Starting Over


The divorce despite being the obvious best choice had not been easy. Undoing all those years took a toll she had not anticipated and left her feeling drained, empty, even a little angry. Self-pity reared its ugly head. She had let it run things for while and found herself somewhere she never wanted to be. It was at that point she had decided to move. Relocating was fairly simple, she was in high demand in her field and there was always someone hiring. She wanted a change. Why not start with climate?

The call from the company in St. Croix was the sign she needed. The interviews were conducted in a whirlwind of emails, teleconferences, and trips to their New York office. The fit was perfect, the job comfortably challenging without being overwhelming, and the compensation package excellent. The company even provided on-site housing, a seemingly cozy cottage with its own private beach. She wasn’t sure she wanted to live in something that sounded so small, but the appeal of a beach and privacy quelled her uncertainty for the time being. Arrangements were made, contracts signed, and she was told to report for her first day in three weeks. Until then, she was free to move in at her leisure and become acquainted with the island.

It’s was amazing how easy moving could be when you want to start over. She gave away most of the things in her apartment, it was all “their” stuff, nothing she wanted to take into her fresh start. Even her clothes, suited to New York, would not do where she was going. After everything was sorted, there wasn’t enough left to fill a U-haul. She had purchased a suitcase’s worth of clothes, but decided to get a better feel for the environment before she went on a spree. One thing had caught her eye though, a beautiful blue bikini.

Nothing Escort bayan too risqué, an underwire top and scooped bottom, but the fabric was breathtaking. A blue like the clearest lake on a sunny day, it was dotted here and there with clear, iridescent pieces that strongly resembled scales. As she ran her hands over the suit, the pieces caught the light and danced a rainbow of colors. There was even a matching pareo with a heavenly drape and the same iridescent pieces. It fit like it was made for her. She had never in her life owned anything like it; her clothes had always been so conservative. That cinched it. She bought the suit and made a silent promise to never do mundane again.


The flight was uneventful and surprisingly short. A driver had been waiting for her and with the perfect efficiency that only comes with experience, soon had her at her new residence. A perfunctory explanation of what, where, when, and whom and she found herself alone with a home to explore. It was a simple design with a kitchen and breakfast nook, a fairly spacious front room, powder room, a well windowed office and master suite. The front porch was covered and equipped with a few rocking chairs and there were French doors in the kitchen that beckoned to be opened. A cursory glance revealed a sheltered deck, steps that must lead to the beach, and much to her delight, a hammock.

She took her suitcase into the master suit. An outstanding feature of this place was the windows. It was a good thing she wasn’t into paintings and such, there wasn’t enough non-glass area for much. The master suite was no different. Wide windows covered with sheer white curtains filled two walls. Thankfully, there were blinds under Escort the curtains. She wanted a more relaxed environment, but wasn’t quite ready for that relaxed. She began putting her things away.

The flight left her a little sleepy, they always did and she decided to test the hammock. Besides, it would give her an opportunity break in her bathing suit. Someone had graciously provided for basic needs, there were towels in the bathroom and an assortment of juices and teas in the refrigerator and soon she was settled comfortably out on the deck.

The back of the house was a flawless oasis. Sheltered by the house on two sides, the rest was surrounded with lush vegetation, thick enough to be an effective screen while still allowing the ocean breeze through. A small set of steps lead away from the deck to the beach. From the hammock, she could just make out the white sand and blue green water. They would be investigated later, for now she was content to simply relax. The heat of the sun tempered by the breeze coupled with the soft swaying of the hammock lulled her into a dreamlike state, freeing her mind to wander.

How long had it been since she had nothing on her mind? She had forgotten what it felt like not to think. One by one, she closed the open questions in her head, filed away the images, and quieted the thoughts. Eventually she was only aware of this exact moment. She could hear the sound of the waves and the leaves in the breeze, and smell the strange flowers and the salt in the air. The heat of the sun made her feel as though she were melting, fluid, while the wind caressed with an almost tangible intimacy. On a whim, she unhooked her top, exposing her nipples to that caress.

The sun and breeze sent a tingle Bayan escort through her as she felt her nipples harden. Carelessly, she moved her fingers over them, feeling the contrast of the hard flesh against her soft breasts. She had forgotten how lovely her skin was, soft, smooth, full of the heat from the sun. Her hands traveled over her breasts and tummy, savoring the silkiness. They continued down her hips and stroked her legs. A small sigh escaped her lips as fingernails trailed over her inner thighs. Up they went until they reached the edge of her bikini bottom. One leg dropped over the side of the hammock, allowing her fingers to continue their journey. Cautiously, she slid one finger under the lustrous material. She had gotten a Brazilian wax before leaving and was bare. She moaned as she slowly ran one finger over her smooth outer lips. She could feel a dampness spreading between her legs.

Any hesitation she might have felt dissolved in the light of need. Slipping out of her bottoms, only the sheer pareo partially covered her. Heat, breeze, fingers and the thrill of nakedness converged in a growing heat in her moist cunt. She opened herself to the wind as her fingers teased her clit, drawing it out into the light. Rolling it between her finger and thumb, she slid another finger into her wet cunt. She arched her back, moving against her hand. The contrast of such intense feeling with her prior relaxed state only fueled her arousal. Her fingers slid over the bare, now wet skin, taunting, teasing her clit until she trembled under their ministrations. She looked down, amazed at how beautiful her body was, firm breasts, hard nipples, hairless pussy all shining in the sun. The joy that welled up in tandem to her orgasm brought tears to her eyes. She climaxed like never before, laughing for the sheer pleasure.

She lay on the hammock, gathering her composure, enjoying the all around glow she felt. She smiled, a real smile for once, happy again. This was a beginning, a very, very good one.

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