Step Siblings Ch. 03


Note: Please read “STEP SIBLINGS Ch. 01 — 02 to get up to date with this story. Sarah and Jake are in love but their parents don’t know anything about it. What happens if they find out? All rights reserved.


“I can’t say anything,” Jake grinned at Brian that afternoon after football practice. “All I can say is that you’re in for one hell of a surprise.”

“Really? Danielle said we would be alone. That’s cool of Sarah and you to let this happen.”

“No problem,” Jake grinned. “I’ll see you at the house.”


“How do we do this?” Maria asked Danielle as they took turns drying off each other’s naked wet bodies.

“Seducing Brian is like putting ground beef in front of a puppy,” Danielle giggled. “The only question is who gets him first.”

“He’s your friend,” Maria smiled. After the wonderful sex with Danielle last night and that morning she would be just as happy spending the day in bed with her.

They heard the doorbell and hurried to get dressed.


“Hi Brian,” Sarah said after opening the door. “Danielle will be down in a second.”

“So you’re OK with Danielle and I….you know.”

“Yes, I think it’s wonderful,” Sarah said before leaning over and lightly kissing his cheek.

“Hey man,” Jake said moving around his sister to greet his quarterback and someone to take Danielle and Maria off his hands. The three of them moved into the den and watched as Danielle walked down the stairs wearing a short dress followed by Maria wearing Brian’s football jersey which stopped at her knees.

“Hi Brian,” Danielle said before moving into his arms. She surprised him by kissing him hard with an opened mouth and roaming tongue. When she felt his excitement she pushed him back. “This is Maria.”

Brian looked over Danielle’s shoulder at the heavier girl who was pushing out the number 12 on his jersey. “I like your shirt.”

“Thanks,” Maria blushed. She could see the blonde-haired boy was cute and nicely built.

Brian’s arm hugged onto Danielle as they all looked at each other trying to figure out what was next. It was Sarah that broke the ice.

“Why don’t you three go upstairs into my room and listen to some music?”

“Three?” Brian whispered in Danielle’s ear. He had hoped to get Danielle alone.

“Come on,” she giggled as she took his hand and led him to the stairs. Maria smiled at Sarah and Jake and followed.

“Are you sure I can’t watch?” Jake whispered. He peeked up under Maria’s jersey and saw her bare ass cheeks.

Sarah smacked his arm. “You wish it was you with two girls don’t you?”

He hesitated. “Uh…… of course not.”

“Right,” Sarah giggled. “Come on I want to listen.” They waited until her door was partially closed before they ran upstairs and hid behind the doorframe.


Brian was wearing his loose cotton shorts and boxers along with a loose tee shirt so he could quickly disrobe if needed. He stood in the middle of the two girls looking at Sarah’s familiar bed. “I can sit on the floor.”

“Don’t be silly,” Danielle giggled as she turned on Sarah’s stereo, took his hand and crawled onto the queen size bed knowing he could see that she was not wearing panties under her dress. “Lie in the middle.”

Brian moved closer to Danielle and felt Maria move to his other side. He wished that she would leave.

Danielle smiled as she began their teasing. “I think I have something in my eye.” She turned slightly and pressed her petite titty into his bicep. “Do you see anything?” She pulled her eyelid upward.

He turned slightly until his hard-on pressed into her hip and looked into her eye. “I don’t see anything.” His hand moved to her hip and caressed it.

“Let Maria look,” Danielle said as she pushed him back and slid her body over the left side of his body.

“Shit,” Brian thought when the bigger girl slid over his right side until the two were completely covered his body. Maria’s breasts were braless and very-very big.

“Do you see anything?” Danielle asked trying not to laugh because her knee was now jabbing into his hard manhood.

“Let me get closer,” Maria smiled while moving towards Danielle until their noses touched.

Brian was smothered with feminine flesh and couldn’t move. His face was directly under theirs so when their lips came together and opened he almost discharged his cannon right then.


“What’s going on?” Jake whispered to Sarah who was leaning over looking through the tiny opening between the door and the frame.

Sarah smiled and moved back. “The girls are kissing and are on top of him.” She felt Jake’s hard-on pressing into her soft butt.

“Geez,” Jake moaned feeling her butt rubbing up and down on his shaft. If it wasn’t for her period he would be fucking her night and day while their parents were gone.


“What about me?” Brian whispered seeing their tongue mingle and explore. He finally realized that he could not only get his first fuck but also his first threesome.

Their escort gaziantep vip bayan mouths disengaged and their faces turned towards him. His eyes should have closed when their lips moved downward but he didn’t want to miss seeing it happen. Three opened mouths met and their tongues flicked together for almost three minutes. Danielle pulled back first and Maria second. Since he was on the bottom most of the saliva covered Brian’s lips, cheeks and chin.

Brian smiled at them before Danielle lowered her lips to his left ear and Maria followed shortly to his right ear. They suckled and licked as he tried to free his arms which were trapped under their bodies. Since he couldn’t move he was their play thing.

“Can we touch your cock?” Danielle whispered.

“We?” He moaned.

“Yes we,” Maria whispered while sucking his earlobe like it was his hard cock.

“Yes……..oh yes you can touch my cock,” he chuckled. He felt both hands at the elastic waistband before they lifted and dove underneath the shorts and the boxers.

“Um look what I found,” Danielle giggled as she guided it towards Maria who cupped the swollen tip. They both squeezed and heard him moan.

“I don’t think he will be any good unless we jerk him off first,” Danielle giggled as she started stroking him.

“Any……..good at………..what?” he moaned.

“Fucking us,” Maria whispered. “We want you to take our cherries.”

“Oh Shit!” He yelled when his hot juices flew from the red tip and shot up over Danielle’s fist into Maria’s cupped hand.

“Grab some tissues,” Maria giggled while keeping his discharge contained in her fist.


“Did he cum?” Jake asked Sarah.

“Yes he didn’t last very long,” she giggled. “I expected it.” After she said it she realized she probably shouldn’t have said it. She turned and watched him walking away.

“Jake wait, I’m sorry.” She hurried after him and caught him before he entered his bedroom. “I shouldn’t have said that.”

He turned. “I know you two did a lot but I don’t need to be hearing about it.”

“I’m sorry,” she said hugging him to her. “He means nothing to me. I love you.”

“Let’s get out of here,” he said kissing her forehead. “I want to show you my old house.”


“What now?” Maria asked after cleaning out her hand. She looked at his limp penis lying on his thigh.

“Take off the jersey and come over here,” Danielle smiled. Brian’s eyes which had closed when he ejaculated popped open and watched the two biggest titties he had ever seen appear. Before he could grab them Maria’s totally naked body climbed over his body and onto Danielle’s which was also naked. “If we do this he’ll be hard in a few seconds.”

Danielle shifted her body downward until Maria’s hard left nipple was above her mouth. Seconds later Maria lowered her body.

“Oh boy!” he commented watching Danielle suck her nip. He turned his body and reached down and over to cup Maria’s larger but very firm buttock. When he explored down her crack and under her ass he discovered two wet pussies waiting for him.

“Oh God he’s touching my pussy,” Maria moaned.

“And mine,” Danielle gasped after popping off her lips. She pushed her hand upward until she found Brian’s now ready cock. “He’s ready!”

Brian’s mind was mush already so when Maria moved off of Danielle and they both pulled him between Danielle’s thighs he was not aware he was about to lose his own virginity until his hard tip moved into the smaller girl’s tight lips. “OH GOD!”

Since he was smaller than Jake, Danielle didn’t have as much problem this time. “Yes Brian you’re inside of me. Oh…yes!…go slow.”

Maria was helping them with her fingers until his six inches disappeared. She kept her fingers there giving them both tiny caresses. Brian started fucking faster but Maria’s hand on his ass slowed him down. “Easy……..nice and easy.”


“That was my house,” Jake said while stopping in front of a small single story ranch house. Two young kids were playing in the yard and a small dog looked at them from the porch.

“It’s nice,” Sarah said knowing that it was so much smaller than the huge house she had always known. She held his large hand in hers.

“It’s a lot smaller than…”

“Shhh,” she whispered while pulling his hand up to kiss the back of it. “I don’t care how big your house was or is.” They then heard someone tapping on her car window.

“Mrs. Parker!” Jake said before opening his door and walking around to greet his old neighbor. “How are you?”

“Good but I really miss my boy,” the older lady said as she hugged him. She moved back from him when Sarah exited the car. “And who do we have here?”

Sarah looked at Jake who looked back. He was about to say his sister when she said, “I’m Jake’s girlfriend Sarah.” She held out her hand but the older woman pushed it aside and hugged her.

“Looks like my Jake has done well for himself,” Gertrude escort gaziantep yabancı bayan Parker said smiling.

“We’re just friends,” Jake said knowing that it would probably piss Sarah off. “Good friends.”

The older woman could see them looking back and forth. “Well whatever,” she grinned. “As you can see I have some new kids to break in.” They all turned and looked at the small girl and boy now looking at them. “But no one will ever replace my Jake.”

“I miss you too,” Jake said while peeking back to see Sarah moving back into the car. “We better get going. I’ll stop and spend more time with you next time.” He hugged her one more time and crawled into the driver’s seat. Frost covered Sarah’s face.

“Friend…….I’m just your good friend.”

“She still talks with my mother,” Jake whispered while driving away. “All we need is for her to tell my mother that she met my girlfriend Sarah.”

Sarah didn’t say anything because she knew he was right but it still didn’t help take away the fact that they could not be in love openly. She took his hand while they drove to his old school.


“Don’t cum yet!” Maria said to Brian as she twiddled on Danielle’s clitty. “Wait a few seconds.”

“Oh God I can’t hold out any………LONGER!!” His hips buckled downward and his hot spunk filled the rest of Danielle’s hole.

“OHH I FEEL IT!” She giggled before Maria’s touches also took her over the top. “I’M CUMING!!” It was then she realized that he had not used a rubber. “OH GOD GET HIM OUT!”

“Why?” Maria asked as the smaller girl ran into the bathroom. She then knew what had happened. “Oh my god.” She ran after Danielle.

“WHAT?” Brian asked. “What just happened?”


“That’s my old school,” Jake said still holding her hand in his. She had her eyes closed until she heard voices and looked up to see a couple of guys walking over to the car.

“Yo Jake!” One large tall guy said while Jake rolled down his window. “My man is back.”

“Just visiting,” Jake grinned. He saw them looking over at Sarah. “Guys this is my girlfriend Sarah.”

“Wow, I’m impressed,” Ben said glancing down at her tanned thighs. “Hi I’m Ben.”

“Hi,” Sarah smiled.

“Tommy,” the other boy waved. She waved back.

“So I hear you are on the Kennedy team,” Ben said. “You know we are not going to take it easy on you.”

“Bring it on,” Jake laughed. “But hey maybe you can make varsity this year now that I’m gone.”

Tommy laughed but Ben didn’t. “I can still outrun you any day of the week,” Ben said without smiling.

“We’ll see. Looks like I’m a lock for tight end,” Jake said back. “Are you sure you can cover me at linebacker?”

“Don’t have to worry about it because you can’t catch the ball anyway,” Ben snapped back. The two of them had matched up in football since the biddy league.

Jake remembered the playoff game last year when he had dropped the game winning pass when the time expired. “It won’t happen again.”

“Right because you’ll never get open,” Ben laughed.

Jake felt the steam boiling under his collar and leaned back. “Hey it was nice see you guys again. Our game is in two weeks so I’ll see you there.” They shook and he rolled up his window.

“Thanks,” Sarah said as they drove out of the parking lot.

“My mother doesn’t talk to them,” Jake said smiling. “Do you want to go anywhere?”

“I think we better check on the threesome.” Jake turned right and headed back to the other side of town.


It was a mess in the bathtub as Danielle tried to douche with the shower nozzle. “Oh God what if I’m pregnant?”

“The chances are very slim,” Maria said trying to calm her down but knew she would be just as upset.

“Hey what’s going on?” Brian yelled from the bedroom while tapping on the door. “Let me in!”

Maria walked to the door and cracked it open. “I think you should leave.”

“Leave? I thought that you and I would…… know?”

“Nope…….just leave,” Maria said while slamming the door.

“What the fuck?” Brian asked himself as he put on his socks and sneakers and left the house.


“Is that Brian?” Jake asked when they drove into the street and saw him driving away from the house the other way.

“Yes,” Sarah smiled. “And I’m not going to make any comments this time.”

“Good,” Jake smiled. They parked and moved into the house and walked up the stairs. “Where are they?” He asked looking into her bedroom.

“In the bathroom and someone is crying,” Sarah said with her ear to the door. She knocked. “Are you two OK in there?”

A few seconds later the door opened and a naked Maria walked out. She saw Jake by the door but didn’t try to cover up. “It’s Danielle.”

“Oh God what did Brian do?” Sarah asked noticing too that Maria didn’t mind being naked in front of them. “Did he hurt her?”

“No he………uh…climaxed inside of her,” Maria whispered. escort gaziantep yaşlı bayan

“And that is bad?” Jake asked not sure what the hell was going on. He knew they both wanted to lose their cherries to him.

“He……….came INSIDE OF HER,” Maria pronounced.

“Oh shit he didn’t use a rubber,” Sarah gasped.

“And she allowed it?” Jake asked knowing it was not just Brian’s fault. “And you too?”

“We uh…didn’t do it,” Maria said feeling excited that she was naked in front of Jake. “We were caught up in the moment and none of us thought about it.”

Sarah slowly opened the door and walked inside to see her best friend sitting on the shower floor with hot water streaming down on her head and pink body. “Danielle.”

“I fucked up,” Danielle said with her tears washing away.

“When was your last period?”

“Two weeks ago. I’m really ripe,” Danielle sobbed.

“There is still a chance,” Sarah said as she climbed under the water and hugged her.


“This is awkward,” Maria said standing naked in front of her ex.

“I’m sorry about everything. You know…between us,” Jake said trying not to look at her shaven pussy lips.

“I love you. I always will,” Maria smiled. She moved closer to him and took his hand.

“Maria I’m with Sarah and…” Before he could finish she lifted his hand against her hard long nipple.

“Maybe the three of us….you know?” Now that Maria had tasted feminine honey she wanted more.

Jake’s body would not allow him to pull back from her soft tit and the mental image of the three of them naked in bed was causing an overload on his libido. “Sarah would never.”

Maria smiled and then reached down to curl her fingers around his obvious hard-on. “You can have us both at the same time.”

“Oh shit,” he moaned while she squeezed and released him over and over. “Don’t,” he whispered softly. But she continued stroking him until he grabbed her hand and he climaxed in his shorts. “Sarah will never.”

“Leave that up to me,” Maria giggled before turning and walking back into the bathroom.

Jake moved to his room to change.


“You’re getting all wet,” Danielle giggled seeing Sarah’s clothes sticking to her.

“I don’t care,” Sarah smiled. “I just want to make sure you’re OK.” She looked down at Danielle and felt the smaller girl’s hand pull her head downward until their lips touched.

Sarah was shocked at first but realized she wanted to kiss her friend and that she was somewhat jealous of Danielle’s intimacy with Maria. When Danielle’s tongue pushed into her lips she opened them and her teeth to allow the intruder inside. Her mind went blank as they kissed and Danielle removed her blouse and shorts.

“Let me help,” Sarah heard Maria’s voice behind her as the large girl unsnapped her bra. She turned to look at the door. “Jake.”

“He told me that it was OK,” Maria whispered as she grabbed Sarah’s panties and pushed them down and off.

“He did?” Sarah asked now feeling Danielle’s lips on her nipple and Maria’s large breasts into her back. “But my period.”

“I don’t think you got your period,” Danielle giggled. “The bleeding must be because of Jake’s size.” She rubbed over Sarah’s bush and saw clear water.

“OH GOD!” Sarah moaned as her best friend performed her finger magic. “What are you two doing to me?”

“Taking you to heaven,” Maria giggled before turning Sarah’s head and kissing her.

Sarah felt their fingers and lips moving all over her and just closed her eyes. “Did he really say…it….was OK?” She panted. She slid her own fingers down Danielle’s tummy and into her now broken maidenhead.

“He didn’t say no when I told him what I wanted,” Maria whispered.

“Stop……..I don’t believe you,” she said pushing them back from her boiling flesh. She was about to move out of the shower when they heard the door open and saw Jake’s naked body walk in. His long hard cock pointed up at them. “Jake?”

“Got any room for me in there?” He grinned.

Sarah’s body went limp and fell back into Maria’s chest again. Her chubby fingers parted Sarah’s inner lips.

“She doesn’t have her period,” Danielle giggled as Jake joined them and pressed his hard cock up against her ass.

“She doesn’t?” Jake asked as he watched his ex-girlfriend fingering his new one.

Sarah opened her eyes and smiled at him. “Just this one night.”

“That’s OK with me,” he grinned because he had three females and being a selfish man knew no other man would be fucking his love. He smiled as Sarah turned her body around and pressed her opened mouth into Maria’s and then reached between them to rub her swollen clitoris.

As Danielle’s soapy fingers played with his cock he rubbed over her non-virgin pussy. “Are you OK? I mean with what happened before.”

“I can’t do anything about that now,” Danielle whispered. She turned and pulled Sarah’s lips from Maria’s. “Can we…… know?”

Sarah glanced down at Jake’s hard-on. “Just this one night.” Her head turned and her lips and tongue again found Maria’s.

“Come on,” Danielle laughed while holding onto his joy stick. “Hurry up before she changes her mind.”

“But……..” He said looking back at Sarah’s lips now circling Maria’s large nipple.

Danielle pulled him to the bed and guided his dampness down onto his back. “Just lie back and I’ll do all the work.”

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