Subject: Stepping Out – Part 3 Please donate what you can as Nifty needs your donations to provide these wonderful fty/donate.html I was out celebrating my birthday with some friends. When I got back to my apartment, the phone was ringing, and it was Sam asking me if I had a good time. I told him it was ok and it’s always nice to be with old friends. He asked if I was still up for some company tonight and I said sure. He arrived and when I opened the door, he was in a trench coat. I said isn’t it a little warm to be wearing a coat. He said not when you are dressed like this. He opened the coat and he was nude apart from red garters and black stockings, no underwear. I later found out he liked the gurly feel of nylons & garters when he wanted to get down & naughty. I said izmit escort OMG what a present!! He said well then let me in so I can blow out the birthday boy’s candle. He further explained he was so hard from driving over and every time he stopped at a traffic light, he had to stroke himself thinking about what may happen when he gets to my place. He said you don’t know how hard I got driving over here, I grabbed his cock and pulled him into my apartment and said I can tell how hard you are by that loaded weapon you have. I took his coat off and pushed him up against the wall and said, I must do a search and make sure you have no other weapons. He placed his hands against the wall, and I kicked his legs apart, like the police do when they conduct a search and ran my hands all izmit escort bayan over his body. It seems you have no other weapons other than this loaded pistol, I am going to have to disarm it. I got down on my knees and blew him until he shot all his bullets. He then said, well I’m naked why aren’t you. I said that is up to you to remove my clothes if you wish to see me naked. He hastily starts to unbutton my shirt and kisses my neck and chest all the way down to the button on my jeans. Then he massages my cock and slowly starts to remove my jeans. Then mouths my cock through my underwear, once it gets as hard as he wants, he removes the underwear and pulls me by my cock to the bedroom. He grabs some of my ties and proceeds to tie my feet and hands to the bed post izmit bayan escort and says now it is time to blow out the birthday boy’s candle. He takes his time sucking my cock and wanting to make sure I get to the edge and but no further. It was killing me as I wanted to blast away. He gets me almost to the point and then leaves the room and comes back in 5 minutes. Here I am hard as a rock and I can’t even touch myself. Each time he comes back he strokes me some more until I am begging him to suck me dry. He then gets on his knees and straddles me and lowers his cock above my mouth, first teasing me by running it along my lips. My tongue reaches out and enjoys the taste of his pre-cum and he proceeds to suck me deep and face fuck me until we both come at the same time into each other’s mouth. A birthday gift I will always remember. After we are finished, we head to the shower and lather each other and once clean we both go down on each other again with the water streaming down on us. Ben Dover

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