Starting Over Pt. 03 Ch. 01


This is the third section of the continuing saga “Starting Over”. In Part I, LTC (Retired) John Jackson had moved to Seattle after being widowed. He ran into some trouble and some decent people (okay, and a few strippers), while working towards getting his private investigator license. That took place between Sep and Dec 2012.

In Part II, he got involved in a ring trafficking in young women. The man perpetrators were captured, but the main enforcer slipped away. That took place in Apr and May 2013.

Main Characters

LTC (Retired) John Jackson, 5’11”, 180, 47 years old.

Marie Jackson, John’s dead wife, 5’8″, 140, 44 years old, died 15 Jan 2012

Angelica Jackson, John and Marie’s daughter, 5’5″, 125, 20 years old.

Mary Bradford, bartender, 5’5″, 120, 35 years old.

Margaret (Maggie) Bradford, Mary’s sister, 5’6″, 115, 38 years old, and John’s love interest.

Madeleine (Maddie) Bradford, Maggie’s daughter, 8 years old.

Juliet Margolin, waitress, 5’4″, 145, 25 years old, Mary’s cousin.

Samantha (Sam) Walker, 5’6″, 130 pounds, 40 years old, John’s neighbor.

Joyce Walker, Sam’s daughter, 5’4″, 120 pounds, 21 years old, and now an exotic dancer using the name Lily

Marion Walker, Sam’s daughter, 5’4″, 115 pounds, 19 years old.

SFC (Retired) Craig Smithson, 6′, 190, 48 years old, NCO from John’s Army unit.

Captain Jeff Smithson, 5’11’, 185, 45 years old, SFC Smithson’s brother and a captain in the Seattle Police Department.

Jeanne (aka Jasmine) Welch, 5’5″, 110, 22 years old, exotic dancer.

George Watkins, 6’4″, 280, 36 years old, bouncer.

Olivia, 5’4″, 120 pounds, 22 years old, called Livy, exotic dancer.

Luke Cole, 5’10”, 180, detective in the Seattle Police Department.

Marcus Candiotti, strip club manager.

Mark Vilmer, CIO of his third start-up and human trafficker

Melissa Vilmer, Mark’s wife

Max Meridian (real name Harold Johnson), Mark’s lead kidnapper and enforcer


————– Tuesday, 19 May 2013, Pocatello, Idaho

Harold Johnson, formerly Max Meridian, was enjoying his meatloaf dinner at Denny’s. Some people didn’t like Denny’s, but he was a fan of the unpretentious version of meals they served. He ate slowly and thought about what to do and where to go next. He went out to his car and got in. He headed east. He was going to go to Florida for a few weeks. Then, once things cooled off, he thought he might have to come back and take care of that John Jackson. He had plenty of money stashed and wanted to retire, but this was personal. He didn’t like how that job turned out and how he had to burn a very good identity. He might feel differently in a few weeks, but for now, he was miffed. Well, let’s get somewhere nice and hot and play some golf. Oh, hell, he didn’t play golf. But he did have enough money to impress some young ladies around the beach towns and have some fun. Yeah, it was time to relax and think about this some more.

————– Tuesday, 14 January, 2014, Bob’s house, Key West, Florida

Bob, formerly Max, formerly Harold, sat back against the headboard, enjoying the after-sex satisfaction. He lay there waiting for Susan to come out of the bathroom. She was showering. He had returned from his run and had just finished showering when she woke up. It was around noon when he had come out of the bathroom to find her starting to wake. She had crashed after returning from her job as a bartender at one of the local watering holes and when he woke her, she was horny and they had a rigorous workout on his new bed. Now she was getting cleaned up for lunch. She didn’t have to be back to work until 8pm.

Susan walked out of the bathroom wearing a small towel and Bob watched closely. She unwrapped herself and went through the motions of putting on some lotions, naked. Bob watched as her tits and ass shook and wobbled invitingly. He loved watching women. But it had been a while since he had let one spend this much time where he was living.

Susan looked up at one point and grinned. “Enjoying the view?”


Susan grinned, shook her nice tits at him, and then started getting dressed.

Bob watched as she dressed. It was always warm enough here that she wore frayed shorts and a polo with the bar logo on it to work. She was built for comfort. She was 34, about 5’5″ tall, and probably about 150 pounds. She had extra in her tits, ass, and a little more everywhere. She was cute as could be and looked to be about 25. Bob watched her finish getting dressed.

“Well, are you going to lunch with me today?”

“Oh – uh – yeah.” He got out of bed and stood. Susan looked him up and down. “What?” He looked around.

“Well, I like to watch a naked man get dressed as much as you like to watch a naked woman get dressed.”

Bob grinned and got dressed. While he did, Susan put on a little makeup.

Bob thought about his current arrangement. He had been here for 7 months. At first, he had found a couple of easy women to satiate ataşehir escort his needs. He was used to doing that. But he ran into Susan a week after he rented this small two-bedroom house. She was a bartender and he flirted a little and gave her decent tips for about three weeks after they met. She laughed and flirted with everyone, like most bartenders do. Then one night, when he had the patch over his eyebrow where he had had surgery to fix his eyebrow scar, she spent more time talking to him. His attraction to her grew stronger that night. He asked her to the most expensive restaurant in town and she immediately agreed. She came home with him that night and now spent 3 or 4 nights a week in his bed. He was getting used to it. He also was really enjoying having a more regular partner. She was open and sexual and they had a lot of fun together.

Susan was ready and they left to walk to a small Mexican restaurant near his house. She grabbed his hand and he let her. Was he getting too comfortable? For the rent he was paying he could stay there for many years on his savings. But was it enough? He was a bit of an adrenaline junkie and amoral. He didn’t feel bad about being an enforcer, and he knew he could kill again if he had to, but he didn’t do it for some psychological need. Could he just stop? He thought so. But did he want to?

Bob had to admit that Susan added a new dimension to this. He found her enthralling and could see himself living with her for a long time. Forever? Maybe too early to tell. They were sleeping together a few nights a week, but what about full time living together? Would that change their dynamic? Could he stay in one place?

Suddenly, he felt a pull on his hand. He stopped his ruminations and turned to Susan. “What?”

“I was asking you if you wanted the same Mexican or if you wanted to go down to Subway and have something basic.”

“Either works for me, although we have been eating here a lot.”

“Subway it is.” Susan smiled and pulled him across the side street by his hand.

————– Tuesday, 14 January, 2014, John’s apartment, Seattle, Washington

John stared at the calendar on the wall. It was well past the second anniversary of his wife’s death. He felt like he had moved on, but sometimes it hit him hard, never going to be able to see her again, hug her and smell her shampoo-scented hair. He never knew when this mood would hit him, although it was happening less often now. He knew that he had to get on with his life and had done so. His daughter had told him that, too. But sometimes he still stopped and thought about it. He was human, after all. He figured it was hard for Angelica, too, but she was in Scotland doing a semester abroad.

John sat down and looked at the photo album open on the table. It was their wedding album. He smiled and looked through it, marveling at the youthfulness of all the people in the album. Sometimes you don’t realize the changes in some folks until you see pictures from over 20 years ago. It’s the same way he felt when he looked in the mirror. He still saw himself as the athletic, youthful person he had been, so he was surprised at the person staring at him from the mirror, hair showing some grey, lines starting to form on his face.

Finally, John raised a glass of his good scotch and toasted his wife, the one who had made his life so happy and given him a beautiful daughter. He also decided he couldn’t stew in this and be so maudlin. He put everything away and headed toward his favorite bar across the street, Margo’s. He needed to be around people.

When John got to the bar, Mary wasn’t bartending, but Juliet was waitressing. He smiled and waved at her as he sat at the bar. She grinned and waved back.

John ordered his normal Guinness and thought about Mary’s sister, Maggie Bradford, the woman he thought he had gotten attached to. She had wanted to be independent, and she was. She would only go out on a date with him once every couple of weeks and she would date a couple other guys. It was obvious that she was not committed to him in any way. He was going to have to start dating others, too.

Juliet, their cousin, came over for a second. “Hey, John.”

“Hey, yourself. You working late tonight?”

“No, I get off at 10. Wanna do something?”

“Sure!” John was up for anything that this young woman wanted.

John had a couple more beers, but made sure to stay sober. He wasn’t sure what she wanted to do, but he knew that it beat going back to his room and grieving over his dead wife.

At a little after 10, Juliet came over, having changed into jeans and a tight shirt. “Okay, let’s go.”

John noticed the tightness of the shirt around her nice, round tits and stood up. “Where are we going?” He followed her out the door.

As they approached her car she finally answered. “To that strip club where you know those girls you helped during some of your cases. A friend of mine is working there tonight and she wanted me to come and see her, but I wanted a male escort to that place. kadıköy escort She’s only been there a week, but says she’s making tons of cash. I’d do it too, if I was that comfortable with my body.”

John grinned as they got in the car. He turned to her, “I’m comfortable with your body.”

Juliet let out a short laugh. “Yeah, you loved it when we had sex.”

“I was kind of hoping for a repeat performance when you asked me to do something with you.”

Juliet turned to him as she started her car and grinned. “We’ll see.”

John could only hope.

————– Tuesday, 14 January, 2014, Bob’s house, Key West, Florida

Bob was sitting on the bed after Susan went to work and thought more about their situation. Was he going soft? Growing old? Or did he finally meet someone who just fit him well? He knew what he really wanted after thinking about it. He wanted her to move in. He was going to ask her tomorrow. He was making a life-changing decision, but he was not getting any younger and if it was time to move on, then this was it. He could make a good life here and never have to worry about Susan. She seemed as devoted to him as he was to her. He knew he could never be sure, but he would know when he asked her to move in. He also knew that the owner had offered to let him buy the small two-bedroom house, so he could do that and not make a dent in his savings.

Yes, his mind was made up. He was in his mid-40s and things would not get better for someone in the enforcement business. There were always younger, more vicious people coming up. It was time to move on before his past caught up with him. He had been here for a while and nothing had happened, so he felt safe here – and more importantly, loved.

————– Tuesday, 14 January, 2014, Strip Club, Seattle, Washington

John and Juliet sat at a table with their backs against the wall. Juliet’s friend, going by the name of Candy, was just taking the stage when they got their drinks. She was starting her gyrations when Jasmine, the night manager, stopped by. John’s first case had been finding her for her parents. After that, he had had a couple other cases here for members of the club. It meant he was known to most of the dancers and the owner.

“Hey, Mr. Jackson.” Jasmine was not dressed like the strippers, but was pretty scantily clad, nonetheless.

John rolled his eyes. “Please call me John. You girls never use my first name. I think you just like teasing me.”

“You’re in a strip club, John,” Jasmine said as she sat on his lap, “it comes with the territory.”

John felt Jasmine move her ass around on his lap. He looked up at her and she gave him an evil grin.

“Look,” Juliet pointed, “she’s really good at taking her clothes off.” Everyone laughed and then Juliet continued, “I think she looks great.”

Jasmine agreed. “I wouldn’t have hired her if she didn’t have the ability to dance and strip and pull in the audience.”

They watched her for a few minutes and John very much enjoyed having Jasmine on his lap while Candy danced, showing her very nice assets. She had been blessed with a very shapely body and it appeared that she was taking good care of it. John decided that he would do whatever he could to get one of these beauties in his bed, regardless of his feelings for Maggie. He had now gone a couple of months without sex. Until this dry spell, he had really been enjoying all the fun he was having with the youngsters.

After she finished, Candy came over to the group. Jasmine got up and motioned to John’s lap. Candy grinned and sat on John’s lap. “Hey, sir, how can I help you?”

She was facing to John’s left so he put his left hand on her thigh and his right around her onto her bare hip. He loved just having his hands on their flesh while they talked. “Well, I don’t know. Are you better than Juliet?”

“John!” Juliet yelled his name in mock consternation as she grinned.

Candy smiled at Juliet and turned back to John. “I’m better at everything than she is.”

“Are not, you little skank!”

“You know I am.”

Juliet looked at Candy for a second and then got a great big smile as she said, “Then you should prove it.”

Candy looked at John and then back to Juliet. “Do you think he can handle us?”

“No, but it will be fun anyway.”

Jasmine had remained standing next to all of them. She looked around the club and then said to Candy, “It’s pretty light around here tonight. If you can cover your fee, you can leave whenever you want and abuse this poor old man.”

John grinned. “I guess I have no say in this matter.”

Juliet spoke quickly. “Nope. We are going to fuck you within an inch of your life.”

“You’d better know where that last inch is. I’m not ready to die yet.”

“We’ll see.”

Jasmine said good-bye to the three and Candy ran back to the dressing room to pick up her stuff. She came back out in a long hoodie over her stripper costume of a g-sting and a bra. They traipsed out to Juliet’s car and headed back to John’s house. John bostancı escort bayan sat in the back and the two youngsters sat in the front and talked about inane shit.

When they arrived back at John’s he found a book box with a bunch of files in it in front of his door. He put that on the kitchen table and turned toward the two ladies.

Juliet elbowed Candy. “Look at that grin. He won’t stop smiling for a week.”

“I hope not.” John knew they were probably right.

————– Wednesday, 15 January, 2014, Bob’s house, Key West, Florida

Susan arrived home at about 2:30 after closing the bar. She was tired and just stripped off before entering the bathroom to brush her teeth. As soon as she finished and made a cursory attempt at removing her makeup, she crawled into bed next to Bob. He was almost always asleep when she got home, so she always just crashed. 6 hours on her feet always exhausted her.

Susan lay down, took a deep breath, and relaxed. She was on her back and she felt Bob turn to her and move up against her. She loved the feeling of having someone to come home to. She was tired of hookups and long dry spells. She felt him place his hand on her stomach.

“You awake?” Susan whispered.

“Yes,” Bob said, “I’ve been waiting for you.”

“What’s the matter? I didn’t throw you enough of a fuck this morning?” She giggled.

“I have something serious I want to ask you.”

Susan’s stomach clenched and her mind went into overdrive. Shit! What happened today? Was he leaving? Was he tired of her?

When she didn’t answer right away, Bob realized that that was probably not the best lead-in. “Would you move in here with me? I know your apartment is your little safety net, but I really need you and would like you to move in. What do you think?”

Susan struggled to sit up. She sat up and reached over to turn on the bedside light. She was flabbergasted by the question, albeit very pleased, and wanted to see his face. “Really? Are you sure?”

She could see the truth in Bob’s face. “Absolutely. I have never met anyone who I clicked with like this. But I need you to hear me out before you answer.”

“Not a chance. I’m moving in tomorrow, buddy, so don’t try to throw up a smoke screen.” Susan was grinning and cupped Bob’s face as she said this.

Bob sat up now and held her hands in place. “Well, you can probably guess that I came here to get away from something.”


“I grew up mostly in a foster home. My father left when I was two, my mother got hooked on opioids, and I became mean and nasty. For the last 20 years, I’ve been a kind of enforcer for bad guys. I want you to know that that is over, but you need to know that there may be people still looking for me. I just think that I have found a place where I’m safe and a woman that I love. So, if you want, I want you to join me.”

“Wait.” Susan held her hand up. Bob waited for her to ask about more about his past.

“Did you say you love me?”

Bob grinned. “Yes, I did.”

Susan crawled up over Bob, making him roll onto his back. “I’ve never found someone like you, either, so I definitely want to move in. And then I’m going to spend the rest of my life making you regret this.” She laughed and kissed him.

Bob pushed her away. “I’ll give you 40 years to stop that.”

Susan kissed him again and then Bob, who was also naked, rolled the two of them over onto her back and made love to her. He thought that he had probably never made long, slow love to a woman in his life. Everything else was just fucking. He realized that he was suddenly looking forward to a less hectic, less nerve-racking, and less scary life.

————– Wednesday, 15 January, 2014, John’s Apartment, Seattle, Washington

John was led into the bedroom by the two ladies. They quickly stripped him and giggled as his already growing member came into view. Juliet pushed him down onto the bed. He sat. Juliet grinned and motioned to Candy.

“He’s ready.”

Candy took off her hoodie and started dancing in front of John. Juliet had turned on a local radio station and Candy danced to it. Juliet went around behind John and crawled up behind him. She reached around and spread his legs open, grabbing his cock. She whispered in his ear, “Candy is going to give you a personal lap dance. She is going to dance, rub up against you, and then give you a world class blowjob. And let me tell you, she really knows how to suck cock. I don’t know if it’s as good as me, but she’s close.”

Candy flipped her off and kept dancing.

John watched as Candy danced around. She removed her bra and g-string, grinning at him. She then danced up to his lap and stood between his legs as she rubbed her tits in his face. John captured a nipple in his mouth, sucking on a very nice prominent bud. Candy put her hands around his head and held him there.

Candy released his head and turned her back to him. She bent over and wiggled her ass at him. It was a very delectable ass and John reached out to run his hand over one of the beauteous globes. She let him, and then she backed up and sat her ass on his lap, reaching between her legs to pull his cock down under her. She leaned back and John grabbed her hips as his cock rubbed up against her pussy. John was loving this.

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