Stepdaughter Bonus Ch. 01


Being in sales and traveling as much as I did, I had certainly had my share of one night stands around the country. But one night in San Francisco changed all that, and my life. Sitting at the hotel lobby bar was Melanie. Five feet eight and slender, long blond hair and even longer legs that went on forever. After the usual greetings and getting to know her, I was pleasantly surprised to learn she lived and worked about thirty minutes from me near NYC. Being the forever bachelor, I wasn’t thrilled to hear she had an eighteen year old daughter from a failed marriage to a high school sweetheart, but after spending the night together I fell hard. I was hooked.

In the weeks to follow, we spent as much time together as possible. I met her daughter Nicole, and was surprised to find that I actually liked her. She was somewhat a smaller version of her mom, about five feet three, and a very tight gymnast type body. In no time at all, Melanie and I combined houses and started a new life together.

Since Melanie and I both traveled for our jobs, we tried to coordinate travel plans to be sure that one of us was home with Nicole. I enjoyed Melanie’s trips because it gave Nicole and I time to become great friends. I decided against trying to be a father since I had no experience and really didn’t want to fill that role. Nicole talked freely about everything with me. A lot of our conversations centered on sex and she would ask me about everything from orgasms to men’s penis sizes. I often felt uncomfortable but at the same time, quite turned on.

One week when Melanie was out of town, Nicole and I were having one of our question and answer talks. Again, it was about sex. She really grilled me for answers on what turned men on. I did my best to answer. She then looked at her watch and said she had to get ready to meet her friends. After a quick shower she was down the steps and out the door. I went upstairs to watch TV in my bedroom when I looked into Nicole’s room to see how much of a mess she left. Clothes were scattered about but what caught my eye was a pair a bright pink bikini panties lying on the bed. I walked over and picked them up and realized Nicole had just taken these off before her shower. I couldn’t resist smelling them and noticed how wet they were from her discharge. I couldn’t stop myself from smelling them and found myself licking the crotch area and tasting her young pussy nectar. They smelled so good it was like heaven in cotton.

While enjoying Nicole’s panties, I was lost in the moment. I was totally startled when I realized she was standing in bahis firmaları the doorway, returning to get her phone that she had forgotten in a rush to meet her friends. I was in shock, not knowing what to do or what she was about to do. Expecting her to scream, I was totally surprised to hear her say “you like them don’t you”. She then said to me “don’t make a mess” and left again. That night when she came home, she didn’t say a word. I just felt guilty knowing that earlier I had been caught enjoying her used panties and the fact that I jerked off in them after she left.

The following week was my turn to travel. I arrived at my hotel in Dallas and decided to quickly unpack before dinner. When I opened my suitcase, I found a legal size brown envelope with a smiley face drawn on the outside. There was also somewhat of a moisture stain. I opened the envelope to find a pair of bikini panties with a note saying have a good orgasm tonight. Nicole had given me a gift, one that I would truly enjoy later that night.

In the weeks that followed, Nicole and I continued to have our “conversations”. She talked about everything even informing me when she and her then boyfriend went all the way. I reminded her to play safe which she assured me she did. I felt strangely jealous knowing some kid was doing things I fantasied about. One bonus, the envelopes in my luggage on business trips were always there. The post it notes attached to her panties grew increasingly sexy. Some said “my pussy was just here” or “cum big tonight thinking about my ass”. One time she even wrote “I want your big cock”. I always enjoyed smelling her panties, jerking off in them, rinsing them out and then sneaking them into her laundry hamper when I returned.

A couple weeks later, I was on a trip to Boston. The weather was miserable and when I got to my hotel I was surprised that Nicole had not snuck my usual envelope into my luggage. I went to my meetings, had a business dinner and returned to my hotel around ten. I got ready for bed when my cell alerted me to a text message. I saw that it was Nicole and she said sorry I forgot, how is this? What I saw next shocked me. Nicole had taken a picture of herself in her full length mirror in her bedroom, completely naked! I could not stop looking. She looked incredible. I quickly got into bed and jerked off while looking at the image but not before I snapped a shot of myself with a raging hard on and texted it back to Nicole. She responded with a “YUMMY”. At this point, I started to think I must be nuts. I had a great life with Melanie. The sex was fabulous, kaçak iddaa but I must admit, sometimes I thought of Nicole during sex. Still, I was putting a lot at risk.

The next day was snowing and miserable. I was concerned that flights back to the NYC area would even take off. I was able to get home but the snow continued to pile up. I was happy to see that Melanie and Nicole were home safe and sound. We had dinner and soon after the power went out. We managed to get ready for bed using flashlights but the house soon started to get quite cold. Around ten, a knock came on our bedroom door. It was Nicole. I could see she was in her usual “pajamas” a tee shirt and panties. She said she was freezing and wanted to sleep with us. Melanie said get in but I didn’t expect Nicole to jump in the middle between her mother and me. Melanie just rolled over and went back to sleep. I couldn’t help being turned on. Just last night Nicole had texted me a naked photo of herself and I stupidly sent her one of my cock. How would this night play out.

Around midnight I found out. Nicole was laying on her left side. I was too facing her back. I was awoken when I felt her grinding her ass into my crotch. My cock was rock hard. I tried to push away but Nicole took my right hand, pulled it over her and placed it under her tee shirt onto her right breast. I started to feel her when she then reached down and pulled my cock out of my boxers and slid it into the back of her panties. My cock was so hard and she didn’t insert me but just kept rubbing me into the fold of her pussy lips. She was so wet and warm. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I couldn’t control it and soon released a torrent of cum into her panties. Nicole moaned a little and then reached down and held me in place against her very wet pussy. I kissed the back of her neck and rolled over.

The next morning I woke up and the lights were on. Melanie was in the shower and Nicole had returned to her room. I got up and showered and was glad it was a Saturday with all the snow outside. I went down to breakfast and Nicole just looked at me and winked and mouthed the words Thank You. I just smiled. I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming last night. Clearly, I wasn’t.

In the weeks after, Nicole didn’t provide me with my usual envelopes when I traveled. Instead, she would text me a photo with captions like “I want to so badly” or “Someday”.

Spring and summer came quickly and before I knew it, we were touring colleges and Nicole was getting ready to leave us. I was upset that she selected a school in California, but knew kaçak bahis what we were doing had to end. It was somewhat Ironic, that I had met her mother in California and now was about to lose Nicole to the west coast.

The week before Nicole was scheduled to leave for college, Melanie had a short business trip to Chicago. One night Nicole asked me to take her to dinner somewhere nice. We did and had a great time. After returning home, I started to watch TV in the living room. Within minutes, Nicole surprised me by walking into the room completely naked. She casually walked over to me, took me by the hand and started walking up the steps. Her legs and ass were so gorgeous, more so because of the tan she had showing off her tiny bikini lines.

Nicole walked me into her bedroom and climbed onto her queen sized bed. I instantly ripped off my clothes and joined her. I kissed her for the first time but strangely thought that was wrong. I slowly kissed down her body and then pushed her legs apart. I smelled what I had wanted for months. I inserted my tongue and she was nothing short of delicious. I worked on her pussy and she came two times. She then pushed me onto my back and placed her mouth on my cock. I tried as much as I could not to cum right away. She sucked me liked a pro and I oddly thought of her mother’s talents in that area and thought something about DNA. After she sucked me she got onto her hands and knees and backed her vagina onto my mouth while she sucked my cock. She ground her pussy down on me rubbing her clit back and forth to a third orgasm. At this point I couldn’t take it anymore. I threw her on her back and drove my hard cock into her. Since I had a vasectomy years ago I didn’t care. I wanted to fuck her forever. I lasted about five minutes before sending my hot cum into her. She just smiled and hugged me closer. I asked her how she felt and she responded with “amazing”. I quickly recovered and soon was back in between her legs again. I came in her three times that night each time fucking her harder and lasting longer. It was a night I will never forget.

The next day her mother returned and the following day Melanie flew with Nicole to California for the start of college. I had a trip planned and couldn’t get out of it. After dropping them off at the airport I returned home and walked into my home office. There on the desk was a large brown envelope. I opened it and inside were a pair of Nicole’s freshly worn panties. Attached a post it note saying “I’ll never learn in college what you taught me about life, Love Nicole”.

It was Christmas before Nicole came home again. She was quickly in and out of the house to see old friends. I got the best present of all that year when I went in my office and saw a brown envelope lying on my desk. I just smiled.

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