Spread Out on the Boat


Spread Out on the BoatI went to the lake with a guy I have been seeing, he brought alone five of his friends and I brought 4 of my girlfriends. We were going to the biggest lake party of the year. As soon as we got on board we all started drinking, I was drinking orange vodka and sprite. At the party we were having a great time and I was getting quite drunk. My girlfriend went onto shore, I decided to stay on board and lay down inside on the v-berth. I must of passed out for awhile. I was real drunk and the boat seen to be spinning, I heard some voices and laughter. I felt someone pulling my bathing suit top up and feeling my breast, I felt a couple of different hands on me. I then felt my bikini bottoms being pulled to the side and then they were completely removed. I tried to open my eyes to see who was there, I could barely make out my guy friend and his friend all looking at me. I heard one say “Go for it”, then I felt my nipples being pinched and then sucked. Somebody was sucking klasbahis yeni giriş and chewing of my nipples, it felt good and I could feel myself getting excited. Then I felt someone rubbing my wetness and pulling on my tampon string (it was at the end of that time of the month). Here I am almost passed out and all these guy are looking and rubbing my body. I was getting all of this attention and notice one of the guys pull down his swim suit and crawled up on the berth. He moved his manhood to my lip and place it in my mouth, so I kindly pacified by sucking him, meanwhile someone pull the tampon out of my wetness and was licking me up and down my sweet wet lips. They continue to use my body and I felt hands all over me, some rubbing my breast, my legs, my ass, and my femininity. I was being serve by all these guy and it felt wonderful. More swimming suit came off and I ended up with two hard males in my hands and still had the one in my mouth. I stroke them rotated klasbahis giriş who I was sucking, I had fingers going in and out on me, hand all over me, and big hard men all around me. I heard some of them saying “Who going first?”, without a moment notice I felt myself being spread open and being fill up with manliness. He entered me deep and quickly and played with my erotic button using his thumb. I was being used for his delight and the crowd was encouraging him, I have never in my life been in this situation. Then the one I was sucking unload into my mouth, another shot unto my breast and the other onto my face. They were laughing at it and said “feed the bitch some throat yogurt”. Another one put he hardness in my mouth, meanwhile my sweet wetness was still being used, I felt him exploded inside me. So many men I could not keep up with what was going on, another enter me and said “I am going to fuck her till she screams”. He was kind of hurting me but I did not care, klasbahis güvenilirmi he was totally invading my body and started slapping me on my ass. This I just loved and I felt myself start to cum, I held back I did not want to give him the pleasure of me cumming. I moaned, move my rear up toward him and grab his male satchel, he pull out and ejaculated me down. I smeared it all over me along with all the other cum on me. Then the last one said “I am taken that ass”, he lifted my legs up high and with one motion place his hardness into my rosebud thrusting himself into me. Then the one I was sucking on unleash all over my face and hair, leaving me a sticky mess. The guys eagerly cheered on their friend who was tearing up my tight hole. He spread open my butt and he force himself deep into me, right then I cummed from part pain and part pleasure, then he engulfed me and then filled my ass with his cum. The guys all high fived and left me with cum dripping down and out of me. I felt so used but so satisfied. This was a first and a day I would never forget. I got up, dressed and took a swim to shore to clean up. There were my girlfriends asking what all the noise was about. I just told them we were taking shots of vodka in celebration. They never knew.

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