Stacey’s Night Out – Part 3


Friday night, and it was time to meet up with the girls and head out for the night. The first stop was the local for a few drinks, before moving on to the Clubs.My best friend Katelyn was dressed in an electric blue boob-tube and a tiny pair of white shorts that barely covered her bum. I was in my short, skin-tight tan sequin skirt and a black plunging halter top that opened to my waist, leaving at least half my boobs exposed. As we entered the pub, it’s fair to say we attracted quite a few admiring glances; including in my case from Kev, Katelyn’s Dad, who was at the bar with his mates.Whilst Katelyn and I chatted and drank with some friends, I was aware of Kev eyeing me up.When it was my turn to get the drinks in, I squeezed in next to him at the bar.  Kev pretended to ignore me, but I could şişli escort see his eyes drawn hungrily to my pert little arse, and then to my large boobs, which were almost falling out of the plunging halter top as l leant forward against the bar.When the drinks came, I pretended to drop my purse, and, bending down slowly to pick it up,  gently pressed my bum into his crotch.  Whispering an apology, I scooped up the drinks and walked slowly back to my friends, knowing his eyes were burning holes in my arse as I walked away.Kev’s attention, and the effect I was having on him, were quite a turn-on. To be honest, I was enjoying flaunting my body and glancing coyly at him across the room. I didn’t think much more of it than that, and was looking forward to going clubbing with my mates mecidiyeköy escort later.After some time, I made my way back across the pub towards the toilets; Kev following me with his eyes fixed on my firm young boobs and tight bum. Passing him, I gave Kev a pouty smile and carried on to the door that led to the toilets.Opening the door and going through into the narrow corridor, I became aware that Kev had followed me, shutting the door behind him. In silence, he grabbed me by the hand and pulled me into the single toilet, quickly locking the door behind us.Without pausing, he pushed me firmly down, so that I ended up sitting on the toilet with him standing right in front of me, his hand grabbing my long auburn hair.“What the fuck do you think you are doing?!“ I gasped in shock, staring up at him as his member strained very obviously against the crotch of his jeans right in front of my face.“Don’t give me that, Stacey, you’ve been coming onto me all night,” Kev replied in a low growl. With one hand holding me down, his other hand moved to unbuckle his belt and unzip his jeans, pulling them and his pants down so that his rock-hard length sprang free.“Kev,” I pleaded, trying not to look at his very hard cock twitching inches from my face, “I’m your daughter’s best friend!”“What you really are,” he whispered, “is a little prick tease who has been flaunting herself at me all night. You knew exactly what you were doing and it was turning you on to see me so hard for you. Well, you can do something about that now, can’t you?” Kev said, pulling my head forward and positioning his cock next to my full red lips.“Suck my cock,” he demanded, pushing the tip against my lips.  As they parted involuntarily, he slid the head between them and into my mouth

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