Step Daughter Suprise!!!


Step Daughter Suprise!!!I have been seeing my girlfriend for a couple of months, and I have been fucking he every chance I get. Sometimes I bend her over the hood of a car in some dark cold alley or just have her strip and suck my hard dick while we drive. As you can tell we don’t have normal sex, in fact the crazier the better or so I thought. So I am 32 6′ with around ten inches to give. She is 32 and Latino 5’2″ with small tits and a slight frame. She has daughter who I had meet a few times. she had when she was young and stupid. The story goes that she had been kicked out when her mom found out, but managed to raise her daughter on her own. We had decided to head back to her place after a movie for some hot sex. It had been a week or so and we decided we needed somewhere privet so we could take our time and enjoy it. Being late her daughter was asleep in bed, so we grabbed some beer and found our way to the couch. After a little making out and caressing I started to slide her clothes off. I focused my lips on her soft neck working my way down to her small firm tits , licking her nipples while I rubbed my fingers down her small shaved pussy, sometimes bringing them to my lips to taste her. I stood up to take off my clothes and look down at the sexual creature that played out before me on the sofa, when I realized her daughter had been standing in the doorway watching, for how I didn’t know. I covered my self the best I could and jumped behind the couch. My girlfriend jumped up not knowing what had happened, looking around in a panic when she noticed her daughter standing there. My girlfriend laughed as I hovered behind the couch. What is so damn funny I asked, your daughter just saw me and you naked and making out. She just laughed again and told me not to worry, her canlı bahis daughter had seen her have sex before and that it was no big deal. Stunned I asked why that would not be a big deal considering her age and how I am 32, and um you are her mother. She told me to quit being such a prude and get out from behind the couch. Refusing to let her daughter see me like this said no. Fuck it she said if you won’t come around from there and Fuck me I will have to ask you to leave. Shocked I couldn’t believe she was asking me to fuck her in front of her daughter. She said that her daughter had been asking to watch and that she said it was alright, but she would have to help to. Saying this did make my dick harder than its ever been considering how firm and sofshher daughter looked standing there. I asked what she had in mind. I will only say if you get out from behind that damn couch and let her see what you have been giving me this whole time. Fuck it I thought, I’m either going to jail or getting the time of my life, but it’s to late to turn back now. Standing up and walking around I saw her daughter eyes fixed on my hard dick standing strait up. Is that what you wanted to see baby, she said to her daughter. Yes mother. Do you think you could handle someone so big? Wait what are we talking about, why are you asking her these questions. She is to young, seeing me is one thing, he’ll seeing us have sex is one thing, asking her if she could take my dick is another story. I told she wanted to help, but what she didn’t know is that you are going to fuck her pussy while I watch. Fuck you, I’m not going to Fuck your daughter, although it was now beginning to sound like a really good plan. Can I mom, will you let me have him while you watch. Maybe you can let him stay the night and he can sleep bahis siteleri in my bed. Damn what the he’ll just happened here, I turned to get my clothes and leave when her mom said there was no point going now. Besides what would the cops say to the fact that you stood there and let my daughter see your dick, not mention that it was hardwe than its ever been with me. Don’t act like you don’t want to Fuck my sweet young daughter. With that I stood silent. She then looked to her daughter telling her to get naked and get on her knees as she was going to learn to suck a real dick, not like the one her dad had been feeding her. What the he’ll I have heard it all, if this birch wants me to Fuck her daughter I am going to go all the way with it. As she lowered her nightgown reveling her soft young body it was clear this was going to be a dream come true. Her tits where small along with her nipples but just enough to squeeze as I fucked her sweat bald pussy. I wondered why she was shaving for a minute, and the remembered what was happening. I watched as she walked over to me her mom standing behind her pushing her shoulders down. As she reached out taking a hold of my dick in her tiny hands she wasted no time taking it in her mouth. Of course it was to big for her to take all of it, but what she did take felt amazing, as she slid it in and out of her soft lips making sure to not use her teeth or suck to hard. It was perfect and definitely not her first time. But how if she was still so young. Remembering the comment about her dad I realized he must have been having his way with her all along. Teaching her how to be a good girl and make her man happy, at least in the bedroom.Her mom not missing a beat told her to stand up And look at her. Without any warning she slaps her across güvenilir bahis the face and reels here that if she wants to suck the dick of every man she brings home then she needed to learn to fuck them to. Laying on the ground crying she said I thought you said it was ok mommy. I did baby but I spent over twelve years with you dad knowing he just wanted his little girl to suck his dick, and me. It’s a little hard to get fucked and have a family when your daughter is taking your man’s dick in her mouth every night. So know you I am going to show you what it’s really all about. You said you wanted to fuck him right. Yes mommy. Then do you still knowing I hate the fact that you want every man I have. Yes. They lay on your back and spread your legs. Unable to resist as she told me to have my way with her, and the look in her daughter’s eyes, I lowered myself on top of her and positioned my dick against her soft pussy lips. Are you ready I asked, but before she could answer I was snaked on the back of the head and told to Fuck her and stop being gentle. Hard as I was I knew it would hurt but I didn’t care, I grabbed her shoulders and drove in as hard as I could. I managed to go all the way in on the first try, and realized later that she had been using didlos for awhile now. Not concerned at the moment though how she felt I continued to push into her at a frantic pace. Sound of screams and moans heard but not received I slammed myself into her over and over again until I couldn’t take it anymore, exploding inside her like never before. I slowly slowed my pace to catch my breath closing my eyes not knowing if she liked it or not. Was I to rough, did she really want it or was her mother forcing her to do it. Opening my eyes I saw her smiling back at me, almost laughing as was her mother standing abouve us. Wow mom he is much better than anything you have brought home before. I think he might be a keeper. But you should probably go untie dad, I think he should get to watch round two.

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