St. Paul’s Catholic School Ch. 01


Written by Futakween his cum entered into his mouth, running down his chin. Mikala laughed and slapped him in the face. “So much for an oral exchange, asshole.” She kicked his chair. “No biggie. I’ll get it later, Simon.” Finally, remembering his name since he had a girlfriend by the name of Cynthia. Or at least he did. She was unsure if they were still together or not. “In fact, are you and Cynthia still together? She has a tight ass on her and pussy I heard.”

She didn’t bother to wait for his reaction; she was hard but she heard the footsteps of Miss. Keweed coming back to where they were. Besides, with his so-called hatred he had for futas, she didn’t want to risk getting her cock bit off by the little squirt. She would stay behind once detention was over and see if Miss. Keweed was in a forgiving mood.

The other wad of paper Simon threw at her, she picked it up and threw it in the trash. She sat down in her seat and listened as the teacher came in. She went to her desk just as Mikala got her purse out. She looked in her make up combat mirror to make sure no cum was on her face; there was none. She drunk some water from the water bottle she also had in her purse and then lotion herself down.

Still hard, time went by slow before Miss. Keweed tapped Simon’s desk and told him he could leave. He seemed a bit confused since Mikala wasn’t moving but he got out of his relaxed, cocky state and soon left. Behind him, Miss. Keweed closed the door and locked it. She walked over to the classroom closet and opened it. The door allowing for a blind spot.

Mikala got up, her cock pinching a tent within her skirt. She got in the closet with the teacher who went to her knees. Miss. Keweed pulled down Mikala’s dress, full eight inches of uncut hard cock slapped her in the face when she pulled down the underwear as well. Mikala took her own hand, and placed it on the teacher’s head and guided it to her cock. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back, bent her knees and began to move her hips to the movement of Miss. Keweed’s mouth.

“Ohhhh fuck…Miss.” She moaned out.

Simon nearly choked and gagged on his own cum as some of it went down his throat. He was about to show this futa who was boss when she kicked his chair out from under him and sent him tumbling to the floor. He got up shaking with rage, hair a mess and cum smeared on his lips. He was about to take a swing at her when he also heard the teacher approaching. He sat down quickly and wiped away some cum with the back of his sleeve as he glared daggers at Mikala “you’ll pay for this he growled”.

The rest of the detention passed on relative quiet with Simon thinking up all manner of sadistic ways to get back at Mikala when he was snapped out of his reverie by the teacher tapping on his desk.

He looked confused as Mikala remained seated but shrugged and waltzed out.

He started walking down the hall, when he heard a strange noise coming from one of the girls bathrooms. It sounded like…moaning…lots of loud feminine moaning. And there was more than one voice.

He smirked, it seemed some naughty Kurtköy Escort girls were going lesbo in there.

He was about to try to open it and take a peek when he froze and heard a familiar voice “YES! DEEPER! HARDER! FUCK THAT FEELS GOOD” he recognized that voice, it was his girlfriend cynthia, and she was making noises that were similar to the ones they made when she was with him.. except these sounded somehow more… real?

Getting very angry again, Simon barged in ready to clobber the guy who dared fuck with his girlfriend. He froze dead in his tracks. He must have miscalculated how many people were inside because some were staying quiet. But there were 7 other girls in here, 8 including Cynthia. Correction, there were 7 FUTAS in here with his girlfriend, each stroking a large cock as they watched his girlfriend being doubleteamed by a couple of futas.

The site before him was indescribable. Cynthia, her blonde hair disheveled, was moaning with her eyes closed as she was held up by a futa on either side of her. A ginger futa with a 6.5 inch cock buried in her pussy and a 7 inch black futa cock buried in her ass. Their pumps coordinating so that their balls met beneath her and touched briefly. They were Maggi and Malah he vaguely recalled.

He was awoken from his trance of the scene in front of him by the slamming of the door behind him. He quickly turned around and confronted Hina from earlier. She was rubbing her massive cut 8.5 inch cock. “Mmmm. I was wondering if you would join us. Most futas like a good pussy. But I find the male asshole is so much more inviting” as her implications sank in and Simon tried to run he was held on all sides of the remaining 4 futas ranging in cock size and skin color. But all of them much bigger than he.

They unzipped his pants and Hina started laughing uncontrollably “what’s with the clitty, Simon? I would have thought based on her attitude that your girlfriend would be more into real cocks”

As if to emphasise her point, Cynthia let out her loudest moan yet as she came on the gingers cock.

Hina approached and gripped her cock tightly then began using it to slap Simon’s cock until it hurt like hell. The futas pushed him to his knees as Hina placed her cock on Simon’s face and admired how it practically covered his right half “open wide pretty boy. I’m sure you’ll love it”

Miss. Keweed’s face was smaller than Mikala’s cock. The dark brown black cock with foreskin that partially covered the head of the dick, laid hard against the face of the teacher.

“Hmmm,” Miss. Keweed moaned, loving the feeling and texture of the student before her. She moaned a bit louder when Mikala began to slap her just a bit with the cock, making it even harder. The teacher’s mouth opened wide when the cock was shoved inside. Her throat stretched and Bolden as the cock made its way down her throat. She didn’t gag though. She was a professional when it came to sucking futa cock, especially the ones of her students.

Mikala stepped closer and took hold of the teacher’s head. She began to enter into the mouth, in and Maltepe Escort then out, until she was using the woman’s mouth as a toy. Now and then, she would continue to take the cock out and slap the teacher, forcing it back in. All the while, the teacher rubbed herself between her legs, getting her self wet.

“Oh fuck, bitch!” The only time Mikala would ever be able to call her teacher a bitch was then. The cum slowed and calm, came out of the tip of cock. It kept spilling out onto the teacher’s face, giving her a facial no spa could offer. “Get up.” She said to the teacher.

Miss. Keweed stood up and undid her dress. It fell to the floor around her. Mikala, now with her back against the closet’s wall and still hard, stood there stroking herself.

The teacher walked to Mikala and turned around, showing the student her back. She then bent over and guided her wet pussy onto Mikala’s cock. Both women let out a satisfying moan.

Outside the closet, Mikala’s phone went off. She just got a text from Hina. It was of Simon with a fat cock on his face as the image within the text. Simon struggled against the 4 horny futas restraining him and the loud moans of his girlfriend. He growled up at Hina and prepared to curse her out “you-” but the moment he opened his mouth, Hina used the opportunity to shove the tip of her cock into his mouth “now no biting pretty boy. Otherwise I might I have to try a different hole and I promise I’ll be a lot less gentle there” sure enough Simon prevented himself from biting down on the thick cock head of the Asian futa.

“Good boy” said Hina with a wide smile, the cute bows in her hair and her petite frame belaying the horny monster within. She began to slowly push deeper into Simon’s mouth and moaned the louder with every inch, causing Simon’s mouth to stretch painfully. “Fuck that feels good. I’ve always wanted a boyfriend. Someone to show off to my parents and Fuck whenever I feel like” She said all this as she pulled all the way out, slapped Simon on the face with her wet and rock hard cock before forcing it back in. “Mmmm maybe Cynthia wouldn’t mind sharing. Hey! Cynthia! Do you mind if I use your boyfriend as my personal sex toy fom now on?” The only response was the loudest moan yet from Cynthia who was now on top of the black futa sitting on the toilet and the ginger futa on top of her. The only part of her body that was visible were the arms and legs…wrapped around the ginger as the 3 continued to fuck like rabbits.

Simon heard constant snapping sounds and realised that pictures were being taken by each of the futa. Seeing this he resumes his struggles with more ferocity causing Hina to pull out and slap him repeatedly.

“I’m sorry I had to do that baby. But nows the time to stay quiet and take it. Here, maybe this will block it fr your mind”

With only a nod as a signal she shoved her cock balls deep into Simon. So far that the thick cock caused his throat to visibly bulge and her balls to rest comfortably on his chin. The other girls giggled and nodded as two on either side of him, a pair of Hispanic twins Tuzla Escort named Maria and Marina, whipped their own cocks out and placed one over each of Simon’s eyes…and also a fair portion of his face, with the tips of their cocks meeting over the bridge of his nose.

Hina began to go in and out of Simon’s throat faster and faster causing his head to move and the two cocks on his face to rub together more, leading to copious amounts of pre cum to leak all over him.

The moans of Maria and Marina began to pick up in volume, mixing in time with the muffled noises from Cynthia, and the almost animalistic grunts of Hina. With a final push and a growl Hina went all the way in with her 8.5 inches and held it there for just a second before unleashing her entire load directly into Simon’s stomach, bypassing the mouth. But not entirely, as when she pulled out, long stands still remained to coat hid tongue and lips.

As soon as Hina pulled out, Maria and Marina rushed to the now vacant mouth and stuffed their 7 inch cocks in at the same time “he’s mine!” “No. He’s mine” “I have the bigger cock. I should go first” “nuh uh. Everyone knows I have the bigger cock” the argued like this for a few minutes, causing their cocks to repeatedly go in and out of his mouth and at times go in at the same time.

Finally they made a deal. Simon would judge who is bigger. They would stick their cocks as deep as they could go and whoever went deeper could win. Maria tried first as she was the older by 15 minutes. As that was occurring, Hina sent a message to Mikala “yo, where you at? We got a couple of prime fucktoys here” she sent several pics of Simon’s mouth being violated and of Cynthia moaning in ecstasy

Miss. Keweed was fully leaning on Mikala while the student was still using the wall for support. The teacher bounced her pussy up and down on Mikala’s cock, rubbing her clit while she did so. The teacher’s breathing began to become more inflexed and her pussy tighten around the cock. Finally with a hiss, Miss. Keweed began to contract while her orgasm rolled throughout her body, her legs and upper body shaking in the process. With her cunt tight around Mikala’s cock, Mikala let out a moan and began to buck more wild, the tightness of the pussy causing her to not be able to go in and out as easily. From Mikala, the cum squirted out into the vaginal canal, the student slowing down her bucks as the cum dripped out from the pussy and landing on the closet room floor.

It took a moment for both women to lower their energy. The student found herself blushing and even laughing. Miss. Keweed pulled herself off of Mikala’s cock and went to her dress. Mikala watched her put it on, her own cock becoming soft as the cum still dripped from the tip. Miss. Keweed picked up Mikala’s skirt and handed it to Mikala. Mikala was probably one of the best dick’s Miss. Keweed ever had whether from a man or a futa woman.

Mikala walked to the desk she was sitting in and picked up her purse. She looked at her phone which was sounding off because of the messages. She smiled wide when she got a eye shot of Simon and Cynthia.

“Oh so they are still together?” She said, just as she began to text Hina back. “Sorry, gotta sit this one out. Just nutted two times. Plus I’m already late to go home. Ma’s gonna be pissed when she finds out I got detention.”

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