Star Of The Family


It all started in August. By the way, my name is Rey. I’m 22 years old last friday. I am 5′ 11′, have short brown hair, workout daily, to stay fit, but not body builder status. My length is 8” normally, but on those rare occasions I can get a good 9 or 9 and a half. Anyways, I have a cousin who’s name is Star. I swear, she is the most beautiful person on the planet. She stands at 5′ 5” tall, with straight blonde/brown hair that extends about six inches past her shoulder. Her chest is probably a 36B or maybe even a C. She had amazing green eyes that just seem to look through you. Which is why her close friends called her Jade. And her butt isn’t a huge trunk, but shaped in the tightest bubble that I just love to look at. Anyway, now to the story.

My birthday was on August 7th. My cousin decided to come up to NY from Florida to visit my mother and I. My mom and dad had gotten a divorce only a few months ago. Star arrived on August 6th at about 6:30 pm. That’s where we will begin.

“Where is Terminal 5?” my mother asked.

“To the left silly,” I replied. I was trying to hide my excitement. I hadn’t seen Star in about a year and a half, after I found out she was getting married. She later backed out of it, which for some reason made me extremely happy. I didn’t even know the person but I knew I didn’t want Star to marry the guy. Just one of those feelings I guess. My mom and I reached the terminal and waited as people disembarked from the plane.

“They must be at the back of the plane,” my mother noted.

I simply nodded my head in agreement. I was anticipated my cousins arrival too much to answer. Literally shaking in my jeans. And then finally I bahis firmaları saw her. The world slowed down to a crawl. Light damn near shined down from above. Star was wearing a tight black short sleeve shirt (no bra), a short jean skirt that was tantalizing to anyone who wasn’t Stevie Wonder, and some black knee high boots. Her hair waving as she smiled and walked toward us.

“Hey!!!!” she said brightly, a smile lighting up her perfect face. My mom stepped forward and gave her a hug while I just stood there, looking like a fly catcher. How I longed to just grab her and kiss her right then and there. Talk about inappropriate for cousins,

“Don’t I get a hug cuz?”

“Huh?” I hadn’t even realized that I was day dreaming about that fantastic ass pressed against my hips. What the hell was this about? I had never thought about my cousin that way. I admit she is crazy pretty but I never had sexual thoughts about her. Guess they’d always been there under the surface lurking.

“Can I get a hug or are you going to stand there and stare at me like you haven’t seen me in ten years?”

I walked forward, feeling like a geek. Hugging her, I swear I discovered what nirvana is. I inhaled her female scent. Something will apricots and strawberries I imagined. I could feel her soft breast press against my chest and with my arms around her, it was all I could do to keep from straying down to that gorgeous rump of hers. It was perfect, there was no place I would rather be than right there in between her arms, or better yet, the soft valley hidden in her thighs.

“You wanna let go now?” Star asked.

“Yeah, sorry bout that,” I replied. “Been a long time you know.”

“True, kaçak iddaa but let me breathe, I been on the plane cramped long enough.”

The taxi ride home was nothing special, I was sitting on one side with the mother in the middle, and Star on the right. Mom and Star spent the entire ride talking catching up on stuff, while I actually fell asleep for a little bit, waking up every now and again to say a few words. Then of course we were finally home. Star took my room, while I would take the fold out couch in the living room and so she promptly passed out on my bed. Mom went to her room to use her comp and so I was left to entertain myself. I could even call my girl, since she was at her brothers for the weekend so that meant sex was out. I tried playing some PS2 online, but soon got bored and crept quietly to my room to get a DVD. I opened the door as smoothly as I could. Star lay sleeping on top of the covers, wearing only an oversized shirt. She probably had panties on but I couldn’t tell. I turned away from the sight and went to my bookcase to get The Day After Tomorrow. Turned to head out, I noticed that my cousin had tossed in her sleep and was now facing me, with her left hand tucked tightly between her legs. My manhood sprung to life in my sweatpants. I left the room quickly, bur I swear I saw her open her eyes slightly and gauge my little friends’ size.

I was probably only a half hour into the movie when my mom left to go to work. She is a personal trainer and often worked the early and middle/late shifts. I was left alone with my cousin. I couldn’t deny these feelings. I mean I had been cool with this girl for so long, even the year of not seeing her kaçak bahis had changed anything as far as I knew. And that’s when it happened. I was aroused again. I paused the movie and turned to the cable TV. I quickly turned to the Hot Network. Kyle Stone was pile driving Carmen Luvana’s ass. My sweats and underwear hit the floor. I figured Star would be out for at least a half hour more and so I decided to release some tension. I began to jerk myself off, imagining that I myself was fucking my cousin.

“That looks like fun”

I launched off the couch and with my legs tangled in my sweats I crumpled to the floor. I couldn’t say a word.

“Uh… it’s not what you think.”

“Yeah right, I just happened to come out her to see you jacking off to porn and that’s not what it is? Don’t lie, I was watching you mistreat your big cock for five minutes now.” Star said as she removed her shirt revealing her perfect breast with twin upturned nipples to match and a perfectly shaved cunt that was just glistening with liquid arousal.

“What are you doing?”

“What I’ve always wanted to do Rey. I am going to get me some of your dick.” With that she promptly lay on the floor next to me and began to suck. And believe me she knew how to suck. On hand stroking my throbbing member and the other one was fondling the goods. The balls if you didn’t get that. I started moaning retarded things, some that most likely didn’t make sense. Her mouth went down my entire rocket and I was doing everything I could to hold it in.

“Let me have your cum Rey, don’t make me wait.”

That was all I needed. I exploded. It was a tsunami of cum rushing into her mouth and crashing down her throat as she swallowed all I had to offer.

“Oh shit,” I gasped.

“That was just the beginning…” Star replied.

The end of part one. All feedback appreciated before I write a part two.

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