Stereophonic Hook-Up


“I want you,” she whispered. Her blonde hair framed an oddly angelic, young face that suggested experience that came without time.

“I want you more,” an equally gorgeous redhead smiled cruelly.

The bassist mentally tabulated his options, realizing that choosing one would mean losing the other.

“So, big boy,” the blonde smiled. She was tall, leggy, with an athletic body. “What’s it gonna be?”

The redhead grinned. She wasn’t as tall as her friend, but Jerry found her to be the more gorgeous of the two. Her firm but curvy body displayed an ample bust set atop tight, rounded hips. He envisioned grabbing a hold of those hips, and pulling her body close to his.

“I, uh,” he stammered.

“Her or me?” the redhead smiled.

“Angie,” the blonde pointed to herself, “or Krissy?”

Jerry bit his lip. He glanced first at Angie, taunting, sexy, young; then at Krissy, a goddess with her red leather pants and equally red locks.

“Or,” Krissy grinned. “You could have both of us.”

“That is,” Angie smirked, “if you think you can handle it.”

Had he heard correctly? Jerry’s mind ran wild and he realized that, for tonight, the gods were shining down favorably upon him.

“I can dig that,” he laughed.

“I’m sure you can,” the two girls cooed in unison.

Angie extended her hand and interlocked it with Krissy’s. The girls began to walk away from the tour bus and towards the hotel, glancing over their shoulders at the shocked bassist.

“Are you coming?” Krissy giggled.

“Not yet,” Jerry smiled and trotted behind the pair, key in hand.

The girls giggled as Jerry placed the silver key into the lock, and swung the large red door open to allow them entrance into his hotel room. The beds were both unmade, pillows were strewn across the floor, and a blowdryer lay chaotically sprawled across one of the beds.

“Nice setup,” Krissy observed, bringing laughter from Angie.

“It definitely paints a picture.”

“What’s that?” Krissy questioned her friend.

“A picture of two men, in one hotel room . . . Desperately in need of a maid!”

The girls commenced their laughter.

Jerry shook his head dismissively and continued on his way to the bathroom. When he returned, he was carrying three beers.

“Ah, secret stash?” Angie smiled.

Jerry Escort Bayan nodded. “It’s not even my stash, it’s Kyle’s.”

Krissy waved away the offered beverage. “I don’t drink, thanks.”

“Your loss,” Angie grinned toward the redhead, flipping her hair over her shoulders and staring up at Jerry.

“So, who does a girl have to beg to get some weed around here?”

Jerry’s face lit up. “If you beg on your knees, it may be negotiable.”

Krissy chuckled.

“I can do that,”Angie smiled and slid off the bed. She placed her beer on the nightstand between the two beds and kneeled in-front of Jerry, who was seated on the bed across from the two girls.

“Please, please,” she grinned as she ran her hands over his thighs.

Jerry was speechless as Angie reached for his fly, and pulled his zipper down toward the bed. “I can be a good girl,” she cooed. “But I prefer to be a bad one. Very, very bad.”

Krissy’s eyes met Jerry’s as they gazed across the expanse that lay between them. Krissy smiled, and just at that moment, Jerry understood what was about to occur.

“Mmmmm,” Angie was moaning, “I want cock.”

She was tugging at Jerry’s jeans, signaling for him to raise his hips and allow her to remove them. As the denim pants were removed and Jerry sat naked before the girls’ eyes, Krissy slid off the bed and kneeled alongside her friend.

“Mmm, hey,” Angie smiled and kissed Krissy. The kiss was long, passionate; it excited Jerry.

“Hey,” Krissy smiled and licked her lips.

Angie bent forward and took Jerry into her mouth, moaning around his sex whenever she felt the urge to make a noise.

“Oh, fuck,” Jerry moaned, glancing downward at the two girls.

Krissy leaned forward and kissed him passionately, trying her best to lean over her friend without interrupting her work.

Jerry smiled as their lips parted.

Krissy grinned and leaned in toward Angie, beckoning the girl to share the now fully erect, glistening cock for her oral consumption.

“Shit,” Jerry laughed as the two girls began to devour him like a lollipop.

Angie held tightly to the base of Jerry’s cock, pulling off now and then to allow Krissy a chance to pleasure the penis, as well.

“Mmm,” Krissy smiled. “Just like candy.”

“Yeah, baby,” Bayan escort Angie cooed and the two girls kissed, this time, visibly swapping a copious amount of spit and pre-cum.

“You like it, don’t you?” Krissy asked of Jerry, her lips pulling away from Angie’s.

“Fuck yeah,” Jerry moaned. He was getting close, this he knew.

Angie sensed the same and pulled her supple pink lips off the throbbing cock. “Not yet, baby,” she warned.

The two girls stood and gently began to remove each other’s clothes, dancing slowly to phantom music, swaying their hips in a sensual rhythm with one another. First Krissy removed Angie’s tight blue halter top, exposing a firm set of tanned breasts.

There were no tan lines, Jerry noticed.

As Angie pulled her friend’s babydoll t-shirt over her head, Krissy began to shake and whisper, “Suck my tits, suck my tits.”

Angie’s mouth wrapped quickly around the offered nipples, and Jerry watched in awe as the two girls’ began to allow their hands to roam freely over each other’s bodies.

“Let him do it,” Krissy begged. “I want him to do it.”

Jerry stood and stepped forward, placing his hands on Angie’s hips.

“It’s my turn,” he smiled. The blonde allowed him access to her friend, quickly dropping to her knees again, this time, to remove Krissy’s leather pants.

“Suck them,” Krissy smiled as she pushed her chest against Jerry.

Jerry leaned downward, placing a large pink nipple into his mouth and rolling his tongue around the areola.

“Mmm,” Krissy cooed. “Yeah, suck it!”

Jerry continued his attentions on her right nipple, switching off to lick the left every now and then.

“FUCK!” Krissy screamed and Jerry jumped.

Angie had removed the girl’s pants, and was currently kneeling underneath the couple, performing cunnilingus on her friend.

“Sorry,” she giggled from down below.

Krissy smiled, her eyes beaming with desire.

“Lay down,” she instructed, Jerry complied happily.

Angie climbed onto the bed and crawled toward the naked male.

“This is my specialty,” she smiled, grabbing the hard cock that stood as an offering to her hungry mouth.

Krissy reclined alongside Jerry, offering him her tongue to suck.

“What a mouth,” Jerry moaned.

Both girls smiled.

As Escort Jerry’s hands traveled Krissy’s body, Angie continued her loud and excited act of fellatio. Just as she sensed that Jerry would cum, she removed her mouth and sat up on the bed.

“Your turn, Krissy.”

“Taking turns is nice,” Jerry laughed.

Krissy ignored the comment and placed herself on all fours. As she glanced over her shoulder and toward the male, Angie took her place kneeling alongside her friend.

“Well?” Angie demanded.

Jerry entered Krissy slowly, Angie licking fervently at her friend’s soft pink nipples.

“Mmm,” the redhead cooed.

“Yeah,” Angie giggled. “Does it feel good?”

“Fuck yeah,” Krissy seemed to giggle. “So good.”

Angie grinned. “Save some for me, stud.”

Jerry groaned.

Krissy purred at her friend, “He’s all mine.”

The two girls continued to grope at one another, exchanging licks and kisses. Their exploration of one another’s bodies heated the moment for the male, exciting him beyond any level that he’d ever known previously.

His pounding thrusts were becoming more and more violent, Krissy’s body swaying forward and back as she and Angie continued to lock their tongues in a sexual union.

“My turn,” Angie smiled as Krissy fell away from the sweating bassist.

“Fuck,” was his only response.

“Hey, I want some of that cock, too,” the blonde smiled.

“It’s all yours, baby.”

Krissy rubbed the blonde’s erect nipples. “Ride that cowboy,” she giggled.

“Mmm,” Angie cooed as she pushed herself down onto Jerry’s slickened hard-on. “Nice and thick.”

The girls giggled.

As he’d done with Krissy, Jerry started out slow. All too quickly, due to the excitement of the moment, his pace returned to the frenzied pounding that Krissy had endured. Angie’s once soft and childlike coos had escalated to shrieks of pleasure and pain.

Within minutes, the pair lay spent and exhausted alongside the still excited redhead.

“Wow,” Angie sighed. “That was amazing.”

“Good,” Jerry winked.

He rose from the tangle of bodies, ran his hands through his dark tresses, and headed for the bathroom.

“What an ass,” Krissy laughed.

“What a cock,” Angie smiled. “I’d say he’s a keeper.”

The girls shared a knowing glance.

Krissy rolled over, nuzzling her naked body against her pale-skinned friend’s. “I’m still horny,” she sighed.

The blonde grinned.

“I can handle that,” she cooed as she slid down between the redhead’s thighs . . .

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