Starts with a Dare


Kerstin looks up at the house in front of her. She’d heard that the birthday guy was ‘rich’ but she didn’t say ‘mansion rich’. The house was white with over 30 large rooms. The last part Kerstin was guessing. But she didn’t doubt a very expensive sports car or two were tucked safely in a garage behind locked doors.

The music was so loud she felt the bass from the other end of the 30 meter driveway.

“Let’s go tear up the house” Becca announces loudly and pulls her hunk of a boy-toy towards the house, her see-through shirt blowing in the wind. Becca was the wild one, with curl, dirty blond hair and a small, curvy body which she liked people to grind against. She had a trend of wearing see-through shirts and shorts that showed her G-string’s straps and showed more ass than most people showed if they were just in their underwear.

Becca ran towards the house with Mia hot on her tail. Mia was short, with strait brown hair and green eyes to die for. Unlike Becca she wasn’t wild, she wore a black dress that hugged her chest and flowed over her hips until it was in the middle of her thighs were it was cut off. Her boyfriend wasn’t a boy-toy like Becca’s; he was the next door looking guy, with cute face and average build.

“I guess it’s just us then,” Roxy says hooking an arm through Kerstin’s. Roxy had curly black hair that most girls envied and blue eyes like ice. She had wicked curves and flawless tanned skin and a perky personality with a smile to match it.

The inside of the house was even more impressive then the outside. Strobe light flashed over the swarm of dancing bodies, music blasted from speaks mounted high of the walls and a chandelier was lit up by the flashing lights send small shinning balls across the walls. “They have a strip pole!!” Roxy exclaims pointing into a room of the left.

Kerstin looks towards what she though was once the lounge room, several couches were pushed aside to make room for dances. And in the centre was a sexy minx dancing around a shiny silver pole in a G-string Becca would be proud of. The minx was also shirtless with 20 odd guys drooling as they watched her swing around the pole, the light making the sweet on her breasts shimmer.

“They do,” I say before taking a drink from a waitress. Jeez, he’d even got waitresses, in slutty skirts, fish net stockings and all!

Two and something hours later the girls collapsed onto a couch. “I dare you….to kiss that guy over there!” Roxy announces pointing towards a drink table that also held a few finger snacks.

“Which one?” Kerstin asks looking at all the guys. She hoped she didn’t mean the old geezer who looked like he needed to be in an elderly home.

“The one in the the… shirt!” Roxy shouts before lifting the bottle to her mouth. After a long drink she pulls it away. “Now, go kiss him” She cries pushing Kerstin up. Kerstin jumps as her friend slaps her ass before she struts over to the table. The guy Roxy had picked wasn’t that bad at all. He had dark brown hair that was artfully messy, with a five-o’clock shadow along his jaw and had a strong chest and dark eyes they drank in everything.

“I have a question for you” Kerstin says when she walks up to the guy. She drops her head, looking at him from under her eyelashes. She bites her lip, knowing boys found that sexy. “Do you have a girlfriend?”

“No” he says in a low, sexy voice, looking Kerstin up and down, his eyes resting at the dip between her breasts. She felt desired; she knew he wanted to touch her.

“Good” Kerstin steps forward and pulls him down so his lips were touching hers. He kisses back hungrily, hands grabbing at her waist and pulling her closer. Kerstin tangles her finger in his hair, feeling aroused at how rough he was. One of his hands slides to the inside of her thigh, feeling the warm skin. Kerstin shivers at him touch.

“Wanna go find a room?” he asks roughly, his whiskers scrapping her jaw. He pulls her body closer to his.

Kerstin couldn’t think of a reason to say no, if this sexy guy wanted to fuck her than she wasn’t one to complain. It had been months since she’d had someone stick their manhood deep inside her. “Sure” she says trying to sound sexy.

A minute later they’d kicked a wasted girl out of a room and Ash –she asked his name while they climbed the stairs- had pushed her onto the bed. She groans as Ash climbs on, running a hand up her thigh until it was touching her underwear.

He rubs her through the underwear, Alanya escort teasing her clit. Kerstin’s muscles twitch at the touch. She pushes down on his hand, her breath hitching for a second. Ash moves up, lifting her off the bed enough so he could unzip the back of her dress.

Kerstin, feeling irresistible, flips them over so she was straddling his waist. She grinds onto his hips, shimming her dress down. She feels something pressing against her ass, realizing it was Ash’s dick hardening. She pushes back against it, rubbing it as she slowly pulls her dress down, exposing her breasts to the man under her. She leans into Ash’s hand as he grabs her breasts, massaging them through her black lace bra. She slides the dress as low as she could, not wanting to stop him from touching her boobs.

Ash watches her as she stands up, slowly pushing her dress over her hips as she dances slowly reminding him of a stripper. Kerstin teased him, liking how he grabs himself through his pants and stroked it, how his eyes undressed her before she could. The dress falls to her ankle, and then is kicked into the corner.

Ash suddenly lunges towards her, and forces her onto the bed, his hands fumbling to unclip her bra. Finally it unhooks and he pulls the useless bra aside. He gropes her young breasts, rubbing them as he admires he smooth pale skin.

Kerstin gasps as he lowers his mouth to her breast and takes it into his mouth, nipping at her hard nipple. She clutches him in pleasure, her hands tangling in his hair. His manhood presses against her thigh making her want it more. She felt horny, wanted him inside her. She wanted to feel an orgasm take her; she wanted Ash to fill her with his length.

Kerstin reaches for his shirt and urgently pushes it over his head. It tumbles to the floor, forgotten as Kerstin runs her hands over Ash’s chest. He grinds into her, his measurement hard as it moves against her thigh a she leans down again to suck on her nipple.

Kerstin arches as Ash slides a hand into the band of her underwear. Without removing his mouth from her nipple he pushes her underwear down. Kerstin moans as Ash’s hand touches her clitoris making her shudder. His finger teases her opening, touches her clit before moving away. “Stop….teasing” Kerstin groans as he sucks her nipple hard.

Ash pulls back from the girl’s perfect, young boobs and moves down, running his hand over her shapely hips before inserting a finger, watches as she takes it into her wet pussy. She pushes against him, her breath coming quick. He moves his finger in and out quickly before inserting another finger into her wet walls. He touches his manhood, feeling the building pressure in it. Kerstin’s rocking and moans didn’t help make it any less painful. He needed to get his dick out of his pants and put it inside her; where it belonged.

Kerstin sits up as Ash starts to unbutton he pants. She lowers his zipper for him, caressing his manhood with her hand. It pops out, still caught in his shorts. She grabs hold of his large dick, rubbing it. Ash groans and leans back slightly so Kerstin could play with it more. “You like that do you?” she asks in a low, sexy voice. “Do you like me rubbing you?” she asks as she slides his underwear off til it fall around his ankles.

Ash makes a sound of agreement as he kicks his underwear away. Kerstin takes his penis in her mouth, sucking on it hard. He groans, pushes it deeper into her mouth. She grabs his balls as she licks his head. It was hard and thick; a muscle twitches in his cock as she sucks it.

“I’m gonna-” but before Ash could finish the hot knot in his balls loosens and he feels himself cum in her mouth. He watches her, feeling really aroused as she licks it up, swallowing his juices. She looks up at him with cat-like eyes. She looked like such a sexy minx there, licking his dick clean while eating his cum.

Kerstin lies back on the bed and open her legs to him so he was looking at her wet cunt. “Fuck me Ash, show me what your made of,” she challenges, wanting his thick cock to enter her. She wants to feel him inside her.

Ash doesn’t waste time; he positions himself in front of her entrance and lifts her ankles onto his shoulders before guiding his hard dick toward her entrance. He rubs against her slit, feeling her warm, wet juices on his dick. It turns him on even more. “Fuck me already!” Kerstin cries, trying to push herself onto his fuck pole.

Kerstin groans as he Alanya escort bayan pushes himself inside her til he was balls deep. Her walls constrict around his thick cock and Ash groans, liking her tight, wet pussy squeezing him. He pulls out before pushing in, his movement fast and hard.

Kerstin moans as he fills her, his cock pressing against her g-spot. He rams in hard and fast, his balls slapping her as he shoves himself in. Kerstin arches her back as bliss washes over her, her muscles spasm uncontrollably as he drives deep into her. “Oh, fuck yes!” Kerstin moans a hot knot forming in her stomach. He grunts as he drives into her, feeling her heat as he explores her with his rod.

Ash reaches between her legs and touches her clitoris, moving it under his fingers. Kerstin bucks under him, grinding onto his dick and crying out in ecstasy as he thrusts himself deep inside the girl’s wet walls. Her moans turning him on making his balls tighten with the want to cum inside her.

Kerstin scream out as her orgasm hits her hard, her muscles tremble wildly, and her hips jerking as he pushes himself into her, his finger rubbing her clitoris so that she couldn’t hold still. She squirms under him, crying and scream, at the same time wanting him to stop as much as she wanted him to continue as she cums. Ash shoves himself in hard and deep and Kerstin feels him squirt his cum inside her with a loud moan. He pulls out and drives in again and hears the squelch of their juices moving. After another hard push he pulls out and lies heavily on the bed.

After a minutefor Kerstin to catch her breath she sits up and looks at Ash. She crawls over to Ash who was still lying on the bed. She grabs his slightly saggy cocks and starts stroking it, yanking it til it stands up strait, once again hard. He moans loudly as she strokes him. She leans down and licks the last of their juices off his dick before straddling him. He seizes her boobs as she lowers herself onto his dick.

Ash watches as Kerstin sets to work grinding on him, her boobs bouncing in his hands. “You’re so fucking sexy” he tells her as she dances on his manhood, her wet pussy sliding up and down his cock. She smiles at him as he massagers her young, perky breasts.

Kerstin doesn’t stop grinding on his fuck pole as the door opens. She glances over her shoulder to see Roxy step into the room. Kerstin can’t help but moan as Ash thrusts up into her, his balls slapping her ass. She cries out in rapture as he hits her g-spot hard.

Roxy crawls onto the bed beside them after dropping her pants. She pulls her shirt off then drops her bra onto the ground. She straddles the guy’s chest, forcing him to let go of Kerstin breasts so she could take them.

Ash slaps the new girl’s ass as Kristen screams out as an orgasm hits her. Her tight pussy squeezes him hard. Ash groans and thrusts hard into the girl earning a shriek of joy. He reaches around the new girl and grabs her firm, perky breasts; he rubs her nipple making her moan. Kerstin grinds onto his cock hard and her cunt clutches him. With a groan he comes inside the girl again, filling her with his hot fluid. It runs down his shaft, squishes in her pussy as she grounds against his dick. She milks him dry, her cunt walls squishing him hard. Finally she lifts herself off him and collapses onto the bed. Her body shook with the memory of an orgasm.

Roxy starts as she’s pushed of the guy’s chest and onto side. She climbs onto Kerstin and presses her lips her friends. She smiles slightly as Kerstin kisses back without a care. Roxy lifts her ass into the air, making circles in the air with her ass.

She wanted to guy to fuck her brains out, she wanted to cum so hard she couldn’t walk. She moans in delight as the guy pulls her underwear down and slap her ass. “Rough! I like it” she groaning between kisses. Roxy puts her hand between Kerstin’s legs and is meted with Kerstin’s wet slit.

“No more, please” Kerstin whimpers, her pussy was sore from being abused, her muscle ached from how many times they’d tenses and shook. Roxy’s fingers move expectedly, fingering her clit so her muscles tremble with pleasure. “Roxy, please, no” but she was turned on by it despite what she said, she felt herself getting wetter and she knew Roxy could feel it.

Roxy kisses Kerstin hungrily, still teasing the whimpering girl’s clit as the guy behind her fingers her own wet pussy. Then she feels the oddest sensation of someone licking Escort Alanya her asshole. She moans and leans into Kerstin so there boobs were pressing together. She slides a finger into Kerstin, feeling the girl’s warm slick walls massage her fingers.

Ash puts the head of his penis to the girl’s asshole and pushes in, forcing himself through her hole. Roxy, as he’d heard the other girl call her, cries out in pain and flings a hand toward him like that would stop him. He catches her hand and places it between her legs to her pussy, already knowing she’d been fingering Kerstin. He slides into her ass, feeling her tighten as he drives himself into her rear.

Kerstin looks up at Roxy as she winces in pain and sees her rocking back and forth slowly as Ash fucked her ass. It turns Kerstin on and she grips Roxy’s breasts and rubs the nipples. Roxy moans softly and rocks forward faster as Ash thrusts in harder and faster. Kerstin kisses Roxy hard, letting her tongue explore her friend’s mouth. Kerstin feels Roxy’s hand return to her wet cave, slick with her own juices.

Kerstin presses against the girl’s fingers, her muscles shaking. She could feel her orgasm closing in on her but she didn’t care, it felt too good to stop.

Roxy cries out as Ash hammers her ass savagely. It felt good, despite the pain. Her muscles shook and pleasure ran through her veins. “Oh, my fucking, god!” She screams as Ash pounds her, his thick cock sliding in and out of her rear. Kerstin moans loudly in pleasure as Roxy fingers her and that was all it took. Roxy screams out in ecstasy as her orgasm hits her. She feels herself cum, she shakes with it as Ash grinds into her ass. She could smell sex and sweat in the air, feel Kerstin’s fluids on her fingers, Ash’s dick sliding in and out of her ass, her muscles tremble with her orgasm and she pulls away from Kerstin’s lips to bury her head in Kerstin’s boobs as Kerstin lets out her own cries of enjoyment.

“Holy shit, I’m Cumming!” Ash grunts and shoves hard in Roxy, his cock releasing its self into the girl’s ass. He pulls out, watching the cum drip onto the girls thighs and ass, down her legs and onto Kerstin’s legs. He falls onto the bed next to Kerstin as Roxy rolls off of Kerstin and onto the other side of the girl.

Kerstin feels Roxy roll off her and looks to see Ash on her other side, sweat on his forehead, his manhood sagging onto his stomach. Kerstin startles as Roxy rolls onto her side, cuddling onto Kerstin’s shoulder, her breaths tickling Kerstin’s breasts. She closes her eyes, too tied to care that they looked like lesbians.

“Get out!” someone screams from far away. Kerstin looks up but the room was empty. Her head ached with a hangover and her thighs and cunt still hurt her from the aftermath of being fucked hard.

Yelling came from downstairs but Kerstin didn’t care. She closes her eyes and the yelling moves closer. A minute later and it was in the hallway, much louder than before. “A little party? There are people unconscious everywhere! We’re gone from one night and you-” the shouting stoppes when the door flys open. Kerstin looks up at the people standing in the doorway; a lady in her late 40’s stares in horror, her husband stands behind her, looking both disgusted and keenly at the two naked chicks on his bed. She lady turn to the other guy behind the her husband. “You let people have sex in our bedroom?!”

Then to Kerstin she shouts; “Get the fuck out of my house! Get out! I’ll call the cops!” But Kerstin had already jumped up and was grabbing her dress, underwear and shoes from the floor. Roxy stumbles into Kerstin as she jumps from the bed, having been woken up by Kerstin’s sudden movement and the lady’s screeching.

They scramble out the door, both of them aware of the old man’s hungry gaze following them as they hurried down the hallway naked. Kerstin glances back to see Ash tumbling out the door with a handful of clothes. And she was even more disgusted when the old man slaps Ash’s ass and wink when Ash turns around to stare at him in horror.

“Well that was a fun night!” Roxy muses as they jump over a guy sleeping on the ground naked, bottle of expensive wine still clutched in his hand. Kerstin nods in agreement as they fall out the door and into the open air still butt naked. “Come on, I’ll give you a ride home”

“Is that all you’ll give me?” Kerstin asks playfully touching the girl’s ass, running her hand between her legs until she feels the entrance of the girl’s pussy.

Roxy pushes Kerstin’s hand away but grins and says; “If you behave I might let you have some”

“Too bad, I’m a naughty girl then” Kerstin pouts playfully.

Roxy just laughs and hooks her arm though Kerstin’s as they make their way to her car.

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