahis tongue as it eases into your mouth and your body responds again. You feel his hand as it moves downward until it comes to rest on your breast, a soft massage as his lips grow more demanding.

His hand then leaves your breast for a moment only to rise up again beneath the blouse. His fingers, so skilled flip the front closure and your breasts are released. His fingers move against your breasts for the first time. You yearn to have his lips there, but that will come. You feel his erection now, moving against your leg. You want to feel it in your hand, in your wanting pussy, but also in your mouth. You have never desired this, especially from someone you do not know, but this is different, somehow.

His fingers then leave your breast and you moan your desire for him to return there. Then you feel them at work on the fastener and zipper of your shorts. You hear the zipper as it moves down it track and you wish all the clothing between you were gone. His hand is trying to do just that. You feel his fingers as they move along the top of the lacy panties that you know as wet as they can get. His finger dips inside and you automatically raise your hips to try and get his finger inside you. But every time you move, he retreats. Such is the way of the teasing man. Back and forth his finger goes and with each thrust of yours comes a withdrawal of his. Then as frustration is about to set in, he does not move back and your thrust is met with an equally desperate counterthrust. His fingers move over your clit and you are almost overcome with pleasure. After a couple more thrusts he stops, and rises above you. He smiles down at you and works the buttons of your blouse.

They are released and then he immediately goes to your shorts. He grasps the sides and you raise your hips. Off they come along with your wet panties. You are almost embarrassed by the wetness. But he smiles and brings the wet garment to his nose. He breathes deeply taking in the entire aroma. He then shocks you by placing the wettest part, the crotch, into his mouth and sucks the nectar into his mouth.

His eyes have you locked and he moves to his full height as he releases his own clasp and pulls his zipper down. His fingers move into the top and he lowers his pants to the floor. You can not help but stare as his cock stands straight out from his body. It looks so large, so much bigger than the man who has left you wanting earlier this very day. He is so thick and long, with a large purplish head topping the shaft. Your mouth opens automatically, but he has other ideas for right now. He drops to his knees and moves closer. You feel you wetness spread as it seems to want to suck this monster inside you. He moves closer and you can see the tip of his cock and a large drip of pre-cum as it hangs on the end. He grasps his shaft and pushes forward. He uses the head of his cock to spread the pre-cum around the entrance to your wanting pussy. You want to lung forward and take it all in, but fear he will pull back like he did before – so you restrain yourself. Then to your surprise he begins to push himself into you.

The sound and the feel are tremendous as he fills you like no other ever has. Slowly he pushes against you as your lips spread wider and wider still trying to admit all of him. You hear a guttural moan and realize güvenilir bahis siteleri it is you as he has reached his final point of insertion. Then as if by magic he begins to withdraw. Your lips grasp him firmly, not willing to give up so easily the prize you have been given. You react as your hands reach out and take hold of his arms and you try in vain to pull him back in. The effort is wasted as he easily continues to withdraw. You feel the head of his shaft as it nears your entrance and a cry of utter dismay spills forth from your mouth. He in turn brings his finger to your soft lips to make you fall silent. Then as if by some miracle he begins to push forward again. Only this time the resistance is less and the speed is increased. Further and further he plunges until you feel his pubic area touch your own. You know he is as deep as he can go and this time when he withdraws you do not attempt to hold him within you, at least not intentionally. Still your soft wetness clings to his every stroke. In and back out only to repeat time and time again and again. Finally he is pistoning into you and with each thrust you feel his sack slap you on the ass. The beginning is a loud and resounding smack, but as he continues the sound all but disappears. You wonder why as he is pounding your sweet pussy like never before. Your own feelings are growing and as he pushes harder and harder you find your legs encircling him and pulling him into you with greater and greater force.

Then the moment hits you. Your feelings are on the rise and your orgasm is growing closer and closer. He seems to sense the impending explosion and begins to really pound you even harder than before. Then you feel it, his size, while impressive before, is growing inside you and you lips grasp him like you never wish for him to part. Just then he whispers into your ear that he is about to cum and you realize that you are nearly there as well. Your hips rise as he grasps your waist and begins to drive into you like a man possessed.

Finally it happens. He stops and then with a mighty thrust he erupts inside your pussy. The spurts can be felt throughout your body and the threshold you were at is crossed as your own body is caught up in the throngs of orgasmic release. His fluid jettisons into you and your own fluid meets his with a resounding slosh. Still he pumps and still you ride your own orgasm until finally a scream emits from your mouth like none you have ever heard before. The first time is always the best as your body rolls into a multiple orgasm for the first time in your life. A roller coaster of desire and passion is spent within moments and finally he releases you. Your body slides back to the sofa and he slowly withdraws his softening member. You can not resist a smile as you look below and see your pussy, better yet, you see your cunt standing open and pulsing with a life of its own. Your finger touches your clit and the feeling is one of utter joy. Then you look over at him and he is already rising. After all he has other packages to deliver.

No words are spoken, none are needed as he adjusts himself and goes to the door. He turns and smiles as he lets himself out. You lay there, your legs spread wide and your cunt throbbing as you casually stroke your clit.

A smile comes to your face as you look over at the package he just delivered. You pick up the phone and call the delivery company. Yes, the package was received in poor condition and you want to send it back. Yes, tomorrow around 11:00 would be a great time for the pick up. Thank you as you smile and hang up the phone. Yes indeed, you can hardly wait.

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