SPYING MOMSpying MombyMuttGuy©Ever since I was about twelve I had wanted to have sex with my mother. Growing up I would jerk off thinking about her. I would try to find magazines that had pictures of what I thought she looked like naked. I grew up with four brothers and had no sisters. My mom never gave any hint that she was sexual at all. She never wore anything revealing and I remember that when she went to bed that her nightgowns covered her body completely. In short, my mom never gave me a glimpse of her body.When everyone was gone I would sneak into her bedroom and go through her drawers to look at her underwear. I learned that she was a 34-C and her panties were all what you would call “granny panties.” I would jerk off by rubbing her bras over my face but would never cum on any of the garments.The years passed and my mom continued to be the main focus of my fantasies but I never made any attempt to take it further or let her know that I lusted after her in any way. Mom just seemed like one of those people that was not interested in sex. I remember when we were all at a lake one day and she had a bathing suit on. It was like she was out of the 60’s because it covered her up pretty well and I couldn’t see any hint of cleavage.When I got a chance I would dig through her things trying to find a nude picture of her as my dad was somewhat of a photo bug but I never did find anything. I think that must have fueled my interest in her because the more I wondered what she looked like naked, the more I wanted to find out. As it turns out, I had to wait until I was thirty three and she was sixty to find out. Here’s how it came about:I was living in an apartment with my wife and mom lived out of state. I had long since told my wife about my secret desire for my mom and she was totally into it. We would fantasize all the time about her and sometimes my wife would role play as my mom. The sex was incredible while we toyed with the subject. The entire time though, neither one of us ever let on that we had thought of her in a sexual way. Well one day mom called and said she wanted to come for a visit and we offered to have her stay with us and she accepted. My wife and I actually discussed ways that we could catch a glimpse of her naked. My wife pointed out that while my fantasy was hot I may be dissapointed if I got to see her naked because she was now 60 and her body was no longer as I had seen it in my fantasies. Still, it didn’t matter to me, I had to find out.Before my mom arrived, I went into the walk-in closet that was right next to the bathroom my mom would use and it had a private entrance from the bedroom to the bathroom. I cut out a piece of drywall and poked a hole into the bathroom side of the wall. I put a decoration over the hole in the bathroom but the hole was not covered. Unless someone took the decoration off the wall, you could never spot it. All I had to do was take the piece of sheet rock off the wall and put my face up to the hole and I had a clear view into the bathroom!Mom arrived and the visit went well and nothing out of the ordinary happened. On the second night of her visit me and the wife had gone to bed and as we were laying in bed she asked me if I was going to go try to peep on my mom while she went into the shower. My cock was raging at the thought of finally seeing my mom naked so I went out into the hallway and sat there waiting for my mom to go into the bathroom. Once she went in and closed the door I peeked into the bedroom to make sure she had closed the door to the bathroom (the bedroom had a door from the hall as well as a door inside the room that went into the bathroom). My heart was pounding with anticipation at the thought of what I was about to see. I tip-toed across the bedroom and quietly opened the closet door and went inside and closed the door. There was no noise in the bathroom so I waited until I heard the water come on before I removed the sheet rock from the wall. This was it!!! My heart pounded and my cock throbbed as I put my face to the hole. I saw mom standing in front of the sink washing her face still fully clothed. She brushed her teeth and toyed with her hair before going to the toilet and dropped her pants to sit down to go to the bathroom. I still couldn’t see any of her body but sahabet güvenilirmi I knew it was now just a matter of moments as she leaned over and turned on the water in the shower. She stood up and walked back in front of the mirror which was less than two feet from my face. She lifted her t-shirt up and over her head and there she was, standing so close to me in only her bra and panties! She tits looked much bigger than I thought they were because she always wore clothes that hid her form. For sixty, she looked pretty good still. Then she reached behind her and unsnapped her bra and before I knew it she took her bra off and I saw what I had been wanting to see for twenty years… moms bare tits! They were incredible to me. They had plenty of sag to them but I didn’t care at all. Her nipples were prettier than I had ever imagined as they were about a quarter inch long and as thick as my pinky and her areolas were dark brown and the size of a fifty cent piece.My cock was hard as hell and I still had not got a look at her pussy but, that was about to change. She walked over to the shower and lowered her panties with her back to me and I thought I was not going to get a look at her cunt as she stepped into the shower. She turned around once inside the tub to pull the curtain closed and that’s when I saw it. My face was pressed hard against the wall as I saw her cunt in the open! She had the thickest bush I had ever seen. My wife always shaved bare so I was not expecting what I saw. Still, I was so turned on looking at her hairy cunt. The hair was so thick that I could not see any hint of her pussy lips but I didn’t care because I was looking right at my naked mother and it was one of the hottest sights I had ever seen. I was preparing to put the sheet rock back up and sneak out of the closet and her bedroom to go tell my wife what I had seen and engage in an intense fuck session when mom leaned forward and turned the water OFF! I continued to look through the hole waiting to see when she was going to take her shower and she stepped out of the tub and put a robe on. I was frozen with fear! What was she doing? She walked over to the door out of the bathroom that went into the bedroom and I knew I was trapped as long as she was in the bedroom. My heart was pounding with fear of being discovered in the closet as I heard her fumbling around the room and her suitcase. All I could do was crouch down on my knees and wait for her to go back in the bathroom so I could get out of the closet and make a mad dash back to my bedroom and my waiting wife. Right then my heart stopped and I went blank as the door to the closet opened and mom looked inside and saw me crouched down in front of her. I don’t know who was more surprised at that moment. She just stood there looking dumbfounded until she looked up at the wall and saw a big piece of drywall missing and could see the light from the bathroom coming throught the hole in the wall. Mom looked back at me and knew why I was there. She looked to the floor and backed up to the bed and sat down, still looking at the floor. Thankfully I had not been stroking my cock while I was watching her so I was still dressed. I didn’t know what to do as part of me wanted to run out of the room and part of me wanted to try to explain but no matter what I did, you could tell that she was beyond being pissed off. The look on her face was a look of violation and I was guilty. I just stood there for what seemed like hours and she finally asked me, “Why did you do it?”I was speechless and didn’t know how to answer her. I thought about it and figured I should just tell her the reasons behind it and hope she would not feel upset or humiliated. So I told her the truth. I told her that I had always wanted to see her naked and that it had been that way for some time. Still looking at the floor she asked why would I want to see an old woman naked. So I decided that I would tell her the rest. I explained that I had fantasized about her for years and went into some detail about what I had thought of and even told her that I had told my wife about the fantasy and that she was actually turned on by it and even encouraged it. Mom was silent for a moment and then asked me, “So I guess now that you finally saw what sahabet yeni giriş I really look like, you won’t be thinking that way any longer right?” I said, “Actually mom, its just the opposite. It excited me more than I thought and I couldn’t believe how good you looked.”She then asked, “You actually masterbated while thinking of me?” I told her that I had and that it never failed to get me excited.What she asked me next shocked me. While still looking at the floor and having no eye contact, she asked me, “If I showed you my breasts so you could masterbate, would that be enough for you to get over those thoughts you keep having?” I couldn’t believe it. I asked she if she really meant that and even though she thought about it for a minute, she nodded her head yes.She asked me where I needed to be and where I would like her to be. So I told her that it would be great for her to sit on a chair facing the bed and I would sit in front of her on the edge of the bed. My hands were shaking I was so nervous and my cock was pounding as well. Once we were in our positions, I heard mom mumble something to herself and shake her head like this was not a good thing but…she just kept looking at the floor and slowly untied the belt on her robe. My eyes were popping out of my head as I still could not believe what was about to happen. She slowly opened the robe and let it fall off her shoulders and it bunched up at her waist. I could not see her pussy at all but it didn’t matter because I was now free to jerk off while looking at the prettiest, pale white tits I had ever seen!I stood up & dropped my pants to my ankles and sat on the edge and rubbed my cock slowly as I wanted this to last as long as possible. My eyes were fixed on her tits as I whacked and I noticed that mom had taken her eyes off the floor and was looking at my cock as I was pounding it. About a minute later I realized that I was not going to be able to cum!!! I was devastated. Well this happens when you get a bit older as I have had trouble getting off over the past few years. My wife never minded because it meant she could take advantage of my cock until she got enough for herself.Mom asked what was wrong and I told her I was embarrassed because I was not going to be able to get off. She shook her head and said she was sorry and that she knew this was a bad idea. I knew she thought that I was not turned on because of what she looked like. So I finally convinced her that it was me and not her. She seemed concerned and asked if there was anything she could do to help. My mind ran wild with how many possiblilites that statement could lead to. Then she looked up at me for the first time and looked into my eyes and said, “I have already done more than any mother should ever do. I am so shocked to know that you had ever thought of me in any sexual way. But looking at you sitting nude in front of me, finally seeing what you had always dreamed of and not being able to clear your mind enough for you to ejaculate…I just don’t know. I may regret this for the rest of my life but…like I said, I have already gone too far.”She slid off the chair and knelt in front of me and reached out and took my cock in her hand. I was too shocked to say anything. Before I knew it, she leaned over, opened her mouth and took the head of my cock in her mouth! The sensation I felt and knowing it was my moms mouth on my cock was something I just can’t describe.She lowered her head and took all of my seven inches into her mouth. I wanted to blow my load right there & then but I did everything I could to prevent that from happening. I put a hand on her head and just watched as my mom went on for the next five minutes giving me a blow job. She looked up at me and asked if I was going to cum. I told her that I had never been able to cum from oral sex and she stopped what she was doing. She then asked, “Now what?” I asked her if I could touch her. She looked back at the floor for a minute and said I could. She then stood up in front of me and the robe fell to the floor so she was now completely naked in front of me. I reached up with both hands, cupped her tits and felt her nipples harden in my palms. She eyes were closed now as I continued to massage her C tits. I got bold and ran my hands down sahabet giriş over her “old lady” belly and felt the thick hair run through my fingers. I leaned forward and put my nose to her bush and felt the tickle as I inhaled the scent of her pussy. I reached under her pussy and ran my finger up her slit and rubbed my thumb on her clit. She reahed over and put a hand on my shoulder for support as I actually heard a muffled moan come from her.It was now or never I thought so I stood up and took her hand and led her to the bed and had her lay down on her back. She looked into my eyes as she lay flat on the bed and said, “I love you and trust you. But you have to understand that nothing can be said of this nor can it ever happen again.” I told her I understood and leaned over and gently kissed her on the lips. She closed her eyes and I began to run my hands slowly over her body, enjoying the feeling of her soft skin. I tweaked her nipples and leaned over to put one in my mouth. When I did that, her body squirmed and she bit her lower lip. My other hand found her bush again and I fiddled with it until I felt her pussy lips. I could not believe how much hair she had and how long the strands were. I gently slid a finger into her pussy and could feel the heat coming from it as I also felt her become wet. I sat back up and just looked at her body in awe. I moved over on top of her and put some of my weight onto her. Her eyes remained closed and my cock was pressing into her upper thigh as I leaned over and kissed her on the neck, which brought about another moan from her.I moved up a few inches and my cock could feel the hairy bush that covered her pussy. My hand took hold of my cock as I ran it up & down her wet slit. This was it, I thought. I am about to make love to my own mother! I pressed forward and felt the head of my cock slide into her pussy. She bit her lip again and let out a little sigh. I moved my hips forward more and my entire length went into her wet pussy. I was beside myself with the sensation of my mothers wet cunt surrounding my cock and she asked if everything was ok since I was not moving. I told her I wanted to stay still a few seconds to take in the sensation of her. She reached her hands around me and began to rub my back as I started to slowly pump in and out of her pussy. She began to moan and make sounds I had never heard from her before. I was in a state of extasy as I started to piston faster and harder. We both were breathing harder as my cock plunged into her cunt and back out again. What I heard next was something I simply never imagined I would ever hear. She said, “Yes honey…that’s it! You are making me feel wonderful. Please honey…harder! Harder!”Her body trembled and she grabbed mt back hard with her hands and I could feel her pussy clamp down on my cock. She was cumming! I was making my own mother cum from me fucking her! She started to scream but immediately closed her mouth and bit her lip as she realized my wife was still in the other room. She opened her eyes and said, “It’s okay honey. You can do it inside me. Please…I’m ready for it.”I couldn’t hold back any longer after hearing that and her looking directly into my eyes. I exploded with a force I had never experienced before. She clung onto me tightly as I could feel my cock pulsate and spurt after spurt of my cum jetted into her welcoming, wet pussy! The feeling of my orgasm sprang though my body like electricity when you touch a hot wire. I finally started to calm down and just laid on top of my mom as my cock became ultra sensitive and she continued to felx her pussy muscles on my cock.We laid there for several minutes and she said we needed to stop now. I slowly began to get up, my cock slipped out of her pussy and I could see my cum flow out of her cunt and onto the bed. I reached over and got my t-shirt and put it under her pussy to catch my cum.Mom pulled the covers over her body as I gathered up my clothes and walked to the doorway. I turned back to her and said, “Mom, thank you for the most incredible feeling I have ever had. I promise I will not do anything to make this night something we will regret.” Mom looked over at me and said, “Honey, now you know. Now I think you should go and kiss your wife and tell her you love her and go to sleep.”My wife!!! Oh my, I wonder what she is thinking by now?I went into my bedroom and she was sitting on the bed and asked, “Well baby? I heard the noises from the room. I think you need to come over here and tell me all about it.” What happened next is for another story!

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